PornOCD Interview with TS Nia

March 4, 2016

This was my second interview ever, conducted back in March of 2015. The hostess of is TS Nia of South Florida, a tall, beautiful trans woman of African-American / Bahamian ethnicity. She stands at 6′ 3″ with curves to die for, 38DD breasts, a 26″ waist, 44″ hips and 11.5 inches of the best prime Big Black SheCock in the USA.

Twitter: @niasplaypen

PornOCD: So being from Florida, what are some of your memories of growing up?

Nia: My childhood was full of love and understanding and my parents’ house was always open to the community. My friends and my siblings friends came over daily to chill and have fun. My fondest memory is remembering how my mom welcomed my friends, when they was rejected by there own family because of their sexuality. Even today my friends from then still call her mama.

PornOCD: Have you had to deal with negative and rude and narrow minded people growing up?

Nia: Actually I had to deal with some ignorance and hardship, but the one that stands out the strongest in my memory is the one that came from a high school teacher. I overheard him literally encouraging my fellow student by saying that he wouldn’t give him a disciplinary action if he kissed me. Throughout the school year, that same teacher did everything he could to make my life a living nightmare.

PornOCD: What’s your first memory or looking at or watching porn?

Nia: I recall watching gay films with Ty Lattimore and I thought to myself, “Wow, I can do that too.”

PornOCD: Who did you have the biggest crush on when you were growing up and who adorned your bedroom walls?

Nia: I remember having a crush on a footballer player in high school that I later on made out with as a tranny, but I’d rather keep his name a secret……. LOL My bedrooms wall was full with posters of Whitney Houston, I loved me some Whitney Houston RIP Whitney!

PornOCD: Was the decision to try and enter the porn industry an easy decision?

Nia: Absolutely not! Being a shy and private person made it very difficult for me, but I felt I had something unique to offer to the industry, so I proceeded.

PornOCD: Who helped you get started on your road into porn?

Nia: One of my close friends Tobii Chase, who is also in the industry. He mentioned it a couple of times and one thing lead to the another, so here I am today pursuing my career.

PornOCD: Within the porn industry, who is your biggest idol and why?

Nia: I don’t really have a favorite, but when I do watch porn, I prefer to see a straight guy being fucked hard by another guy and keeping his character while taking a big dick.

PornOCD: The TS porn Genre is really on the rise, but some people still see it as rather taboo. What’s your opinion on how far the genre has come.

Nia: There is nothing taboo about TS porn. It´s life! TS porn is on the rise as it should be. So many straight men love trannies. Some of them act on it and others just fantasize about it. Therefore those who only fantasize about it need to have access to it too so they can enjoy tranny porn in the privacy of their home, if they chose to do so.

PornOCD: When was the last time you got star struck or lost for words when meeting someone?

Nia: It was last year when I met Monica, who happens to be one of my favorite singers. I was a little overwhelmed, but she showed me love and we took a picture together.

PornOCD: Your big cock and big boobs are very popular with the fans. Do you love showing them off?

Nia: Indeed I do!

PornOCD: Do you find enough time to have some good old fashioned solo masturbation time?

Nia: Of course. I must make time to untuck and unwind.

PornOCD: About your hot website, what’s the plans for the website moving forward?

Nia: To continue to branch out and hopefully one day become a household name.

PornOCD: Who would you like to do a scene with?

Nia: I would love to do a scene with three straight guys lined up and fuck them one by one until they cum while I’m deep inside of them.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people from any time, alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Nia: That would be Whitney Houston, because she is my favorite singer and her music got me through a lot of hardship when I was growing up. Then there is my favorite tennis player, Serena Williams. I watched her converting what people normally considered being a white sport into black homes and taking the sport to a whole new level. And last, but not least, Dr. Martin Luther King who fought for equality and peace, so we all can live together on a equal grounds today.

PornOCD: Describe yourself in five words.

Nia: Loving, caring, sharing, humble, hung.

PornOCD: What makes you smile when you have had a bad day?

Nia: Being around family and close friends always makes me smile because those are the people that love me unconditionally. I don´t have to keep up an image or a persona in order for them to love me. They accept for who I am inside and out, and knowing that makes me smile when I am having a bad day.

PornOCD: If you were in charge of the country, how would you sort out all the problems?

Nia: My main objective would be to focus on our own problems within the country. I feel that we as a nation have enough problems of our own that need to be corrected before we can fix things elsewhere.

PornOCD: The new Florida House Bill 583 on public bathrooms, filed by Miami Republican State Rep. Frank Artiles, has caused wide spread controversy. What are your views on it?

Nia: I think that it´s utterly ridiculous when people of today try to find ways to ban what they don´t believe in and try to water it down with politics before they even try to look at the whole picture. I am sitting here having a thought. What would happen if a transgender woman walks into a male restroom,and decide to urinate next to a guy that so happens to have his under age with him? And he ask his dad, “What´s that lady doing in here? Why is she standing next to you? I never see you and mommy doing that.” That will be a great addition to add more confusion to our youth of today, rather than educate them. In my opinion, that problem should never have occurred from the start, because a woman have no place in a men’s restroom, regardless of what’s under her skirt.

PornOCD: Finally, a question just for fun. If you could spend one night with either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie who would you choose. You can’t be greedy and say both. lol

Nia: Brad Pitt.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my interview with Nia. Take the tour and follow her on Twitter @niasplaypen. For Bookings Call: 305-245-1950 or e-mail: