PornOCD Interview with Tasha Jones

March 2, 2016

R.I.P Tasha Jones 1983 – 2018

Back in April of 2015, I got the chance to interview Canadian TS porn star Tasha Jones. She’s been nominated for three TEA’s this year in the categories of Best Solo Model, Best Scene and Best FTM Scene with Eddie Wood. Tasha is also well-known in the mainstream media for petitioning TMZ’s Harvey Levin with Stop Transphobic and Homophobic Comments on Their Website. Click here to sign the petition. Sit back and enjoy reading about Tasha her career and learn a little bit more about this stunning girl:

PornOCD: At what point did viewing pornography come into your life?

Tasha: I started watching porn at a very young age. I loved it from the first time I saw my first porn movie. It started when I was watching a TV movie and there was a group of teenagers playing strip poker. Right when the guys were about to get naked and have sex (they would never have shown that of course on TV), my mother walked in and turned it off. To this day I want to finish watching that movie, but have no clue what it was called. So a couple weeks later, I was in a local store that rented adult videos. I rented one and well, I been hooked ever since.

PornOCD: Was watching TS porn a gradual progression or what it first choice every time?

Tasha: I have never enjoyed watching TS porn other than watching it for the guys. I had to watch my fair share this year as a judge for the TEA Awards. For the most part I like watching str8 porn. I like milf porn with younger guys. I can relate so it turns me on the most.

PornOCD: Where you like most people growing up, did masturbation become a regular hobby?

Tasha: It did. I started around 9 or 10 and did it 3 to 4 times a day until I was in my teens. It was like a new toy. But once I started to have sex and escorting, well I needed my load for other things so I slowed down.

PornOCD: Did you have a favorite porn star growing up?

Tasha: Chris North was someone I enjoyed. But for the most part, I never knew the stars names, only faces.

PornOCD: Who did you see as a role model growing up before porn and now?

Tasha: I was my own role model. But if I had to pick one. I would say Tula Cossy. I read her book My Story when I was first understanding myself and it was almost like a guide to my life.

PornOCD: Did you enter porn with any ideas or lines in the sand of things that you would and would not do?

Tasha: No. I had no limits on what I would do. The limits were what I was able to do because I lived in Canada and there was really no porn scene in Canada for transsexuals. Most of my stuff I filmed was for my own sites, or it was filmed on an amateur level. I attempted to get into the US Scene back in early 2000, but was rejected.

PornOCD: So what is the best thing about being a porn star?

Tasha: All the sex I get to have and the love I receive from my fans. It can be very empowering!

Money – Porn stars do not make as much as most people think we make. By the time you pay for outfits, make-up, talent and a person to film, little is left for the model. Now that there is so much free porn online. The money a company will pay per scene or the return you get from a shoot is half what it used to be.

Lifestyle – It is a lot of travel. A lot of spending hours and hours in front of the computer, editing, promoting and trying to keep communications with the fans. I get between 20-35 emails per day, 100+ tweets per day and at least 50-75 notes on my other social media/blogs. So that is the non-sexy side of my life, hair up, make-up off and in a computer chair working my ass off trying to keep on top of everything. Now that I am back in the middle of my comeback, I am a bit behind. Also being out of town shooting and awards for 2 months. It is a lot of catching up. Like this interview. It took me 4 days to do it. Normally I am the same day type of girl.

PornOCD: Can a cock ever be too big?

Tasha: Yes, of course it can. I really love to look at big cocks and sometimes play with them in my personal life when lights are off and I am alone to enjoy it. But when I am filming with someone, for me a smaller cock works best. I can do more with it and get pounded harder. It makes better video.

PornOCD: When was the last time you could not rip your knickers down fast enough?

Tasha: When I was in LA with Christian XXX of Pure-TS. I had been a fan for years and well, he really turned me on. I would have done him on a park bench if it was closer. :0

PornOCD: How do you think the TS porn industry is doing and do you still think people see it as taboo?

Tasha: I think it will always be “taboo” or viewed as a “fetish” to most on some level. I think we are oversaturated with girls right now to be honest. I think the term “TS Pornstar” has lost its meaning. Girls now can post a selfie and think they are a “Porn Star” It has lost its star quality. The money is not there like it used to be because you can get everything free online, so why pay for it? But what fans do not know, if you do not pay or at least support us girls, most of us will just move on and stop making porn.

PornOCD: How much time do you have to just enjoy some alone solo masturbation time?

Tasha: Not much. Between shooting and webcam shows, I try and save my cum for that. But like last week for example, I knew I only had one cam show to do and was not shooting. So I jerked off 3 times in one day and then nothing till my cam show. But when I am shooting, I will not jerk off or have personal sex at all.

PornOCD: You are very successful and have loads of followers on social media. Do you ever get frustrated with fans comments and messages?

Tasha: Yea I do, of course. I may have loads of followers, but very little of those followers support me outside of porn. Even in porn they support me when it is free. Trying get them to spend money on my website or clips store is like pulling teeth. But I post a naked selfie and they all love me again. They do not know that it really bothers me and makes me not want to do porn or talk to any of them at all some days. I think out of most of the girls I am a naked selfie whore. I give my fans more free shit then other girls. But it has hurt me now that I am trying to make a profit so I can have some personal things taken care of. Now they are so used to seeing my shit for free they do not want to pay for it. My mistake. Like this past week, I spent 18 hours a day all week on the computer updating, editing, promoting and I saw no return for my time. Then I see posts complementing girls who are not even making porn right now or will not even bother to say thank you, which I do to every tweet I get. It hurts. So I shut down. I walked away from the computer, laid in bed with my dogs and watched the whole Twilight saga back to back. I ignored messages, emails and tweets. I needed to pull back and remember that these are simple people with cocks in hand. Again by acting that way I will just not bother to post a naked selfie for a while. You want the free shit you have to support the non-free shit too.

Shemale Yum 2005

PornOCD: How do you deal with rude and self-opinionated people? Do you walk away or go on the verbal attack?

Tasha: It depends on the day. Most days I ignore them because they only want a reaction out of me. But some days I have my bitch moment and then move on. I do not allow haters to get to me. Big companies that hate on me for being Trans or a Porn Star. I do not let that go. But again, sadly none of my fans care about those issues. I have no support to fight for my rights. That really bothers me when I do a blog about being treated unfairly and no one responds or supports me. I go out of my way to support others when that happens. But when it happens to me I am alone. The companies see this and in return just ignore me because I am only a single voice.

PornOCD: When was the last time you were star struck and lost for words?

Tasha: In LA with Christian. I looked like a fool trying to find the words just to say hello to him. I fanned out a bit. But he was very sweet and humble. He even took me to breakfast for my birthday. People really do not understand his online persona is different than him as a person. I got to see that and I have nothing but respect for him.

PornOCD: Who would you really like to do a scene with and why?

Tasha: Now, no one. I have filmed with people I have admired for years. Christian and Robert Axel were the two I wanted and I got them both, twice.

PornOCD: How should a porn scene end and where should the cumshot end up?

Tasha: On my face or tits. I love both places.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with three people from history alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

Tasha: James Deen, Madonna and Christian Grey. Because it would be one hell of an orgy!

PornOCD: It seems to be a questions always directed toward TS porn stars asking if they cum. I’m guessing this is in regards to the silicone injections some have into their cocks. Do you ever get asked this?

Tasha: I get asked if I top or can I get hard the most. It can get frustrating because people seems to put my level of sexiness on my cock. I am not a walking talking cock. I do not really get hard and I top with a strap on. But I am still a very sexy sexual bitch.

I have never heard of people putting silicone in their cock. That is gross. Most have issues because of hormone therapy. It is like guys want us to be this sexy transsexual who looks like a girl, but has a hard cock. Yet part of being that female image is taking hormones that affect our cocks. Catch 22.

PornOCD: How often do you get recognized by fans?

Tasha: Not too often, but when I do, it is always an awkward situation because I am normally out at a store and they want to approach me but do not know how. So they stare at me and follow me around. If they are cute I will walk over and flirt. Or if they seem sweet. Mostly I will just smile at and walk away. Because sometimes they forget we are in public and they try and talk sexual to me which is a real turn off.

Twitter: @tstashajones will take you to all of the websites owned and operated by Tasha. TS Caramel also had the honor of doing an interview with Tasha Jones that was published in the Christmas 2014 Issue #92 of Transformation Magazine. Don’t forget to follow @tstashajones  and @PornOCD on Twitter.