PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi

January 22, 2016

I’m proud to present my interview with Transgender Erotica Awards 2016 nominee for Best Non-TS Male Performer Soldier Boi:  

PornOCD: When did you start watching porn?

Soldier Boi: When I was about 6 or 7 years old and I found a porno in my mom’s closet. LOL

Soldier Boi & Morena Black

Soldier Boi & Kimmy

Soldier Boi & Nicole

PornOCD: When did you decide a career in porn was for you?

Soldier Boi: I’ve always wanted to do porn, but I didn’t decide it was for me until after my first shoot.

Soldier Boi & Cherry

Soldier Boi & Natalia

Soldier Boi & Pinky

Soldier Boi & Kylee

PornOCD: How did your first movie shoot come about?

Soldier Boi: Not too long after applying to Grooby Productions, I got an email from the CEO, Steven Grooby that he received my info and would be forwarding it to a photographer. Then shortly after that, I was contacted by photographer Omar Wax, who told me he had an upcoming shoot. He asked if I was interested, and the rest is history.

Soldier Boi & Heaven

Soldier Boi & Chelsea Flower

Soldier Boi & J-Lo

PornOCD: How did you feel on the day of your first porn shoot?

Soldier Boi: I’m not a person that gets nervous, but as they say though, there’s a first time for everything LOL…I didn’t know quite what to expect and had tons of things racing through my mind. But, but once there and I met the photographer and model I would be working with, my nervousness quickly subsided.

Soldier Boi & Yasmine

Soldier Boi & Nala

Soldier Boi & Kinky Khia

Soldier Boi & Vivian Spice

PornOCD: How many scenes have you done so far?

Soldier Boi: 35 released and 2 unreleased scenes.

PornOCD: What do you do to keep yourself in shape?

Soldier Boi: I lift weights 3 days a week and try to maintain a healthy diet.

PornOCD: Do you find time to have some solo masturbation?

Soldier Boi: Lol! I’m not really into masturbation, but have caught myself masturbating an occasional time or two. lol

Soldier Boi & Alana

PornOCD: Do you ever watch your own scenes?

Soldier Boi: Yes, because I think it’s important to always see if there are things that I can improve on.

PornOCD: Have you done any porn work outside of the TS genre?

Soldier Boi: No. A long time ago, before I got into this genre, I applied for some other companies for the straight genre, but never got any callbacks.

Soldier Boi & Ashley Paleta

PornOCD: How does it feel knowing people across the world will have been and will continue to masturbate over your scenes?

Soldier Boi: LOL! I’ve never really given it any thought, but if I have been able and can continue to do that for others, then I am glad to be of service. lol

Soldier Boi & Genesis

Soldier Boi & Skyler White

PornOCD: What porn movie last made you come to a sticky solo end? lol

Soldier Boi: That would definitely be the incredibly hot girl on girl scene with the gorgeous Honey Foxxx and the gorgeous Jane Marie…I just got a woody just thinking about it…shhhh, don’t tell nobody else. (:-B

Soldier Boi & Nya Bella

Soldier Boi & Nya Bella

PornOCD: Which girls would you love to work with?

Soldier Boi: Oh wow, that list would be kinda long, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible LOL! Mia Isabella, Megan Snow, Britney Fox, Miran, Madison Montag, Phoebe Longoria, Honey Foxxx, Jane Marie, Domino Presley, Foxxy, Natassia Dreams, Jessy Dubai, Luna Rose, Ashley Stacks, and upcoming star TJ.

PornOCD: What movies do you have coming up in the near future?

Soldier Boi: I have 2 unreleased scenes that I shot with the lovely Aja Sweet and the fucking Empress, Taryn Elizabeth  @EmpressTaryn.

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