PornOCD Interview with Sasha Skye Pt. 2 #AskSasha

September 13, 2015

Twitter: @TheRealSveta

Twitter: @TheRealSveta

A while back, I asked the fans of the sexy and cute Sasha Skye to get involved and send questions for her #AskSasha interview.  It was a great response to some new questions, some that were well out of left field.  Here’s the Q&A for #AskSasha which is the followup to our original December 31, 2015 interview:

PornOCD: It’s great to see you’re into motorbikes.  Do you have time to watch motorbike racing and do you have a favourite rider?

Sasha: I watch MotoGP occasionally, but I don’t have a favorite rider.  My favorite race to watch is the Isle of Man TT and it’s on my bucket list to ride there someday.

PornOCD: Your tattoos really suit you and obviously hold a lot of meaning.  Do you have any plans to go back under the ink needle?  What are the stories behind your current tattoos?

Sasha: Thank you.  I love all of my tattoos and I do have a well thought out plan for one more tattoo! This September, I have three sessions scheduled with one of the best tattoo artists on the west coast to do a big angel wings piece on my back.  I want them to be super detailed and unique to me.  I love how they look and even if I put up a strong exterior to get through shit, I know that my heart is pure and I always strive to be good, and somehow I still have a sliver of innocence and haven’t been corrupted despite the situations I’ve been in.  They also represent resurrection.  That will probably be my last tattoo, which is funny because it seems like most people with them want more.  But I’m satisfied and only want them if they have a huge significance to me (we’ll just forget about my basic girl Aries symbol on my ankle).  I’ve done a good job of choosing placements that will age well over time and being my own boss I don’t worry about them hurting my career.  My first tattoo, “Live to the point of tears” on my ribs is an Albert Camus quote from my favorite piece of French literature, I’ve adopted it as my life motto and I definitely live by it.  I got it on my ribcage because it’s one of the most painful spots.  Then I have “strength” in Russian cyrillic on the side of my foot (pronounced “prochnost”) because I’m Russian.  I’m strong, so why wouldn’t I want to see that on me everyday?  On my other ankle I have an unmistakable semicolon, a character that an author uses where a sentence could have ended, but kept going on.  As the author of my own life, it’s my little representation of overcoming depression and anxiety.  I have “Survivor” in cursive on the side of my hand (down from where the pinky starts to wrist) because I have suffered and survived through so much.  Other than dysphoria and other personal things, I have survived a motorcycle crash at 18 that totaled my first bike, and attempted murder.  I have a snowflake behind my right ear that represents each branch of my family and heritage, all which come from very cold places.  Lastly, I have a music note incorporated into an ‘S’ initial behind my left ear. I got this for my chosen name and because music is what kept me going, it’s also fucking cute.

PornOCD: What is a little known fact about you?

Sasha: I know every single lyric to most Kid Cudi songs.

PornOCD: I watched your Shemale Strokers scene where you used the Hitachi wand on your cock. Never seen anything so sexy. How did it feel using it and how was the no hands cumshot?

Sasha: Um, it was glorious.  The magic wand is currently my favorite sex toy at the moment!  My no-hands cum shot in my latest (and last) Shemale Strokers scene, I think, taught a lot of viewers that they also work on penises. Usually it makes me cum too fast!  My recommendation is to use it right under the tip of the penis, that’s how I got off whenever I masturbated pre-op. Jerking is for amateurs!

PornOCD: When do you plan to complete your transition and are you in anyway apprehensive?  Excited?

Sasha: I actually already had my SRS (sex reassignment surgery) in June over in Thailand.  I don’t feel like I’m in transition anymore besides trying some hormone cocktails to get bigger boobs.  I wasn’t apprehensive at all.  Of course I was a little scared, but that’s because surgery is scary!  More than anything, I was just excited and relieved that it was finally about to happen. I  am excited to finally be able to live my life and be seen as who I am, that’s all I’ve ever dreamed of so being where I’m at now is a blessing.  Before I came out I would cry myself to sleep as all the other girls were growing hips and breasts and growing up to be women while I had the wrong parts and my voice got deeper and I grew facial hair and I felt so ugly, and if everyone sees you as a guy and you look so much like one, it takes so much strength to be able to say “No, you all have it wrong.”  Even though growing up trans was a living hell, now I’ve overcome that and I’m one of the strongest people I know for standing up, and continuing to stand up, against society’s opinions and stigma.  Once I’m healed I plan to make up for all the lost time and I’m so incredibly thankful that my psychologists could tell I was a “clear case” and gave me the letters I need to go through with this.  On top of that, my boyfriend is waiting for me and I’ll get a chance to lose my virginity in a special way, which is a nice bonus.

PornOCD: You have some of the longest legs I’ve seen in a long time. How long are they?

Sasha: I know right?!  I have legs for days.  I’m in a hotel right now with no tape measure, but I can tell you that they’re longer than my torso and at the height of 5’13” sans high heels, it’s ridiculous.

PornOCD: Out of all of the scenes you have done, do you have one that stands out as a favourite?

Sasha: I had the most fun filming the TGirls.Porn scenes (Gallery #01 & Gallery #02).

PornOCD: You talked very openly in your interview about being defeated by a massive cock. Have you taken on and overcome any huge ones since?

Sasha: Yes, my boyfriend’s.

PornOCD: Do you plan to continue doing porn post-op?

Sasha: I don’t plan on doing any porn now.  I only got into the adult industry to pay for transition so now that SRS has happened, I don’t want to continue that path.  Post-op trans women aren’t sought after in the industry anyway so that wouldn’t get far.  However…if a pornstar friend of mine asks me to do a scene after I’m healed, maybe I’ll do just one to show off the final product!

PornOCD: Were you expecting to win at the TEA awards or was it a big surprise?

Sasha: Honestly, I was pretty sure I was going to win an award as the event came closer.  Winning Model of the Year for Shemale Strokers was a surprise though since my other nomination for Best New Face seemed more likely.  I’m happy I won!  I keep my award on my Hollywood-style vanity so I can see it each morning.

PornOCD: I think you are a big inspiration to girls wanting to transition.  What words of advice would you give to girls before they tell family and friends?

Sasha: First off, thank you for seeing me as an inspiration.  That’s such a huge compliment.  My main advice is to remember that there’s no one right way to transition.  We’re all individuals who ultimately just want to be happy but that can mean different levels for different people.  Not everyone wants to go through the trauma of surgery, or be out to everyone and that’s okay.  Don’t let anyone, family or friends hold you back.  As soon as you come out it will be really apparent who’s a true friend and who isn’t. When I told my whole family, I didn’t treat it as bad news, rather I first wrote a letter because I’m better at putting deep thoughts into paper and explained how much relief I felt to discuss everything and also listed sources for peer-reviewed research and support groups to bring more credibility to what I was coming out with.  So I’d suggest doing something similar and having talks with your family as they come forward with questions or if they don’t understand.  Unfortunately not everyone is willing to learn so have an escape plan just in case.

PornOCD: What is your favorite place to shop for clothes and shoes?

Sasha: I like to shop at Express, H&M, Guess, Burberry, Forever 21, BCBG, Victoria’s Secret, ShopSky, AdoreMe, and Cycle Gear.

PornOCD: Your hair is now blonde which really suits you. So tell me, do blondes have more fun?

Sasha: I’d say so! Ever since I dyed my hair blonde I have been having more fun!

PornOCD: Do you think Twitter has some bad points for TS girls?

Sasha: Twitter is a great tool to use to get yourself out there, but on any platform where a trans person advertises their status for all to see, there does come plenty of harassment and bigotry, and the occasional death threat.  A large number of my followers also use offensive terms when talking about us or think that we all like our dicks or something.  I love my followers regardless but I roll my eyes whenever I see some egg profile saying “I love tranny, shemale, trap,” or something else either offensive or fetishistic.  I attribute that to how trans porn is portrayed though, a lot of scenes show the woman topping the man with the video title using one of those terms, so I don’t blame those people for thinking that’s how we all are.

PornOCD: I love what you do and think you should be proud of your porn scenes.  Have you done all you wanted to achieve in the industry?  Where do you see yourself going now?

Sasha: I’m glad you’re a fan! I never planned for a full on career in porn, but I do wish I could have done a scene with a hot trans man.  That would be pretty sexy and would mind fuck so many viewers.  Well right now, I am finishing college and also working toward my Sommelier certification, I think I want to go all out for master level.  My endgame is to operate my own winery and be a power couple with my boyfriend, who is a high tech arms dealer.  With that going on, I’ve found my niche and I run my own business by teaching voice training to trans people with a curriculum I’ve developed that targets pitch, resonance, and inflection.  I definitely have my shit together compared to even a year ago.  We’re considering combining our talents to create an affordable voice training app available on IOS/Android. However, school is my priority until I graduate.  I’m very thankful, too.  If I didn’t have any of that I would still be doing some form of adult work because that’s all I’ve known since I was 18.

PornOCD: What makes you smile and happy?

Sasha: Anytime someone goes out of their way to do something nice for me makes me smile and be happy.  Riding one of my motorcycles somewhere beautiful does, cuddling, going on a fun trip, my boyfriend, my friends, treating myself to a massage or spa day all make me happy.

PornOCD: Do you like men and women?

Sasha: Yes, I find myself attracted to women more often, but a couple of guys have made their way into my heart before.

PornOCD: How long has it been since your surgery?

Sasha: It will be three months on September 9th, 2016.

PornOCD: You travelled to Thailand for your surgery. What emotions and feeling were you having right up until the day of the surgery?

Sasha: I was so enthusiastic about the whole trip.  It was stressful waiting on the list, going through all the gatekeepers to be approved and figuring out how to book all the accommodations.  So as soon as I made it inside the airplane and eventually to meeting the surgeon’s staff, I knew I could finally relax and just let go.  There were a lot of happy tears the night before, I knew I had finally made it.  There were so many thoughts running in my head that I couldn’t sleep and had to be given a sleeping pill.  I cried and hugged the surgeon on the operation day, too.

PornOCD: How did it feel looking, touching and getting to know your new body when you came around after the surgery?

Sasha: Well I couldn’t see the results for the first week because the packing had to stay on and I wasn’t supposed to be moving.  As soon as I woke up though.  I didn’t feel dysphoria anymore.  That feeling has been absent ever since!  After the pain stopped from the packing being taken out, I noticed right away that I could never tell a penis used to be there.  It just looked like a swollen vagina with some dissolvable stitches, so I was thrilled. I held a mirror there just taking it all in, I was so amazed.  The pain was only physical but I knew it was a good sign that the nerve tissue was there, which means as I heal that will turn into pleasure.  I get more familiar with my new vagina each day.  My body has changed shape a lot on HRT and my vagina looks like it should have always been there.  Touching my boobs and getting feelings down there feels natural.

PornOCD: I saw you tweeted about an amazing clitoral orgasm. Seems you have been getting to know your new vagina.

Sasha: Yes I have!  I’m being careful like I need to at this stage, but after that first time I need MORE! I have a lot of lost time to make up for. 😉

PornOCD: So do you now feel completely happy in your own skin?

Sasha: Transition-wise yes, 100%. I love myself and my body. If I decide to do anything else like lasering or boobs it’s just personal preference at this point rather than fighting dysphoria. I stay healthy.

Thank you for reading my #AskSasha interview, the followup to my original interview with Sasha Skye.  Follow Sasha on Twitter at @TheRealSveta and feel free to ask your own questions at  You can find me on Twitter at @PornOCD.