PornOCD Interview with Sasha De Sade

January 14, 2017

1970โ€™s Punk Rock band The Clash sang about London calling, but Sasha De Sade hears the call of travel far away from her hometown of London and the BDSM lifestyle she loves to live. Sit back and enjoy getting to know a little bit more about Sasha.

PornOCD: Let us start at the very beginning. Where were you born and raised?

Sasha: I was born and raised in an East London suburb in Essex, a part of the UK known for promiscuity, fake tans and white stiletto heels… I’m still working out how much of that rubbed off on me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

PornOCD: How was growing up for you?

Sasha: The area I grew up in was extremely homophobic and transsexuals weren’t even acknowledged outside of crude jokes, but I got by okay focusing on sports, gaming and music. I always looked and acted quite feminine, but somehow avoided being seriously bullied, I think because I made an effort to get along with everyone.

PornOCD: What were your first dreams and ambitions for your life and career?

Sasha: For a long time I wanted to be a DJ or producer. I started going out to raves when I was quite young and pirated some music production software when I was 13. Music was my favorite subject as school because of that, but I realized quickly how unlikely a lucrative career in the music industry would be.

PornOCD: When did you first feel you wanted to live as a TS?

Sasha: Some of my earliest memories are of going to bed making wishes that I’d wake up as a girl. At times I convinced myself that I was only a boy by mistake and some higher power would fix me at any moment, but I didn’t realize actual gender transitions are possible till around 2011 when people like Andreja Pejic and Paris Lees began getting mainstream media attention. I started transitioning as soon as I was able to get my hands on hormones after that.

PornOCD: Did you have a good support network of friends growing up?

Sasha: Yeah, I was lucky to always have close friends who didn’t mind me being feminine etc., although I did lose some friends when I came out and transitioned.

PornOCD: How did your family take your decision you wanted to live your life as a TS?

Sasha: They’ve been amazingly supportive – more so than I had ever expected. I think they realized transitioning was the only way for me to be happy, so they’ve done their best to understand what I’m going through. They aren’t very wealthy so I’ve still had to earn my own money for hormones and doctor visits etc., but they help out where they can.

PornOCD: You have spent time living away from the UK in Asia. How are the two cultures and lifestyles different from each other?

Sasha: I spent most of my time in Asia living in Hong Kong, which has been massively influenced by UK culture from 150 years of being a British colony, but it’s still clear how the cultures differ on things such as work ethic (Hong Kongers work harder and feel less entitled) and treatment of minorities (far worse in Hong Kong). I also spent months in South Korea, mainland China, and Japan and the cultures in all of those places are far less Western.

PornOCD: Can you speak other languages apart from English and any plans to learn more languages?

Sasha: I can speak very basic Cantonese and Mandarin, but only really to restaurant/taxi level and I forget vocabulary constantly the longer I’m away. I’m learning Japanese at the moment and just got accepted into a language school in Tokyo – I’ll be moving there in a few months and hope to finally learn an Asian language properly ๐Ÿ™‚

PornOCD: What differences do you think exist between the TS community in Asia and the UK?

Sasha: There are lots of different TS communities in Asia and the only one I really know well is the English-speaking part of the Hong Kong community, which is mostly made up of internationally-schooled locals and expats (mostly from Europe and the Philippines). The focus feels pretty different over there since trans people have less social acceptance and fewer rights, so a lot of our time together was spent organizing advocacy work and supporting each other through various issues. Things in the UK aren’t perfect but there’s a lot more state support and legal recognition.

PornOCD: Are your plans to stay in the UK or will you be jetting off again to live somewhere new?

Sasha: I’m actually planning to spend the end of January and most of February on various Spanish islands and will probably come back to the UK for a few weeks in March before heading on to Tokyo. As much as I love London, I’m looking forward to travelling again ๐Ÿ™‚

PornOCD: You talk about living in East Asian BDSM dungeon. I know your fans want to know lots more about this part of your life. How much do you enjoy the BDSM life?

Sasha: I don’t want to go into too much detail about where it is or how it operates since the dungeon is technically illegal. But I spent a few months of my time in Asia living with friends in a warehouse that we’d converted into a fetish dungeon with lots of investment from an extremely wealthy member of the local kink scene. We threw lots of secret play parties and workshops and had a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very much into the BDSM lifestyle – my fantasies have always been kinky and I’d started tying myself up with sheets before I even knew learned about sex. At this point I can’t imagine ever being in vanilla relationship.

PornOCD: How do you think the UK community treats the TS community? Do you think it’s more accepted than any other time?

Sasha: This one is difficult for me to answer since I haven’t spent much time here recently, but I get the impression trans support and acceptance has moved a long way in the UK since I was growing up.

PornOCD: When did you first have thoughts of making a career in adult industry?

Sasha: I had quite a big following on FetLife starting from around the time I transitioned and started posting photos, and started to get a lot of encouragement to take things further; I realized I could make transition and travel funds more easily through sex work than anything else available to me, and I’ve always been exhibitionistic and confident about my body, so it seemed ideal.

PornOCD: When did you start camming and how did you feel first time live on cam?

Sasha: I did a few shows early on in 2016 when I was still living in Asia, but found it quite difficult to get a regular schedule and reliable Internet while travelling, so I only started camming regularly around the end of October when I came home to London. I’ve always enjoyed being on cam – harassment is minimal and I’ve enjoyed getting to know my regulars and mods. ๐Ÿ™‚

PornOCD: You have made some amateur content. Is this something that you enjoy doing?

Sasha: I think amateur content allows me a type of creative control and freedom that would be difficult to find working with a studio. I enjoy video editing and deciding how to market various scenes, and I’m looking forward to creating lots more content in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of my amateur stuff has been filmed with my girlfriend behind the lens, and fortunately she’s a talented photographer – our next step is to get some proper filming equipment, since our cameras and lighting let us down a lot.

PornOCD: How did your very first shoot with Grooby come about?

Sasha: Grooby’s Marketing Director Michael spotted me on Twitter last month and got in touch to ask if I was interested in a professional shoot. He introduced me to Grooby’s London photographer, Kalin, and within a week we’d filmed two shoots together. Since then I’ve also worked with Kalin together with Jeff Hardy for my first hardcore shoot, so it’s been a busy month. ๐Ÿ˜‰

PornOCD: So you walk in front of the camera for the first time. What feelings were you having?

Sasha: It felt similar to being in front of my webcam for a cam show, which is something I’ve done a lot, so it felt quite natural. I think it would have been quite intimidating if I didn’t already have cam experience. Kalin was great company and very professional – that definitely helped things go smoothly.

PornOCD: Do you feel confident and comfortable naked?

Sasha: I think because I’m trans, I have a weird relationship with my body. Before I transitioned it always felt like someone else’s body, so I felt very detached from it, and that meant I never felt embarrassed being naked in front of people or self-conscious during sex. I used to perform at BDSM clubs getting tied up and suspended naked in front of crowds, and I’ve spent a lot of time around nudity in fetish clubs and parties. So being naked isn’t really a ‘thing’ at all these days, even though I no longer feel so detached from my body.

PornOCD: Are you a very sexual person and what five words best describe you and your personality?

Sasha: I think most people I know would agree I’m a sexual person – if I weren’t I’d probably look for a new job. The five words question is tricky but if I have to choose I’d say sensual, secretive, bratty, lusty, and curious.

PornOCD: So what turns you on? What sets of explosions of lust in your mind and body?

Sasha: My biggest turn-ons are anything that makes me feel degraded or like I don’t have control. I’m very into being restrained and being made to do disgusting or humiliating things; there are places in Beijing I probably shouldn’t return to after certain public scenes.

PornOCD: What would be a perfect 24 hours if you could create your own day from midnight to midnight?

Sasha: Some of my favourite days so far have been spent wandering aimlessly around new cities and getting to know people from places I’ve never visited. So I guess my perfect 24 hours would be spent exploring somewhere new and making international friends. If there were a way to work some kind of debauchery in there, that couldn’t hurt.

PornOCD: So 2017 is only days old. How did 2016 go as a year from you? What plans does 2017 have in store?

Sasha: 2016 was a transformative year for me overall – I made huge progress in my gender transition and started to make a good living from sex work, so I’m hoping I can spend the next year getting further in the adult industry and enjoying my time learning Japanese in Tokyo ๐Ÿ™‚

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