PornOCD Interview with Sami Price

January 4, 2016 

PornOCD Interview with Sami Price @samipricexxx

Congratulations to Director Radius Dark @RadiusDark, Holly Parker, Brooke Zanell, Nina Lawless and the subject of this exclusive interview, Sami Price for the Transgender Erotica Award nomination for “Best Scene” from Dirty Blonde Transsexuals! I hope you’ll enjoy our interview:  

PornOCD: How was growing up for you and when did you realize that you were born in the wrong body?

Sami: Growing up was difficult. I was a hard kid to deal with for as long as I could remember…some overwhelming anger rooted deep in me from at least the age of 3. I have no idea what the root of all of that was, but I am sure it was from my parents having such a tumultuous relationship. It was hard growing up in the South and being a sensitive kid that liked to primp as well. My mom always new something was up and I really noticed starting around 6 when my older sister started getting more girly clothes. I liked her stuff more than my own, but genuinely thought it was wrong to be into her stuff. I remember when she first got cute undies with little hearts on them and they were satin. I wanted some sooo bad, but there was no way my parents were going to be into that. I don’t feel at all likeIi am in the wrong body. My body is friggin bad ass! I am strong and athletic and I love it. I just wish social norms allowed for me to be more comfortable in my own skin. I feel like my system just wasn’t wired for testosterone…shit makes me crazy.

PornOCD: What porn did you watch while growing up?

Sami: Mostly straight porn. I always imagined myself as the girl and thought it was so strange to think so… I had no idea being trans was even a thing… only straight, gay, or bi. My mind was blown when I was 12 and I saw a special on the Discovery channel called ” What Sex am I?” I knew right then I was trans because, although I found men every bit as attractive as women, I could never imagine myself with another male as a male, only as girl….really confusing up to that point. I lived in denial of it for a long long time ’til finally, at the end of a very special relationship, I was like, “This is it. You either accept who you really are or you are literally going to end up dead.”

PornOCD: How did your friends deal with you wanting a new identity?

Sami: Well, my friends from childhood and all growing up didn’t deal with it at all. They all just quit talking to me. I had been this facade of a hyper-masculine, over compensating dude guy to them my whole life. They just thought I was crazy and bounced. My friends from later in life, say 2-3 years before I started HRT were very accepting, even relieved by my transition. They saw the positive changes in my attitude and behavior immediately and have supported me all the way. My friends are seriously the best people on the planet. They call me on my shit but would fight to the death for me and I love them all so much. I wouldn’t be here with out them. I know I am hugely privileged to live in such an amazing place and have a couple of steady jobs and a solid chosen family around me for support. I wish we could all be so lucky.

PornOCD: When did you first watch TS porn or was it a gradual progression through the genres of porn?

Sami: I first saw Trans Porn in college. Having high speed Internet and no parents around gave me freedom to explore. I still like Trans/Queer Porn because I can identify with like bodied performers. I still like straight porn, but often I just end up feeling dysphoric watching it… the whole not having a vagina thing really fucks with me.

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom wall and who got your juices flowing in those private alone moments? lol

Sami: Well, I had lots of pics of pro skaters all over my wall but the only poster of a girl I ever had was one of Jenny McCarthy. I remember the first boy I saw on TV and was like, “Oh my fucks he is beautiful.” was Eric Bostrom. He was an AMA Motogp racer and was being interviewed after winning a race. I was was just stunned at how attracted to him I was. The only other guy I felt like that about growing up was Brandon Boyd after seeing him on Late Night with David Letterman one night.

PornOCD: When did entering the TS Porn really kick into your thoughts?

Sami: Fantasy wise…a long time ago… like, before I even started my transition. I knew I was a hot lay, my partners told me all the time….and I felt completely in my element when I was getting banged, like I knew I had a talent for it, so I may as well share it.

PornOCD: How do you deal with nasty rude people turn the other cheek or go on full verbal attack mode?

Sami: Depends on the situation I suppose. Mostly I just shrug it off, but it happens so rarely that it catches me by surprise when it does. I have a lot of privilege and mostly I just notice people’s looks or energy and I am super sensitive to all of that. My friends and partner tell me it’s not because I am visibly trans, it’s just that I am noticeable…Tattoos, Tall and Thin, Fit, Purple Hair….I mean I don’t realize it, but I exude this ….I dunno…confidence and power and people notice that. I take it as being pegged, but my friends just laugh and tell me I am crazy…that I am just hot and people are gonna stare regardless. =) I wish I could just accept that as the reality, but my self image is totally wacked out and I think it,s like that for a lot of people, trans or not. There are times when I have encountered people straight up being assholes and I just step to them and lay it out for them. I grew up tough, got my ass kicked a lot and learned a lot about how to take care of myself in situations. I listen to my gut and know when to bounce or when to knock the shit outta someone. Luckily, here in my little mountain town, no one ever fucks with me and if they did, there would be a lot of people they would have to answer to…my friends are the best. =)

PornOCD: Which TS Pornstar did you see and think, “I wanna be as successful as her?”

Sami: I have always admired Mandy Mitchell, Bailey Jay, and Morgan Bailey. I think remaining pretty down to earth, but driven really played into why they have been so successful with mainstream TS. They exude confidence, have the ability to pull off lots of looks, and aren’t completely over the top in their performances. Everything feels natural and I find that to be way more sexually appealing than a lot of performances I see that feel ridiculously contrived.

PornOCD: What was the last scene or movie you watched that had to taking off your knickers quick sharp? lol

Sami: Haha, ummm lets see….I came across a scene that Maitresse Madeline Marlowe (@MaitresseM) did for Divine Bitches and I was pulling my panties off in no time….everything she touches is gold.

PornOCD: How would you describe how the TS porn genre is doing at the moment?

Sami: It’s been on the upswing for years now. Fastest growing genre of porn out there. I am disappointed though with how few male stars there are to work with and also the production quality of most of which is out there. I mean, I get that we are selling fantasy here and all, but there is a serious lack of chemistry and sensuality in trans porn production. Everything just seems so gimmicky to me sometimes and a lot of companies shoot the same shots from the same angles. I know the shit sells, and that’s what the people that subscribe to our sites like to see, but damn…there has to be a balance somewhere in there.

PornOCD: Do you find it flattering or annoying how fans interact with you on social media?

Sami: You know it’s both really…some people get really wrapped up in the fantasy of what we are doing and seem to forget that most of us are not the cum dumpsters we may portray and some people are genuinely sweet and pay really nice compliments and show some respect. It’s all part of the game.

PornOCD: I have noticed that some fans of the girls are very full on. Have you had anybody like this?

Sami: No doubt! We have all run into a few people like that and often times they are the same people from girl to girl, but really they are just outliers compared to how many fans mostly show some support here and there and keep it chill. I had one guy go kinda nutz, follow and constantly message me on IG, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., and at first was like “Aww, thank you!” and what not. But it became incessant and when I stopped answering it turned to really twisted shit with incest, animals, violent acts…I am sure he just wanted any kind of response at that point, but it was completely out of line. Like I said, those cases are few and far between and I am pretty small time so…I can only imagine the shit people say and the volume of messages like that the stars of trans porn and porn in general get!

PornOCD: Your photos are awesome! Do you try and dress sexy all the time, or do you have days just lazing around in your comfortable clothes?

Sami: Thank you! I try and maintain a certain level of style always. I definitely keep it on the sexier side when I am going out in the evenings, and as much as I can at work while keeping it professional. Luckily, as a bartender, I get a little more freedom to express myself than a lot of other people do. But when your working for tips, you better be bringing a little heat with you. Outside of work and going out, I keep it more on the functional side of things, lots of tanks with a little bra showing and jeans or shorts. I am always on the go doing something active, so I keep it comfy but still add some flair. Its all about accessorizing. =)

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with three people alive or dead who would they be and why?

Sami: Hmmm…Henry Rollins has been full of angst, passion, and intelligence for years and years and he is wicked hot. I’d love to share a meal and pick his brain and have some heated debates which would hopefully lead to other things….Bill Nye was such a hero of mine growing up and to this day…he is witty and smart and i am sure he could cut lose and I would say Danny Way. He has been pushing the progression of not just skateboarding, but all of action sports for decades and just knowing his story and seeing him over come so much in his childhood to jumping the great wall is so inspiring. And I think he is sexy as hell, haha! That was a hard choice between him, Craig Kelly, and Shane McConkey.

PornOCD: Which celebrity really annoys you?

Sami: All of them really…but above all I’m going with Katy Perry. I don’t really keep up with much of anything in that regard though. I live in a bubble and see the covers of trash mags when I am checking out at the grocery store, exchange eye rolls with my partner and move on.

PornOCD: How often do you get to masturbate and have so alone time?

Sami: Not enough, that’s for damn sure….Luckily my partner is a really amazing top and it’s always more fun with someone else=) Her debut is coming out soon with me from CrashPad Series. I am so excited to see how it turned out and really grateful there are queers out there making such quality porn for queers like us!

PornOCD: What gets your juices flowing and always sets you off on the road to big orgasm?

Sami: I love going down on people. Giving oral gets me so turned on and so hard I feel drunk with lust! I also love being in the hands of a truly seasoned Dom. Being with someone who knows how to read my submissive energy and capitalize on my desire to please drive me up the wall, it makes me feel high. 🙂

PornOCD: Have you set down any markers in the sand in relation to what you will and what you won’t do in the porn industry?

Sami: I did, but I’ve seen a few of them wiped away simply so I could continue to work and hopefully grow in the industry. It’s more of a game of pick your battles really. I am not a top by nature, though I do consider myself a switch. But I think that’s mostly because I worked so hard at being a top back in my previous life. I know what I want as a sub so it’s easy for me to deliver the same. That being said, I have already found myself having to top in my first hardcore shoots because, well, I had too.

PornOCD: Which TS Pornstar’s cock would you love to have a day shooting with? lol

Sami: Well after shooting for Dirty Blonde Transsexuals, most of that list got knocked out. 🙂

Those ladies are super fun and I wish we could have all spent more time going out and causing mischief, but we had work to do and I’d say we got a lot done in such a short period of time.  Otherwise, I’d really like to get together with several girls, namely the legendary Morgan Bailey, my friends Aubrey Kate and Chelsea Marie, as well as a girl I feel like I’d get along with really well, Kelly Klaymour and the most popular Trans porn star in the world and super smarty pants Bailey Jay. There’s a LOT of amazing trans women out there in the porn world alone, and many more outside of the industry who all have some seriously sexy qualities…

PornOCD: What music makes you wanna shake your ass and get dancing?

Sami: Omg I fucking love to dance! Outside of getting down on bikes / boards and fucking, dancing rounds out my top three favorite things to do with my time. Right now I am really into Deep House/Trance…really minimal bass house as well, but being from the south originally, I still love some good ole dirty ass trap and hip hop! The electro scene was on fire back home in my little mountain town for years and has since faded out with the closing of the best venue in town, so I don’t get my typical two nights a week of raging on a dance floor. But I do make it to Burning Man every year and I feel like I get down hard enough there to make up for anything I miss out on back home. There’s never enough for me though, I’d love to be a go go girl!

PornOCD: What last made you blush?

Sami: Haha! I was training at my new job and it was the evening shift in this super rad little organic cafe, and this guy who had been in like four times in the last week bringing in a bunch of different peeps was back in. He was super hot, lean and fit, and worked for this foundation that does a lot of great things for winter sports and the environment, so we are all back there in the server’s station giggling and gossiping about how cute he is. The girl serving his table tonight suggested she might go over and drop off her number and I finished her sentence with drop down and suck his cock and all five of us burst out laughing, all blushing because for a second or two we all were thinking about it and it got us all hot and embarrassed…I didn’t mean to blurt it out, it just kinda happened, but we all had a good laugh and red faces. 😉

PornOCD: I must admit when sometimes thing go wrong, I tend to use the well-used and internationally accepted technique of having swearing rants. Do you swear when things go wrong?

Sami: Oh fuck yes. I definitely drop a motherfuckers and goddamnits with zero hesitation…and I’m not even that worked up! I think it stems from growing up on a farm and working in kitchens and as a mechanic.

PornOCD: What city would you most like to visit in the entire world?

Sami: I gotta go with Barcelona. For the food, the amazing people, and there is an incredible bike scene in and around the city and the weather is wonderful! I have been all over Western Europe but didn’t make it there and I’d love to go.

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PornOCD: Do you have a shoe and bag fetish like most of the female population? lol

Sami: I gotta admit I do, but living where I do, there are just way more practical things to spend my money on. Since I am currently sitting in San Francisco, I feel way more compelled to want for material things seeing all these stylie things on beautiful people. If I lived in a place like here or Vegas or any city really, I think I would spend all my money on clothes, shoes, and bags and way wayyyyy less on my bikes.

PornOCD: What was you last thing you bought yourself as a little treat?

Sami: I just bought myself some new M.A.C. eye shadow, blush, and powder since mine was pretty much gone and a gluten-free donut from Dynamo Donuts and a latte. Now that this interview is done, I’m headed to American Apparel for my staple tanks and bras:)

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