PornOCD Interview with Sadie Synn

August 20, 2016

I recently read a quote, “There’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain.  They are two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other.”  It was truly an eye opening experience to get the chance to interview Sadie Synn and to discuss lots of aspects of her life.  Follow her first steps into the world of FemDom porn and I am sure you will be wanting a Part Two without doubt.

Twitter: @SadieSynn

Twitter: @SadieSynn

PornOCD: Where were you born and raised?

Sadie: Des Moines, Iowa.

PornOCD: How was growing up for you?

Sadie: First six years of school weren’t bad.  Then I changed schools and it got pretty intense.  It was challenging at times looking back on it.  At the time, I knew things weren’t right, but I could never put my finger on it.  I was bullied like many trans-women were, and I was the sick kid in class.  Always had a runny nose from allergies or something else.  School left me feeling very insecure and it was obvious I didn’t quite fit with what I was supposed to be doing.  When I was 13, I had the revelation.  For a brief period I started cross-dressing, but ultimately the feeling of shame made me stop.  I pulled away from things I had tried to get help, but everyone said I was probably doing something to deserve it.  I was also super tall.  I think I was 6’3 by 15.

PornOCD: Must have been a very upsetting time for you.

Sadie: I was really depressed.  I thought about suicide a lot.  It affected everything but work.  Driving was the first solace I found.  There was no gender when it’s just you and the car.  So it became one of my escapes.

PornOCD: When did you first feel you wanted to live as a TS?

Sadie: I was 13.  I knew I was a girl.  But that was in 1992 and I was in Iowa.  I had never heard of transitions.  I felt ashamed and buried it.

PornOCD: Who was the very first person you felt able to confide in?

Sadie: The first person I really came out to was a girlfriend.  We had been together for over 3 years. That was in January of 2007.  I was 29.

PornOCD: How did she respond to what you told her?

Sadie: I told her right before I went to work out of town for a week.  She was totally shocked, then angry. But she was able to do all that while I was gone and she was ok with it when I came back.  She was totally hetero though, so it was the death knell of that relationship.

PornOCD: So did you think that day was a turning point?

Sadie: No.  The first time was when I wore full makeup which was two years later.  That was the first time I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw.

PornOCD: How did you feel when you looked back in the mirror?  Did you feel more comfortable in your own skin?

Sadie: It was more then that.  In that moment I knew I could transition.  And I had an inkling to what was to come with HRT.  But that was still a long ways off.

PornOCD: So after your first step, did you gain more confidence? When did the idea of adult industry enter your thoughts?

Sadie: I thought about it then, but that was 2009.  I wasn’t on HRT yet.  I knew with my height I would need to have a chunk of time under HRT to do it, and I would never be one of those hopeless cute trans-women.  So probably in December of 2015 when I committed to working towards being a Pro-Domme. My chest growth was off the charts and I was starting to get passable with minimal makeup.  So I figured I should give it a shot.  At this point, I had no more regrets.

PornOCD: How did your very first porn shoot come about?

Sadie: I Love this story!  So, I had just gone to the Mistress Dinner at Domcon (Domcon Los Angeles this past May) and I went out to smoke and when I came back, we went over to the bar.  While at the Bar, we ran into @BondageLand and next thing we know, we are headed up to her room to shoot while she’s tweeting about the hottest bar pickup ever.  I had a minor role that night and two days later I did my first fisting on Cam for her and @ParaPerv.

PornOCD: So it was rather unplanned but great way to start?

Sadie: As a FemDom it was a very cool situation.  Since December I have felt like a FemDom version of Cinderella.  Exactly.  One of the actors had something come up and she needed more people.  Right place, right time.  It really put some momentum into my growth and that’s what led to my @ParaPerv shoot two weeks ago.

PornOCD: So for those who have never seen FemDom porn before, tell us all about and why you love it so much.

Sadie: I’ll be blunt.  I use a strapon instead of my dangly bits.  So it’s very empowering to me as a woman.  So much seems to revolve around that piece of my body, that being able to work around it is liberating.

PornOCD: So who would you love to shoot a scene with?

Sadie: Honestly, probably @ElenaDeLuca and @FascistFemDom. I think that’s a big ask right now, but hoping in a year or two I could make that happen. There are a ton of Domme’s and trans women I would love to shoot with. But shooting with @FascistFemDom means I am accepted as a woman and a Domme regardless of prefixes.

PornOCD: So how important do you think Twitter is to your career and porn in general?

Sadie: At this point, pretty important.  I am pretty much a total unknown.  It’s the easiest place for me to interact, and get my name out there.  I can only afford to do a few events a year, so I am focused on doing both the DomCons.  If things pick up I would like to add Fetcon and AVN awards too.

PornOCD: So for those people reading about you for the very first time, what five words describe you?

Sadie: Statuesque, Sadistic, Busty, Hardcore, FemDom.  I am at a 36D and still growing!

PornOCD: Impressive bust, especially if they still growing.

Sadie: I started HRT in October of 2014 and was on the initial dose and extra long time.  For various reasons.  I just had my first level check last week and the dose was raised again.

PornOCD: What really turns you on the most about being a FemDom ?

Sadie: Having someone in a position of power submit to me by choice.  It’s very empowering to see a successful man on his knees cleaning my boots with his tongue.  It’s being in the position of Power and Control and actively choosing to control every aspect of my life that is in my power to do so.

Sadie Synn with JacquieBlu.XXX

Sadie Synn with JacquieBlu.XXX

PornOCD: Do you in your own opinion think that in 2016 the TS community is more accepted and respected than any other time?

Sadie: I definitely do, but following the year of Trans-Visibility, it’s important to note there is so much to be done!  Especially for Hispanic trans-women and trans-women of color.  We must keep the forward momentum.

PornOCD: Right. What is the horniest experience you have had recently? We want details.

Sadie: Oh, God. Lol.  Probably after my most recent play with a masochist I play with.  I drew blood for the first time.  So masturbation after was extra hot.  I haven’t actually had sex as a trans woman.  I haven’t been on a date since June of 2015 (not that I am asking).  So the only sex I have had is on camera.

PornOCD: Ouch, where did you draw blood from?

Sadie: Butt from impact play.  I am fluid bound with the Masochist, so I licked it off when the scene was done.  Wasn’t a lot, but I love shocking play-party virgins.

PornOCD: If you could direct your own porn movie, who would star in it and what would be the plot?

Sadie: @evavortex and probably a variation of the slutty Mary clip I did with @ParaPerv. Where you say my name three times then I show up and do dark and devious things including but not limited to a very large strapon.

PornOCD: So are we talking things where lots of lube is required? 🙂

Sadie: Hopefully!  People complain about blood not being good lube… Whiners.. Lol.  I really enjoy using strap-ons.  It’s all the fun with none of the baggage.  Just wearing one turns me on.

PornOCD: What is the biggest one you own or have used?

Sadie : I own a 7.5″ which was my size before HRT and I have used a 10″. I want more though.

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