PornOCD Interview with Sadie Kross

February 12, 2016

Twitter @SadieKross

This is PornOCD and I’m proud to present my interview Finnish transgender, nude and glamour model and porn starlet, Sadie Kross @SadieKross on Twitter:

PornOCD: Finland is not a place that seems to produce many porn stars. Why do you think that is?

Sadie: Finland doesn’t have many pornstars to offer. Only one I know who’s really shooting movies for living is Cindy Sun (Twitter @cindysun90). Finland is quite a big country with a low population, only a bit over 5 million, and has remote location. During 90’s we had some production, but it didn’t succeeded in international markets. I guess it’s a combination of too few people interested to work in the industry, remote location (which shows in production costs), and probably lack of people with a vision what and how to produce.

PornOCD: So how was growing up in such a beautiful country?

Sadie: As a country. it’s a safe place to grow up, but quite boring place. Nothing happens in Finland nor has happened 😀 During my childhood and teenage years, I was bullied so that wasn’t a fun time. I’ve never felt I would be a Finn by nature, so for me it’s a challenge to live here.

PornOCD: When did the idea enter your head that you wanted to live as a TS?

Sadie: I admitted to myself about six years ago that I’m a TS. Before that, I had strongly denied it sub-consciously, but at the same time had a strong interest towards all feminine. I have a background of being bullied a lot as I mentioned. I believe it made me to push my true self on the background, just to survive the next day. Once admitted I would be much happier as a woman there was no turning back.

PornOCD: Finland seems to have a number of TS escorts. What made you want to take the step towards the porn industry?

Sadie: I’m not that familiar with escorting scene here, but I would say majority are just passing by. Just few natives are doing escorting. I have never felt escorting is my thing, so it was a natural choice not to go for it. I have always been a fan of adult entertainment, so it was more natural area for me. I also do glamour and nude modelling as a hobby, so I enjoy being in front of a camera and taking one step further wasn’t that scary. 🙂

PornOCD: Was the decision to apply at Grooby Productions a difficult or straightforward decision?

Sadie: It was a straightforward. After I had made the decision to go for porn, it was a natural to send a model application for them. Not having US citizenship or work permit my choices were very limited as not many companies work outside the States. Grooby is also the biggest producer and can offer best visibility, so I was very delighted they informed they’re interested to work with me.

PornOCD: You travelled across to the UK to appear on How did that come about?

Sadie: When I got a message Grooby wants to shoot with me, I didn’t know to which site the material would end up on. As they shoot only in London, outside the States, I had no other choice than travel there. Travelling wasn’t an issue as I like it anyways 🙂

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PornOCD: How did you feel just before your very first shoot with Grooby?

Sadie: I was anxious and a bit nervous 😀 Before shooting for Grooby I had shot one solo for The Real Bitch Company (Twitter @bitchcompany), so it wasn’t fully new experience for me. The most nerve wracking part was I haven’t had experience of shoots lasting 6-8 hours, so I was stressing a bit how it would go. But when I get in front off a camera, I kinda turn off my brains, block surrounding and focus on what I’m doing.

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PornOCD: You fairly new to Twitter @SadieKross. How are you finding it?

Sadie: Twitter is a great channel to network and keep in touch with the fans. It took some time to understand the idea behind it, but I think I’ve got it now. I especially love that I don’t have to censor any images I post there! <3

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PornOCD: How would you describe how the TS porn genre is going at the moment?

Sadie: I think the genre is doing well, but for producers and models, it’s a challenge. The digital era has changed business model drastically. Material gets spread over the Internet for free and there are a lot of girls wanting to work in the industry. Nudity and porn aren’t such a big taboo anymore which makes it more acceptable and increases demand. I have been in the industry such a short time and can’t give a proper opinion, but that’s how I see it at the moment.

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PornOCD: What’s the short term plan for your career?

Sadie: Due my remote location, pushing forward my career is a challenge. Right now I’m watching how people welcome the sets I have shot, trying to network as well as I can, and trying to find new opportunities to shoot. I’m also doing some preparations and plans for the future if this kick offs well, so I’m prepared. Considering option to relocate, set up my own site and producing own material. Would love to get to shoot in the States, but that’s probably a long term plan 😀

PornOCD: Do you have any girls in the industry who you look up to?

Sadie: Bailey Jay is one I admire most. She’s hot and has an amazing career. 🙂 Sarina Valentina and Kimber James are also ones I respect. Through Twitter I have found some new girls who have got my attention. 🙂

PornOCD: For those people who are just reading about you for the very first time, what five words best describe Sadie Kross?

Sadie: This is a tough one. 😀 Kinky, uninhibited, bold, witty, genuine.

Twitter @SadieKross

Follow @SadieKross on Twitter. The sample photo sets of Sadie Kross featured in this interview are available for full download on UK-TGirls