PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger

October 15, 2016

    Many people will say that the male talents in porn do not get nearly as much promotion and limelight as the female stars. Well, when I got the chance to catch up with Rob Yaeger Twitter: @yaegerman and The Fuck Chronicles on, I thought this was a great opportunity to showcase the work being done in TS porn by the hard working and hard banging male talent.

Twitter: @yaegerman

Twitter: @yaegerman

PornOCD: Let’s start from the very beginning. Where were your born and raised and how was growing up for you?

Rob: I was born in New London, Connecticut, about two hours away from New York City. I’m an East Coast guy to my core. I was raised not far from where I was born, in a very comfortable, loving community. I was very fortunate to have great parents, great schools and a very happy childhood. My sexuality didn’t really come out at all up there, though; it was very straight-laced.

PornOCD: What was your very first ambition for your life and career ?

Rob: At first I thought I wanted to be an actor. I loved hamming it up on stage and I always got a lot of applause in school plays and musicals. I also never had a problem getting up and talking in front of people, so I thought I could translate that into some kind of dramatic career. On the other hand, I didn’t like other actors and thought they were too vain. So ultimately I decided I wanted to study literature and foreign languages.

PornOCD: How important was school and education to you ?

Rob: School and education were really important to me. In fact, they still are. I am a total nerd and I always did well in school. Academics came easily to me. But I slowly learned that just because you’re a good student doesn’t mean you will fit in well in the “real world.” I learned that after college; I had learned a ton of what a lot of people unfairly call “useless knowledge,” and I didn’t like the idea of getting a “regular job.” I have always been a bit of a rebel and a nonconformist, and my education only strengthened those characteristics in me.

PornOCD: When you were growing up where you more attracted to men or women?

Rob: When I was growing up I was attracted to girls. I have always been drawn to femininity: smaller bodies, smoothness, softness, daintiness, prettiness. I was really shy as a teenager, though, and suffered some brutal rejections from my female classmates. This made me hesitant to date. Later on in high school, though, I started to feel some homoerotic rustlings for my best male friend. He was kind of “feminine” in his way, and that is why I was attracted to him. We never had sex back then, though. It was just the beginning of my own sexual journey.

PornOCD: How popular were you when it came to getting lucky between the sheets?

Rob: When I was young, I had no luck at all in the sheets. I didn’t even have sex for the first time till I went off to college in New York, when I was 19. Believe me, I REALLY wanted to have sex with the hot girls in my class in high school, but I was so hurt by their rejections that I stopped trying.

PornOCD: Can you remember the very first time you watched porn?

Rob: I think I first watched porn during a school trip in 1992. I was in hotel in Boston with another guy. We hacked into the hotel cable box and found the porn titles. We watched this blond guy fuck a woman with big tits on a chair that was really creaky. I remember the guy making the funniest grunts and there was a vein that was popping on his forehead, he was pumping so hard. And of course the woman was making all kinds of hilarious noises. Plus there was that infamously bad porn music going on the background. As awkward as it was, I loved it, and a part of me wanted to do what that guy was doing.

PornOCD: When did the idea of making a career in adult entertainment enter your thoughts?

Rob: I had fantasized about doing porn since I was in college. Back then, Internet porn was just starting, and when I used to watch videos, I used to think that I could do them, too. But there was a ton of stigma about porn, and I was going to school to do something else with my life. I felt that if I did porn, I would jeopardize the career path I was making for myself. So for years I did not act on my desires. That continued for a long time, even through graduate school. It wasn’t until after some huge tragedies in my life that I decided that I had to do porn: Life had changed, and I had to give porn the chance I had always wanted to give it. It was then or never, and I’m happy I made my decision.

PornOCD: How did you very first scene come about and tell us all about it.

Rob: Well, there were two “first scenes.” When I first resolved to do porn, I made it myself. So my first solo scene was on Xtube back in 2010. I just set up a camera, put it at my torso level and stroked out a big cumshot. Then I posted the video, got 15,000 views overnight, and said to myself “Hey! I think I’m on to something!” My first pro scene was with in 2012. Kink had found me on and knew about my amateur videos from Xtube. So they interviewed me and hired me to work their gay sites (Bound in Public and Men on Edge). They flew me out to San Francisco and we did three scenes, two where I fucked skater twink and a third where Van Darkholme and Sebastian Keys tied me up and edged me in a locker room. All the scenes went really well, and I felt like I was beginning a career that I should have been on for a very long time before. I felt so right to be showing off my sexuality that way. And that spirit has carried me all the years in between, right up to today.

PornOCD: So after your very first scene, did you think that porn was the career for you?

Rob: I definitely knew that after my first scene that porn was a career for me. My first shoot with (a gay scene) was just a totally natural experience for me. I felt like a fish to water. Nonetheless, it wasn’t easy for me to find regular gigs. I live in New York and all the work is out on the west coast. So as much as I wanted to shoot up to 4 scenes a week, I couldn’t because other obligations in my life kept me at home. That started to change once I opened up my own store and began shooting my own material. After that, my exposure increased quite a bit, and more and more people learned that I am a force to be reckoned with in porn.

PornOCD: How do you think the general public see porn do you think it’s more accepted part of society ?

Rob: I think attitudes toward porn are changing. For example, my family knows what I do. My mom is in her late 60’s and she doesn’t have a problem with it personally; she just wants me to be happy. Her only concern is what to tell her friends what I do. Other people in her generation, while they can understand porn in theory, still have some prejudice against it and consider it a low thing to do. But as soon as you talk to people in their 40’s and younger, most support porn 100%. Young people in particular are thrilled about what I do. When I tell them, they think it’s awesome. I mean, let’s be honest: If you’re below a certain age, you grew up with the Internet. And your sexuality was influenced tremendously by porn on the Internet. I think that’s a big reason why younger people are so supportive of porn. They know that everyone uses it, and they don’t judge the people who work to give them the videos they love. So the short answer is attitudes have already changed for the better with regard to porn. As the younger people get older, they will take their progressive attitudes with them, and that will permanently change the outlook on porn going forward.

PornOCD: It’s quite obvious to see you work out. When did you begin hitting the gym and now it is part of your daily routine?

Rob: I’ve been working out pretty much continuously since 1999. It has been probably the most regular thing in my life over all these years. No matter what else is going on with me, I find time for the gym. Generally I make it to the gym at least 5 times a week, although the usual practice is to go every day but Sunday. There was a time when I went seven days week, but that actually was counterproductive. So yes, the gym is part of my life structure. It’s in my bones! I can’t function without it, and I feel weird if I miss a day.

PornOCD: How did your very first TS scene come about?

Rob: I can tell you exactly. It was mid-September 2014. Nica Noelle had recently started the TransSensual studio and up ’til that point, I had been in a couple of her videos for Icon Male. She knew that I was omnisexual and asked if I’d like to be in a trans movie. That’s how “My TS Student” came into being. Interestingly enough, September 2014 was also the first month I ever had sex with a trans girl in my personal life. So the timing was perfect. I had just discovered (belatedly) how attracted I was to trans girls, and here I had a great opportunity to show it off for the whole world. So I went up to New England (where Nica shoots) and I did a scene with Sunday Valentina. It was great! And I felt like I had found a porn genre that really turned me on.

PornOCD: What is it a big decision to move across and shoot with TS Girls?

Rob: Not at all. It was really a very natural fit (no pun intended). I have never really been accepted by the mainstream straight or gay studios because I am really a sexual oddball, at least in other people’s eyes. But all through my career, I’ve worked with both male and female performers who understand what I am and what I like, and that has given me a really unique perspective on porn, gender and everything else. Prior to starting trans porn in late 2014, I had already done a lot of gay scenes and a good number of straight scenes. I’ll tell you this: I am attracted to femininity. That’s my erotic focus. It doesn’t matter what gender the femininity comes in; I just like it. So when I discovered trans porn, it perfectly suited what I was looking for, both in terms of partners and porn content. It gave me a unique opportunity to showcase my “ominsexuality” with people who really do understand it. And so that’s made my move into trans porn an ideal match.

PornOCD: You won Transgender Erotica Award (TEA) as part of the cast of the very successful TransSensual movie My TS Student. How satisfying was that?

Review by TS Caramel

TS Dreamland Review by TS Caramel

Rob: It really was one of the best moments in my porn career, for a couple reasons. For one, it was amazing to be honored as the main male performer in the best DVD of the year. I felt like I was finally getting the recognition I felt I deserved, and it led to a rapid increase in my visibility with other trans performers (and producers). Second, the award humbled me because I felt I had been accepted within the trans community. Being up on the stage in front of the biggest names in the business was such a rush. It made me feel great to know that trans people knew I was a strong male performer who both enjoyed working with them, and understood them. I felt like I really belonged when I got that award. And it was a great movie, too. It showcased omnisexuality in many ways, since there were trans/male scenes (me and Chelsea Poe and Sunday Valentina), trans/female scenes (Chelsea Poe and Magdalene St. Michaels) and a trans/female/male scene (a threesome with me, Chelsea Poe and Magdalene St. Michaels).

PornOCD: You have worked with some really big names in TS Porn. Do you ever get star struck or do you just put your game face on?

Rob: I don’t get star struck, but I definitely get excited when I work with big names. On the other hand, I feel that I have some notoriety, too, so I feel I deserve to work with the best, because I think I’m pretty damn near the top of people who do what I do in the business. Male performers never get the same public fame as female performers. We’re the workaday fellas, the unsung heroes. A lot of times it’s just our dicks and torsos that get featured in videos. But without us, the scene won’t work, no matter how pretty the girl is. So I cherish my role as a reliable, no-nonsense, no-drama male performer. I absolutely put my game face on when I do a scene. I work very expeditiously. I’m not in this to find romance or to seduce anyone in real life. My job is to lay down a solid scene, so that the director gets the hot footage they need. And sometimes that means footage for my site or for my scene partner’s site. This isn’t to say I’m like a robot when I shoot. I form lasting friendships with everyone I shoot with. It just means that I am strictly professional, and it’s my job to deliver a product that everybody involved wants to be good. That’s the reputation I want to have: to be the guy girls turn to when they need a strong scene, with zero drama and maximum reliability.

PornOCD: You have been lucky enough to work with sexy Tyra Scott of with her wearing some Yoga pants. Tell us about about the “Tyra Scott Fucks Her Yoga Instructor” scene.

Review by TS Caramel

TS Dreamland Review by TS Caramel

Rob: That was a great scene. Thanks for checking it out! Tyra and I have done a lot of scenes. We met about a year ago through our mutual friend Brock Avery, and since then we’ve shot four great scenes together. Tyra and I have a knack for coming up with framing stories for our scenes. She is not only sexy; she is super smart and funny, too. Her personality is amazing and it shows. It was her idea to do a “creepy yoga” scenario last summer. So we dressed up in some gym clothes and ad-libbed our way to a hilarious and sexy result. It’s often the case that we have to stop filming in the middle of our scenes because we crack each other up in our improvised dialogue. That was definitely true in this scene; just look how often we are smiling, trying to keep the laughter in!

PornOCD: So many fans across the world and actors alike would love to shoot scene with Jessy Dubai. How did this scene come about and how much fun was it?

Rob: I was really fortunate to get a chance to shoot with Jessy. We had actually known each other a long time before we shot the scene. We met on Nica Noelle’s New England set way back in 2014, and we got a chance to know each other. We were both always attracted to each other, and so it was just a matter of time before we got to do a scene. When I was in LA for the TEA awards, I was shooting a ton of trade content, as well as a scene for Evil Angel (Rob’s Evil Angel profile). On my last night in town, my videographer called me and said that Jessy wanted to get a trade scene in. So obviously I jumped at the chance. I headed up to her place in Burbank and we laid down the scene. It was a blast. As soon as we touched each other, the chemistry between us was incredible. Even though I had done a scene earlier that day, it was explosive. Jessy is fierce in bed, and our energy fed from one another. I remember being so turned on during that shoot. It was intense. We really played off each other and the result was incredible. After the scene, we were both pleasantly exhausted. And very happy because we both knew we had captured something special.

PornOCD: I have interviewed Jessica Fappit (here) and she is off the scale sexy. How was the scene with her? I’m guessing mind blowing.

Rob: I adore Jessica Fappit. She is a superstar. She is definitely off the scale sexy. Her body is unbelievable and she is so damn pretty. We made two amazing scenes. The first one was a POV blowjob scene where I fucked her face and she edged me. I adore that scene. The second one I gave her a thorough fuck and came in her face. It was pure, animalistic fun.

I respect Jessica’s sexual desires so much; she wants to be used as a buttslut, pure and simple. It’s not about her dick at all, and I love that. It’s all about her being a hole to be used by studs. And boy did I oblige her on that. The thing I remember most about that shoot was the sounds she made. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she went to pig heaven.

Beautiful. Jessica seriously deserves to be a household name in porn.

PornOCD: You shot a scene with new girl Brooklyn Roberts. She is very popular on Twitter. Did you and your cock enjoy the ride with her?

Rob: Brooklyn is great. She is a newcomer to porn, so she was a little shy getting into it. But we had met in person about a month before we did our scene, so I think I made it more comfortable for her when we finally got down to work. We shot a great hardcore scene. Radius Dark shot the scene in full HD, and damn is it hot. I love how tall and long Brooklyn is. She has such sexy legs and her ass just doesn’t quit. I put her through the Rob Yaeger paces and it wound up being yet another scorching scene. Oh, and the penetration shots in that scene are, um, ridiculously hot!

PornOCD: You gave Salina Samone a good working over. Tell us all about the hot sex.

Rob: I had such a great connection with Salina. Once again, I was fortunate to work with her during my TEA trip because my videographer (Damien Cain) recommended that I shoot with her. My jaw dropped when I saw Salina as I walked onto the set. I knew I was going to really lay down a hot scene with her. She is so long, tall and sultry. I watched her shoot her “pretty girl” stills first. I just stood there naked to get myself ready for the scene, letting the desire grow. Then it was our turn to do our hardcore scene. I was so riled up by then that I knew I was really going to give it to her. We had an amazing chemistry that burns right through the screen. The contrast between our skin tones was super hot, too. She got so turned on while I was fucking her that her tits leaked milk. If that’s not proof that she enjoyed it, I don’t know what is!

PornOCD: What scenes can your fans look forward to coming up?

Rob: I have a lot of scenes that haven’t been released yet. I have been very busy. I did content trade shoots with both Natalie Mars and Mara Nova this past summer. I have scenes up on their sites, and this month I’ll be releasing those scenes on my sites, too.

I’ve also had the great honor to meet and work with the great Buddy Wood. He and I have shot three great scenes with three new girls, including the spectacular Kendall Dreams and Alexa Scout. The third girl is a secret… but you will not be disappointed when the scene comes out!

PornOCD: Who is still on your #TsPornBucketList, and why?

1. Miran : We’ve been flirting on Twitter for a while now, and I can’t wait to match my muscular German whiteness with her soft Japanese beauty. This is going to be sensational.

2. Domino Presley: Buddy suggested that we get together for a scene, and I couldn’t agree more. Domino is the fucking bomb, and any scene we do will be smokin’ hot.

3. Holly Parker: I’m dying to work with Holly. I love tall blondes, and Holly fits the bill to a T. We met at the TEAs and we’re both rearing for the chance to shoot. She has her own site now, and I know that Radius Dark would be able to capture the sensuality between us beautifully.

4. Chelsea Marie: I almost got a chance to shoot with Chelsea during my last trip to LA. Unfortunately, our busy schedules didn’t give us the chance to manage it. But soon enough we will knock it out of the park. I love Chelsea’s glorious tatted body and banging ass. Needless to say, I’m going to enjoy putting her through the Rob Yaeger Experience (#RYE)!

5. Honey Foxxx: Honey and I met at the TEAs and had an immediate connection. Bad luck has been against us, though, and our schedules just never seem to match up when I’m in LA. It’s only a matter of time before we do a scene, though, and I can tell you it’s gonna be amazing.

6. Kylie Maria: Kylie is damn hot. I didn’t find out about her until I realized that she and I were both in an Evil Angel title (Hot for Transsexuals, in different scenes). I was like “Holy shit, we NEED to do a scene.” So I’m hoping that the porn gods align us for a shoot pretty soon. I go to Vegas a lot, and I’m going to try to track her down the next time I’m there.

7. Nina Lawless: I have such a crush on Nina. Being a fellow gym nut, I am really looking forward to a scene where us two fit-as-fuck people athletically get into it. I also love that Nina is quite a bit shorter than I am, with a perfect round ass. Our scene(s) is/are going to be wonderful, I know it.

8. Aspen Brooks: Like Honey and Chelsea, I keep missing Aspen during my trips to the West Coast. We have been Twitter pals for a good while, and we share the German language in common. Plus she is a fellow redhead and quite simply sexy as hell. I always make great scenes with people I’ve known online for a long time, and I have every reason to think Aspen will follow that pattern.

9. Aubrey Kate: I have always wanted to shoot with Aubrey. We were supposed to shoot one day during the TEA’s this year, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out. She is still totally on my list, though, and I can’t wait for the chance to do a scene with her. As I said, I like athletic blondes, and Aubrey really fits that description.

PornOCD: If you were producing your own movie, what would be the plot and how many girls who you cast to work with?

Rob: I actually really want to do a trans creampie movie. I like the idea of the girls wanting to try to get pregnant and turning to me to knock them up. I know a lot of girls who have this reproductive fantasy, and I do, too. I’m not sure who I’d cast in this movie. Probably a mix of people I’ve already worked with and some girls from the list above. Basically it would be about finding girls who share the fetish, since that would translate into a better scene for the audience.

PornOCD: How popular do you think TS Porn has become?

Rob: It’s getting more and more popular. I love trans porn because it is progressive and challenging. It’s uniquely positioned to make people think seriously about gender issues, and question what being male and female really means. It’s also fantastic that trans porn itself is diversifying. It’s high time that trans girls get to show their submissive side, and to be the women they are. For too long, porn fetishized trans girls for their dicks, which honestly are not what they want to be known for. A lot of trans girls just want to be like the girls in straight porn, and increasingly, trans porn is delivering on their desires. I am proud to be on the forefront of that movement. I think a porn performer should be free to engage in the sex consistent with their gender identity, not the sex that a fetishist wants to see them used for.

PornOCD: What are your ambitions for the rest of 2016 and beyond?

Rob: Well, I’m a pretty ambitious guy. I have one more “porn expedition” or two planned for 2016. During those trips, I plan on generating at least 3 scenes each. My personal life doesn’t give me maximal freedom to do porn every day, but I shoot for about 3-4 scenes a month. I also have two large-scale DVD projects in the works with Radius Dark and Buddy Wood. We will continue brainstorming those projects, and take steps to produce them. Knowing what you know about me and Radius and Buddy, I think you know how amazing this work will be.
As we move into 2017, I am hoping to get some recognition again at the TEAs, as well as to continue building my “onmisexual brand” by continuously releasing new content on my clips store (

PornOCD: What is your motto for life?

Rob: My motto for life is to live honorably, always have good intentions and to strive to do right by everyone I meet.

Review by TS Caramel

Review by TS Caramel

PornOCD: Would you like to see more porn girls doing scenes with TS girls?

Rob: Oh absolutely! I actually already think this is happening.‘s TS Pussy Hunters is an example of this, but I want it to go even further. I want to see more scenes like the one I did in My TS Student, where a male fucks both the trans girl and the cis girl. Or where there are more combinations in the desires. I know quite a few girls who would love this (Mona Wales, Cherry Torn, I’m looking at you), and I know the audience would love it, too!

You can find Rob Yaeger on Twitter: @yaegerman and his movies can be found on! For all posts involving Rob Yaeger, click here. Thanks again from @PornOCD