PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams

January 13, 2016

I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Transgender Erotica Awards winner, two time AVN and XBiz nominee, adult entertainment #TransIcon Natassia Dreams:

PornOCD: How was growing up in San Diego, Natassia?

Natassia: Growing up in San Diego, California was great as it is a SUPER open community. By open, I mean sexually – there are no hang ups about being gay / bisexual, etc. It’s really easygoing and it had a lot to do with my attitude that I have now – Chill and Easygoing.

PornOCD: When did you first feel you were living in the wrong body?

Natassia: My first feelings were when I was about 5-6 years old. I remember I loved playing  house and couldn’t wait till bed time when I would lay down with my “husband” and get it on (it wasn’t sex back then of course, but bump and grind. hehehe). Also I remember taking bubble baths and I would feel like the mermaid from “Splash.” I’ve always had a blonde obsession since I was little. I think it had a lot about me growing up in California.

PornOCD: How did you deal with these feelings? Did you confide in anyone?

Natassia: I really didn’t have anyone to confide in to to be honest. I just knew I was different and people around me knew also. My mother knew and she always treated me differently, when she was around. I just always had girlfriends and they always treated me like I was one of them. They would change in front of me and we would discuss beauty techniques.

L-R  Morgan Bailey, Natassia Dreams, Angelina Torres

PornOCD: How did your family and friends deal with the decision you wanted to live as a TS?

Natassia: My mother took it bad at first and said she was going to disown me. But then two months later for Christmas, she sent me bras and panties when I had moved away to New York City. When my father saw me going through transition, he just asked if I was happy and said if I’m happy, then he’s happy for me. <3 We all have a great relationship, well with my mom more than my dad . They split when I was 5 years old.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and closed minded people growing up?

Natassia: That’s a good question. It was very difficult for me because I had a lot going on at home and also growing up. I internalized mostly and would just escape in my head to a safe place and that’s probably why I am still here today. Cause if not, I think I would’ve ended it a long time ago. In high school it was the worst. I ended up having to drop out and do home school.

PornOCD: When did you first view porn?

Natassia: When I was little and my friends and I would look at porn magazines from their older brother and my uncle. hehehe

mp4 Trailer with Giovanni Franchesco

Flash Trailer with Giovanni Franchesco

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls growing up?

Natassia: Farrah Fawcett and Jenna Jameson. I always dreamed of being blonde with blue eyes (the grass is always greener on the other side). heheheh

PornOCD: Who were some of your other role models?

Natassia: When I was little, I loved gymnasts, Brandy the singer, and Tracy Lords.

Natassia and Vito Trailers

Natassia and Vito Flash Trailer

PornOCD: What other kinds of music did you listen to? Can you remember a song that still holds great memories even now?

Natassia: I listen to all types of music since I am a very worldly girl. I like Hip Hop and R&B of course, and old school, but I also love my Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. Hmm a song that holds great memories has to be Human Nature by Michael Jackson, Weak by SWV with the Michael Jackson hook and oh, of course I LOVED my Whitney Houston and En Vogue!

“Candles” mp4 Trailers

PornOCD: What music do you listen to currently?

Natassia: I love old school music, so I take it back to the good old days when music was about love and passion, not sucking dick and taking molly. Don’t get me wrong. I turn up to the new jams, but I prefer the music with soul.


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Flash Trailer with Toby Dutch

PornOCD: What helped you make the decision that New York City was the place for you to transition?

Natassia: Well, I didn’t even know it was possible to transition until I moved to NY and started to work in a drag queen restaurant named Stingy Lulu’s where I met my first transsexual. Then I thought to myself, “If she can do it, then so can I.” I never thought it was possible until then, but it was always my dream since being little and at bath time when I would wrap the towel around my body and my head and feel like I had long hair. heheh

Natassia and Eli Hunter Trailers

Natassia and Eli Hunter Flash

PornOCD: How much of a change was New York from California and how easily did it become home?

Natassia: WOW. New York City was such a culture shock as in California everyone is so nice and genuine. We used to sleep with our doors unlocked and all the neighbors knew each other and spoke on a daily basis. When I arrived in NYC, it was the totally opposite and it took a really big effect on me. Through the years, I had to develop a “bad ass” attitude because if not, you dont survive! I lived there for six years until I couldn’t take it anymore and moved to Miami. I always have NYC in my heart, but I had some of the worst times of my life in that city also. 🙁

PornOCD: When did the idea of making a career of porn first enter your head?

Natassia: It didn’t. It actually just fell upon my lap as I moved to Miami and was in need of extra cash to get my first apartment. I was approached to do a scene and my boyfriend to be the transsexual talent. We did the first scene and then I didn’t think anything of it. It wasnt till we broke up and he left me for my neighbor. I was in such a low, my girlfriend took me to Los Angeles to do some solos shoot, etc. Then I met Christian XXX who booked me for my first DVD and then it exploded from there!

PornOCD: Tell us more about how did your very first shoot came about.

Natassia: I was contacted to do a Tranny Surprise scene and, like I said before I needed the cash and my boyfriend at the time was the male talent. I said, “Fuck it, lets do this,” mainly for the cash!

PornOCD: How did you feel walking in front of the camera for the first time?

Natassia: OMG I WAS HORRIFIED. I had NEVER done anything like that and it was SOOO weird to have a camera so close to my genitals while having sex with two other people in a room. I’m a very sexual person, but had never done THAT before. I was mortified!

PornOCD: When did you know porn was truly the career for you?

Natassia: It just snowballed after the scene with Christian and I’m not going to lie… I loved the “celebrity like” attention I got as I was raised in a small humble town in San Diego, California.

Natassia and Christian Trailers

Natassia and Christian Flash Trailer

PornOCD: What keeps you motivated to keep working hard and keep the success rolling?

Natassia: I just like to please people. I am a genuine giver and when I see people happy from what I do, that makes me proud!

Natassia, Anthony and Julia mp4 Trailer

Natassia, Anthony and Julia Flash Trailer

PornOCD: You have over 24,000 followers on Twitter @natassiadreamsx. How important do you find social media?

Natassia: Social media is very important nowadays, but it’s also draining. It’s hard to keep up sometimes with Internet life and real life, but I try my hardest to juggle the two.

Natassia, Eva Paradis, Julia mp4

Natassia, Eva Paradis.  Julia Flash Trailer

PornOCD: Do you enjoy keeping in touch with your fans?

Natassia: OF COURSE! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t still be here… 10 years in the business where many have came and went….

PornOCD: Seems hashtags are the in thing. You should come up with a hashtag name for your fans.

Natassia: #NatassiaTheBody. What do you think?

Natassia & Kimber James

Natassia & Kimber James

PornOCD: Nice! You do lots of incredible work with SMC Productions. How cool are they to work with?

Natassia: SMC Productions and The TGirl Network are amazing to work with and we are on the same wavelength with our creativity! <3

PornOCD: Are there any girls / guys you still wanna work with? #PornBucketList

Natassia: Yes, many mainstream porn people. But the way society is and the business is, I doubt it would ever happen with some. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with Manuel Ferrara, Rocco Siffredi, Mr. Pete <3, Janice Griffith and of course, Jenna Jameson was always my idol.

PornOCD: Do you ever get star struck when you meet people?

Natassia: Of course! The first time I met and worked with Angelina Valentine, I didn’t know what to do. She was SOOO beautiful in person and VERY intimidating, was so hard for me to perform.

Natassia and Angelina Valentine on Trans500

Also, back when I met Jenna Jameson at her book signing, I was in awe that I was really meeting the person who I had admired for YEARS! I’ve also met many celebrities that I have always looked up to including Victoria’s Secret models and I’m always like – WOW is this really happening?

Natassia and Angelina Valentine wmv Trailers

Natassia and Angelina Valentine Flash Trailer

PornOCD: You have an incredible figure. How do you stay in such sexy shape?

Natassia: I have been athletic since I was younger. I ran track in school, I love working out in the gym and with Krav Maga, Bikram Yoga and MMA. Recently, Crossfit help me get my body together. Honestly though, I have to blame it on the genetics because I can’t gain weight even if you pay me. LMAO

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

PornOCD: You travel the world. Which is your favourite city?

Natassia: Spain was my favorite city – for the people and the culture and the way they treat you just like anyone else. It’s so sad about the economy there, so now looking for my next home in Europe. I’m between choosing Amsterdam and London. 🙂

wmv Trailers with Morgan Bailey and Wolf Hudson

Flash Trailer with Morgan Bailey and Wolf Hudson

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Natassia: Hmmm good question. Aaliyah, the late and great singer and actress because I alway felt a connection with her. Beyonce because I adore her and probably Martin Luther King for the admiration of what he did for people.

Natassia with Sexy Vanessa

PornOCD: Who would be in your ultimate dream threesome?

Natassia: Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and ME!

Natassia with Yasmin Lee and Lobo on TsSeduction

Natassia with Angel Allwood on TsPussyHunters

PornOCD: What projects can your fans look forward to seeing?

Natassia: I am debating on doing a secret project which I may debut around AVN 2016. Stay tuned. boys and girls!

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