PornOCD Interview with Mimi Glamour

January 8, 2016

Let’s jump right into my interview with the beautiful and brilliant model and webcam broadcaster Mimi Glamour:

PornOCD: How was growing up for you?

Mimi: Growing up was tough. I was loved by my parents, but they always new I was different which always put strain on our relationship. Living in a Catholic country like the Philippines always created awkward situations; bullies and insensitivity, so as you can imagine, school wasn’t easy. People have this misconception that since there are a lot of transgender people in the Philippines and that Trans girls will be accepted. Sadly it’s the complete opposite. I grew up with fear that being Trans will not guarantee me a good future and I won’t have a place in the society. I used this as a reason to strive hard, to achieve what I wanted to achieve and prove other people wrong.

PornOCD: When did you realise that you wanted to live as TS?

Mimi: When my mother passed, my outlook changed and I decided I was going to live for me and not be dictated to by others. I completed my degree and promised myself I would change my life path on its completion.

PornOCD: How difficult was it to break the news to your family and friends?

Mimi: I never really had the “coming out” kind of thing. I transitioned smoothly. They knew anyway what was going to happen. When my mum passed, I was left with my Dad and my brother. I never had any issues with them. We never really talked about it. We just got on with life.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with negative and rude people?

Mimi: I don’t give them the time of day. They do annoy me. I’m only human, but you have to rise above it. If you let negativity get to you, it’s like poison. My life is difficult enough with out other people’s insecurities projected on to me. Every day I grow more confident and I feel pity towards them.

PornOCD: What advice would you give to anyone struggling to find the strength and courage to tell their family and friends they want to live as TS?

Mimi: It’s the biggest burden for any TG. It depends on the outlook of the parent. The modern parent can be more understanding than you think. If you can’t say anything, for whatever reason, build a strong network of friends and get yourself involved in the TG community because they will support you. They will help you deal with the fear of a bad reaction, guide you and give you strength. Contact the Sparkle Organisation, Stonewall or All About Trans. Social media is a massive aid these days and creates a great 24 hour network of people in the same position. That being said, watch who you align yourself with. There are plenty of girls out there these day making very strong statements with no experience or expertise on matters. Don’t be dazzled by selfies, brash statements or gossip, and remember that loud noises aren’t reflective of the majority!

PornOCD: What roles models did you have growing up and who was your first crush?

Mimi: My biggest role model was my mother. Though she struggled with who I am, I know she wasn’t ashamed of me. She always had great style and was the envy of the other neighbourhood women. If she wasn’t mending a shop bought dress, she was making her own weird and wonderful accessories. Our house was like a scene from Paris Is Burning when she had a function to go to.  The crush lasting the longest in memory was my senior school teacher. I always had to talk in secret about him with my girlfriends just in case I was found out for liking boys / men.

PornOCD: Who has been the biggest influence on your career so far ?

Mimi: It’s difficult to cite one person as the biggest influence as I have always found myself taking bits and ideas from everyone. On the modelling side I would say Mariah Carey, Gia Darling, Allanah Starr, Vaniity and lots of mainstream UK glamour models. Stylewise I’d have said my mum and the 80’s in general. I love the glamour from that era, the likes of Joan Collins in Dynasty, power suits, big hair and high heels. My attitude and outlook has been shaped by my own personal experience and beliefs but still is growing due to many wonderful people. People like Laverne Cox, Kellie Maloney, Paris Lees and anyone who is a Transgender activist, excites me.

PornOCD: How important do you find social media to get you and your work out there ?

Mimi: Essential!!! Today’s world of self promotion demands it. It’s even more important than a website these days. The ability to build a fan base & update them immediately with a new release, request or statement is so powerful. That’s not even mentioning the networking. In January this year, I handed myself over to Twitter @MimiGlamourTS and within three days, I had four offers of work from legitimate sources.

PornOCD: Describe yourself in five words.

Mimi: Ha Ha Ha now you’re asking. “Just a small town girl” – Journey circa 1981 😉

PornOCD: If you had the chance to write and produce a porn movie, what would it be called and what’s the plot ?

Mimi: I like porn. Who doesn’t? We are all human after all. I find it too “wham bam thank you m’am” though. I’m a fan of seduction, foreplay and glamour, so I think I may be best at making an erotic film that teases the senses.

PornOCD: What’s your ambition for the short and long term… for your career?

Mimi: Short Term: Keep growing my brand and seizing opportunities. Long Term: Around the world it’s possible for “generic girls” to be glamour models, be a bit naughty, appear in major publications and still be respected by the general public. I want to be one of the first mainstream TS glamour models and if I can’t, I will have a good go at trying. At least I’ve helped pave the way for the next generation of girls. I see my modelling career molded around having an active presence on the transgender rights/charity scene. I’d love to be mentioned as a positive role model one day.

PornOCD: How much do you love interacting with your fans ?

Mimi: It’s always fun chatting with them. 99% of them are respectful, understanding and very supportive. On lonely grey days, their comments and wishes lift me up and give me strength. The 1% who send cock pics I don’t love so much. lol

PornOCD: Have any of your fans been lucky enough to cross the line from fan to friend yet ?

Mimi: I’ve met several fans out and about at different Transgender events and they have become friends on the UK scene. Only recently I was asked for my autograph for the first time. I then found myself asking, can someone be your friend if they are asking for your autograph? It’s an awkward footing to start a friendship on. lol

PornOCD: If you won 1 million pounds and had 24 hours to spend it, what fun would you have ?

Mimi: I would book The Manchester Apollo with a free bar and fly Mariah Carey in to play a private gig for me and my friends. If Mariah didn’t take all my money, I’d book one of my favourite DJs so they would carry the party on ’til the early hours. Hopefully a friendship would blossom between Mariah and I, despite me asking for her autograph. 😉

PornOCD: If you were in control of the world for one whole day, what would you do to improve the world?

Mimi: In Samoan culture, they have a natural acceptance for Transgender people. They are called “Fa’afafine”, the third sex. I’d love to see this affinity an understanding spread across the world, instead of the fear and hate that there is now.

PornOCD: Do you get enough free time to masturbate? lol

Mimi: As a cam girl “free time” is lost $£$£$. lol

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Mimi: My mother as I miss her so much and just a few more hours with her would be the best present ever. Mariah Carey, as she is my all time favourite star and her music always inspires me. Chris Pratt, for us three girls to look at and keep entertained. Whipped cream might be involved. 😉

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