PornOCD Interview with Mia Maffia

April 1, 2016

Hi, from @PornOCD. I have lost count of the number of people that have been in contact asking when I’m going to be interviewing UK British TS Star Mia Maffia. This blonde bombshell is making waves not only in the UK, but all across the world with the biggest names in the genre lining up to shoot with his very hot lady. Sit back and enjoy.

Twitter: @Mia_Maffia

PornOCD: How was growing up for you in your hometown?

Mia: It wasn’t that bad! A couple of lads used to take the piss at school, but I generally got on with everyone! I couldn’t wait to move away though! I grew up in Huddersfield which I believe is the biggest town in the UK, but it was still too small for me. I needed to live in a big city with bright lights and opportunities and that, and Huddersfield wasn’t ever going to be that place. But hey, the lads who took the piss out of me at school are all up in my DM’s now trying to get some Mia luvin’, so all’s well that ends well. 😉

PornOCD: When did you first feel you might be living in the wrong body?

Mia: I remember when I was about five or six, I used to go to bed wishing that I’d wake up as a girl, so deep down, I guess I’ve always known. Growing up I was always more in to Barbie’s than football and all my friends were female. I used to put my pajama bottoms on my head and pretend I had long pig-tails! But my mum didn’t understand. She’d tell me dressing up and acting like a girl wasn’t acceptable for a little boy and it was something I should be embarrassed about. Eventually I stopped dressing up. I put it all to the back of my mind and convinced myself I was gay. During High School I made the decision to come out as gay. Once I turned eighteen, I got a job working at a cabaret bar in Blackpool called Funny Girls where the bar staff would dress in drag – the “bar trannys”. This was when I got chance to learn about hair and make-up and I soon realized I felt most at ease when dressed up… With that, ‘Mia’ was born.

PornOCD: Did you have any friends you could confide your feelings with?

Mia: Yes, thankfully I had a group of older friends who were all LGBT and they really helped me to understand that what I was feeling wasn’t ‘strange’ or ‘abnormal’. A big part of who I am today is thanks to that group of friends and I’m forever grateful.

PornOCD: Do you think people’s views of TS community in the UK has changed recently ?

Mia: Yeah, although there’s still a really long way to go. Whilst I do think the UK girls are very lucky to live in a country where there aren’t high amounts of trans phobic related attacks or murders (compared to others!), it still saddens me that transphobia is shrugged off. Prejudice is unacceptable whichever form that may be in. And it’s almost impossible to find a guy willing to openly date a trans girl due to how he thinks his friends or family will react. Which is funny because SO MANY guys love TS girls – I was once fucking a guy and he told me he only liked trans girls, but he felt he couldn’t do anything about it because of how his family and friends might react. He didn’t know though that I was fucking his cousin at the same time and I’d had a similar conversation with him?! 😉

PornOCD: How did your family deal with your decision to live as a TS?

Mia: My mum doesn’t speak to me anymore. She’s not a bad person. She’s just got some deep issues. I used to get upset about it, but there’s nothing I can do, so I’ve built a bridge and I’m getting on with the rest of my life. The rest of my family are all really supportive though, in particular my Grandma. Granny Maffia is the best.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people in your life?

Mia: It honestly depends what mood I’m in. If someone makes a snide comment about me, my reaction can vary from being able to ignore them and walk away with my dignity still intact, to having a slagging match in the middle of town screaming at someone telling them to go suck their mum’s dick! Haha, but I generally don’t let ignorant people affect me. At the end of the day I’m happy with who I am. I know I’m a good person. And I know that if it’s a lad saying something shitty, it’s because he can’t handle the fact he wants to fuck me. And if it’s a lass, I’ve probably fucked her fella anyway. So who’s really winning? hahaha

PornOCD: Who was your role model growing up and who adorned your bedroom walls?

Mia: My room was completely plastered in posters of WWE Diva Trish Stratus! I loved her growing up. My mum thought I fancied her, but she was every thing I wanted to be – a confident, sexy, blonde bombshell!

PornOCD: When did a career in porn first enter your thoughts?

Mia: I’d been wanting to get in to porn since I was about twenty. I just didn’t know how to go about it. Then a few years ago, I began emailing a few companies trying to get my first shoot lined up, but I never heard anything back! Eventually Fiona Cooper (A British company) gave me an opportunity, which I’ll be eternally grateful for, and offered me my first shoot. Then I got shoots with Grooby (who are amazing for giving trans girls the opportunities they do!) and the legendary Joanna Jet, and the rest is history. It actually worked out pretty well that I was knocked back when I originally started applying – I was a different person back then- I was a full time party girl and really in to my party drugs and the chances are I would have messed up any opportunities of a career in porn before I even started! My look wasn’t as polished back then either, so I doubt I would have done as well as I have.

PornOCD: How did you get into escorting?

Mia: I was seventeen when I did my first client! It’s not a tragic story though. I found a website where you could list yourself as an escort. I wanted some money to get a tattoo (The hideous devil’s tail that comes out of my ass crack), so I gave it a go! It was easy money and I’m a sexual person anyway so I enjoyed it! I didn’t see any other clients after that for a while though until I was living in a shared house where one of the other girls happened to be escorting at the time. She told me there was a big market for TS girls and she was right! I’ve been escorting on and off ever since.

PornOCD: You have done so awesome work for UK- TGirls what is it like shooting for them?

Mia: Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😉 It’s great! I get on really well with Kalin the photographer @Ineedescort, so our shoots are always easy and relaxed. I think the site’s a great idea. There are some really pretty, talented UK girls who would unfortunately fade in to the background next to some of the bigger names from the US on some of the other sites, so it’s great that Grooby have given us our very own platform to showcase ourselves on! But yeah, I love shooting for UK-TGirls and can’t wait to get back in front of the camera for you boys! 😉

PornOCD: Who is your dream one night stand?

Mia: Randy Orton/Roman Reigns (WWE).

PornOCD: What catches your eye first when you see a sexy man?

Mia: I’m a sucker for a guy with tattoos! Height and build too – if you’re built and taller than me when I’m in heels, you’ll do. 😉

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PornOCD: What’s your favourite part of your body?

Mia: I’d probably say my eyes, when I have make up on. The rest of me is still a work in progress, a few more nips and tucks yet. 😉

PornOCD: How do you keep your body in such great shape?

Mia: I try my best not to eat! haha. I work out almost every day, but I’m the queen of crash diets and I think that’s ultimately why I’m so slim. I have binge days and fast days. I take a lot of fat burners, etc. Realistically my insides are probably black and rotten, but I look great from the outside! 😃

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PornOCD: What is 100% guaranteed to bring you to big messy orgasm every time?

Mia: Head! I LOVE oral sex, especially when it’s done right.

Mia & @Jeff_Hardy_XxX

PornOCD: Do you get enough time to have some solo time, or is every drop precious? lol

Mia: You mean like masturbating? Oh yeah, I masturbate constantly! I work on webcam a lot so my days are pretty much made up of wanking and watching cartoons. I get in a really bad mood if I go to sleep without having a bed time wank, too. 🙁

Sex in my free time though is a completely different matter – it rarely happens now unless I’m drunk and pull on a night out. I realized a while ago that the majority of men are dicks and that they don’t deserve any of my time for free. Since then I don’t really fuck or even talk to a guy unless it benefits me financially in some way, and honestly my life is so much easier and stress free now that I don’t have to worry about any guy problems!

PornOCD: What can your fans look forward to seeing soon?

Mia: Hopefully I’ll have my own site up and running this year! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I’m really keen to do it now! I’m going to start shooting content for it very soon, so hopefully I’ll be live in the next few months!

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life?

Mia: Look like a slut – dress like a slut – act like a slut. 😉 Haha, Nahh, no particular motto’s. I just try to be a good person and live and enjoy my life the best I can.

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PornOCD: If you could have dinner with three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Mia: Trish Stratus – like I said she was my idol growing up. Jodie Marsh – another one of my idols growing up. Amy Winehouse – I loved her and let’s face it, she’d be a great time right?!

PornOCD: When it’s time to take off his underwear, do you like slow and steady teasing, or get them off quick like, “I wanna inspect your size.” lol

Mia: I’m really impatient, I want to know what I’m dealing with ASAP! Chances are if I’ve met you in a club or a bar, I’ve already had my hands down your pants or your dick in my mouth already via a toilet cubicle or at least in the taxi back to my place anyway! 😈 I’ve given head EVERYWHERE including next to the bar when people are being served drinks. 😂🙈

PornOCD: Do you prefer being a top or bottom?

Mia: I’m really verse! I can be really submissive or pretty Dom – it honestly depends what mood I’m in. I do really enjoy getting fucked by the right guy though.

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PornOCD: When it comes time for the messy ending, where do you like it aimed at you?

Mia: If it’s a client, he gets to choose anywhere from the neck down. My makeup is too precious and takes too long to do to let a guy ruin it when I could possibly be seeing another client afterwards, or be logging back on cam haha. If it’s in my free time though, they generally finish on my face or in my mouth… Just don’t get it in my fucking hair! 😉

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PornOCD: Do you like to control the pace of the sex, or have it controlled for you by your partner?

Mia: I prefer being in control. Even if I’m playing the submissive slut, I generally tell them when they’re going to be fucking my mouth and when they’re going to be fucking my ass.

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