PornOCD Interview with Luna Loveless Pt.2

July 6, 2017 

Twitter: @TSNaturalsXXX

Original Interview November 26, 2017 PornOCD Interview with Luna Loveless

    There is a quote that reads “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Luna Loveless has set her sights and ambitions on paving a way for her own porn company. It was great to interview this amazing lady once again. Sit back and enjoy Part 2 of my new interview with Luna.

Twitter: @TheRealLunaL

PornOCD: So it has been 187 days since our first interview was posted. Did you make any new year’s resolutions and are they still going?

Luna: It’s hard to believe it has been so long already! Well, for quite some time in the final months of 2016, I had been mauling over a dream to be able to somehow start my own production company here in Montréal. Around the time of the New Year, I’d decided that once January 1st rolled around I’d be committed to making this dream a reality, and quickly. Fortunately, that is still going very well. 🙂

PornOCD: So how did your dream of starting your own company begin?

Luna: Hahaha, well if I had to trace it back to its very origin, it definitely was a night I was laying in bed with a guy I’d been seeing. He worked for MindGeek in their porn department as a project manager (the parent company of PornHub & many other industry-related sites) and we often talked of the business from our different perspectives, which admittedly taught me (and I believe also him) a lot of new and valuable information. But back to the story, after chatting for awhile, I told him that it’d be cool to one day start my own production company while being able to help the trans people around me while I do it. Past that point, it became the focus of any spare time in my mind for months until it was time to begin actually figuring out a business model and executing my strategy.

PornOCD: So your idea was born and when did it take shape and become a reality?

Luna: After the New Year began was when I had decided to commit myself to this idea. The first step in any surviving business, obviously, is to compile a business model that either has provable numbers or so fail-safe your risk factor is virtually decimated. Once I’d successfully done that, it was moving onto formalising what would be the first member site. After mauling over some very good ideas, some of which are still on the backburner, I decided upon beginning the network with a site dedicated to the natural beauty and form of trans people. Hence, TSNaturals was conceived. Having a background in cyber security after being a basement dwelling code breaker for a lot of my adolescence and receiving certifications around my 19th birthday, I knew I also wanted something better than what’s out there – something truly revolutionary. If I wanted a Drupal or WordPress site, TSNaturals would have been up within a couple weeks. However, I wanted and knew I could do something better. Working with a a couple select individuals from my IT history, we have successfully fully developed a brand new hand-built OS as well as CMS that TSNaturals / future projects will function on. It has a hand-built authentication system using technology that is, as far as I know, entirely unheard of to date in any capacity, industry related or otherwise. I won’t go into too much specifics as it is very special, but I can assure everyone, it is truly the safest and most secure member site out there. Period.

Luna Loveless & Jelena Vermilion

Luna: Then, of course, we can’t forget the beauty that is with the beast! The next step was finding some amazing all natural and unique trans talent, which fortunately is never too far away. I’ve had the privilege of working with some absolutely remarkable people, both new and old to the industry. It has been an honour not only working with them but hearing their stories, what they are truly about and being able to portray them exactly as they want. Every trans person deserves that.

PornOCD: You mention it’s important to portray the girls as they want. How important do you think getting each girl’s personality and story behind their journey across to the viewers?

Luna: I think it’s an incredibly integral part of the experience, something that many who’ve learned to appreciate transwomen in a non-fetishing way can agree with undoubtedly. With the amount of people whom explore their recent found curiosities of trans people in pornographic fashion, I think it’s also essential to get a real narrative outside of the generic ‘shemale porn’ so frequently sold to them, which has an inverse effect on societal views on transgender women as a whole.

As far as myself and the models – I personally get a deep satisfaction out of being able to capture the essence of them, both on a physical and metaphysical level. None of its fabricated, there is no direction. There is no guidelines, no taboos. By giving them that freedom, I not only allow them to express themselves as they wish (which automatically makes a deeply creative, comfortable and invested work environment) but also brings to fruition fabulous and raw content. There’s no forced moments, it shows looking at any of the work. It’s an amazing time. It’s passion. As I said, you just can’t fake that. I truly am there to help the models be captured just how they want – if anything, they’re running the show on set!

PornOCD: So tell us all about the very first shoot on TSNaturals.

Luna: The very first girl I shot was a young belle named Ava Blume. She’s new to the industry entirely, which is good, because I was (and still am, likely always will be) learning. We had a fun time both experiencing something relatively new to us, and the end product was quite lovely. 🙂

Ava Blume

PornOCD: How much did your learn from shooting your first scene with Ava Blume?

Luna: I suppose at the time it felt like an astronomical amount, but in retrospect from a point of even more experience, I’ve realised it was all but a drop in the bucket. Nevertheless, it was a huge moment for me both morally and otherwise to have successfully navigated everything from finding talent, booking them, meeting and of course being able to execute a quality shoot. Realising how relatively simple the process is was a step in the confidence building direction.

PornOCD: Were you in control of everything the camera, outfit choices, lighting or did you get some help?

Luna: I always do everything involving the cameras and lighting myself; I don’t pick out outfits, or even tell the models what to do at all. I have no expectations, other than they show me what they’re about and give me their 110% while they do it. If they ask for suggestions or help, I am of course always more than happy to lend a hand. But creatively, I try to let them maintain full control. I feel my work speaks for itself, and the passion I receive from the models by allowing them that control isn’t reproducible any other way. You just can’t fake a truly hot moment.

PornOCD: That is very true words. So how did your second shoot come about?

Luna: About the same way as the first actually. 🙂 Just scouted some local talent, met up and we did our thing. That was actually Mischa Franciskova @mischa_xox, she did some great work that afternoon!

Mischa Franciskova

PornOCD: I truly loved the scenes you shot. Was it always the plan for you to step back out from behind the camera into the lights and get naked once again?

Luna: Absolutely. While the majority of my time the past few months has been devoted to getting this system as well as TSNaturals finished and a solid backlog of content featuring recognisable talent, I still do see myself as a model and a camgirl. I have always deeply enjoyed what I do and was glad to finally have the time to get back into it, especially now that it can happen entirely on my own terms.

PornOCD: So for everyone reading this is TSNaturals site up and running and where else can your work be found?

Luna: TSNaturals is built on a hand-coded OS, CMS and authentication system as I’d stated, all of which are 110% operational and implemented on the server already. Currently some small things are being worked out with the front end (what we all see), once that is completed the site will launch immediately. All the sets are in place and ready to go.

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    I’m Scott and you can follow me on Twitter at @PornOCD. Thank you for reading our interview. Comments are welcome.