PornOCD Interview with Lexus Bradbury

January 11, 2016

Twitter is literally packed with tweets suggestions of who to follow. A good friend of mine one day told me take a look at the @LexusBradbury page with, “She is rocking Twitter big time! This lady is on a collision course with the very top of TS porn in the UK #SuperstarInTheMaking. Pour yourself a coffee and enjoy:

PornOCD: How was growing up for you, Lexus?

Lexus: Strange really. I felt like I belonged with the girls and wanted to be playing with them, but somehow ended up in muddy games of football, being kicked by everyone who wanted the ball. I grew up on a pretty rough council estate, so there was no room for weakness among my peers. Coming out and transitioning was never an option at the time. I hadn’t worked everything out about me yet and I suspect I’d have been eaten alive.

PornOCD: When you first feel you wanted to live as a TS?

Lexus: Young as I can remember, but I’m guessing around twelve.The memory that sits with me was of my lesbian parents watching a UK television program called Eurotrash. It covered the weird and wonderfully sexy differences from ’round the world and transsexuals were a regular feature. I can remember a blonde Brazilian TS post-op woman on there talking about how great her new vagina felt and thinking oh my God – that’s me. That’s everything I want.

PornOCD: How difficult was it to tell your parents and friends?

Lexus: Difficult. You’d be forgiven for thinking it would be easy with lesbian parents. I mean, my mum was with a woman, so it should have been easy, but they were also heavy drinkers so there never seemed a right time. I lose count of the times it’s been on the tip of my tongue but I’ve swallowed it and in the blink of an eye the moments gone. When I got older, I told my mum my very basic feelings and she was quite upset. It must have been too hot on her tongue because she broke my trust and told everyone who wanted to listen. I’d not made a decision to pursue it. I merely discussed how I felt openly and already my family were talking about it and I’d lost control over MY TRANSITION. Friends were a little bit easier, although looking back, I don’t think they took me seriously because when they were confronted with me actually coming out, they all went away.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people growing up?

Lexus: Well, referring back to the fact I grew up with lesbian parents on a council estate, it wasn’t really something I was new to. Old school girls sometimes refer back to a different time when things were more difficult for the LGBT community, and what they mean is, there was no Internet. Opinions are still divided like they were in the early 90’s. There are still brutal murders within our community. There are still people willing to yell abuse and there are still countless suicides. Now what we have with the Internet is a support network, a community within a community. But even then, you encounter the rude people you speak of. I guess with the experience of eggs thrown at the living room windows because your mum’s with a woman, you kind of have a head start, if you will. I’ve always found these particular brand of people quite funny in their views. How deluded must one be with self importance to think that they have the right to define me ? Nobody defines Lexus Bradbury but Lexus Bradbury.

PornOCD: When did your first view porn?

Lexus: I had to really think about this one because I couldn’t remember. But I’d say about 16 on my very first Internet phone. We’re talking green screen with pictures that were made up of tiny dots. It was like a badly printed newspaper to look at. But to be honest, I wasn’t bothered about the quality. I wanted to research transsexuals and it gave me a great base to go on and learn from.

PornOCD: When was the first time you felt attracted to a sexy man? lol

Lexus: Not as far back as you’d like to imagine, within the last few years actually. I’m thirty one years old now and I’d say I began to look at men differently at about twenty eight, roughly a year into my transition as a full time woman. Before that, I’d never allowed myself to even think of a man sexually, even though I had this long term vision of a big white wedding next to a husband. I guess in my mind, before I came out, I looked like a bloke and lived like one too. Man on man never ignited me like that, but now I look and feel like a woman, it’s possible.

PornOCD: Who were your role models?

Lexus: Me. I’ve been my own role model since I can remember. I’ve never felt comfortable looking up to people really. I’m kind of a lone ranger in that respect. I’ve always found building someone up to be your motivation will always leave you short of your dreams. So many girls look up to the Beyonce’s and Britney’s of this world. Where has it got them? If you want to be a success at anything, you have to become your own role model. Set your bars high early and be hard on yourself when you don’t apply yourself enough. There’s been countless times I’ve thought, I’m not getting up today because I can’t be bothered with two hours of makeup before I even begin work. But then the role model kicks in and says you’re being lazy – this isn’t a Lexus Bradbury thing to do. Come on, get up.

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls growing up?

Lexus: Liverpool FC footballers Robbie Fowler and Patrick Berger. Then there was the WWF attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin having his hand raised by Iron Mike Tyson at Wrestlemania, The Rock flicking the eyebrow. It’s crazy. I cant remember what I did last week ,but yet I can remember my posters in my bedroom. haha x

PornOCD: When did you first think that porn could be a career for you?

Lexus: When the feedback I got from my pictures was decent I guess. I’d always wanted to be a TS porn star. It was like my dream job, but I’d not allowed myself to really consider it until I knew what I looked like as a woman.

PornOCD: How would you describe yourself now in five words?

Lexus: Honest, Reliable, Professional, Hungry and Determined.

PornOCD: How did your first shoot come about?

Lexus: I’d been working hard on my own, producing my own pictures, camming in between, then sharing my photos on Twitter @LexusBradbury. I was contacted by a photographer @Ineedescort who made me an offer that I thought was suitable, so I accepted and headed to London to produce my first mainstream solo. It all happened quite fast really. I didn’t think about it much because if you allow doubt to creep in, you’re not going to be able to do your best. I’ve choked on shoots and it’s not a good feeling, so it’s best to carry on about life as normal with your fingers in your ears.

PornOCD: How did you feel on the morning of your very first shoot?

Lexus: Tired. I traveled Manchester to London, which is roughly four hours on the road, so had to be up at 5am to set off for it. The journey is quite long and when it’s your first shoot, it feels like ten hours. I guess there was a lot of time in the car to question the backlash of what I was about to do, how friends and family are going to react and the realisation that there is no going back once its done. It still wasn’t enough to put me off though. I wanted it a lot more than I cared what people thought.

PornOCD: Describe what it was like working on UK TGirls for Grooby.

Lexus: A pleasure really. The photographer who works for them, that brought me in, is great to work with. He offered me refreshments. He offered me a makeup artist. He loosened me up, He made me smile. He made me feel sexy and made me feel like I belonged. As a company, I have nothing but praise for Grooby and the way they treat their talent. The support and marketing help they give you is amazing. They don’t have to do any of that really considering the film belongs to them, but they do promote the girls well. Not to mention they’re actually providing transsexual women with opportunity which is very limited even today.

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

PornOCD: For those who have not seen your hardcore scene on UK TGirls, tell us about it.

Lexus: A fan quoted my opening line to me and said, “My feet are killing. Do you mind if I take my shoes off?” ‘then the greatest scene in transsexual porn begins.’ That’s his opinion obviously, but it’s great to hear that kind of feedback on my work. Whatever it is I’m doing, I want to be the best at and to be told by someone I am. Feels good. I’m under no illusions there are better looking girls out there with bigger fan bases but hey, I was here and did that and reached someone in a way I intended. The shoot itself is a bit of a blur really and I’ve not watched it back, but it was filthy. I loved working with Jeff Hardy. He was great on and off set and made me laugh. One minute we were sucking each others cocks. The next, we were discussing computer games as you do with someone you’ve known a day.

Lexus: To paint a picture of what goes down – lots of switch oral fun. He made me gag ’til my eyes watered and knew how to pleasure me like a boss. I got so horny, I climbed onto his cock and rode it ’til I shot my load and then he finished by giving me the messiest facial you’ve probably seen. He literally covered my face. I got my own back though and gave him cummy kisses.

PornOCD: When you’re shooting, do your forget about everyone there and just enjoy the sex?

Lexus: It’s hard to forget about others present when you have to be mindful of the camera angles and stuff. Then there’s the time frames and certain sections you have to remember, so I was very aware at all times. Sex is natural. You have to accept that there are others there and just embrace what you do normally behind closed doors.

PornOCD: You are very popular on Twitter @LexusBradbury. How important is social media to your career?

Lexus: It’s the foundation Lexus Bradbury is built on. It allowed me a platform to speak and to share my work, without it I wouldn’t have been found.Through social media I’ve been offered television work, work with the National Press, and plenty of modelling shoots. The world’s changing with technology. We have a new breed of celebrity now and it revolves around social media. Today’s transsexual women are like rock stars and social media has provided them a chance to amplify their persona and get themselves over with the fans. I’d advise anyone thinking of going down this road to think carefully about their social media. There are things you post, things you don’t. For example, personally I’m not interested in reading Joe Bloggs has just done a line of coke or if they’re pissed. It doesn’t look good. We are role models. We have to be seen to behave and lead by example.

PornOCD: Do you like keeping in touch with your fans?

Lexus: I love my fans and I love interacting with them as often as possible. Without fans, what have we got ? They’re the ones buying our work. They’re the ones sharing our pictures. They deserve massive respect. While lots of girls have fan bases who adore them, it takes a special kind of person to be a Lexus Bradbury fan because I’m a lot more than some slut who takes her clothes off. I’m political, I’m spiritual I have difficult ethics that are hard for people to try and understand let alone live by. I’ve held nothing back from my fans since day one. I’ve let them into every part of my life. If I’m happy, I tell them. If I’m on my knees, I tell them. They’re not stupid. They know when they’re being lied to. I dont have stupid fans. That’s what makes them Lexus Bradbury fans in the first place. They’re smart. I showed them all my true colours, so being honest with them seems easy after that.
I’d like to take this moment to thank each and every one of them who have shared a picture, sent me a nice supportive message, bought my work or come and supported me on cam. You are the people that are making my dreams possible. xx

PornOCD: What’s the worst thing about social media for you?

Lexus: The main one is the guys out there who think you have nothing better to do than make idle chat with them – like your sole purpose is to be their pen pal. It’s a problem on Facebook. Now don’t get me wrong – I can see from the effort they make in their message if they are genuine and I don’t mind helping anyone who wants advice on TS matters. But I have much better things to do than chat with guys who literally flood my inbox with messages like “Hi hru.” They don’t care about me. They don’t care about my transitional needs. They have no intention of supporting my work and yet they want me to chat to them because they find me attractive. If I want a ma,n it certainly wouldn’t be on a whim after a few idle messages on Facebook. If I messaged and chatted to every guy who “just wanted to chat” I would literally be stuck at my laptop 24/7. I’m sorry, I’m not here for that. Their expectations are completely unrealistic and it can be a bit awkward telling them.

PornOCD: How do you think TS porn is doing at the moment?

Lexus: It’s thriving and doing better than ever. More and more girls are coming out for the day and we’re getting some really powerful iconic women coming through. With the flood of transsexuals now doing porn, it’s important if you want to make it to work hard or face drowning in the crowd. These aren’t the victims society would have us believe. These are hard, powerful strong women. If you work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life, opportunity will come and then it’s up to you to seize that opportunity and make of it. Look around the industry. The successful girls are always the girls that have their own style. Barbie is cool, but when we have 5,000 barbies, it gets old and we look for something unique. I stress again… be your own role model.

PornOCD: What’s the most important thing in your opinion happening in TS society at the moment?

Lexus: Good question. I see alot of posts about the bathroom issues trans people are having in America at the moment. We have trans men being forced to use the ladies and vise versa. I mean it’s ridiculous to suggest they should have to use the birth gender bathroom and even more so when you see the image of a trans guy with a big beard using the ladies. It’s 2015 now. Society should know better. I can tell you now the last thing on a transsexuals mind when they go to the bathroom is sexual assault. Personally I’m more concerned with passing and not being outed and branded a pervert. That and of course peeing. There’s no way you can get aroused with those types of concerns rushing round your head, let alone assault someone sexually.

PornOCD: What causes are close to your heart?

Lexus: Here in the UK we now have food banks for the poor and people on benefits. Had I been growing up with the same situation today, my family would have needed the food banks due to their low income. I can’t think of anything more humiliating than walking to a building and having to ask them for food to feed your family. We talk about porn thriving, yet families are struggling to even eat. Something’s very wrong. I’m tired of the British government picking on the poor and blaming them for financial difficulties while they drive round in nice cars at the tax payers’ expense.

PornOCD: How do you think the UK society is doing when it comes to TS girls and men? Is it more accepted?

Lexus: I’ve never lived anywhere else but the UK, so its hard to answer that with no experience to speak from. However, that being said, a pet hate is when part-time girls say to me, “It’s ok for you, where I live, it’s not accepted.” I’ve got news for you. It’s not exactly welcomed here either. A wrong turn on the streets can mean you have a very bad day. You have idiots everywhere. If you go looking for excuses not to come out, you’ll find plenty. I could go to my local shopping center tomorrow and be abused, but that’s not because of the area. That’s because society is still years away from accepting transsexuals.

PornOCD: If you were in charge of the country for one day, what would you change?

Lexus: I’d reduce all MP’s wages and stop them from claiming expenses from the tax payer all together. Then I’d pay that money to our soldiers, our nurses and reinvest in our schools to reduce rising class numbers.

PornOCD: Who do you think is doing great work in TS porn?

Lexus: Joanna Jet is still smashing it and producing what I’d describe as world class images. Libby Harkness is the same. Their images are always vibrant and powerful with just enough sexy to leave you wanting more. They’re also model professionals too. You can see it by how they conduct themselves on social media. I’ve nothing but respect for what they’ve achieved in the industry.

PornOCD: What can your fans look forward to in the near future?

Lexus: A book on my life. I’m about halfway into it at the moment, but hoping when it’s finished it’s worthy of release. I know the stories I have to tell certainly are, but let’s hope my words and the way I use them all comes together at the finish. I’m excited to see the project through and share some sexy stories, emotional stories ,but more importantly it’s something there for future girls to refer to when they feel alone and that nobody understands.

PornOCD: Who would you love to work with?

Lexus: It’s not so much who, but the type of work I’d like to branch into. I’d love to work with a few good dommes who are actually domme and not just playing at it. I’m a big fan of BDSM and anything that’s kinky really. I’m at my most aroused when I’m being submissive, which I’m sure would show in any potential films.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Lexus: My mum because she died back in 2010 and never knew her daughter Lexus Bradbury. I’d love to know how she feels about how I look and things like that. I’d like to think regardless of me working in porn, she would be proud of my career and the person who I grew up to be. My two daughters because, aside from my mum, they’re the only people I feel are missing from my life. The minute my ex-girlfriend decided to play God and stop me from seeing them, I gave up living a lie. I loved them so much I lived a miserable lie for them. Think about that and what that means.

PornOCD: Thanks for your time and questions, Lexus. It’s been a pleasure.

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