PornOCD Interview with Kailee Keller

March 3, 2016

Kailee Keller is a professional adult entertainment industry model and a Chaturbate room=kaileebaby webcam broadcaster who has recently moved to Los Angeles, California. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview:

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PornOCD: Let’s start at the very beginning. Where were you born and raised?

Kailee: I was born in a super small, rural town in Pennsylvania. Super redneck, racist, and homophobic. I was born and raised in the same town and lived there until I graduated high school.

PornOCD: When did you first begin watching porn?

Kailee: Well, I lived a pretty sheltered life. I didn’t have television or Internet until I was in like 8th grade. But I remember the first time watching porn with my friend in elementary school. His dad had all the Playboy channels that we would watch after his parents went to bed. haha.

PornOCD: Did you feel able to confide in your friends about how you felt about wanting to live as TS?

Kailee: Not at all. I was a late bloomer, so I never really gave serious consideration to transitioning until probably 2011. Being from a small town, word travels fast, so I was very very cautious about who I told what and mostly kept everything bottled up until I went to college.

PornOCD: Have you dealt with negative and narrow minded people growing up?

Kailee: Oh yes, my hometown is full of them. The N word and fag/faggot are common language in the bars in my hometown, and no one bats an eye when people say it. I also lived in Arkansas for a year when I started transitioning, so I got a lot of glares from people. But luckily no one was ever in my face about it.

PornOCD: When did you first tell your friends and family about your feelings?

Kailee: I told my best friend that I was questioning my sexuality when she came out to me as a lesbian in 2011, and my family found out about my sexuality at the end of 2013. But I didn’t come out to my family as transgender until Sept 9th 2015.

PornOCD: Do you think that the TS community is more accepted in today’s society:

Kailee: Slightly. I think acceptance is slowly happening. All the trans issues in the media have brought a lot of light to the community and the struggles trans people face. If you haven’t seen the Last Week Tonight segment with John Oliver talking about transgender rights on YouTube it is an absolute must watch! But, he says it perfectly at the end when he speaks about society. “But that dynamic of praising a transgender persons courage and then not actually supporting them speaks to the fact that we are weirdly comfortable celebrating transgender people while simultaneously dehumanizing them at the DMV, pinning medals on them while drumming them out of the military, and constantly quizzing them about their genitals.”

PornOCD: What were your first ambitions for your life and career?

Kailee: Well, I had most of my life planned out by the time I was about 23. Then I realized how unhappy I was and completely changed my life. I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher because I adore kids, but I don’t have the mental fortitude in order to be a transgender elementary teacher anymore. So now I’d like to just live life, be happy, and make the world a better place. I hope to someday open my own rescue shelter for stray dogs and help save dogs that are on death row.

PornOCD: What music really connected with you?

Kailee: It’s more like what music hasn’t connected with me! I absolutely love music. My top genres though would be Classical, Opera, Rock, Pop, Kpop, Heavy Metal, EDM, House, and Country.

PornOCD: Right, so what first started your brain in motion for a career in porn?

Kailee: I honestly never really considered it until I moved to California. I started on cam4 just for fun back in the day, then switched to Chaturbate (room=kaileebaby) for some extra spending money. Now I’m almost all in on my porn career lol. So things have happened very fast for me!

PornOCD: What was the very first TS Porn scene you watched?

Kailee: I can’t remember exactly, but I know I discovered TS porn my first semester of college. I think the first TS porn scene I watched was the old school Kimber James when she first started.

PornOCD: How was it trying to get noticed when you decided that porn was for you?

Kailee: I never really decided that porn was for me until I started doing it. I got lucky and got recruited by one the best in the biz, Grooby producer and director Buddy Wood @BuddyWood1, when we met online. After I did my first shoot, I enjoyed it so much that I’m really considering making it a career. I originally just thought I would do one or two solo shoots because I was broke and jobless and needed money eat and tide me over till I got a job. I don’t half ass anything, so I was struggling between just doing the one shoot, or going all in. Christian XXX of Pure-TS offered me a hardcore and really helped me out and changed my perspective of the industry. So I decided to stay in and see how far it can take me! If I do something I expect myself to be good at it and be one of the best. I hold myself to a very high standard and am extremely critical of myself. It’s a gift and a curse hahaha.

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PornOCD: How did your shoot with Femout.XXX first come about?

Kailee: Funny story. So I had just moved to LA and was struggling to find a job and was broke. So I went onto the Grooby website and bookmarked the model application page and looked over what they wanted from applicants. I never applied though. Then, not even a week later, I got a message online from Buddy Wood and he told me that he liked my look and asked me if I was interested in doing adult work. And said he would like to work with me. So I gave him my number and about two weeks later did my first shoot with him for Femout.XXX. So Buddy Wood gets all the credit for discovering me and starting my career!

PornOCD: On the morning of your first shoot how did you feel?

Kailee: I felt excited. I wasn’t too nervous about the whole thing. I had been doing cam work for about a year so it wasn’t like I was worried about my face being plastered all over the Internet. I got up early, and I had everything already packed the night before. I took like four outfits cus I wasn’t sure what Buddy would like. I got a water and coffee on the way to Buddy’s house, and jammed out in the car while it rained lol. Then when I got there, Buddy gave me a big hug and made me feel super comfortable and we did a great debut shoot! 90% of the credit goes to Buddy though.

PornOCD: You describe yourself on Twitter as Nerdy Psychopath with kinky ambitions. Does this sum you up lol?

Kailee: Hahah essentially. I’m nerdy and dorky quite often and my mind makes very odd connections and thought processes, so I consider myself to be a psychopath. As for the kinky ambitions, I’m a super kinky person and have quite a few fetishes haha. But I would like to eventually be a professional dominatrix at some point.

PornOCD: How important do you think Twitter is to your career and TS Porn in general?

Kailee: Crucial, it’s where I got my start and really started getting people to notice me @TSKaileeKeller. As for in general I think any social media platform where models can interact with each other and fans, as well as promote themselves is essential. Without social media I think it would be extremely difficult to get noticed.

PornOCD: Do you think that social media has any negative points?

Kailee: Yes, the biggest being trolls and assholes. Social media gives people an outlet to express how they really feel, whether it’s love, hate, transphobia, homophobia, or racism. All while doing it from the safety of being behind a computer screen or cell phone. A lot of people don’t have the guts to behave and speak in public like they do online.

PornOCD: So how do you think that TS Porn is going?

Kailee: Good! I think after experiencing the TEA’s (Transgender Erotica Awards this year that TS porn is definitely on the upswing. I think as society slowly accepts transgender individuals, the fan base of the industry will increase.

PornOCD: You attended the TEA awards this year and TEA Con. How much fun was the whole event?

Kailee: Absolutely amazing!! I was standing in line for the red carpet at the awards and talking with Mia Maffia who was beside me and nice enough to offer to walk the red carpet with me, while watching Aubrey Kate walk past me and give me a wink, and thought to myself that just two months ago, I was doing my very first shoot and now I’m on the red carpet with the biggest names in the industry and I only have one set released. It was certainly humbling to get to walk the red carpet and I only have one solo set officially released. So I have to thank @Kristel Penn and Michael Grooby @GroobyMichael for allowing a single set newbie like me to walk the red carpet! And I also have to say congratulations to Steven Grooby @GroobySteven and Grooby productions for putting on an absolutely amazing event! It blew every expectation I had out of the water!

PornOCD: Was it great meeting the girls did you get starstruck or was it just a lust fest lol:

Kailee: It was so amazing meeting all the girls! Meeting my idol Aubrey Kate and getting to interview with her after the red carpet and hearing her call me pretty was def the highlight of my TEA’s and such a compliment. She has been my porn idol since she started! I have to admit I was really starstruck by Aubrey Kate, Kylie Maria, Honey FoXXX, and Mia Maffia. I was fan girling so hard when those four followed me on twitter and were nice enough to talk to me! All the girls were amazing and so approachable, I loved meeting every single person I met.

PornOCD: So what is the plan for your career in 2016?

Kailee: My goals for 2016 is definitely to book a shoot with  (TS Seduction / TS Pussy Hunters) and Shemale Yum. I also want to try to get in a movie sometime this year as well. As for shoot goals I really want to shoot a bondage scene, a threesome, a bukkake, and a girl on girl as well.

PornOCD: Who is your dream one night stand?

Kailee: Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural. He is so hot I can’t stand it lol.

PornOCD: Who is on your #PornBucketList to do a scene with:

Kailee: Obviously Aubrey Kate, Kylie Maria, and Mia Maffia. I checked one off my list last week when I shot with Christian for Pure-TS. I was blown away when Mia said she’d shoot with me, and I can’t wait. I’m hopefully going to be in the U.K. later this month to work with Mia and Adele Starr!

PornOCD: So describe yourself in 5 words.

Kailee: Silly, Bratty, Lover, Classy, Baby. =)

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life?

Kailee: Not really, for those of you who don’t know, my tattoo on my right bicep means “Faith” in Enochian Script (The Language of the Angels) and it just reminds me to have faith in myself and that no matter how bad things look, I’m going to be okay and I’ll make it out alive.

PornOCD: Are you in a relationship at the moment or free single and ready to mingle:

Kailee: I am extremely single haha. I have actually been single since 2006, so yeah lmao but I’m certainly ready to mingle. I’m just waiting to find the right guy who wants a serious relationship!

PornOCD: What projects do you have coming up for your fans to look forward to:

Kailee: My second set on Femout.XXX should be out any day now! So my fans can finally see me cum for the first time! My Pure-TS shoot is out now, so my fans get to see me with a fat cock in my mouth and ass for the first time! They’ll also get to see me go ass to mouth and swallow a big load too! =)

PornOCD: Have you come up with a #HashTag name for your Twitter Fans yet?

Kailee: Ya know I was thinking about this just the other day, and couldn’t think of anything!! So if any of my fans can think of something witty that I like I’m all for starting it! =D

PornOCD: What did you last buy yourself as a nice little treat?

Kailee: The last treat I bought myself was 2 pairs of shoes haha I was waiting for my new phone at the mall and bought a pair of wedge booties and boot heels. I have a thing for shoes =) but what girl doesn’t!?

PornOCD: What five things can you not live without?

Kailee: My parents, my pitbull Zeke, my phone, music, and macaroni and cheese. ^_^

PornOCD: If you were given 1 million dollars and 24 hours to spend it what fun would you have:

Kailee: First I would buy a Scion FR-S, then a pink Kawasaki ninja. Then a house with a huge backyard and supplies to start an animal shelter. Then I would throw a giant party and donate whatever was left to charity.

PornOCD: What is the worst chat up line ever been used on you and did it work?

Kailee: The worst ice breaker I ever heard was on grindr, and he asked me what the shy pebble said to the rock. Answer? I wish I was a little boulder. lmao and no it did not work because I had heard that before lmao.

Twitter: @TSKaileeKeller (and Zeke)

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