PornOCD Interview with Jonelle Brooks

January 25, 2016

Hi, from PornOCD. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Southern Belle Transsexual porn star Jonelle Brooks of She is a 2X Shemale Strokers nominee for “Trans Performer of the Year” and AVN Awards nominee for “Transsexual Performer of the Year” and “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” and Jonelle is also up for the fan-voting categories of “Fave Trans Performer” and “Fave Trans Cam Performer” for her Cam4 broadcasts under tsjonelleb. Earlier in her adult industry career, Jonelle won the title of Shemale-Club.Com TGirl Model Of The Year in 2012.

PornOCD: How was growing up in Florida, Jonelle?

Jonelle: I love Florida. I was born and raised in Florida. I’m a true Floridian! I honestly can’t imagine being anywhere else. I grew up in the country on a farm, but the beach was only ten minutes away from my house. It was such a wonderful place to grow up and I cherish the moments I had in my beautiful, small town.

PornOCD: When did you first feel you wanted to live as TS?

Jonelle: At first I was confused. I thought I was just a sissy boy, but I started to realize that whenever I was in drag, I was happier and I wouldn’t want to get out of drag and be “just a boy” again. It wasn’t until I met my long-term boyfriend (almost seven years now), that I found the courage, strength and support to live my truth and pursue happiness.

PornOCD: How hard was it telling your family and friends?

Jonelle: My friends couldn’t have cared less, to be honest. I was always effeminate or “sissy”, as I like to call it. For them, it wasn’t much of a leap. My sister has been extremely supportive and accepting. She and I have always been close and remain that way still. My parents as expected, have struggled. They had no issues with me when I “came out as gay”, but the trans thing has really thrown them for a loop. It’s really an everyday issue that they are still dealing with in their own way.

PornOCD: Do you think the world has become more accepting and understanding of TS society?

Jonelle: Well, it seems that trans folks are everywhere. Whether it’s the drag queens on RuPaul, Caitlyn Jenner in every media outlet, Carmen Carrera running her post-op mouth about nonsense, or even the scary American Apparel ads featuring some trans gals that could double for missing people flyers. In other words, yes I think we’ve come a long way baby.

PornOCD: What sort of student were you at school?

Jonelle: I was an excellent student. I was well behaved, respectful and academically proficient. I always had wonderful educators and mentors in my life. I know everyone thinks that their high school is the best, but I’m here to tell you that my low-key surfer school that was just steps from the ocean was the TITS! GO CUDAS!!!

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls growing up?

Jonelle: Like most preteen girls, or sissy queers in the early 90’s, I was an avid Tiger Beat reader. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Leo DiCaprio, Andrew Keegan and Devon Sawa were all on my wall. How my parents didn’t know even then that I preferred the boys is beyond me!

PornOCD: When did you first watch porn?

Jonelle: Remember that thing called WebTV? I’m dating myself here for sure, but it was in the 90’s. I would look up photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and try to finds photos of his pubes. I know, I’m strange, but when you are 9 or 10 years old and don’t have that stuff yet, it can become a fixation to say the least.

PornOCD: What was your first career ambition?

Jonelle: I wanted to be a lawyer because I have always enjoyed the art of debate. I swear, even now I call my various bills over the slightest discrepancies just to argue.

PornOCD: When did idea of a porn career first enter your thoughts?

Jonelle: I first thought of doing porn shortly after I decided to transition. I knew I would need a lot of cash, quickly. I’ve always been kind of a skank, so how hard could it be, right? It was easy; let’s just put it that way.

PornOCD: How did your very first porn opportunity come about?

Jonelle: Quite simply, actually! I submitted some photos to and they invited me out to Los Angeles to shoot for an entire week. At the end of the week, they offered to produce my solo site. It was easy-peezy.

PornOCD: Tell us about the very first shoot you did and how you felt?

Jonelle: I was extremely nervous and thought that I might be in over my head. However, my scene partner Wolf Hudson, was and is very professional and made things very simple and easy. It can take some time getting used to performing sexually with an audience and now it’s just old news.

PornOCD: How do you think TS porn is going at the moment?

Jonelle: I think it needs help, to be honest. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry (most likely their actual names) can be in TS porn it seems. My boyfriend is constantly complaining about the lack of glamorous gals and I can’t say I disagree. What happened to the days of Vaniity, Gia Darling, or Danielle Foxx? Those were truly gorgeous TS women that devoted their life to the quest to be as feminine as possible. I’m utterly shocked and appalled at many of the ladies sprawled across my Twitter @xjonellebrooksx timeline on a daily basis. I may sound shallow, but perhaps I have a different vision of what a TS woman should be than others.

PornOCD: What keeps you motivated to achieve even more success?

Jonelle: Porn is one of those things that will not last forever. I guess I’m motivated by the ticking time clock on my adult career and all the younglings nipping at my heels who will work for less and stick things in any orifice. I’ve set certain limitations on what I will and won’t do in porn, and therefore there are certain limitations as to how far I can take this. I understand and accept this; it’s part of the business. I figure, enjoy the easy ride now and pinch every penny you can out of it because like I said, it’s not forever.

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life?

Jonelle: Get your head out of your ass; life’s not all about you.

PornOCD: What’s the best advice someone has ever given you?

Jonelle: Stay humble!

PornOCD: You talk very openly about the surgery procedures you have had, do you think people should be more open about it?

Jonelle: I get this question all the time and I didn’t realize I was so very open about my plastic surgery. Perhaps, I just don’t see any reason to deceive people. Your nose doesn’t just miraculously get smaller and you don’t just grow DD tits when you have a dick between your legs. Too many girls like to pretend that they are all natural, as if somehow that makes them superior.

PornOCD: How hard have you found being in a long-term relationship and being a porn star?

Jonelle: It’s pretty simple for me. We have an understanding and boundaries that we don’t cross. If you actually want something, you will put the time and effort in to make it prosper. Long-term relationships don’t just happen, you have to work for them; that goes for all people whether in or out of porn. I find that people in this business are perhaps a little more self-centered than the average person, and that just won’t work when you are in a relationship. I’m an adult, he’s an adult and if we both behave like adults, then it becomes difficult for childish behavior to interfere with the relationship.

PornOCD: What advice would you give any new TS girl wanting to break into the industry?

Jonelle: Stay true to yourself. There is going to be a lot of people trying to manipulate you, tell you to do this and tell you to do that. And yes, many times the sheep find their way to the top in porn, but none of that crap matters if you lose who you are in the process.

PornOCD: How important is Twitter/social media to your career and porn in general?

Jonelle: Well, my publicist tells me it’s imperative, so I’m inclined to believe her, LOL. It’s a great way to self-promote and connect with fans. Personally, I hate it. I don’t subscribe to the whole “It’s all about me” culture that we appear to be living in.

PornOCD: How much do you try and keep in touch with your fans?

Jonelle: I connect with my fans through a few outlets. I do my best to pop in and out of Twitter and Instagram to the best of my ability. I also do escort tours from time to time, only in small cities and towns usually and generally always in the South, those are my people :). I also appear on Cam4 weekly for my Super Show that is contracted by Cam4; I’ve been doing that for almost 5 years now (yowza)!

PornOCD: We have to talk about The Kaitlyn Gender movie. When Trans500 came to you with the idea, did you think this could cause mixed opinions?

Jonelle: Oh, one can only hope to cause a stir, right? I really thought people would be up in arms more than they were. I knew if anyone were to make a stink about it, it would be a tranny. Low and behold some trannies made a bit of a fuss, but being irrelevant and bitter doesn’t really make big splashes. Overall, the response was extremely positive and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

PornOCD: I loved the movie. How much fun was it making it and did you feel any pressure making it?

Jonelle: I had such a wonderful time making the movie. I enjoy working for Trans500 and specifically Josh Stone. He’s a great guy, fantastic director and hell he isn’t bad on the eyes either, am I right? I didn’t feel any pressure. We were making a lighthearted parody that was all in good fun and very tasteful.

PornOCD: Do you think that Caitlyn Jenner has opened transgender society to a wider demographic?

Jonelle: Absolutely! She has used her fame and platform to bring trans folks into the homes of millions. I think her story, outside of the extreme wealth, is a fairly common one. Many people have later-in-life transitions due to the pressure of society to live and be a certain way. I think it’s great we were able to see that journey.

PornOCD: You’re always busy shooting movies like Hot for Transsexuals. Tell us about your scene?

Jonelle: Well, it was shot for Evil Angel under the direction of Aiden Starr. She’s a total firecracker and loves to see hot, rough sex. I take direction very well, so that’s what I delivered. I’ve worked with Chad Diamond previously, so I knew he had very few limitations. It’s great to have a director and scene partner basically tell you to go ape shit.

PornOCD: I reviewed Tranny Hoes In Panty Hose 2 a while back and it rocked!!! Was the scene as hot for you as the viewer?

Jonelle: Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I literally stepped off an airplane and headed to the location to shoot the scene. Even though I was tired and I felt a bit off my game, I’m glad the scene translated the way we as a team envisioned it.

PornOCD: Who would you still love to work with?

Jonelle: I would do scene work or collaborate on some ridiculous venture with Bailey Jay. I think her sense of humor and personality is rare in this business.

PornOCD: What do you do to relax when you’re away from the lights and cameras?

Jonelle: My TV and I are very close friends! HA! Other than that, I like to be in the sun when I can, spend time with my man and I also host an amateur female impersonation show at Hamburger Mary’s every week.

PornOCD: What music is currently playing in your car or iPod?

Jonelle: Paula Abdul and Amy Grant, I know. I’m a strange duck! Let’s move on.

PornOCD: If you ran the country what would you change?

Jonelle: I do not care to engage in political dialogue. My views differ from the wide majority of people in the porn industry and LGBT community, let’s just put it that way.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead whom would they be and why?

Jonelle: I would love to have dinner with my Nana, who passed when I was nine years old. She was a silver-haired Jewish pool lady with diamonds all over her. She was utterly fantastic and I just wish she could’ve been here for support through my transition. I would love to dine with Kim Jong-il, also. I am just so fascinated by him and North Korea in general. My final person would be my man. We rarely have the same schedule and when we do we are just too tired to do anything. I would love to have a romantic dinner with the man I love, admire and respect.

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