PornOCD Interview with Jessy Dubai

January 26, 2016

This is an interview with Jessy Dubai of and @tsjessy that we completed did prior to the release of her highly-anticipated performance in Nica Noelle’s Jessy Dubai, TS Superstar DVD on TransSensual. Now that this highly anticipated film has been released, you can click on each photo for mp4 and Flash trailers:

PornOCD: So, Jessy Dubai TS Superstar not only sounds like a terrific movie on paper, but also looks brilliant. How did the movie come about?

Jessy: Well, it all started with an idea. When Nica contacted me to be part of My Dad’s TS Girlfriend, she liked my work and my spirit so much, she was able to see past my beauty and she saw into my soul. She later called me with the news that she wanted me in a showcase. Immediately I said yes, not just for the money, but because I wanted to learn more from her as well.

PornOCD: You are lucky enough to get to share the screen with Nick Capra, Brock Avery, Connor Maguire and Eli Hunter. You must of been licking your lips in anticipation?

Jessy: Oh boy, I can’t sleep. I can’t wait to see the final product. I can’t wait to see what the fans think of the amazing scenes along with this HOT group of men.

PornOCD: I’d bet the camera lens had to be wiped a few times as the heat reached boiling point…So how much sexual chemistry was there going on?

Jessy: The chemistry was building behind the scenes interacting with the boys, getting to know them and sharing experiences. A few sexual tricks, positions and some secrets – that’s what made this a movie with hot sex explosions.

PornOCD: Do you feel any pressure being the main star of movies, or does it make you just up your game to another level?

Jessy: Every movie, character, scene and story is different. But in all my work one thing stays the same – me telling myself this is easy, I have done this before, relax, channel your inner (whatever the character is) and do it. I think about past scenes, then ask myself how can I do better this time. Little by little, I lose the fear or any negative ideas that come to my head. Besides I love challenges.

PornOCD: How important are the fans to you?

Jessy: Fans are very important. Without them I am no one. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Especially when I have been through the hard times. My heart filled with happiness and joy when I was going through a break-up from all the supportive tweets, love emails, teddy bears, and every bit of love they sent my way, I felt it. Look at me now, I am happy as a clam at a high tide.

PornOCD: You are known as “the Sofia Vergara of Porn” what do you think of the comparison?

Jessy: I feel flattered and a bit emotional. When I asked myself what kind of woman will Jessy Dubai be, I made a list of women that inspired me. Sophia V. is in it. Besides, I think we have a sexy accent when we talk. She is a fierce actress. I sometimes channel the sassiness and spice she projects on screen when she performs.

PornOCD: How popular are your tattoos with your co-stars as your eyes are always watching their oral skills?

Jessy: LOL Well let’s say that my tattoo serves its purpose. I wanted my tattoo to be an icebreaker and I think it is.

PornOCD: So what should your fans be looking forward to in the future? Any upcoming movies?

Jessy: I just got back from a seminar this weekend and I feel great, full of new ideas, new concepts and new projects. I started a goal to start my work as an activist in Colorado. I am starting a group. Also, the launch of an online magazine for the female figure. As well as helping girls find their passion in life, I want to share my knowledge with the ones who want it. I know the universe will reward me once I see all the success other girls achieve from my mentoring. I want girls that want to be in porn to reach out to me. I want to be their “TS fairy godmother” and together as a community make an impact. Not just for the trans-porn but for the transexual community all around.

PornOCD: Is there anyone left in the industry that you feel you’ve gotta work with?

Jessy: I could sit here and list you their names, but it would be like giving out what’s coming up on my website. That will not be good. Where would I leave the suspense? In fact, if any one out there would like to be part of or has a suggestion of who you want to see me perform with, please summit your info at My goal is to make porn that my fans would love to watch over and over again. What better way than to let my fans tell me who they want to see me with?

Jessy Dubai, TS Superstar

Meet Jessy Dubai, a luscious TS Latina and charming Connor Maguire. The actors begin by sharing a bit of background information on the chemistry between them even before the shooting begins, and we gain a glimpse into their days leading up to working together. The slow walks through the woods and stolen kisses foreshadow the passion they share on screen in the days to come. Connor plays a small-town virgin, somewhat on the shy side, but Jessy takes charge and soothes Connor into relaxing completely. Slowly undressing him, she kisses his sculpted chest and stomach all the way down to spoil his cock a bit. Connor returns the favor until Jessy questions him if this indeed is his first time. He wastes no time in ravishing her and they lock into a passionate embrace as Jessy guides her inexperienced lover. The sated and happy Connor beams at Jessy as he’s entered true manhood, and the smile on his face is enough proof to the trans Latina that she’s done it again.

Jessy Dubai’s sensual dance at the bathroom before getting in the tub sets the mood for the rest of the scene. She plays with her big tits and stiff cock in the shower as she enjoys a moment of peaceful bliss until Brock Avery approaches and sneaks behind her in the shower. He can’t contain himself and grabs and smacks her voluptuous bubble butt. He gets hard as he eats her and sucks her cock, and he sensually washes her until she is slippery with suds. Brock can’t help himself but return to her ass, and shake it, rub it and lick it again and again. Jessy wants her turn in cleaning Brock’s thick dick and firm balls before they embrace in a passionate kiss right in the tub until she gives him her trans cock to suck. Brock is amazingly good at blowjobs sucking her cock and balls at the same time, and Jessy can’t wait to have her turn pleasing sexy and cute Brock. They kiss like old lovers, they fuck and they cum together on Brock’s chiselled chest.

Jessy and her husband Eli Hunter and find themselves in another heated argument about her infidelity. Sick of apologizing over and over again, the gorgeous Latina tgirl turns the tides on her scorned partner and takes him by the throat, throwing him on the bed and climbing on top of him. She berates him and blames him for her philandering, because he wouldn’t fuck her enough. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and after cooking and cleaning all day this transgirl needs some loving too! If Eli won’t fuck her, then Jessy is going to fuck him! Flipping her wimpy husband over, Jessy fingers his tight ass while whispering how much she’s been needing this and wanting her shecock inside of his tight ass. Is it makeup sex? Is it a revenge hate fuck? Whatever it is, Jessy loves it and the new role her husband is taking, and he didn’t know he’d like being her bitch so much. We now know that Jessy Dubai wears the pants in this relationship.

Nick Capra sets the scene for a romantic evening between him and the object of his lust and affection, Jessy Dubai. Lighting candles, laying out his favourite lingerie to see her in, he lays on the bed and waits for her to walk in. As soon as she walks in, he’s up and on her, passionately kissing the beautiful Latina tgirl. Her feet are killing her after a long day and Nick wastes no time in taking care of them, rubbing them, kissing them, even sucking on her tiny little toes. Jessy loves the pampering by her man and they’re soon locked back in the throes of passion, kissing, grinding, and groping each other. It’s not long before Nick strips her out of her dress. Jessy takes Nick’s rock hard cock in her mouth while he takes her turgid shecock in his, gently stroking her as she expertly works him with her mouth. Nick then returns the favour, swallowing every inch of her and rimming her delicious ass until they both can’t stand it any longer and Nick finally thrusts inside her asspussy. Her moans fill the room as he makes love to her passionately, and she strokes her cock as he pounds her ass, cumming all over her stomach. Not one to leave her lover wanting, Jessy Dubai lays Nick on his back and he strokes his cock while she plays with his balls and ass and passionately kisses her man until he erupts in climax. Such a beautiful and passionate encounter.

Jessy Dubai, TS Superstar on Transsensual from acclaimed director Nica Noelle

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