PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion

September 6, 2016 

It was my absolute pleasure to interview Canadian TS Jelena Vermilion @IsisIntrepid.  I want you sit back and enjoy reading about this amazing, sexy lady.

Twitter: IsisIntrepid

Twitter: IsisIntrepid

PornOCD: So let’s start at the very beginning.  Where were you born and raised?

Jelena: Cambridge, Ontario! 🙂

PornOCD: So tell us what it was like growing up in your hometown?

Jelena: Cambridge is divided into three subsections: Galt, Preston, and Hespeler.  The first two are known for being a bit rough, but I grew up in Hespeler.  Growing up was difficult.  I had a difficult home life with my family and I was a target at school for bullying.  Cambridge itself isn’t horrible, as I’ve definitely experienced worse.  Overall I still have good feelings associated with the city. 🙂

PornOCD: Can you remember the first time you felt wanted to live as a TS?

Jelena: I think growing up (between 3-6) watching Sailor Moon, I was really inspired by the beauty of it – Specifically the transformation scene(s).  I remember being affected in a visceral way by those images. Of course, at that time I didn’t know what a transsexual or transgender person was.  So I didn’t conceptualize it like that.  As far as when I chose to commit to transitioning, and starting HRT, I’d say 17.  Though I was dressing full time for two years prior to that.

PornOCD: Did you have any friends or family members to confide in how you were feeling?

Jelena: I didn’t have friends, really, until grade nine.  I thankfully grew up with a minimally judgemental mother, and she was a nurse, so any medical or sexual questions I had were always met with supportive, informative answers.  As far as my being trans, I didn’t fully figure it out until my mid-teens.  I can also say that my one sister was really supportive of me growing up, even if we weren’t super close.

PornOCD: How did you deal with rude and narrow minded people?

Jelena: Oh, this one is easy.  I was pretty feisty growing up.  So my go-to response is telling my detractor to “Fuck off”.  I had to place a restraining order against someone in High School for threats. But otherwise, I just kept being as flamboyant as I was, and trying my best to sustain myself.

PornOCD: What was your first ambition for your life and career?

Jelena: Growing up, I wanted to work with computers, or be a dancer, or to be a psychologist.  Now, I’m pretty annoyed by capitalism and I mostly list “being happy” as my life ambition.  As far as a career, I’ve had the privilege of dancing and modeling for five years.  And my adult industry experiences have been the cherry on top!

PornOCD: How did you start dancing?

Jelena: I’ve always been a tactile person, I suppose.  Growing up I didn’t have the opportunities to have formal dance training.  I just move the way the music inspires me.  So I describe my dancing as lyrical, interpretative, or contemporary.  I started off by volunteering at some of the LGBTQ-oriented events held at the University of Waterloo, and other venues.  I made connections quickly, and given the audience’s receptiveness, I’ve been afforded the opportunities to dance pretty much at any of these kinds of events in my home region.

PornOCD: So have you always felt comfortable on stage dancing in front of people?

Jelena: Ironically, I get nervous every time before I perform (I have generalized anxiety).  But yeah, I’m not necessarily uncomfortable.  However, with that being said, I’ve always felt the drive to push myself into fearful situations in order to grow and culture courage within myself.

PornOCD: So is music important part of your life being a dancer?

Jelena: I would say I was an audiophile before I became confident in my kinaesthetic abilities, certainly. I listen to a lot of music on my turntable. I’ve not been to many concerts, however.

PornOCD: Do you have a favourite genre of music?

Jelena: I have a large affinity for electronic music, and music that is unconventional or “noisy”.  I also enjoy blues (like Fleetwood Mac) from time to time.

PornOCD: Right when did you first think of making a career in porn?

Jelena With Her Man Review by @tscaramel

Jelena With Her Man Review by @tscaramel

Jelena: Well, I was already open minded and positive about sex trade workers growing up, so I always fantasized of experiencing that one day.  I’d imagine around 16-18 is when I thought about it more seriously.  I’m honoured to say that I was actually scouted by Grooby Productions (First by Kevin, their former producer based in Toronto, and then again by Vito who’s based in Montreal two years later.)  So the pornographic opportunities afforded to me was because of the image I had constructed for my escorting advertisement and business model.  And for this, I am very grateful.  I am currently looking into producing my own content 🙂

Jelena's Homecoming Review by @tscaramel

Jelena’s Return Review by @tscaramel

PornOCD: So tell us all about your very first shoot and how you felt before you stepped in front of the camera.

Jelena: My very first set was a solo set, filmed in Toronto by Kevin, one of Grooby’s former producers.  I was feeling pretty good that day, if a bit nervous.  Thankfully, speaking with Kevin beforehand helped to calm me, as we had pretty good social chemistry.  We got along well enough that we shared our legal names by the end of our working together. 🙂

PornOCD: So after the shoot did it feel like porn was the right career for you?

Jelena: I think I only got a taste from my first set as I wasn’t performing with a male model, so I wouldn’t say I felt that way immediately, no.  I do think that any industry that subverts modern culture is an industry for me, however.

PornOCD: So what scenes have you shot so far?

Jelena: I’ve shot a total of 14 sets thus far with Grooby Productions, for  Roughly half are solo sets, and half are hardcore sets.

PornOCD: Do you have a favourite scene you have shot?

Jelena: My favourite scene that I made was this solo shoot with Kevin, one of the last he produced of me. I wore this lovely white lace bodysuit. During the cumshot scene, I put my legs over my head and came in my own mouth.


PornOCD: I really loved your latest shoot with, Jelena’s Return. Did it feel like a bit of a homecoming?

Jelena: I was a bit nervous, and excited to shoot again.  It was a new producer, but Vito (@VeeSo) was really great to work with, and professional.  Most of all, he was friendly and fun.  I didn’t even use the Viagra. aha

PornOCD: You have a few tattoos when did you get your first one and any plans to get more #Ink?

Jelena: I have four. My first one was the red ankh between my shoulders, in 2012. 🙂 I do have some vague ideas for future ink, but my ideas for tattoos develop over time usually. The last one I got was last year, exactly.

PornOCD: Right who would you just love to shoot a scene with #PornBucketList?

Jelena: That one is easy. Natalie Mars.

PornOCD: Ok, so what qualities do you like about Miss Mars that makes it such an easy choice?

Jelena: She is sassy, sweet, geeky, and I have a penchant for freckles and pale skin.

PornOCD: When it comes down to the fun stuff bedroom stuff what is 100% guaranteed to bring you to orgasm every time?

Jelena: Being dicked mighty hard.  Prostate stimulation, body contact, and kissing.  I’m a sensual lover.

PornOCD: So are you a #SizeQueen when it comes to your partner’s underwear package is bigger always better for you?

Jelena; I am not a size queen, aha.  I certainly enjoy large insertions and gaping, etc.  But I am more concerned about connecting with someone rather than their dick or otherwise.

PornOCD: So when you are walking down the street and see a ht man or woman,what do you notice first what catches your attention first?

Jelena: Legs and ass. Eyes or lips.

PornOCD: What would be your perfect 24 hours #BestDayEver?

Jelena: Oh goodness… A day that includes sex, going to the park, eating hearty food, spending time with friends, a leisurely drive, a nap, lots of cuddling and kissing, and watching a film… Oh, and a bath!

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life?

Jelena: “The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere”.

Thank you for reading our interview.  Please follow Jelena on Twitter: @IsisIntrepid.  For more updates, follow my Twitter @PornOCD