PornOCD Interview with Jazmin Jagger

January 5, 2016

Sample Photo Gallery Courtesy of UK TGirls

PornOCD presents an interview with London’s first à la mode, hung transsexual courtesan, Jazmin Jagger @jazminjaggerts:

PornOCD: So how was growing up and when did you start to feel you were in the wrong body?

Jazmin: I had a spoilt childhood. I grew up in a family where nothing was too much, but inside it was never quite enough. I always knew there was something missing, not quite right about how I was being raised compared to my two sisters, but never understood what. It was around 8 or 9 years old that I realised my gender was treated differently to my sisters, and that’s when I knew I was in the wrong body.

PornOCD: How did your parents and friends take the news and was anyone negative towards you?

Jazmin: Growing up, I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, therefore the thought of ‘coming out’ to my family was a daunting and very scary thought. But at 13, I knew it’s what I had to do to start living my life as the real me. A happy me. I was surprised at how understanding and accepting my family and friends were. They had all been expecting and waiting for my revelation and took it very well. The religious aspect made it hard for some of my family members to accept at first, but eventually they saw the happiness in me and knew it was the right path for me and embraced the person I was becoming with affection and open arms.


PornOCD: Everyone has to deal with crude, rude and awful people. What’s your way of dealing with these people, turning the other cheek or going on the verbal attack?

Jazmin: Actually neither. When someone expresses a negative view on my gender and the way I present myself, I try to educate them. I find being patronising as the most effective way to ‘hit back.’ My usual response would be to calmly say something like ‘I may be a transsexual, but I have a career in hospitality earning over 40k a year. I’m 25 and have a mortgage and I’m in a happy and healthy relationship raising a child. What do you have going for you in your life apart from verbally abusing people who may be different but are leading a better life?

PornOCD: When did you start viewing porn and what genre really first caught your attention?

Jazmin: I started watching porn around 15. But it was never really for pleasure – more for make up tips and how to act as a transsexual woman. I learnt a lot about posture, femininity and sex appeal from watching TS porn.

Sample Photo Gallery Courtesy of UK TGirls

PornOCD: Who really got you hot under the collar growing up and who adorned your bedroom walls?

Jazmin: I was never really one for teen celebrity crushes or posters of attractive actors / singers on my bedroom wall. I was always more interested in exploring my own creativity as an artist and writer. Sex became an interest of mine later in life.

PornOCD: When did you realise your cock was much bigger than average? lol

Jazmin: Haha! Only recently actually. I didn’t ever really look at it and compare it to others. It was just there and I was used to it and its size. It’s only over the last few months through escorting and porn that I’ve paid any attention to people’s reaction to its size. I guess it’s pretty big. 😉

PornOCD: I’ve read an article you wrote on, Learn: The Truth About Transsexual Escorts, in which you described trying on your mum’s clothes while she was out. What would of been the reaction of getting caught.

Jazmin: Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my column. It’s great to know so many people have sat down and had a read. My fear was always that if I was caught, I’d have gotten into a lot of trouble, but judging by my family’s response, I don’t think she would have been at all bothered if she had walked into her bedroom and found me in her designer clobber.

PornOCD: How much time do you give yourself just to have some solo masturbation time?

Jazmin: I don’t actually masturbate. At all. Ever. Haha. So many people think that that’s a bit strange, but for me the act of sitting down and playing with myself isn’t at all appealing. I’d much rather save it for some mutual pleasure.

PornOCD: Have you had any shocked or worried reactions when you get fully erect and they see it?

Jazmin: Haha a lot of my guests are first timers and yes, when they see it a lot of them do gasp in shock and a little bit of fear. Most of them give it a go, but there are a few that won’t try taking it out of fear it’ll hurt too much. But I do my best to ease it in gently and make sure they’re comfortable.

PornOCD: Have you had to turn down any strange requests or fetishes?

Jazmin: I’ll say yes. But out of respect for my guests, I won’t divulge too much information.

PornOCD: I’ve noticed that a lot of people always seem to question TS Pornstars/ Escorts about if they have a large cock if they can actually cum, which seems to stem from some getting silicone injections. Have you ever been asked if you can cum? lol

Jazmin: I get asked this question several times on a daily basis. The biggest part of the fantasy is to see a TS shoot her load, so it’s important for guys to have this included in the session. And with porn… the cum shot is the money shot. If you can’t deliver, then what is the point of all that build up?

PornOCD: Do you get requests from woman to use your services?

Jazmin: I have had one or two female guests, yes.

PornOCD: I read one of your comments you made in the same written piece, “My dick is my career!” I love that quote. Do you use any other mottos for life?

Jazmin: My outlook on life is this: “It’s better to be pessimistic and surprised than optimistic and disappointed.” I have lived by this mantra since I was 16 and it’s changed a lot in my life. I’m not saying we should walk around as negative cynics. But by not setting our hopes and expectations too high we leave room for nice surprises in life.

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