PornOCD Interview with Jazmin Jagger Pt. 2

March 23, 2017

Back in early 2015, I did my first interview with Jazmin Jagger. That interview which you can find by clicking here was loved by so many and even now I still get asked for the link for the interview. I got the chance to interview Jazmin again and jumped at the chance. Sit back and enjoy getting to know just a little bit more about Jazmin.

PornOCD: It has been awhile since we did our first interview. How has 2016 gone for you?

Jazmin: What started out as a very difficult, challenging and emotionally draining year has gone on to be successful in so many ways. My reputation within the escorting community has skyrocketed through the positive words of my guests which inspired a new motivation to explore other paths where I feel passionate about effecting real change. I have become a public speaker spreading trans awareness and equality which has led me to starting my own company as a self employed public speaker in several educational institutions across the country. Not to mention my personal successes in my private life overcoming a destructive drug addiction and making a start on improving myself physically.

PornOCD: You spend so much time travelling with your escorting. Do you love moving about or long to be based in one place? Do you agree travel broadens the mind?

Jazmin: As much as I love the travelling, it does get exhausting. When I start a new tour, I have my case packed with everything freshly washed and folded. I’m fully stocked up on work essentials and toiletries and I’m excited to both see and fuck outside of my little bubble in London. Packing, unpacking, wearing but not always having a washing machine which means buying new –bulging open my already full case – the case starts to feel like a lead balloon, the air hostess strut I imagine myself doing gradually becomes an angry stressed out tourist and I can’t wait to get home and lay on the sofa for three days ignoring the world outside of these four walls. As much as I love my flat in London, I love meeting different people, sampling as much arse as this country has to offer. I don’t know if travel broadens the mind, but there are a few accents that make me want to be fucking filthy.

PornOCD: How hard a task has it been gaining the respect and success you have gained in your escorting work?

Jazmin: I’ve worked a lot and I’ve always tried to ensure my guests leave happy, but I don’t know if I would call it ‘hard’. I’m just myself, which is a lot less hard work than putting on an act all day every day. If a guest is getting his head in the way by licking my balls whilst I’m trying to finish myself off, I’m going to tell him that the thought of repeatedly punching him in the face is fucking distracting! We laughed about it afterwards.

PornOCD: You became involved in a very high profile story across the UK Trans woman being sentenced for crimes and sent to male prisons. Like the story of Vicky Thompson and other similar stories across the world. What made you want to add your voice to this cause?

Jazmin: I knew her personally and had done for quite a few years. I was actually in Leeds the day her mother called me and told me what had happened, so I sat on my case to zip it shut and got on a train to Bath. I hadn’t ever heard of this happening in this country. I thought she was being treated unfairly and it didn’t seem as if the justice system seemed to care all that much, so I thought I would help where I could, even if just as support to her mother. But it became such a huge story in the media which got the outcome she deserved and hopefully will change the way this issue is dealt with in future.

PornOCD: You mentioned that accents can make you want to be filthy. I think we all want to know which one.

Jazmin: There are two in particular that have the power to turn me into a passive, man pleasing bitch. Irish – I literally drop to my knees and become a cock hungry slut for a strong Irish accent. The second is Yorkshire… I don’t know what it is about the dialect of a gruff south Yorkshire man, but that too seems to possess a kryptonite-like power over my willingness to relinquish control in the bedroom and allow myself to be treated like the slut I make my bitch boys!

PornOCD: I read recently that sex can be broken down into three categories: Anticipation, Penetration and Ejaculation. What’s your thoughts on this and tell us what you like about each of these section of the sexy stuff?

Jazmin: I hadn’t heard about this research until I read the question, so I looked into it and in all honesty, I feel scientists have already unnecessarily dissected enough areas outside of their field; like ‘how Father Christmas can deliver presents to 700 million children in one night, fit down the chimney and arrive without being seen or heard’ Being ‘solved’ by physicists. So they can and should leave sex alone! Sex isn’t an equation, nor is it a series of carefully planned and executed positions… it’s a carnal act… passionate, intense… all of that thinking and time management would only distract me! So, scientists can keep their theory of relativity and leave sex to the experts.

PornOCD: What turns on your mind and what sends your body into complete ecstasy every time?

Jazmin: It’s no secret that I crumble and become a drooling mess, weak at the knees, hard as a rock ready to fuck at the sight of a juicy, round, hairy bubble butt. Thinking of the perfectly sculpted work of art Eli Hunter has for an arse leaves me twitching, toes curling and ready to shoot my load!

PornOCD: What are the negative points that come with being a successful escort and on the TS scene?

Jazmin: In my experience there are two battles I feel that I’m constantly fighting. Demand – I have a wandering mind and I’m quickly distracted by the first impeccably formed backside to present itself to me. I’m an Aquarius, and very much possess the traits that are associated with my sign. I move at my own pace and rarely run in the same direction for too long. A losing battle Kalin (UK-TGirls) faces trying to ensure I remain focused! The second is the negative backlash from within the Trans community – or rather lack of- As a minority that faces so much adversity in both society and the media… you’d expect there would be a certain degree of compassion towards each other. But rather than praise each others successes, in my experience, transgender women have been too quick to attack that progress in the career I made for myself and put energy they could be utilising productively in their own lives on envy fueled sabotage. Whilst the lack of support amongst Trans working girls saddens me, I remember one of the very first things Kalin told me when I was new to the adult industry ‘the more popular you become, the more people will hate you’ . The most upsetting thing is how true that is.

PornOCD: How do you think TS porn is seen now in the UK?

Jazmin: I don’t know. My Twitter is a good indicator of what my followers think because of the feedback they give me… but they’re a target audience – they enjoy that specific genre. As a whole, the TS porn industry is still a taboo subject in this country. Unlike in America, I don’t think being a porn star is recognised as a career. Britain is still slowly progressing with transgender awareness in society. Let’s not throw the whole country into shock by unveiling too much of the debauchery we revel in just yet!

PornOCD: Your body has gone through some changes. Were these long term goals and what do you have planned next?

Jazmin: Many of my followers know of the eight year struggle I faced with my weight being considered too ‘high risk’ for me to go ahead with having a breast augmentation. It felt like a life goal I would never reach which had a negative impact on my progression with my feminisation. There are a couple more changes to my body I plan to make… but I’m not telling you what they are because I don’t want people looking!

PornOCD: Right, for anyone thinking about having a night with you, what can they look forward to…. #MakingItNightToRemember?

Jazmin: I laughed out loud at this question – Speaking from past experience… your guess is as good as mine! I can be quite unpredictable and spontaneous. I don’t think my overnight bookings have ever gone the way either me or my guest imagined it would… from hours of non-stop fucking to 3am trips to the chicken shop. I’d say it’s best to go into it with no preconceived ideas and an open mind!

PornOCD: How much do you love the varied clientele you have?

Jazmin: It’s what keeps this industry from becoming boring! I love that when you’re meeting someone new, you never know who’s going to walk through the door. It fills me with both excitement and nerves. One day I’m fucking an older gentleman in a school uniform and the next I’m dominating two straight men, forcing them to suck each other’s cocks… simply because it turns me on knowing they’re reluctantly doing it for my pleasure.

PornOCD: You are very professional with your escorting work. Have your previous careers helped in this?

Jazmin: I like to think so, yes. I try to implement any transferrable skills into my daily routine. Twitter is entirely marketing and keeping in tune with top trending tweets, time of day and habitual communication with my followers.

PornOCD: How did the opportunity come about to do your public speaking?

Jazmin: I was lucky to be given such an amazing opportunity. A close friend of mine gives his own talks at college and one day asked that if they would be including equal rights and transgender awareness specific talks into the school’s public speaking timetable. I’m not sure how he did it but amazingly, whatever he said resulted in my being invited to give a presentation at the school which was then offered to me as an ongoing arrangement.

PornOCD: You have shot several shoots with (Jazmin’s Profile). Is this something you still love doing ?

Jazmin: I love that so many people get enjoyment out of watching. Porn was never an avenue I had ever considered. When I started working as an escort, I set my goals and gave myself a certain amount of time to achieve them. Shooting porn is great, but I much prefer physical encounters. My love is for finding my guests boundaries and pushing them to their limits… and further if they can handle it 😉

    Thank you for reading our interview. Follow Jazmin on Twitter at @JazminJaggerTS and for her wishlist, click here. I’m Scott and you can find me at @PornOCD.