PornOCD Interview with Jadence

July 4, 2017

Twitter: @misscummymouth

Sometimes very little introduction is required and all you need to do is sit back relax and enjoy the interview. This is one of those times. Enjoy my interview with Jadence.

PornOCD: Every story starts at the beginning. Where were you born and raised?

Jadence: I was born in Los Angeles and few years later I lived in Carson, California. Due to gang influences we moved and I lived the rest of my life outside of Riverside in the Inland Empire.

PornOCD: How was growing up for you?

Jadence: Well, constantly I felt unique and out of place. Not because I thought I was special or weird, but I knew from a very young age that the world wasn’t right. But on a positive note, I was quiet but everyone’s favorite. I feel in love with art, and games; always drawing or picking female character. People did think I was too sensitive for a boy haha.

PornOCD: Can you remember the first time you thought you wanted to live as a TS?

Jadence: I believe I was 12 or so. It kinda was the start of me surrounding myself with women. I didn’t appreciate the male mind as my company for a long time. With that comes conversations that a guy usually would never hear. I started to relate and I did like boys and I didn’t like being one half the time. One day I was painting and I decided to use the paint as make up! I always had a towel at my side in case someone knocked on my door. I was there looking at myself, feeling myself and I respected what I saw. A woman.

PornOCD: When did you discover your love for art?

Jadence: Mostly competitiveness! It’s the only thing my older brother wasn’t better at than me. But I think it really started with cartoons like dragon ball z and cowboy bebop. Which is funny because Dragon Ball Z hentai is the first kind of porn I’ve ever seen!

PornOCD: When did you first watch porn?

Jadence: I would say I was maybe 7 or 8 years old doing very bad things on the computer in secret. I’m thinking about it and I actually hope I was older but that sounds right.

PornOCD: Did you have anyone to confide in how you were feeling?

Jadence: Not until I was 18 years old being in a long distance relationship. I rarely had people I considered to be true friends until high school but I never trusted anyone until I was a adult. Capricorns are kinda great with the reserved information and privacy stuff.

PornOCD: So were you more attracted to men or woman at first?

Jadence: Women at first! Women had me nervous as fuck tho haha. I was already a nerd. Some people already assumed I was gay just for being a li’l different. The feelings guys get before they approached a girl was tenfold for me. I got friend zoned sooooooo often. But sexually it was really simple to get some guy action. Sadly that’s all I’ve ever wanted from men.

PornOCD: So what was your first ambition for your life and career?

Jadence: I wanted to grow. Everything I do is either to grow or be comfortable. I used to be a introvert. I used to listen and not speak. I used to be a pushover. Growth is what was needed and I want this industry to grow with the people in it. I’ve only seen about two other people that are gender fluid in the porn biz and they are amazing. Why wouldn’t I wanna be number three? Also I love love love challenges. None of my videos were edited without thought. I thought that if I can have a space to be who I am, Ima do it at 300%. Odd enough growth includes butt stuff and deep throating lol.

PornOCD: Do you think that being gender fluid is more accepted by society now more than any other time?

Jadence: Maybe in the 21st century. There are multiple time periods and cultures where it wasn’t so odd. Was even celebrated. I think it’s even less understood than simply being trans. Everyone wants concrete answers. Same reason bisexuals aren’t take seriously actually. We could definitely go back to a time everyone no matter what gender we all wore robes and tunics lol. I should be free to be and dress the fuck I feel.

PornOCD: So when did you first think of making a career in adult industry?

Jadence: Oh my ex girlfriend was all “I wanna do porn!” and I was cool with it and agreed to help with camera stuff. Then as we went deeper into that I was inspired and had a vision of how I wanted to do things. It was a new challenge. What sucked was I learned that I wasn’t all that good at team worker lol. I became Ts Jadence. I think what made the inspiration solid was that I knew a lot about porn already and admired so many women and it was an opportunity to express my fem side more. Haha It was that simple. I mean my other career choices weren’t good ones.

PornOCD: Which girls did you and do you still admire in the industry and why?

Jadence: Oh Holly Sweet of course. Jalisa The Elite, Samantha 38g, Sara Jay, Ts Madison, Chelsea Marie, soooooo many. Oh she is retired but Alexis Silver was a fav. I loved it. Some have particular skills, some have the highest achievements. I just love acknowledging women for all that they have done :3

PornOCD: So what was the very first opportunity that came along for you in porn?

Jadence: For about 6 months I did private collections. Pretty much just did solo content for people blowing up my email, but it was really unsatisfying. Dudes be so excited tho lol. It’s kinda cool that there are people with little secret videos of me though. I don’t know if that counts. My first public content was made with Cricket Rose. I learned a lot just from the first time I met her. She was the very first person to reach out to me and meant to meet me! No flake and really energetic. I think what was my first actual opportunity.

PornOCD: I imagine you got all sorts of requests from fans for personal videos .. Any stick out in your mind?

Jadence: Feet stuff mostly (but I don’t like my feet so I don’t fetishize it lol) oh and me cumming. The cumming thing, for women it’s usually about breeding and dudes just want to be gay without being gay but IT’S SO GAY and I love it haha. There is this one about wearing stocking and heels pretending to step on their junk and tell them to piss themselves.

PornOCD: Sounds like your fans love seeing you cum. Do you enjoy solo time when you get chance?

Jadence: lol I do! But afterwards I’m like “I could have made money off that nut!” I have a babe so it’s not too bad. To be honest it’s my need to do everything in a creative spotlight that makes things overwhelming. I need to be spoiled in compliments and impress people because I’m a show off. But yeah I get that solo timmmme, some times in the pussy. <3

PornOCD: So what is your favourite part of your body and why?

Jadence: My lips! They got me places. They’re lips women would pay for lol Also they just look AMAZING SUCKING DICK <3. My second fav would have to be my legs because they’re really long, don’t grow much hair and probably the only fit part of my body haha.

PornOCD: Who would you love to shoot a scene with #PornBucketList?

Jadence: Mara Nova! Ts Madison! Nina Hartley! Karla Lane! Little Puck! annnnnnd Xoe Nova!

PornOCD: Right. Then you have chosen your cast list. Tell us what’s the plot and title of this dream scene of yours?

Jadence: Hmmmm Xoe Is God. Ts Madison is the president. Nina Hart is America’s favorite Celebrity and talk show host. Karla Lane is my bae and America’s Top Model. Little Puck is God’s messenger. Xoe gets tired of the world, threatens to destroy it with a Godly orgasm. Puck has to make me and Karla convince God (Xoe) that the world is worth saving by seducing and fucking Nina Hart and Ts Madison (America’s most powerful individuals) ’til they side with us and sway the world’s direction in behavior. Xoe then sees the change in earth and cums destroying a distant planet instead. Xoe then rewards us by letting all of us eat her pussy! THE END. All genders, and multiple races fucking to save the world!!!

PornOCD: So what really turns you on and what is 100%? Guaranteed to bring you to a mindblowing orgasm?

Jadence: I love to be worshipped and then made to be submissive! It’s dumb but it becomes this kinda competitive sex lol. As far as orgasms I’d say it has to be nasty lol. Like letting know how far I can take it gets me off. Make the situation as wet and hot as possible and I’ll blow!

PornOCD: What is the best sex you have ever had?

Jadence: Have you ever fucked until you have a minor asthma attack? lol. Like gotta have a Gatorade on deck kinda sex! I think I’m having the best sex with my current partner and it’s just amazing that we fuck until we tired.

PornOCD: Where can your fans and people just reading about you for the first time find you online?

Jadence: On, aaaannnnnd @misscummymouth on Twitter.

Thank you for reading our interview. I’m Scott. Follow me at @PornOCD on Twitter.