PornOCD Interview with Jacqui Blu

November 8, 2016

We all have ambitions and dreams that burn deep inside us. Some of us achieve our dreams and ambitions others just fade into the background as life changes and moves in different directions. Jacquie Blu wanted to enter the world of porn. In this interview she talks about her journey towards porn and her ambitions. Now her original dream has been achieved.

Twitter: @TSJacquie

Twitter: @TSJacquie 

PornOCD: Let’s start at the very beginning. Where were you born and raised ?

Jacquie: I was born in the small town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. If you’ve ever watched the Andy Griffith Show, Mt. Airy is known as Mayberry. I actually grew up in Wilmington, NC, a college and beach town. It also happened to be a very artistic community full of musicians, actors and artists of all kinds. I have always been involved in the arts in some form or fashion all my life.

PornOCD: Sounds like a really cool place. What was your very first ambition for your life and career?

Jacquie: My first major influence was music. My favorite uncle was a musician. He was in a band, made some records and even appeared on a few television shows. He was an excellent songwriter. He was the kind that would go to the bathroom to take a dump and come out with a song written on some toilet paper. He was constantly bringing home all this new music. When I heard Sgt. Pepper on the headphones for the first time, I knew then and there I wanted to be a recording engineer. I have since worked with a lot of musicians and bands doing live performances as well as post-production audio. I did a lot of live theatre, both on stage and off for 20 years. I did nude modeling for art classes and a lot of other things. I have been fortunate to have been able to do so many things.

PornOCD: What is your earliest memory of feeling you might be in the wrong body and wanting to live as a TS?

Jacquie: I first started to become aware of who I was by the age of 4. I remember things like being made to stand by the toilet to pee. I didn’t want to do that. It didn’t feel natural. It didn’t feel right. I wanted to sit down to pee. They fought with me for years over that. I never liked pants. I wanted to dress like my sister. Starting school also made me aware that I was nothing like all the other boys. I was always being picked on and bullied. I’ve always had feminine features and never developed an Adam’s apple. When they called me a girl, I would say “Thanks for noticing.” Sometimes, that wouldn’t work out too well. I didn’t know what a TS was until much later in life. All I really knew was that I was actually a girl. All my friends were girls and I was always considered to be one of them.

PornOCD: Were your family and friends supportive of your decision to live as a TS?

Jacquie: Actually, they were. When I broke the news to everyone, no one was really surprised. Everyone that’s ever known me has seen the girl in me. You could see it in the way I walked, talked, mannerisms and how I would react to things. My mom asked me what took me so long. My sister is happy to have the sister she never had. My brother is totally gay and he still doesn’t know what to think. He’s so funny. I’ve been very lucky. I never lost a family member, a friend or a job from transitioning.

PornOCD: Have you had any bad situations growing up with rude and narrow minded people?

Jacquie: Most of those, I really only had to deal with during my school years. Kids can be very cruel. I started getting involved in the arts early in life. Artists are much nicer people. A little off the wall sometimes, but mostly cool people. I never had too much of a problem until I moved to the west coast. Most of the things I had planned for didn’t work out very well and unfortunately crossed paths with a lot of abusive people. A lot of bad things happened but all that is behind me now. Eventually, things started coming together and I’m getting some things done.

PornOCD: Did you find yourself attracted to men or women?

Jacquie: I have always been bisexual, but I am most attracted to trans girls and females. I really only like guys to have sex with, but I’d never be able to have a relationship with one. I have very little in common with guys. We’d never have anything to talk about. I can talk with girls for hours on end about all kinds of stuff. Girls are prettier. Girls are sexier. I have lots more in common with them. I’ve always referred to myself as a “bisexual lesbian” because as much as I like sex with men, I could only have a relationship with another girl.

PornOCD: What is your earliest memory of watching porn?

Jacquie: Honestly, I had a very early exposure to porn and I sure am glad I did. I was probably around 5 years old. The town we lived in had an adult drive-in movie theatre. Mom and dad liked their porn. So instead of hiring a babysitter, they would throw me in the back seat along with a pillow and a blanket. When we arrived at the drive-in, they would have me lie down in the back with the blanket pulled over me and I would pretend to be sleeping. Since I was under 12, they didn’t have to pay for my admission. I wouldn’t pretend to be asleep for long and I would watch all these movies from the back seat. I got to see all the classic stars like Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Seka, Vanessa Del Rio and so many others. These films totally fascinated me and even then, I kept wishing that I was the girl on the screen. It’s a life-long dream come true that now I’m lucky enough to be doing what influenced me so much in my youth.

PornOCD: When did your mind first switch on the idea of making a career in porn?

Jacquie: I started thinking about tporn as a career soon after I got out of high school. There were quite a few problems with it becoming even remotely possible, however. Location was quite a problem. I was born and lived most of my life in the state of North Carolina. It’s deep in the bible belt and everybody knows everybody and they love to gossip. There’s also no porn production going on either. Working in porn has been a very strong desire I’ve carried around with me for so many years and I was doubtful it would ever happen at all. Having a craving for something that never gets fulfilled can be torture.

PornOCD: Who were your role models in TS porn before you entered the genre?

Jacquie: The first TS porn star I ever saw was Sulka. I only saw one of her films, but I remember being totally awestruck. I had always imagined myself as the girl on the screen, but THIS ONE HAD A DICK! She was the first one that proved to me that it was possible to be a girl even if I did have a dick. Not only that, she proved to me that it was possible to be a girl with a dick AND make porn at the same time! That was quite a revelation. Other influences were Gia Darling, Joanna Jet and Vaniity. All of them gave me a little more hope about the possibilities of doing porn.

PornOCD: What was the very first scene you shot and tell us all about it.

Jacquie: I was living in Atlanta at the time. This was around 2002, I believe. I got to know this couple, Kandy and Norman. Kandy had been shooting her own amateur porn for several years with Norman usually running the video camera. They would shoot at their home, glory holes and such. They sold their videos and DVD’s through their website. The first thing I ever shot was with them at their home. They had planned an orgy scene and there was about a dozen of us. Although I had been in threesomes, foursomes and moresomes before this, this was the first time I was surrounded by a dozen naked bodies simultaneously. There were dicks, pussies, mouths and asses everywhere and I got to sample each one of them. And if all this wasn’t incredible enough, what made it even more incredible was that it was all going to videotape. This was exactly what I had wanted for so many years and it was actually happening. The fact that it was just a small amateur production didn’t really matter all that much because I was actually shooting my first porn scene which also happened to be a full blown orgy. I tasted blood and I wanted more. Much more.

PornOCD: I recently interviewed Sadie Synn and you two did a great scene. Tell us all about it.

PornOCD Interview with Sadie Synn

PornOCD Interview with Sadie Synn

Jacquie: I saw your interview with her. Very good, by the way. Sadie Synn is awesome. I think we have very good chemistry. Summoning Slutty Mary was the brainchild of Miss Freudian Slit @MissFreudian of Paranormal Perversions @ParaPerv. She had told us in a tweet that she was thinking of putting Sadie and myself together for a scene. I was very excited to hear this as I had been getting to know Sadie for a while. Sadie lives in Iowa, so she had to schedule a flight to Los Angeles. When she arrived, Miss Freudian first picked me up and then made our way to the airport to pick up Sadie. We started getting ready to shoot as soon as we got to Miss Freudian’s house. As we’re getting ourselves ready we started discussing ideas for the scene. After playing with a few concepts, we decided to take a tip from the film “Candyman”. You know the one, where you stand in front of the mirror and recite a name three times? Yeah, that one. We came up with the name Slutty Mary and finally, we have our scene. I had to do a little bit of actual acting to start the scene. Fortunately, I had spent many years doing live theatre and some improv so I was able to pull this off fairly easily. Things naturally got heated up when Sadie entered the scene. What you see on the screen between us was all very natural and very real. Miss Freudian must have been satisfied with the shots she was getting because she wasn’t stopping us to give direction except for once to change positions. After seeing the complete video, I have to say that Miss Freudian did an incredible job shooting this piece. Her camera work and editing are excellent and she managed to to give our highly charged sex scene that spooky feeling that we wanted to pull off. I am very proud to have been a part of the making of this scene. You don’t see porn like this very often.

PornOCD: Sounds like you really enjoyed the scene. How easy do you find it forget the camera is rolling and just get into the sex?

Jacquie: I never really forget that there’s a camera running. I actually get off on it. I am a major exhibitionist. Knowing that I am being watched is a huge turn-on for me. I perform live sex at a couple of sex clubs very frequently and I tend to draw a sizable audience. If I know I am being watched, I’m going to give you a show you won’t forget anytime soon. It gets me so excited that I can get pretty primal and full of high sexual energy. I have the same reaction whether it’s a live audience or a camera. I am an extremely sexual creature normally, but I’ll do practically anything if I know I’m being watched.

PornOCD: Seems your very comfortable naked. but what is your favourite part of your body and why?

Jacquie: Being naked is a natural state of being for me. I am very comfortable with it and with my body. I know I don’t have the hottest body around, but I’m not ashamed of it either. I have no shame. I don’t believe in it. I’ve never given much thought in terms of a favorite part of my body but if I had to pick one, it would probably be my breasts. My breasts and nipples have always been very sensitive. It doesn’t take much stimulation to get me turned on. I am constantly being complimented on them and everyone appreciates the fact that they are all natural. I love the fact that I have them. They feel great. I never wear a bra and my nipples are always visible under whatever I’m wearing. I love it.

PornOCD: So what is the very first thing you notice about a hot man or hot woman?

Jacquie: What makes someone hot to me may not all be based on looks. I am fairly empathetic and can pick up on a lot of vibes. There are lots of beautiful people out there that just happen to be total assholes. I can spot them pretty quickly. What makes someone hot to me may be in the way they carry themselves, personality, how they react to things, their intelligence, sense of humor and attitudes towards sex and BDSM. A person can turn me on or off depending on what’s in their hearts and minds. I should also mention that I find large cocks to be very hot whether it’s on a man or a woman.

PornOCD: So who across the porn world would you love to shoot a scene with?

Jacquie: Right now, Morena Black is on the top of my list. I think she’s extremely hot and it’s difficult to not just drop to my knees when she’s standing next to me. We had planned to shoot a scene together a few months ago, but things didn’t quite go as planned. We are both still very anxious to do it but she lives in Florida and I’m in California. We’re on opposite ends of the continent. I really don’t have the funds to travel, so we’re going to have to wait till the next time she’s in Los Angeles.

TS Dreamland Interview with Morena Black

TS Dreamland Interview with Morena Black

I would give anything to shoot with Shane Diesel, but he’s not into doing trans girls, so that will never happen. I have been wanting to shoot with Mona of for a long time. We both think we’d make some very hot video. I would also like to also shoot with Kai Bailey @kaibaileyxxx, Soldier Boi (interview), Mistress Porcelain Midnight @DommePorcelain, Staci Miguire, @MadamRavenRae, and @SadieSatanas. I’m sure there’s several more, but that’s a few of them. Also @tsbethbell and Brooklyn Roberts.

Jacquie with Mistress Porcelain Midnight @Domme Porcelain

Jacquie with Mistress Porcelain Midnight @Domme Porcelain

PornOCD: You seem to enjoy the BDSM lifestyle. What makes it so appealing for you?

Jacquie: I am naturally submissive. I don’t think I have a dominant bone in my body. The BDSM lifestyle came very natural to me. It can be very fulfilling to serve a Master or Mistress and have a complete power exchange with them. There are many levels to the BDSM lifestyle and I was very deep into it. I am not only just a submissive, but I actually lived as a collared domestic and sex slave 24/7 for over 7 years. I have attended a lot of dungeons and did a lot of heavy play. Once again, there is this thing I have about being watched. I wanted to make sure to give to all those watching something to watch. I was a heavy duty pain slut who did a lot of extreme play. I have an insanely high pain tolerance and can take a lot more pain than most people. Ok, I admit that I am an endorphin addict. I have a talent for taking what most people call “pain” and converting it to pure pleasure. Sometimes, things can can get so intense that I have out of body experiences. One thing my Dommes and Doms has always loved about me was that they didn’t have to hold back with me like they had to do with most of their subs. They could play with me as heavy as they wanted to and it makes them happy. It makes me happy to know that they are happy. I love the total power exchange and I love to be able to totally submit my mind and body to someone that knows what to do with them.

I was also a sex slave and was extensively trained in the arts of giving pleasure. I had to keep myself available at all times to be ready to please my Mistress or anyone else She happened to choose for me. I was trained for deepthroating, facefucking, double anal penetration, gangbangs, fisting and just about anything else you can think of. I learned during this time that I was put on this earth for my body to be used for sex and giving pleasure to others. I still feel that way today which makes doing porn the most logical thing to do. On a few occasions I was handed over to a group of 4 or 5 black men to use me for entire weekends, doing anything they wanted with no limits as long as there was no permanent damage.

Thank you for reading our interview. You can follow Jacquie on Twitter @TSJacquie. You can find me at @PornOCD.