PornOCD Interview with Freya Wynn

February 14, 2017

Twitter: @freyawynn

PornOCD: You shot a great scene with Angel Allwood “Orgasm on The Mat“. Did you enjoy the rough side of this scene?

Freya: Elements of it, certainly. It was my first hardcore scene and I was still getting a feel for things.

PornOCD: You looked very much in control after you took victory in the scene. Do you enjoy taking control and being the boss during sex?

Freya: Situationally, yeah. It isn’t like I’m exclusively dominant, but I’m far pickier when it comes to subbing. There’s so many ways to express it and with how the nature of porn works it is often limited.

PornOCD: Your scene with Amarna Miller was amazing. You even mentioned during the scene she was just the right height for you. Do you prefer you partners to be taller than you or smaller?

Freya: It really depends on the position, I have a pretty awkward time with missionary for anyone who is about half foot shorter than me without the aid of a sex swing or one of those oversized plushie bears to bring the hips up to my height. Porn is more about the visuals over everything else, so anytime my hips don’t easily match someone else’s it’s an additional challenge. 

Scene Review by TS CaramelPornOCD: You mentioned you liked different languages. Did you like Amarna’s Spanish accent?

Freya: Ya, it was beyond adorable. Her bubbly personality made me think of Björk (Guðmundsdóttir, Icelandic singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, and actress). I didn’t expect the scene to unfold like that. And what can I say, it certainly kept me hard.

PornOCD: It looked from the outside looking in that you had amazing chemistry and the sex looked hot. Which position did you enjoy most if you had to pick?

Freya: It’s always a game of what’s needed and what’s desired. It can’t just be boiled down to one thing like that.

PornOCD: What languages can you speak and any plans to learn more?

Freya: Beyond my native English I’m conversational in Turkish, I can read French, Spanish, Azeri decently, but I’d need immersion for a while to really pick them up on a conversational level. I know bits of ASL and Russian, and lots of various bits of others thanks to being a nerd. I’ve been studying Farsi lately. There’s always something neat to learn.

PornOCD: What would you describe your sexual orientation as?

Freya: It took me years to really figure that out, most simply I’d say I’m bi but largely a dyke. There are guys I find cute, but it’s much more purely on an aesthetic level. I mused at the possibility of being asexual for a while as it does make sense to an extent, but it’s a wishy washy spectrum of meaning just as much as being bi. I do have a thing for androgyny, and after enough genderqueer dates and crushes orientation as a well defined concept makes less and less sense the more you dwell on it. Soooo… bi? Yeah, guess so.

PornOCD: What kind of partner do you prefer shooting with?

Freya: While so far Joey Minx and Mike Panic ( have been the exceptions, Freya: While so far Joey Minx and Mike Panic have been the exception, I find scenes with femme people easier for me and more naturalistic to get into it.

PornOCD: So looking back now four years down the line in your transition, how do you feel? Do you feel happy in your own skin?

Freya: The strangest element of transition that is oft forgotten happens sometime between the 2nd and 3rd year where it is just another day for you. No, I don’t feel comfortable in my skin, but for petty things like I can’t afford to take care of my wisdom teeth. Really I only really had particularly focused dysphoria around my balls, and that isn’t a thing anymore. The choice to get an orchi (Orchiectomy also named orchidectomy, and sometimes shortened as orchi, is a surgical procedure in which one or both testicles are removed) was as much of a healthcare choice, relying on t-blockers that gave me seizures is one asinine thing to pressure people into thinking is the only path. Like anyone else on estrogen my chest fluctuates and that can put me in a funk. Even if I had the means to get a breast augmentation I would pass under the thought that it would probably make me more dysphoric about my chest, and fuck that.

PornOCD: How do you think the TS community is seen by society in general?

Freya: As trannies far more often than as trans women, disposable at best. People see fetishes and projections before they see humanity – something usually only offered to trans women that don’t challenge their worldview and are ‘acceptable’.

PornOCD: So looking back on 2016 did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve and what goals have you set for 2017?

Freya: I was finally given the opportunity to do hardcore scenes after 2 years, which was nice. And in total did just shy of 10 scenes this year which is one hell of a first year, to me. Goals are for the stable and I can’t be sure how long that will take me at this point. I’ve been caught in a surprise move lately and it’s really hard to tell how things will be.

PornOCD: What other genres of the porn industry would you love to shoot in?

Freya: Companies that largely choose to stick their nose up at the existence of trans women but that’s a pipe dream.

PornOCD: Do you think that porn stars get the respect and credit they deserve from across the board?

Freya: The crab bucket syndrome is real and those in control see to its continued pervasiveness. Social isolation and cliques are used as a cudgel. When I was homeless for 9 months in 2015 the number of people in the industry willing to even speak to me was less than 5 which was a tiny sliver of people who spoke to me when I was a fresh face to utilize. I straightforward owe my survival to the kindhearted nature of Evie Elliot, who was why I lived in Seattle for a year and a half. People don’t give a shit if I’m going hungry or the struggle continues as long as they can stream pirated porn and get off to it. But I continually find my resilience tested, that’s transition for ya.

Scene Review by TS CaramelPornOCD: Where were you born and raised?

Freya: I’m from Texas, on a farm, but I only lived in the state long enough to just get brownie points for folks who are really into that. I grew up between Salt Lake and the middle of nowhere, Wyoming.

PornOCD: How was growing up for you?

Freya: It isn’t like I have a second life to compare things to. Simply, things are as they are.

PornOCD: I read a quote you made that your dreams of one day waking up as a girl. Can you remember when these feeling first started?

Freya: Yeah, I mean that is the most overt way I had dysphoric feelings, but we tend to only see the ‘typical’ societal image of being flamboyant young, wanting to have barbies and dresses etc, etc. I hope everyone is at the point to realize the world is way more complicated than that. I was just one to be just lost hiding in the closet, certainly with some distant idea of what would be ideal but no real idea what it meant. Until eventually I realized faking masculinity was nonsense, and went right at things.

PornOCD: When did you first tell your friends and family you wanted to live as a TS?

Freya: When it seemed like the thing to disclose after being set on my goals. Again, this is something we tend to oversimplify as it can take months and is rarely a straightforward process. It isn’t like I’m obligated to tell personal friends I’m trans – years in.

PornOCD: Were your family and friends supportive?

Freya: Not 4 years ago. My family is simply just my wife at this point.

PornOCD: What was your first ambition for your life and career?

Freya: Originally I wanted to do speech language pathology, but that is unlikely as it ever was.

PornOCD: Can you remember the first time you watched porn?

Freya: I smoked weed since then, but yeah somewhat. I was always more into written smut.

PornOCD: Seems you have worked a number of jobs. When did the idea of going into the adult industry first pop into your thoughts?

Freya: Camming at first was exhibitionism and validation. Everything else went from there.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people during your transition?

Freya: It should be kinda obvious that there are a huge amount of variables here. But overall, that isn’t really a common enough occurrence to stress over. The most shitbaggiest shitbags tend to express their bigotries in ways they are fully aware can get away with it.

PornOCD: How did your first break into porn come about?

Freya: I had been camming for 6 months around that time, and I was reached out to.

PornOCD: Did you feel comfortable in front of the camera naked?

Freya: Naturally.

PornOCD: What five words describe you and your personality?

Freya: Bashful, Pragmatic, Endearing, Stubborn, Cuddly.


PornOCD: For those who are reading about you for the very first time, what scenes have you shot?

Freya: This past year I’ve shot with Taurus Angel, Evie Elliot, Armana Miller for TGirls.Porn , Angel Allwood for, I was in TS Factor #03 with Mike Panic, Transsensual’s TS Girls On Top Vol. 2, a scene with Joey Minx for Crashpad Series, and soon a really neat DVD release is coming directed by Mona Wales and Arabelle Raphael. Also there was an oral scene with Bailey Jay in 2013, and something to the order of 6 solo scenes for

PornOCD: Do you prefer solo scenes or hardcore?

Freya: Hardcore. I don’t like faking emotion and faking orgasms and I only dependably get off using like 2 methods, so hardcore gives far greater options.

PornOCD: What turns you on sexually and what will always bring you to a mindblowing orgasm?

Freya: A vibrator.

PornOCD: What is your favourite part of your body and why?

Freya: I dunno, my belly?

PornOCD: You have a few tattoos. Any plans to get some more #Ink?

Freya: I’m about halfway through current goals before taking a break for a while.

PornOCD: What is the very first thing you notice about a hot man or woman ?

Freya: I really can’t think of something so universal like that. I don’t really get attracted to people on the spot very often, either.

PornOCD: You have been adding great content on since 2015 is this something that you really enjoy doing?

Freya: Uhhh, I haven’t made a clip since March. I was hoping on doing more this year, but my own resources can only go so far.

PornOCD: You have been on Twitter a number of years and have a good number of followers. How important is Twitter to your career and porn in general?

Freya: Beats Tumblr, I guess. I basically just see Twitter as a buoy that signals I’m not dead yet.

PornOCD: Do you try and keep in touch with your fans?

Freya: I try. I haven’t even owned a computer this year.

PornOCD: Do you think that social media has bad points?

Freya: Obviously. Where do you think these alt right kids now were radicalized? It’s the perfect environment for cliquey nonsense as well.

PornOCD: Who in the industry would you love to shoot a scene with #PornBucketList?

Freya: I’ll compress my answer to just say the site

PornOCD: Your dream one night stand would be?

Freya: Uhh, I’m not exactly that thirsty. I gotta know someone some before really getting into thinking that.

PornOCD: Who is your biggest crush on at the moment?

Freya: @enjoysatan @subbie_cupcake @mstrvktr @Kota_Morgue – – try to deduce my type now.

PornOCD: What do you enjoy doing away from the industry to relax and unwind?

Freya: I’m a homebody and don’t have much expendable income. The vast majority of my time is spent practically twiddling my thumbs. I read a lot.

PornOCD: Do you like to go out and paint the town red and party?

Freya: Not really, nope.

PornOCD: How do you keep your body in such good shape?

Freya: Motivation. it’s harder than folks probably assume with how much I struggle with chronic nerve pain in my right arm and shoulder that leaves me out of commission day by day.

PornOCD: When was the last time you laughed, cried and swore?

Freya: Last time I had progesterone peaking in my system.

PornOCD: Favourite music at this moment in time?

Freya: I always try to find something new to listen to, I primarily focus on Trip Hop/whatever alternative name, Jazz, Chillwave, gothy stuff. I’m a huge language nerd so I adore listening to songs by random languages as whimsy takes me.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why ?

Freya: Sylvia Rivera, Venus Extravaganza, Ada Lovelace –- I feel like I could learn quite a lot from talking with them and it’d probably be a decently wild night.


Twitter: @freyawynn

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