PornOCD Interview with Farrah Mills

March 10, 2015

Twitter: @farrahmills

Back in June of 2015, I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview stunning London Transsexual Model/Singer/Entertainer and Webcam Model Farrah Mills. Here’s a short interview to tell you just a little more about this incredible lady:

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PornOCD: So how was growing up in London?

Farrah: I’ve lived in London all my life. I had a wonderful childhood my parents allowed me to be who I wanted to be at an early age. I was allowed to play with girl’s toys and wear girl’s clothes at home. It was never a problem. I loved school until I went to high school and went through puberty.

PornOCD: How have your family been with the decisions you have made in relation to your career?

Farrah: As far as my short time in the porn industry, I very always been very honest and open with my family. They were very aware of what work I was doing. They said, “As long as you know what your doing and are safe.” They supported me.

PornOCD: Do you think that TS porn is getting more popular?

Farrah: I’m not sure if it’s becoming more popular or that it’s become more mainstream and more people are happy to admit that they find transsexuals attractive.

PornOCD: So how much did you enjoy your porn career and was it all you expected and more?

Farrah: This may come as a surprise to some people, but I never really went into porn to become a porn star or anything. I just thought I could get some more money together for my surgeries and I thought that porn would be a quicker way to do that, I found it very hard work if I’m honest and I wasn’t a natural at it. I had to work hard to make it look like It was all natural. But I don’t regret any of it and I’m not ashamed of it either.

PornOCD: You had a very successful career. What was the highlight?

Farrah: You know it’s funny but I never actually followed my own career. I’ve never even watched any of the work I’ve done! I have copies of the films I was in still in the plastic wrapping. I just kept copies for my memory, but I’d never watch them. I suppose the highlight was winning international transsexual of the year at the Transgender Erotica Awards in 2008.

PornOCD: What projects are you on with now?

Farrah: Currently you can see me everyday on webcam on and I’m also part of a girl group called T-Party (@TpartyLondon on Twitter). We also run a once a month club night called for trans and admirers.

T-Party on YouTube

Twitter: @TpartyLondon

PornOCD: What advice would you give to anyone struggling with feelings about transition?

Farrah: To transition is the most wonderful and hard experience at the same time. It’s also something that stays with you your whole life. You are always transitioning. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself, live your life for you, and surround yourself with people who understand and really care about you.

For model work contact Farrah Mills via email at and on Twitter @farrahmills. For T-Party updates, follow @TpartyLondon.   

Twitter: @farrahmills