PornOCD Interview with Brooke Zanell

January 6, 2016

From stunning platinum blonde to ravishing red, she can carry off any look with total ease. Indiana’s Brooke Zanell @brook317zanell has long luscious legs that seem to go on forever and has a very attention catching, and eye popping surprise in her knickers. She began the year 2015 a TEA nominee and this is when I wanted to find out a little about this lady. She’s been nominated once again for a Transgender Erotica award for 2016 in the category of Ms. Unique and for her amazing performance in Dirty Blonde Transsexuals for “Best Scene” filmed by @RadiusDark. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Brooke:

PornOCD: What do you think the opinions of everyday people who have never seen transsexual porn think about the genre?

Brooke: Today I feel like it’s a open taboo, and more and more people are paying attention. What used to be ain’t no more and there’s so many variety of girls…it’s fucking awesome.

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PornOCD: Who was your role model growing up and inspired you to become the successful person you are today?

Brooke: My role model is Foxy Angel from and She’s one of the first ladies of TS porn and a great business woman.

PornOCD: When you were growing up, who was your biggest crush and who adorned your bedroom wall?

Brooke: My biggest crush growing up was Prince William the Duke of Cambridge. Now I just knew I was going to be the future Princess of Wales. lol

PornOCD: Was it a hard decision deciding to get into the porn industry?

Brooke: @RadiusDark – he is my shining light and always knows what works best for the Brooke Zanell brand. So shout out to Radius Dark Productions.

PornOCD: Do you look back on mistakes you’ve made, or just move on a think I’m gonna learn from this?

Brooke: Being a tranny coming from a era where majority of the girls either escorted or did drag, it was quite a easy choice – sink or swim and I am swimming.

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PornOCD: Do you ever have to deal with rude people? Does this make you mad or sad with their views?

Brooke I do. I just got into it with a very popular TS adult entertainer and I will say that I take no shit from no one.

PornOCD: How often do you find time to just masturbate? lol

Brooke: All the damn time. I love stroking my big ass tranny cock. Do you bitch boys love it when I do this?

PornOCD: If you had to pick three people from any time in history alive or dead to have dinner with, who would they be?

Brooke: My first person would defiantly be Catherine the Great ….strong independent woman….. My second would be Queen Victoria. She is just fascinating and Princess Grace of Monaco… classic beauty.

PornOCD: Do you ever get tired of fans sending tweets who how much they love jerking off over your movies?

Brooke: No. We all need outlets to express our creative sexual side.

PornOCD: I you had the chance to sleep with either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, which would you choose? You cant be greedy and say both.

Brooke: Definitely Brad Pitt. I’d fuck that ass stupid.

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PornOCD: How would you describe yourself growing up?

Brooke: I was raised by a single mother. Susan is her name and she raised four boys and one TS daughter. lol. Three brothers were older and one was younger, but we were raised like twins. All my brothers were athletic and involved with sports. I wasn’t going anywhere near anything that would bulk up my skinny ass ’cause I was tiny and feminine and already thought of myself as one of the girls by second grade. Me and mom were the cheerleaders and best friends ’til I hit 12. The age of 12 was the toughest in my life. I hated dressing like a boy. My mom let me grow my hair out only if I got the chili bowl haircut which I agreed to. I had to have something to swing. But as I begin dressing in more girl’s clothes and became more feminine, things got rougher at home. My mom’s new husband, ol’ Shack, was old school to the core and wasn’t trying to understand me, so complications occurred. I ran away at 14 years old to Indianapolis, Indiana and found a group of kids just like me. We were our own family. We fed each other we fought for each other. We provided shelter for each other. We were all we had (Alexis, and Dominique, and Annastacia). So the streets were my home and it’s no place for a kid, let alone TS girl like me. More complications occurred and I went to jail for eight months. After that, I went back home to my mom. My mom missed me. She told me never again would she do something so stupid again, that I was her best friend and that I always had been. It took me going missing to realize what she had. She wasn’t willing to do anything to mess up our bond again, and she has kept that promise to this day. So I came home at the age of 19 with a 7th grade education, and had a lot of catching up to do. I went and got my GED and then I enrolled in Community College and got my Associates Degree in History. I did so because my fascination with the Monarchies of Europe. Then at 24 years old in Indianapolis, I met one of my greatest influences, Zori Zannell aka TS Lady Godiva. With a little help from a friend, I went from a little girl to grown woman, started escorting and traveling around the USA. While in Florida, Lady Godiva had a shoot with Tonya Cline. Tonya, who owns, asked me to come along with her, so I did. And when Tonya asked me if I wanted to do a shoot and I did, man the magic I felt! And you should of seen Tonya’s house. It was a mansion with a indoor pool that she owned. OMG I had to have me a piece of the pie. I knew I was pretty. Everyone always told me that. So that’s where my adventures in porn began.

PornOCD: The world can be a very judgmental place and it seems that people try and push their own opinions and beliefs on people without even knowing they’re doing it. Looking back, do you feel that you at any point tried to be what people expected you to be?

Brooke: I have never been anything but unexpected. I’m a Aries and by nature I was adventurous.. going out and being a flirt, and I was not holding nature back. Oooo noooo… nature took its course and it was Fucking Awesome.

PornOCD: Where you popular at school and what crowd did you hang around with?

Brooke: School my was cool. My brothers said I might be gay and all that, but I wouldn’t be no punk! So I had to fight and fight I did. If you dared called me out my name…. But after awhile, I stared hanging out with all the cool girls and then started sleeping with their crushes. I was naughty little bitch, all in the bathroom in school having the boys (we were all underage and it was all agreed to).

PornOCD: I’ve read somewhere a description of you as a grunge girl. What music struck a chord with you and seemed to make sense to the way you were living at the time?

Brooke: Grunge girl? Who me? No way….. I’m a blues girl. I need my music to have some emotion in it… some feeling in the vocals. My favorite artists are Etta James, BB King, KoKo Taylor, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dr. John, Eric Clapton, Layla Hathaway her voice is like smooth, rich butter, Rachelle Ferrell… man she can take you through some thangs. But I have to say that Taylor Swift has taken me on so many rides with her. From watching her I now like artists like Ellie Goulding, Teagan and Sara, Jessie J. So music is all about the way it makes you feel and you feel it… then it’s music, baby.

PornOCD: Most people can hear a song and it will instantly take them back to a time or memories from years before. What song takes you back to good times?

Brooke: This song right here takes me back to time when music was all that I had to make me smile ; BB King featuring Ruth Brown “Ain’t Nobody’s Business.” The song says “Ain’t nobody’s business what we do…” You’ve got to YouTube it. It’s legendary.

PornOCD: Everyone, and I mean everyone, looks back on photos from years gone by and has a slight cringe thinking OMG what was I thinking wearing that? Have you had any fashion disasters?

Brooke: OMG yes my 19th birthday pics. It was horrible. I didn’t know how to do shit but I do know. So you live, you learn , and you keeping it moving, honey. I just want to add one more thing. We must share our life experiences so the next generation of tgirls do not have to go through the same trials and struggles as some of us girls went through. So I thank everyone who has ever been interested in me.

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