PornOCD Interview with Becca Benz

March 1, 2016

Hi, from PornOCD. I hope you’ll enjoy my May 2015 interview with Model / Writer / Blogger / Artist / Trans Advocate / College Graduate / Army Veteran and 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards ( Best Internet Personality nominee Becca Benz:

Twitter: @MissBeccaBenz

PornOCD: Your journey from working in a University to TS porn star has been a very different journey from many of the girls in the industry. When did you realize you were living in the wrong body?

Becca: I knew I was different and wanted to be a girl since I was around three or four years old, but when I was a kid there was no information or resources available, so I just thought there was something wrong with me and grew up feeling like a freak and not being comfortable with myself. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I began to figure things out and put the pieces together and begin to understand who I was. The Internet obviously played a big part in helping me learn about what it means to be transgender, and helped me connect with other trans people, which was so important. So it has definitely been a process to understand who I was and to accept myself.

PornOCD: You have children. How have they supported you along this path you have chosen?

Becca: My sons have been completely supportive and accepting of my transition and who I am. They just want me to be able to live a life where I can be happy and be myself. They have been my biggest source of support and they are the ones who are there for me when things get rough or I just need to talk. I’ve been very fortunate to have such a supportive family, which I know is all too rare in today’s society.

PornOCD: Sometimes during our lives we run across people who are rude crude or just damn right stuck in the dark ages. How do you deal with negative people?

Becca: I’m always happy to talk with people and answer questions and hopefully help them be more comfortable with trans people, but if someone is determined to be rude and I feel they are too close-minded to be receptive to talking, then I’ll just ignore them and go about my business. I’ve been fortunate to be able to participate on a trans panel for a Human Sexuality class at a college for several years and it’s something I really enjoy, and I appreciate the opportunity to help educate the public about trans people and issues. It always ends up being such a positive experience, not only for us panel members, but also for the students as well. I guess I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t encountered too many rude people. When I first transitioned I was more sensitive about how I perceived people were reacting to me, but now I’m happy and confident with myself and don’t really worry about whether people won’t like or accept me because I’m trans. The people I care about love and support me and that’s what matters most.

PornOCD: The TS porn genre is still kind of taboo to some people. How would you describe how the genre is going and where do you see it moving?

Becca: Porn is a fact of life and isn’t going anywhere, and I firmly believe that trans porn is going to take off and become more a popular and bigger part of mainstream porn instead of being relegated to second-class status. Thanks to Steven Grooby and all the work he’s done to develop trans porn from a niche into the successful and popular industry it is today, there is unlimited potential for growth. And with all the progress that’s been made in gaining acceptance of transgender people within society, the conditions are ripe for this industry to really take off. And as it becomes viewed as a more legitimate business it will continue to attract new talent and the quality of the product will continue to improve, thus attracting more customers and increasing profitability.

PornOCD: When you were growing up who was your biggest crush on and who adorned your bedroom wall?

Becca: Most of the posters on my bedroom walls were of baseball players, but the iconic poster of Farrah Fawcett in the red bathing suit had a special place of honor on my wall!

PornOCD: Who is your biggest role model in life and within the industry?

Becca: I would say without a doubt that my mom is my biggest role model. She was a single parent and she showed me what it meant to be a good parent and made me feel loved and was always supportive of me. As I grew older, and later became a parent myself, my respect and admiration for her grew even more because I had a better understanding of all the sacrifices she made when I was growing up. She raised me to be the person I am today. And I also have to say that my sons are just as much of a role model for me. They have had a lot to deal with during their young lives and not only have they survived, but they flourished and I could not be prouder of the young men they have grown up to become. It may sound odd for me to say my sons are role models, but they inspire me in so many ways and give me the motivation to keep going when things get rough.

My role model within the industry would have to be Venus Lux. She has obviously accomplished a great deal at a young age, but more important to me is her concern for transgender women and all the effort she has put towards educating the public’s perception about us; not only in the porn industry but within society in general. I had the pleasure of meeting Venus while we were in Los Angeles for the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards, and she is a very gracious and caring person and someone I definitely have a great deal of respect for, not only for what what’s she’s achieved as a businesswoman, but because of the kind of person she is.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people from history, alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Becca: Thomas Jefferson, to hear his thoughts on the current state of the country; Babe Ruth, because he was such a huge part of the game and such a large personality; and Rembrandt, just because I love his work and he lived such a fascinating life!

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PornOCD: When did you first start viewing porn and what was first porn movie you watched?

Becca: Being older than most models, my first experience with porn came in the form of magazines, specifically Playboy. I was instantly in love with how beautiful and feminine the models were, and that made me want to be female even more. I later watched porn online and especially loved trans porn. Well, I mean, who doesn’t love trans porn?! Lol I don’t recall the name of the first porn movie I watched; I guess I’ve either watched too many or I’m getting old and forgetful!

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PornOCD: Do you find enough time in your busy days to just have some alone masturbation time?

Becca: I always make sure to find the time for that!

PornOCD: When was the last time you were star struck or lost for words around someone?

Becca: This one is easy! That would be at the Transgender Erotica Awards when I was on the Red Carpet being interviewed by Morgan Bailey. There were a few seconds when it was just so overwhelming to realize where I was and to look out and see all the photographers and realize I was actually there! It was like living a dream!

PornOCD: As Morgan got you a bit star struck, would you like to do a scene with her down the line in your career?

Becca: I would be honored to do a scene with Miss Bailey! And hopefully I wouldn’t be as tongue-tied the next time!

PornOCD: Lots of girls in porn seem to be pushing themselves to go further and do more in an attempt to get noticed or progress their career to the next level, such as with triple penetrations etc. When you first started did you set yourself a line in the sand if you will, and say I will do certain things but not do others?

Becca: Not really, only because I knew so little about what it took to be successful and I was mainly trying to learn and hadn’t really set any limits as to what I would or would not do. As I’ve learned more and become more established I’ve gotten a better feel for my place within the industry and how I want my career to proceed. Going to the TEA was such an important step for me because I learned so much from all the people I met there and got a better understanding of how the industry works, and it also helped me to develop a more clear vision of how I wanted to proceed with my career. In some ways I can’t compete with the girls who are half my age, but I do feel my age is an asset in that I have a certain appeal that comes with age and maturity. I know myself, and I have gotten to know what my fans like about me, and I feel I can have a successful career by staying true to who I am as well as providing what my fans want. I may not be as mainstream as some models, but I feel I have a place within the porn industry where I can be successful.

PornOCS: If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

Becca: Sensitive, survivor, communicator.

Facebook: MissBeccaBenz

You can meet Becca at Teacon on March 5, 2016 between 1 and 5pm at the Stockroom/Syren Retail Boutique at 2809½ W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026. Becca will also be attending the TEA Transgender Erotica Awards at Avalon in Hollywood at 1735 Vine Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90028 at 8:00pm – 9:45pm / Red Carpet and Cocktails 10pm – 1am / Awards Program. Visit The Personal Site of Becca Benz: My Life in Words and Pictures at and follow her on Twitter @missbeccabenz and on Facebook at MissBeccaBenz.