PornOCD Interview with Athena Addams

January 22, 2016

This is the PornOCD interview with three time Transgender Erotica Awards 2016 nominee in the categories of Best Hardcore Performer, Ms Unique and for Best Scene on Shemale Yum with B. Nefarious, and hostess of the website.

PornOCD: You have a very individual style with your tattoos, different colored hair and piercings. It’s great to see individual style. Do you feel comfortable being your own person rather than being told what to wear?

Athena: My always changing style is something built of necessity – a pure desire to be true to the person I am and have fun and take a few risks with the only body I have and finite time that I have it. I’ve collected my tattoos from almost all different artists while traveling. I’ve never been a fan of being told what to wear. I don’t feel anyone is in a position to tell someone else how to dress or adorn their bodies. I wear what I own till it falls apart and I found my favorite dress in a goat barn while camping a few years ago.

PornOCD: What was the very first tattoo you got and was there any meaning behind it?

Athena: Oh that’s a day I’ll never forget. It was my 18th birthday and I had the flu. I was so sick. I was living in New Orleans at the time and wanted to do something for myself to celebrate turning 18. I had been living on my own for so many years without the certain privileges that come once you turn 18. So I walked to a little tattoo shop and got a tramp stamp. I remember being terrified about coughing or something while the guy was working on me. I didn’t want to make him mess up. I’m in the process of covering it up now with my entire back piece I started this year.

PornOCD: When did pornography enter your life? Was that a more gradual process?

Athena: I imagine like with many people, pornography entered my life at a very young age, like finding yourself watching the fuzzy channel on the tv hoping to see something dirty. lol It wasn’t until I was 17 I believe, that someone from Grooby Productions and Shemale Yum reached out to me on Myspace. I told them I wasn’t 18 yet and would have to talk to my boyfriend, but of course I was interested. So my then boyfriend and I had the talk; the one that is important and private and makes sure nothing is done that would hurt the one you love. Getting into porn was exciting, but I remember back then cherishing the love we had.

PornOCD: Have your family and friends been supportive of your decision to enter the porn industry?

Athena: My mom has always been extremely accepting and then I have my step brother who is amazing. Both of them are a big part of my life. So I’ll focus on the positive that’s there.

PornOCD: So your career started in 2004. You took a break from porn for awhile. Why was that?

Athena: I had been living as a woman already before I turned 18, but I didn’t even know hormones were a thing until right around 18. So the same time I started porn, I also started the medical part of my transition. By 2008, I just felt like I hadn’t given myself the chance to transition outside of the spotlight and truly take time to figure out the kind of woman I was meant to be – not just the kind of model I was meant to be.

PornOCD: I love this quote, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Do you believe in looking back on mistakes or dealing with each day as it comes?

Athena: I’ve never found looking back on your mistakes to be that beneficial. Hopefully, you learn from your mistakes and can just move forward. I tend to handle life as it comes at me. That doesn’t always feel like the wisest approach. Every day is a gift. The good days outnumber the hard days, and the hard days just make you work even harder to insure that the days to come get better and better.

PornOCD: Do you think that TS porn has become more popular recently?

Athena: Absolutely. I don’t really watch straight porn. I’m way more into gay porn and trans porn, but with social media providing almost direct access to your favorite performers, it’s easy to look at the number of fans out there and the numbers don’t lie.

PornOCD: How important do you think it is to keep in touch with your fans? How much does social media help your career?

Athena: Well, in this industry, I try to just do what I like and put it out into the world. So it’s always nice when people enjoy looking at what I enjoy creating. Social media is a great tool to hear directly from those who like my work and to hear any ideas they may have. My Twitter is @AthenaAddams by the way. I try to be pretty interactive with everyone. There have even been a few times where I’ve been fortunate to meet amazing people only to later find out that they have followed every shoot I’ve ever done. It’s nice when that happens and they see me outside of work mode.

PornOCD: You have appeared 18 Times on Shemale Yum. That’s an impressive effort. After you took a break from porn, did you find things had changed in the genre when you returned?

Athena: That’s a great question and I’m not an authority on the industry as a whole. I can only speak to my experience. When I started, I did a lot of solos. I really enjoyed them. My last two before I took the long break where hardcores – my first two hardcores ever actually. I remember at the time thinking all the shoots looked the same to me. But maybe I just wasn’t paying as much attention as I felt like I was. I felt like so many where in hotel rooms. In reality I’m sure that there were many types of shoots I was just completely unaware of. The Transgender Erotica Awards didn’t come into existence until the year after I quit and I didn’t pay to much attention to the players in the trans porn business while I was on break. I focused more on who I was. Having started porn so early, I didn’t really give myself a chance to transition outside of the public eye, and I felt I owed that to myself.

It was about two or three years ago when I bumped into Mandy Mitchell outside of my house in San Diego, CA. A friend brought her over and we started talking about growing gardens, feeding the homeless, train hopping and tranny porn. We hit it off immediately. I was so excited to hear about all the things she was doing on her site – things I hadn’t remembered seeing being done before I quit. That’s when I started reaching out to Grooby and considering getting back into the business.

PornOCD: How would you like your fans to remember your career when you decide to end your porn career?

Athena: I’d be thrilled to imagine that maybe if they think of me, they might remember many, many wonderful orgasms I hope I was able to give them. If in some way I continue to be fortunate to be able to meet and truly interact with people who like my work, I hope they remember me for who I am. Online I can be very cautious and guarded, and when fans meet me and I feel safe, they are almost always shocked that I’m actually super kind and caring. I hope they look back and remember performers are people, and more often than not there’s so much more to them than the neatly packaged Internet persona that fans often see.

PornOCD: How do you find having sex on camera? Are you aware that the camera is there or do you just get into the zone?

Athena: As I’m sure many people know, I just came back to the industry in February of 2015. It was really excited to get to work with some big names and true professionals. I love sex, but didn’t really know what to expect with new photographers as I had only ever worked with one in the past on all my ShemaleYum shoots and he no longer worked for the company. I was a bit awkward for sure, but extremely fortunate to be working with such talented and wonderful people that week such as, Robert Axel, Blackula, B Nefarious, Buddy Wood, and Christian XXX. They definitely made the transition back possible, and I can’t imagine trying to come back without them. I remember being very aware of the camera and concerned about my angles and wondering how things would look and what each photographer I had never worked with wanted as far as angles and stuff went. I was super aware of their lighting and where they were standing. Hardcores were kinda new to me all over again. They really went above and beyond to make me as comfortable as I could be. Every scene I do, I become less and less aware of the camera, especially when working with people I’ve already worked with. It’s exciting to see scenes get better and better.

PornOCD: Who would you still love to work with on a scene?

Athena: I really want to work more with Brock Avery. We have discussed it and few some amazing things we want to shoot.

Athena: I also want to work more with Trixxy Von Tease, and Eva Cassini. I first met B Nefarious the night before a shoot with Buddy Wood and we hit it off so well that we both asked Buddy if we could do the scene together the next day.


Athena: After the scene, I asked him who I would have been working with and he told me Giovanni Francesco. Having just got back in the business, I wasn’t familiar with the name. A few weeks later I was out and saw this stunning man and someone told me that that was Giovanni. I have no regrets. I loved the scene I had shot with Buddy and B, but after meeting Giovanni, I can say I totally wanna work with him. It would be awesome if Grooby would do something along the lines of the rad super hero stuff he does. I haven’t worked with Michelle Austin of TsMichelle.XXX yet or Parker Reed, Dicky Johnson, Ryder Newman, James Darling FTM Fucker , Cyd St. Vincent, or with Viktor Belmont. I was so excited to come back at a time where trans men and women are coming together and making something beautiful. Those are just some of the guys I hope to work with. I can’t forget stopping in my tracks when I first laid eyes on Ruckus on the red carpet at the 2015 TEA Awards. I stood there and just soaked in all his sexiness and later discovered how delightfully sexual he is. I hope I can work with him too. I could answer this question forever probably because the combinations my imagination can come up with are endless. There are tons of names I’m sure I didn’t mention and certainly many people I’ll meet and want to work with.

PornOCD: What keeps you motivated to keep working hard everyday?

Athena: I have so many turn ons and things I already enjoy doing and so many more things I want to do. Over the years, most of my partners had been outside of the industry and what many of them considered kinky or new kinda just felt like the same ole same ole to me. It was good, but it was almost never new to me. Coming back and seeing so many kinky people has been exciting. I feel fortunate every day to get to know and interact with more and more performers, it’s almost surreal talking to people who shamelessly own their bodies and desires. Knowing that with all these amazing people working today, there’s almost nothing on my sexual bucket list that can’t come true. Now that’s a beautiful feeling.

PornOCD: If you were given 1 million dollars and only 24 hours to spend it, how would you get on?

Athena: I’ve always said I would invest if something like that happened, or I ever had such a sum saved up. If I didn’t know I was going to get the money and hadn’t planned on what to invest in at that particular time, I would go with what I know the most about, Real Estate. I feel like even in a pinch I could find the right property, buy it, and absolutely make a profit. The property would determine what I did, but it’s exciting to think of the possibilities.

Athena Addams with Robert Axel Shemale.XXX Photo Gallery

PornOCD: What do you do to relax away from the lights and cameras of the porn world?

Athena: I probably masturbate way more than most people. I write a lot, hike and spend a lot of time alone with nature and my thoughts. I sometimes go bowling by myself or shoot some pool. When I’m in a big city, I like to get involved with this certain group of amazing people who are known for dumpster diving for produce and coming together to clean and prepare vegan meals for the homeless.

PornOCD: Do you get much time to just relax and have some solo masturbation time?

Athena: I may be wrong but I feel like I masturbate a lot. Even when it’s not for web camming, there are days I go at it about five times.

Athena Addams and Kaylee Kuddlez on TGirls.Porn

PornOCD: I always end with this question. If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Athena: I don’t know honestly. Maybe someone who is a professional but humble chef – someone who is a professional but humble nutritionist, and someone who has dedicated their life to helping the homeless. All three would have to love educating people humbly in their trade, and the one who chose the selfless path less glamourous would hopefully remind me that not everything I think is important is really all that important when others have it harder and have so much less. is Athena’s incredible website. Follow Athena on Twitter  @AthenaAddams , athena addams on Instagram, and  Talk LIVE with Athena on Verified Call. 🙂