PornOCD Interview with Aspen Brooks

February 27, 2016

Twitter: @aspenbrooksxxx

Hi, from PornOCD. I’m proud to announce my interview with Aspen Brooks who has become a leading adult actress in a short amount of time.

PornOCD: 18 years old and making big waves in TS porn already. You must be very proud of yourself.

Aspen: Honestly, it has gone by so fast! All these shoots, AVN Awards and now working on my own website? I am very fortunate.

PornOCD: So let’s rewind the clock. Where did your story begin where were you born and raised?

Aspen: I was born in Canton, Ohio and moved to Zürich, Switzerland at a very young age and stayed there until Kantonsschule (similar to high school in America) and then moved to Dayton, Ohio to finish up my education.

PornOCD: When did you first feel you might be living in the wrong body ?

Aspen: I was around 8 years old and I kept asking to be identified as a female. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old before I realized how much it was affecting my life. I started therapy shortly after, and then hormones when I was around 15 or 16.

PornOCD: Who was the very first person you really lusted after and wanted a session of bedroom gymnastics with? lol

Aspen: This was back when I tried to be sneaky and watch porn on my laptop, but he was a gay porn actor named Skye Woods and he worked for Colt. He was roided up, muscular, had the biggest booty and I swear that’s where my booty obsession on men and women came from. Not sure where he is now, but I bet that ass is still huge.

PornOCD: How hard a decision was it to tell your family and friends you wanted to live as a TS?

Aspen: Honestly, I was more scared about telling my mother than my father. She is very religious and secular and to this day, as accepting as she tries to be, her views will always be there but they have changed. I was always the jock type despite my inner feelings. Total tomboy. But at the same time, I was a glam tomboy because underneath all those basketball, track and football uniforms, I was wearing a pair of panties I took from my sister. So let’s be honest, coming out to everyone else? Easy as hell.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people?

Aspen: Honestly, I just take it with a grain of salt and realize that those people mean nothing to me. If you can’t be a basic human being with compassion and an open mind, I don’t even want to be near you.

PornOCD: When was the very first time your eyes viewed porn?

Aspen: I was like 12 years old in my tiny bedroom in my apartment in Switzerland, and I first started watching straight porn, then gay porn, and from there I just got excited about everything.

PornOCD: Being only 18 years old now, when did your ambitions of a porn career start?

Aspen: I was working as a barista, a denim specialist at a retail store and going to Cosmetology school full-time when I first turned 18 (I graduated High School with my diploma when I just turn 16 years old). I randomly started following porn stars on Twitter @aspenbrooksxxx and they noticed that I was a very naturally feminine trans girl. They started messaging me, and before I knew it, I had so many contacts in the adult industry. My original plan was to become a makeup artist and hairstylist to the stars, but I eventually decided to work up the nerve (but not overstep my boundaries as friend) to ask them about potentially working in the industry. My good friend (who has been my co-star multiple times) @JaxtonWheeler got me set up with Nica Noelle from Transsensual, and a month later I flew off to my first scene. From there on, offers came in, and I realized the potential I have.

My TS Teacher – Aspen Brooks & Jaxton Wheeler

PornOCD: You have tattoos. Any plans to get more #Ink?

Aspen: So many plans. But I am trying not to go too fast because my first tattoo was a half sleeve, and I have already been spoken to about changing my look too much and too frequently. I mean, shit, I was platinum blonde like two weeks ago. So yes I do, but slowly getting more.

PornOCD: So how did your very first porn opportunity come about?

Aspen: As I said previously, I had been contacted by a few people since I had started making connections in the industry just as a friends and to potentially gain access as a makeup artist or a hairstylist (since that is what I was in school for). Jaxton set me up with Nica Noelle (who is now one of my greatest friends) for the company Transsensual, whom she directs for.

TS Blondes Have More Fun – Scene Review by TS Caramel
TS Blondes Have More Fun – Scene Review by TS Caramel

PornOCD: Were you nervous before your first sex on camera?

Aspen: Honestly, I am not very camera shy when I am slammed up. The only thing I had to get adjusted to was not looking at the camera while getting my brains fucked out of me. And also the sometimes awkward angles they have to film us in to get a good shot.

PornOCD: You worked on TS Seduction you banged your roommate. Tell us how much fun it was. I’m guessing lots by your big explosive ending. lol

Aspen: You should have seen the look on my face after I shot that much at the end. I looked at Madeline like I just did something wrong, and she was like “Aspen don’t look at the camera” but I was like “BUT DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH I JUST CAME?”. We all laughed about it afterwards.

Scene Review by TS Caramel

PornOCD: How was working for TransSensual on their latest movie? Tell us about your role.

Aspen: Well my latest role for Transsensual was as Marilyn, the soft spoken, innocent blonde. The special was called “TS Blondes Have More Fun” starring Aubrey Kate and I. Aubrey and I are complete opposites in real life, so it was absolutely to portray similar characters on camera.We grew pretty close filming together that week, and we now think of each other as sisters in our personal lives. I call her Big Sis. She called me Little Sis.

PornOCD: What porn really gets you hot under the collar and excited?

Aspen: I have this obsession with rimming for some reason. Especially girls rimming guys. Oh, and anything that has to do with Riley Reid or Christy Mack. They are such babes.

PornOCD: What other scenes you got coming up?

Aspen: I am working with Evil Angel again when I fly out for the Transgender Erotica Awards. I did a solo scene for Jay Sin who directs TS Playground. But this time I am doing two scenes. Joey Silvera is the director. Not sure which male talent is confirmed for the shoots, but I will surely keep everyone on my Twitter @aspenbrooksxxx up to date on that! And then also potentially doing scenes for ShemaleYum and Bob’s Tgirls while I am in LA.

PornOCD: Who is on your #PornBucket list to shoot a scene with?

Aspen: I am hoping to shoot with Lance Hart very, very, very soon. He is sexy as hell, and I’ve heard great things about him.

PornOCD: Do you ever get star struck meeting famous pornstars?

Aspen: I swear I am the only one who gets starstruck! At AVN’s I saw people like Remy Lacroix, Foxxy, Riley Reid, Alexis Texas, etc. and I just died! Yet none of the other models were freaking out. I guess everybody knows everybody once you’ve been in the game long enough!

PornOCD: Who is your dream one night stand?

Aspen: If I told you that then it wouldn’t come true. Haha.

Scene Review by TS Caramel

PornOCD: So in 10 years time, where would you like to be in life and career wise?

Aspen: I hope to see myself managing not only a successful porn career, but I would like to hopefully own my own salon/beauty-related business considering I am a licensed cosmetologist. A stable income, a high-rise apartment, a ton of pets, and overall happiness.

PornOCD: What is your favourite song /album of all time?

Aspen: Literally anything that comes out of Beyonce’s mouth is my favorite. I just bought tickets to see her world tour. Everyone in my life who knows me knows that I have been OBSESSED with her since I was little. Her music has helped me through so many rough times like my older sister passing away after committing suicide, and through all the changes I went through with my own body being a trans woman.

PornOCD: How important is Twitter to your career and porn in general?

Aspen: I think every porn star can tell you that Twitter is a vital part of the adult industry. For the regular entertainment industry, Instagram seems to be the most popular, but in porn, Twitter is your lifeline.

PornOCD: How do you think TS Porn genre is going?

Aspen: I think TS Porn is the most in-demand at this point. TGirls have been under-represented for years, and now we are able to (for the most part) to be ourselves and shine!

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life?

Aspen: All attention, whether good or bad, is still attention. If you want something bad enough, you’re going to have to take risks to get there.

PornOCD: What five words just describe you?

Aspen: Confident. Powerful. Unique. Sexy. Undeniable.

PornOCD: So is 2016 going to be a big successful year for you?

Aspen: I have a very good feeling about 2016. The fact that at 18 years old I am already becoming fairly successful, even after such a short time in the industry, I have high hopes for this year. I am constantly told I am the next big thing in TGirl Porn, and part of the next generation of stars. Let’s hope that holds true!

PornOCD: Final question. In your opinion can a cock ever be too BIG? lol

Aspen: Nope. If you’re ass isn’t stretched out enough, better go and stretch it some more, because big cocks are hard to come by these days.

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