Femout.XXX: Seven Gets A Creampie!

Seven before she gets her hot TS ass fucked!

Femout.XXX: Seven Gets A Creampie! co-starring Soldier Boi and produced by Omar Wax

Description: Sexy Texas hottie Seven is back and she is ready to get her sexy ass fucked in her first hardcore scene ever! Welcomed by Soldier Boi, Seven can’t wait to have a taste of his cock and then let him pound her tight hole! Watch Soldier Boi fucking Seven until he cums deep inside her!

Caramel’s Review: “Seven in Meet Seven!” is this gorgeous model’s debut on Femout.XXX. She told us her onlyfans and Twitter account handles. But I’ve tried using them to no avail. The written link doesn’t work either. If I learn more, I’ll let you know. At any rate, Seven tells us about her sexuality and how she intends to grow as a model. As she poses barefoot in her shorts and t-shirt, I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself growing as well. I love how Seven speaks throughout her debut. And of course how gorgeous she looks with that big, uncut boner swaying before her slender thighs.

In her “Seven Cums!” follow-up Femout shoot with Omar Wax, we’re transported from the kitchen area in the last shoot into the living room. A leisurely jerking off session takes place on a leather sofa. The full length and girth of Seven’s massive dick is shown like never before. It’s especially large moments before her huge, cum-shooting climax!

Now we’ve arrived at “Seven Gets A Creampie” co-starring the award-winning Soldier Boi. This shoot is complimented by 146 hi-res photos. Omar Wax presents the couple engaging in foreplay right at the start of this scene.

Seven is on her knees sucking his rapidly expanding organ. The green-eyed beauty looks amazing with her natural hair tied into a ponytail. Soon, she’s completely naked getting her fine ass loved on orally. The muscular Lone Star State stud teases her butt with his stiff dick rubbing. At this point, Seven’s pretty hair is loose, but her ass is tight around Soldier Boi’s deeply plunging erection.

I can’t remember when I’ve last seen suck an erotic TS/Male doggy style railing! The reverse cowgirl fucking with Seven facing us is mesmerizing. Next comes a side-saddle bareback pounding. Seven is much louder when getting laid as she is in her solo masturbation scenes. The missionary position sex brings us to the promised creampie ending.

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TransAngels: Dillon Diaz and Cloudy Vi in Sexperience 2.0

Dillon Diaz and Cloudy Vi in Sexperience 2.0 on TransAngels.com

Description: Cloudy Vi and Dillon Diaz are in a futuristic sex dungeon where they need to have sex so they could save the world! Well, not really. They just need to have sex because they’re horny and who wouldn’t be horny wearing skin-tight silver catsuits? Cloudy pops her tgirl cock out and Dillon gets to work on it with his mouth. The two of them move over to the couch where they could really enjoy each other’s hot bodies in Sexperience 2.0!

Caramel’s Review: The stunning trans starlet, Cloudy Vi, and gorgeous porn renaissance man, Dillon Diaz are explosive in Sexperience 2.0 on TransAngels.com! Cloudy told AVN.com, “It was DEFINITELY a dream experience,” She added, “Modeling, being on set, or camera in general, and creating cute content has always been something I’m super passionate about. So being able to show my body off, model, act and work with the most amazing people was fantastic. My goal is to be a BIG face of the adult entertainment industry. I definitely look forward to working with the site again!”

This TransAngels video opens with Dillon viewing Cloudy posing gracefully through VR glasses. He catches a fleeting moment of the futuristic fox stroking her stiff cock. Then he’s actually standing next to her through the magic of good filmmaking. He pulls her into a passionate kiss. She’s seated when he takes her throbbing member inside his mouth.

The background setting is as lush as that of any Sci-Fi major mainstream studio set. The close-ups are crystal clear. Cloudy returns Dillon’s oral favors and he can’t get enough of devouring her staff. Dillon teases Cloudy for quite some time, rearing up behind her, spanking her well-rounded bottom. Finally, he takes her from behind.

The railing is powerful and frantic. Dillon plays with Cloudy’s pre-cum leaking erection as she rides him while on top. Cloudy’s big dick remains hard when Dillon fucks her in the missionary position and gives her an acrobatic pile driver fucking. Sexperience 2.0 is a marvel with the perfect balance of artful direction and contortionist-like sex acts only top notch porn actors can deliver. Follow Cloudy on Twitter at @CloudyVi_ and on onlyfans.com/cloudyvi_ and follow Dillon on Twitter @DillonDiaz11 and on justfor.fans.com/dillondiaz11!

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scarlettdove on Chaturbate Trans Cams

Scarlett Dove looked stunning in a recent stream lying on her side in a black lingerie set. Her breasts were covered and the bottom of her outfit consisted of panties with garters and black stockings. Her gorgeous face was lightly made up with pale pink eye shadow and lipstick. She was squeezing her cock through her panties when I logged into Chaturbate Trans Cams for free. Then she whipped out her long, thick, uncut schlong within the next five minutes. Her smoothly-shaven balls were excused.

The look on her pretty face transformed into lust-ridden within a few moments. Scarlett told a fan, “You should see it when it’s hard.” Then she added, “It gets a lot bigger.” I know that because of her hormone regime it can take awhile for her cock to fully enlarge. It’s so well worth the wait to see Scarlett with a full-blown hardon! She paused from masturbating to remove her top, exposing her pierced pink nipples. Then she grabbed a bottle of lube to coat her thick shaft with.

After jerking off in her panties and sheer black stockings for awhile, Scarlett began sharing more information about herself. I was amazed that she’s been on hormones for a decade because she looks like she’s in her low-twenties. Scarlett happened to mention that before hormones, her prick was almost a foot long. It’s 8.5 or 9 inches long now and still very thick. It was a relief to Scarlett loosing a few inches because it used to be a bit much for some people. Even now, her junk can be overwhelming to some.

What followed was a session of cock sleeve fucking. More revelations came during this set. Scarlett is bisexual and mostly a bottom. But she still tops in her personal life, too. One of the most exciting things about her streams is hearing her soft, pretty voice. Her moans will go right through you! Then there’s the confessions that come with her streams. Whether you like a nicely rounded ass, perky tits, narrow, dainty feet, a huge dick, Transgender star Scarlett Dove will not let you down physically.

And she spanks her sexy butt more than you’d expect her to. She also uses paddles. I think you’ll love watching this lovely young trans woman stroking her big erection with one or two hands. And her toe-curling orgasms are out of this world! Check out onlyfans.com/pigeongirl69 and manyvids.com/Profile/1003291031/dove42/Store/Videos! Also see her on Chaturbate.com/scarlettdove!

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GroobyGirls: Erica Cherry’s HC Comeback!

Before I even get into this review, Erica is back on Chaturbate with a fury! Follow her on tsdreamlandcams.chaturbate.com/erica_cherry.

Erica Cherry’s HC Comeback!” on groobygirls.com rolls out with gorgeous Erica Cherry beginning to play with herself. She’s wearing a white blouse, black and white plaid skirt, and bejeweled, strappy sandals. She parts her thighs and as she rubs the bulge in her dark panties, she moans how horny she is. Erica is craving having a big dick fucking her.

Erica withdraws her big, stiffening cock and her anal opening, writhing on a black leather sofa. She stands up and jerks off to a full erection. Then she sits back down to unfasten the clear straps of her tall sandals. The next sequence is devoted to fans of Erica’s perfectly-rounded ass, bare feet, and rear view of her cock and balls. Just as she’s fantasizing having her ass split open, hung AJ Fresh appears on the sofa beside Erica.

His huge dick is straining upward to defy gravity. Erica leans forward to take hold of the shaft and engulf the head inside her mouth. The bearded stud can’t resist spanking Erica’s hot ass as she gives him head. Moments later, Eric straddles AJ and rubs both of their big boners together. She notes the way her pre-cum is leaking across his hardon. Erica removes her bra to expose her perky breasts and wonderfully puffy nipples.

After a session of tantalizing frottage, Eric goes down on AJ again. when she straddles him again, she spritzes lube across his mammoth prick while totally naked. Her own big dick is hard as a rock as she settles her ass down on AJ’s member.

Soon, he’s jacking his hips up and down, fucking her silly and making her moan like crazy. All this action happens in less than the first half of this GroobyGirls video! There are more position changes and the climactic ending is focused on Erica Cherry’s tremendous, cum-laden orgasm.

You can follow the California-based stud through his allmylinks.com/aj-fresh account. Follow the lovely Erica on Twitter at @EricaChery and go to erica-cherry.com for more links.

She’s also back LIVE on tsdreamlandcams.chaturbate.com/erica_cherry where you can register for FREE!

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