TGirlJapanHardcore Review: Megumi Gets Her Man

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Description: Tgirl Megumi is a pretty young lady who gets what she wants. She wants this nice looking fella so their kissing leads to her sucking his dick. Megumi is not done yet as this beautiful and horny woman wants to fuck him so badly.

Birthday: 23rd November
Location: Osaka, Japan
Height: 170cm
Weight: 56kg
Stats : 82/60/88 Bio: Megumi is 22 year old now and has been working in the biggest escort service in Osaka for a few years. She enjoys looking after her appearance at nail salons and spas. Favorite type of man is a secret … she says she has her own type of man and know’s him when she meets him but in sex, she likes it strong and aggressive, especially having her anus and nipples played with. She can speak Japanese, English and Tagalog.

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Warning: This review comes with spoilers, so if you don’t want to know about all the action, go directly to to stream or download the full-length video. Beautiful new-half Megumi behaves like a blushing teen with her new boyfriend getting frisky with her as they sit on the sofa.

She wants it, but she’s shy. Seduced by a deep passionate kiss, Megumi is encouraged to stand up and push down her shorts. She steps out of them and removes her panties, too! Hiding what’s between her legs for a brief moment, she lays back on the couch with just her t-shirt, bra and sandals on to get devoured orally.

Megumi emits high-pitched whimpers as her man gives her a rimming and begins sucking and stroking her cock to erection. He lines his swollen cock at the entrance of her tight ass and continues masturbating her hardon as he enters her deeply. At times, he manages to lean down and suck Megumi’s cock while he’s fucking her!

Megumi also receives a blowjob while standing and removing her brassiere. Then she sinks down to suck on her man’s thick member. She plays with herself while giving him head. Then he fucks her again – this time in the doggy style position! Megumi is now completely naked as she gets railed with her lovely cock and balls swinging beneath her exquisite body. A side-saddle railing comes next and what happens next in this produced by Hiro, remastered update totally surprises me. Megumi’s man straddles the Japanese beauty and she starts fucking him! She strokes his raging erection while he rides her with a fury! Frottage follows and after rubbing boners together, Megumi plows in and out of him in doggy style and he then fucks her again!

The cowgirl ride is unreal with Megumi screaming at the top of her lungs as she gets fuck with her erection bobbing and swinging like crazy! Acrobatic fucking is followed by two big cum shots. This is one of the finest scenes ever! Also visit the original sister site

GroobyGirls Review: Introducing Gorgeous Teaka Mesitas

Watch The Trailer Description: It’s that time again! As usual every first of the month we introduce our “Model of the Month” and our May 2019 winner is the amazing Taeka Mesitas! Just discovered by Radius Dark, Teaka is a gorgeous and unique looking girl with a smoking hot body and a perfect ass that she loves showing off! After a little bit of outdoors fun, Teaka is back int he hotel room ready to show us everything she got! Watch her posing and playing with her cock in her first scene ever!

Biography by Radius Dark:

Birthday: 23rd January
Location: California

I spent all day hanging out with Teaka. First we went to Stinson Beach the back way, and she explained how she became very familiar with the whole area when she was delivering gravel to various homes and businesses. She loves the beach. The next time I’m back home in Northern California, we’ve planned to go to some very low traffic areas and take some very nice outdoor pictures. She stands 5’11” and has a beautiful, feminine figure and face. Her long hair is also a wonderful feature. The first video I ever saw of her was her tattooing her own hand. Although she’s had an orchiectomy, she’s still able to cum.

Caramel’s Review: Using the word “exotic” can get reviewers in trouble. It indicates that the writer means ‘ introduced from another country : not native to the place where found’but when I apply the word to Teaka, rarity, objet d’art, and romantic are closer to the words I’m looking for. Her award-winning producer, Radius Dark, almost seems to be showing off at this point with the beauty of the outdoor footage. If I were a budding photographer, I’d be taking notes. Teaka displays herself in a naughty way in the great outdoors, yet the more explicit content occurs inside well over four minutes into Teaka’s debut.

Teaka is seen next posing in lingerie and a shearling vest with her lovely legs and feet bare when we see her poised on a sofa indoors. When she confesses the sexual activity she was thinking abut back on the beach, don’t bee surprised if a tinge of lust courses through you. Teak has a way of expressing her horniness in other ways than with her stiffening cock. It’s her whole aura. When she’s feeling sexy, you willl be too. I really don’t think you’ll be able to help it. And you just wait until you hear gorgeous Teaka moaning while she masturbates. Wow! Her first shoot on is a reminder of how contagious eroticism at it’s finest can be.

TGirls.Porn Review: River Enza & Sarina Havok

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Filmed by – Radius Dark
Added – Apr 30, 2019
Featuring – River Enza Sarina Havok

Official Description: Time for your weekly fix of rampant tgirls sucking and fucking other rampant tgirls! This week we are showcasing ever-kinky duo River Enza and Sarina Havok who waste no time getting into each other’s panties for a dazzling display in front of Radius’s big lenses. You know what to do – update area, this instant!

Caramel’s Review: Let’s not beat around the bush. If you’re looking for the ultimate trans lesbian jerk-off scenes, this one is one of the best of 2019! Does it play like River and Sarina are actually girlfriends? Yes, if you don’t have any background info about these great performers. River is in a relationship with cisgender porn star and producer, Goddess Kyaa and Sarina’s cis partner, Robin Coffins is also a performer/producer. With that said, these girls have a lot in common. I love knowing something about my favorite models, but I’m now moving to their chemistry in this scene.

Mr. Dark presents this super sexy pair kissing on a bed in matching black bras and panties, Sarina in fishnet stockings. It’s hard to say who is the aggressor, even when River withdraws Sarina’s already erect cock and lays down to suck on it. I need to see more before I make that determination. A delicious looking 69 comes next, which doesn’t help me figure out who is the dominatrix in this case. Then it dawns on me that as much as these particular performers are skilled at fetish content, this is a straight-up lovemaking/fucking scene. Plus, this is a glam scene, not BDSM.

River is gloriously nude by the time she eases her hardon inside Sarina’s tight ass in the missionary position. Sarina’s big dick is straining hard as she gets a raw railing. Then she gets equally naked (well, except she still has her stockings on) and flips script on River. Which girl is better at fucking? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but if you’re like me, it doesn’t even matter because they’re both phenomenal. There’s about 2 minutes of crucial post-coital intimacy that helps you figure out if this TGirls.Porn update has a “winner” which one it would be. But there can’t really be a loser in this type of situation.

GroobyDVD: TGirls.XXX T-Banging

Directed by: Bob Maverick of

Starring: Korra Del Rio, Casey Kisses, Nadia Love, Foxxy, Ryder Monroe

Description: The Dream Team! Did we really get the 5 hottest transsexual performers of 2018 into one DVD? Anything with superstar Foxxy is always amazing, and this scene shows her using those famous lips and that curvy ass at it’s best. With super hardcore scenes from Korra Del Rio, Casey Kisses and the return of Ryder Monroe to trans porn, this compilation of the top trans porn stars is sure to please. Do you love to see hot tgirls getting banged? T-Banging is what you need.

For the first time ever, we’re offering access to our massive tgirl DVD library online for a single membership price. This is stunning value for money with over 150 DVDs currently being shown! All videos are offered in full HD quality for the ultimate viewing experience! presents an awesome compilation from the TGirls.XXX website!

“We’ve got a huge back catalog of DVDs, and release a further four titles each month, so it seemed natural to try a ‘Netflix-type’ model for the content,” says Grooby’s CEO, Steven Grooby. “Now, for one price members can view everything, including all the exclusive titles such as Domino Presley’s House of Whores, award-winning Real Fucking Girls, and Buddy Wood’s long list of movies.” boasts a collection of more than 150 Grooby titles in full HD-quality. This is the first time ever Grooby is offering access to its extensive library for a single membership price. Customers are able to search by title, scene, and performer, in addition to functionality that allows them to search by series and scene types. Fans interested in purchasing individual titles can still do so here.

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Black-TGirls Review: Holly Strokes Is Horny!

Model Profile Description: Holly Strokes is back looking better than ever! It’s amazing how this girl keeps getting hotter every time she returns! In a brand new scene produced by KilaKali, Holly is ready to play with her big hard dick again! Watch her stroking it just for you! She is stunning!

Bio: Birthday: 18th July
Location: Kansas City, MO

Miami native Holly Strokes is a fully verse model with a beautiful set of full lips. When she is topping she loves for a guy to ride her massive member. For the lucky guy that is able to get into her ass she loves it doggie style. An all around sweet and humble girl she was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with her again real soon.

Seven photo and video sets ago, beautiful Holly Strokes was named Model of the Month November 2017. There are no introductions when Holly is presented by KilaKali in this update. Holly exposes her breasts quietly, rubs circles around them and she tweaks her nipples firmly.

Then she rises to strip down to nothing but her high heels. The rest of her session is self-explanatory. She works her huge cock to erection after the midway point.

One of her most captivating sequences is when she’s jerking off while seated and licking one of her own nipples. It’s one of those, “I can hardly believe what I’m seeing” moments.

TransAngels Review: Jessica Fox & Dante Colle: Coming For You

Watch The Trailer Description: Jessica Fox is not the kind of girl who takes well to being dumped, and if you think you can avoid her wrath by doing it with a note? You must be out of your mind. Jessica tracks down her cheating boyfriend, Dante Colle, stomping down the street like a vision of righteous fury. Jessica interrupts Dante with his new girl and teaches him that if you fuck around ON her, you get fucked BY her. Jessica dominates Dante’s mouth and hole as he gasps and moans, pounding him hard to make sure he’s learned his less.

Jessica Fox is one of the best trans adult industry actresses primarily known for her talent of dominating men. With Dante Colle, she’s got one of the hottest males in the business. Adult Industry biographer, Amy Stone, wrote in her Jessica Fox Biography on, “Since 2008 sultry TS star Jessica Fox has been captivating fans across the globe with her raw sexuality, amicable personality and natural assets. Winner of the coveted “Best DVD Performer” accolade at the 2010 Transgender Erotica Awards, before she became an adult film star Jessica was born and raised on a Native American reservation in Phoenix, Arizona. Jessica is proud of her Native American roots and states via her official solo website “I like to characterize my beauty as exotic. Being a Native American girl a touch of savage and class can go a long way. My skin is as tan as desert sand and just as soft”.

Jessica looks absolutely stunning as she struts down a suburban neighborhood street in “Coming For You“. Dante’s foot worshiping in the opening sets the tone for how the rest of this Trans Angels update plays out. It arouses Jessica to the point of withdrawing her stiff cock and playing with it. When Jessica orders Dante to work his way up from her bare foot to her erection, you’ll realize that this is a glamorous Domination/submission scene in its most classic sense of the term.

Even when Jessica gives Dante head, it’s clear that she’s the one running things. There’s simply no question about it when she drives her bare cock inside Dante’s tight ass. Jessica’s powerful fucking in multiple positions leads to two magnificent cum-laden climaxes!

Thank you for reading. You can find me on:
Twitter: @tscaramel
TS Dreamland on YouTube

Transfixed Review: Natalie Mars & Haley Reed: The Heist

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Description: Natalie Mars and Haley Reed are standing together on the side of a desert road. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the women are calm and confident, casting each other flirty looks as they intimately slide their hands into each other’s back pockets.

Then, they see him — some rich guy flaunting his stuff as he drives down the road towards them. When he spots the two gorgeous women hitchhiking, he can’t resist pulling over and inviting them into his convertible. Having just run into good fortune, he’s all-too-happy to brag about it while a mysterious briefcase sits in the backseat. While Haley distracts the guy, Natalie sneaks a peek and discovers that the briefcase is loaded with money! As soon as she gets the chance, she gives Haley the signal.

Within moments, the guy is unceremoniously dumped onto the side of the road. The girls speed off, gleefully throwing dollar bills to the wind, celebrating their win. They drive to the nearest cheap motel, as not to arouse suspicion, although they fully intend to arouse each other instead…

As soon as the motel door is closed behind them and the briefcase is cast aside, they crash together in bed. As they strip each other down, they admire each other’s naked bodies in the neon glow of the motel sign shining through the window. Basking in their glory, they eagerly go down on each other. As Natalie licks Haley’s pussy, Haley sucks Natalie’s cock… They can’t get enough of the taste. Once they are both ready, they finally take each other for a wild ride.

Yet, as they cuddle together in bed when they’re exhausted, their life is about to get even wilder. Little do they know, the neon glow outside is soon replaced with the flashing red and blue of police lights…

Review: is a a micro-site and a series on How does a trans blogger even begin to rate a Natalie Mars scene at this point in her career? Fairly and honestly like everyone else. But first, a word about her from the director, Bree Mills. “We’ve shot Natalie Mars four or five times. She is the tipping point. … She also has a huge following. She was Kristen’s first, Cadence Lux’s, Haley Reed’s. She’s the cool trans girl that all the porn girls want to shoot with. She’s getting huge exposure with mainstream fans because of that.” I’ve been following Haley Reed for a couple of years now, from the days when I used to review mainstream porn. That amount of time is saying something because this petite, 34B-24-35 performer is only around 22 years old. She’s developed a huge fan base in a short amount of time.

The filming is top notch as usual, but there are a few special elements about this production even the creators could not have banked on. The chemistry between Natalie and Haley, from their conspirators glances at one another, to their flirtation leading to raw sex is magical. I didn’t expect it to be so kinky, with heavy foot fetish content, fisting and roughness. But those elements made me appreciate this episode even more.

Thank you for reading. You can find me on:
Twitter: @tscaramel
TS Dreamland on YouTube

Femout.XXX Review: Scarlett Williams

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Femout.XXX Bio: Scarlett is from Ohio and has been transitioning for the past 3 years she likes it all when it comes to genders. This being her first time ever doing a shoot Scarlett had no problem getting hard and staying that way. Hopefully we will see more of her in the future.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Birthday: 2nd April

Review: Scarlett is one of those rare models that gives me the visual equivalent sensation of sweet and savory – she’s sexy and adorable at the same time. Her April 19, 2019 “Femout Newbie Scarlett Williams!” debut comes with 112 hi-res photos and a 17:26 minute video.

Producer KilaKali allows Scarlet to give you a quick once over from the kiss she blows you, down to her red pedicured toes and back up her body which is clad in fetish wear/lingerie.

Her introductory interview goes the same way as the bio above, before this review begins. Scarlett informs us as to how long she’s been in transition, her favorite sexual positions and her sexual preferences.

Scarlett says the most compliments she receives is for her ass. She’s not shy about showing us why and that’s a very good thing! I didn’t notice the way her lower extremities filled out a pair of tight jeans so well, or how sophisticated she looks in tall boots, until I saw her encore shoot. But I digress.

Back to her debut, I noticed that with the sounds Scarlett makes while masturbating, this production could make some people cum just listening to it. As for watching it, that’s a given. Scarlett is sitting barefoot in casual wear on a sofa when her encore begins. Obviously pre-heated, she moves right into fondling her boobs through her sweater and stripping out of her top and brassiere quickly.

She peels off her jeans to reveal that her thong is quite sheer. Soon she’s making those sexy noises again and rendered completely naked. The bedroom footage of her debut was great, but this couch set gives us a better look at her lovely body from a more full perspective. This fap session is shot from several varying angles and the fact that you already know she’s going to cum at the end might enhance the overall experience. And watching Scarlette Williams cumming on Femout.XXX is quite a delightful experience (especially if you’re cumming with her).

Thank you for reading. You can find me on:
Twitter: @tscaramel
TS Dreamland on YouTube

Black-TGirls Review: First Timer Friday: Baad Girl Ari!

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24 year old Baad Girl Ari had been in Louisiana for a spell, but she’s back in Houston, Texas which made this shoot with the Lone Star State producer Omar Wax relatively easy to get off the ground.

This 5’2″ (152 cm), 110 lbs (44 kg) firecracker looks stunning in a semi-sheer white body stocking posing seated and running a hand across her trim torso. She addresses you as “Daddy” as she poses standing about tw and a half minutes into the scene.

Although this is her debut on this world-famous website, Ari seems like a pro at the art of the striptease. She rubs her nipples and plays between her legs teasingly while taking quite a long time to she anything explicit.

All that delicious nudity you see in the video preview doesn’t happen until you’re well into the full-length video. Ari gives you plenty of time to get totally aroused so you’re ready to cum by the time her debut comes close to ending.

What’s the ending like? Well, Ari rubs one of her full boobs in a circular motion while jerking off furiously. Then she plays Hide & Seek with her erection before giving out her Instagram address. You can get it…. as a subscriber.

VRBTrans Review: Stressed Out Starring Aubrey Kate

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Description: If you are with for a while now, you probably already know that having sex is one of the best methods of getting your stress relieved – and yes, this includes banging inside of our immersive virtual reality with some of the sexiest trans girls from the huge list of our professional VR porn stars. In our latest bareback TS VR porn movie called the Stressed Out, one of them – incredibly hot and all-natural blonde transsexual VR porn goddess, Aubrey Kate – could truly use your hand with letting some of her steam go, as she has just had a really stressful day and would love to relax right next to you.

She just came back to home, noticed that you are there waiting for her and… all that she wants is to ride on your hard cock while moaning and groaning out loud with pleasure, so you should definitely let her do that to make her day better and allow her regain some energy and relax before the next, maybe equally stressful day that it is about to come tomorrow. Don’t worry: this amazing anal VR porn scene will allow you to rest, too, and even though you will be here for Aubrey and to help her out, you too could get a lot out of this TS VR porn fantasy and your own joy will be a really pleasurable side effect of this trans VR porn therapy – and since you could help Ms. Kate while giving some pleasure to yourself as well, why wouldn’t you do that? Exactly!

Wear your VR headset and hop right inside of this TS VR porn scene as soon as possible – Aubrey is waiting for you and with every next minute of making her wait she is only getting more and more stressed and you will only have to fuck… we mean try harder to help her out!

Review: What’s hotter than your average superstar Aubrey Kate video? A Virtual Reality 4K Aubrey Kate video presented by After about 3:30 minutes of watching Aubrey Kate sucking YOUR cock in VR, you see her own cock and balls exposed below the hem of her dress. The garment eventually lowers to expose her large breasts while she’s rubbing against you. The frottage leads to her sucking you off again, this time topless, and she jerks your erections off together.

My favorite thing about this update is that there’s plenty of forplay footage before the fucking begins. It’s good to the last cum shot and once again, Aubrey Kate shows us why she’s at the top of the game. Stressed Out? Let Aubrey Kate help you with that in VR!