Evil Angel: TS Chanel Santini + Cis Girl Zoe Sparx

TS Chanel Santini + Cis Girl Zoe Sparx on Evil Angel

Description: TS superstar Chanel Santini looks stunning in a skimpy mini dress, see-through top and glittery high heels. The busty blonde teases, stroking the stiff she-shaft protruding from her skirt. Soon, slim cisgender girl Zoe Sparx joins Chanel for some savage backdoor fun. The ladies kiss and grope each other’s body. Zoe gives a nasty, spit-soaked blowjob. Raunchy rimming leads to intense, dick-riding sodomy. Zoe whimpers as Chanel reams her asshole, and the T-girl gags as she sucks cock ass-to-mouth. This twisted anal encounter climaxes when Chanel rewards Zoe with an explosive cum facial.

Directed by Joey Silvera for EvilAngel.com.

Caramel’s Review: I can understand why Joey Silvera jokingly asks, “Who are you?” of Chanel Santini when she faces the camera as a blonde in Scene #03 of Trans-Active #03. I forgot that Zoey’s hair is a darker shade of blonde and thought it was the cisgender female star I was looking at for a second, not the trans star. Chanel is a bit more well-built than she was during the time of her debut a few years ago. But she’s in no way too thick. This chick is totally flat tummy fit and just right.

She looks amazing in her black BDSM outfit with her stiff dick hanging below the hem of her micro-mini skirt. Her big tits are fully visible through her fishnet top. Silvera says she’s so friendly, considering the way she’s dressed, but Chanel adds that she can be a bitch. I think thousands of fans would gladly be Chanel’s bitch, especially seeing her like this!

We’re treated to an aerial view of Chanel caressing her boobs and stroking her erection until it’s standing up at attention. Zoey appears after about four minutes, ready for her cute ass to get spanked. There’s a bit of warm-up banter before the sex gets going. Then comes a delicious session of passionate kissing.

Chanel’s oral talents get Zoey soaking wet. Zoey’s cock sucking is sloppy and her ass eating is vicious. The way she eagerly takes an anal fucking from Chanel is quite riveting. Both cowgirl variations evolve into a powerful doggy style railing. Zoe buzzes a magic wand vibe against her clit while her ass gets destroyed by Chanel’s pounding hardon.

Zoey has no problem giving ass-to-mouth head before getting her pretty pussy reamed! Chanel’s climax is creamy and monumental. If you’re wondering about Chanel Santini still being in her prime – yep, she’s still in it.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TGirls.Porn: Claire Tenebrarum & Lianna Lawson

Description: Aaaaah Tuesday, we meet again! Once upon a time rated as the second least favorite of all the days, Tuesdays now officially ROCK thanks to your good friends here on TGirlsPorn! Lianna Lawson and Claire Tenebrarum the honeys bringing the heat today, in a Radius Dark production set to make your mouth water. Yay!

Caramel’s Review: Radius Dark opens this hardcore scene with blonde Lianna and brunette Claire in bras and panties kissing on the bed while sitting on their knees. Claire gets her breasts bared and orally stimulated first. Then it’s Lianna’s turn to get the same treatment.

When Lianna bends Claire over to bare her ass, there’s a big sex toy embedded inside Claire’s tight bottom. Lianna pumps it in and out before removing it and sucking Claire’s cock. She sucks and handles Claire’s dick until it’s erect and throbbing. By the time both girls are completely naked, Lianna is sporting a hardon, too! Claire sucks it lovingly as Lianna plays with Claire’s butt.

Next, Lianna straddles Claire so they can perform 69 sex. Claire then lays back and her boner bounces above her tummy as she gets a rapid finger-banging. This action warms her tight ass up for a raw missionary position fucking from Lianna! A dual stiff cock rubbing comes next, as a quick break from actual fucking, then a doggy style railing comes next. Claire, with her ever-bouncing erection, rides Lianna and a sequence of side-by-side intimacy with chatting comes next.

Lianna asks Claire what she liked abut the sex most as Claire plays with herself. Claire is rock hard so Lianna goes down on her again. Claire then asks what Lianna liked most and she tells her before they kiss again. After the sex, Claire explains the meaning behind her name. This part is a full closing interview with Mr.Dark. This closing TGirls.Porn interview is as thorough as the sex footage is cumtastic!

Evil Angel: Victoria + Nicoly: TS-On-TS Anal!

Trans-Active #03: Victoria + Nicoly: TS-On-TS Anal!

Evil AngelAdulttime

Description: Flashy trans girls Victoria Neves and Nicolly Pantoja wear revealing porn-wear, showing off their hot bodies as they anticipate an intense buttfuck. For foreplay, the busty T-babes trade blowjobs and rim bunghole. Their lust intensifies — the girls pack each other’s rectum with hard she-prick. TS-on-TS anal sex comes complete with raunchy, ass-to-mouth fellatio; passionate mutual masturbation; and a creamy cum facial.

Directed by Joey Silvera

Featuring: Victoria Neves, Nicolly Pantoja

Caramel’s Review: Evil Angel: TS Angelina Please + Cis Daphne Dare was my Scene #01 review from Trans-Active #03. Here’s my take on Scene #02! Blonde Victoria Neves, who has starred in TS NOW! #04 and in TS NOW! Big Bunda introduces herself first. Then brunette Nicoly Pantoja, who has starred in TS NOW #04 does the same, followed by some excited laughter from famed director Joey Silvera.

The girls switch from speaking English to Portuguese, which Mr. Silvera seems to easily understand, then the beauties kiss on the lips. Bare breast admiration comes next and if this opening sequence doesn’t send spikes of arousal through you, I don’t know what will. Both girls jerk off to produce big, gravity-defying erections. Nicoly is the first to give a blowjob. After Nicolly a gives her mate head, she gets her ass eaten and crisply spanked and her hardon stroked. Then she gets her tight ass soundly fucked in the doggy style position!

When they switch roles, Nicoly eats Victoria’s butt, then penetrates it raw with her big, stiff dick! Nicoly is first to cum, a self-produced orgasm, that Victoria eagerly opens her mouth wide for. Nicoly simulates the last event enjoying Victoria’s creamy white cum shot. Victoria Neves and Nicoly Pantoja are two of the hottest trans porn stars out there today and Joey Silvera of Evil Angel is still the master of the game.

Erica Chery & Calliope on Chaturbate Trans


Erica Chery rails Calliope Apella again on Chaturbate Trans and it’s to die for! I don’t even know if Calliope existed when the U2 album cover on her t-shirt came out. She removes her tall athletic socks and her striped panties show with her movements. It doesn’t seem that her cock out yet. But Erica’s big dick is fully exposed and she’s jerking off while seated to Calli’s left.

Her perky tits with their puffy nipples are exposed from her raised flannel shirt and Calliope is soon removing her panties. Her uncut cock is already hard, but she pays more attention to Erica’s schlong than her own. That’s until Calli decides Erica’s mouth should be filled with her dick. She rises to her knees on the sofa and skull fucks pretty Erica.

The redhead webcam hostess moans around the penis she’s sucking and continues to jerk off. More and more tips roll in as the eroticism heightens! Calliope then leans down to suck Erica who lays back to enjoy it. The girls rub their love sticks together and then Erica sinks to her knees on the floor. She sucks Calli’s hard dick both kneeling and seated.

When Calli takes a brief break, Erica lifts her lovely bare legs and feet into the frame as requested from a fan. When Calli returns, it appears that she has lubed up her erection because moments later, she’s penetrating Erica’s tight ass with it in the missionary position! A bit later, Erica decides she wants it doggy style and flips over, gazing directly at us as Callie gets her boner ready again.

This is an incredible perspective, yet something even better comes next. Erica rides Calli’s dick reverse cowgirl. Calliope eventually becomes totally nude and a jerk off session follows with Erica being the full recipient. Erica is on her knees getting her big rod pumped furiously by naked Calliope until she convulses in orgasm!

Erica turns around and sits up on the sofa with creamy white cum pouring from her cock head while Calli rushes off to get her a towel. Then it’s time for the pair to sign out of Eric’as channel Chaturbate.com/Etertaycbe!

Calliope Apella fucks Erica Chery on the Chaturbate Trans channel Etertaybe!

Grooby Girls: Zoe Cums Again!

Zoe’s Grooby Girls Bio:

Birthday: 13th June
Location: San Antonio, TX

I try to keep fit. Enjoy running, swimming, biking. Even though I’m soft and feminine on the exterior, don’t cross me or I can be your worst nightmare 😉 I am a natural girl and absolutely love love love my body. My best asset is just that…my perfect pretty round brown ASS 😉 My favorite pass time would be people watching. Love when guys aren’t shy about making the first move, but also not opposed to being a go-getter myself.

Climax Monday: Zoe Cums Again! Grooby Girls

Description: Zoe is back! We haven’t seen this Texan hottie Zoe in quite a while so it was a perfect opportunity to bring her back for a new episode of our “Climax Monday” series! Looking better than ever, Zoe can’t wait to remind us what she got once again! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums in this week’s hot climax special brought to you by Omar Wax!

Caramel’s Review: Zoe’s Cumtastic Threesome! on Grooby Girls is one of my favorite hardcore scene of 2018. It featured a double railing by Soldier Boi and Coutry Boi. But Zoe needs no one else to make so many of us cum. She’s well adept at inducing orgasms all by herself. Especially when her solo videos end in climax like this one.

Zoe’s striptease in this video can be considered painfully slow, depending on how stiff your cock becomes before she begins masturbating. While wearing lingerie, stockings and sandals, all in black, a shoe removal and foot tease comes first. Zoe bares her full breasts next and then we get a look at her deceptively small flaccid cock. Zoe is a grower, but more on that later.

She does a 5 or 6 minute bed fap session before standing on the floor to continue jerking off. Zoe doesn’t speak, but she moans softly. Once she’s back on the bed, stroking her big, erect cock, she gets a bit louder with her gasps and moans. She grimaces hard and at this point we know she’s about to nut. Suddenly, streams of creamy white cum soar from the head of her swollen cock to land on her black corset and flat pelvis.

She cups a large dollop of her cream with her hand and releases her dick which stands up, yet slowly wilts. Zoe now has a total of 5 incredible Grooby Girls shoots under her belt, including that explosive hardcore scene!

Download This Grooby Girls Video Zoe Cums Again in your choice of 4K 2160p 3,568.58Mb, 1080p 742.67Mb, 720p 463.60Mb or 480p 279.25Mb formats!