Caramel’s Review of Raven Babe’s Sticky Cumshot: Black-TGirls

Raven Babe's Eight Black-TGirls performance is cumtastic!
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Description: Raven Babe’s back again ready to stroke her huge cock! You know it’s going to get hot whenever she is around,m that’s why we are always excited to have her back with us! In another smashing solo scene produced by KilaKali, Raven can’t wait to get naughty again! Watch her stroking her big dick until she pops a nice sticky cumshot for you!

Biography by Producer KilaKali: Raven is barely legal she just turned 18 a couple of months ago. She is a former Femout.XXX graduate. I have known her for a bit as she is a webcam model and I moderate for her. She hails from Iowa and is completely verse. She stands 5’9″and has a huge cock to match. A real joy to work with I look forward to seeing more of her.

Raven Babe is ready to show you her huge cock!
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In her eighth performance since June of 2017, Raven carries herself much like she does in a live show. She’s quite vocal and interactive. She wears a corset with panties and wedge heel sandals that she quickly removes.

Raven unsnaps the hooks of her corset to reveal two pretty boobs. One of her nipples is pierced. I remember her debut and her body is even more amazing than it was two years ago. She’s tighter yet and more lean. She strips completely nude early in this update.

Hung beauty Raven Babe naked!
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When she lays back on the mattress, her big cock and ball sack look absolutely wondrous. Even when her dick isn’t erect, it’s obviously huge. Raven also shows off her incredible ass before laying back to do what she promised.

It’s pretty amazing how much creamy white pre-cum pours out of her big schlong before Raven has a full-on climax. This girl is has so much sticky jizz to shoot! You can also watch her cumming LIVE on!

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Bailee Paris And Friend In Trans Lesbian Fucking Review

Daniela Hansson is the blonde cisgender Austrian babe that beautiful trans star Bailee Paris gets railed by in Bailee Paris And Friend In Trans Lesbian Fucking on and on the!

Bailee and Daniela would just seem like two lesbian lovers kissing on the bed romantically if we didn’t see Bailey’s handcuffs. Even though Bailee goes down on Daniela, the blonde Domme takes her time before asserting her dominance. As a matter of fact, it takes over ten minutes for Daniela to introduce a huge dildo to their foreplay.

This scene plays more like a vanilla couple experimenting with BDSM for the first time together, not a Mistress/submissive situation. But once Daniela forces Bailee to suck on the huge toy and then spanks her sexy bare ass once it’s bent over, it’s clear who’s running the show.

I’m a top, but even if I were a bottom, I can’t imagine being fucked by suck a large toy, let alone as hard and fast as Daniela thrusts. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Bailee makes it look easy. But she does make it look hot as fuck! She’s got a boner while getting relentlessly railed doggy style.

Bailee’s big cock is also erect as she gets her tight ass pounded in the missionary position! Those familiar with real BDSM situations will admire the brief, yet crucial after care sequence in this remarkable and update!

Caramel’s Chrystal Medeiros Fucks Everyone PinkoTGirls Review

The beautiful and blonde Chrystal is in a club where in every room there is a guy ready to satisfy her desires. From the first guy she gets her hard cock sucked, the second she fucks in the ass while she touches his cock and at the third, she breaks his ass and offers her hot cum in his mouth!

I’d decided to write a biography about the beautiful model Chrystal Medeiros, but I found that the Brazilian porn star already has a self-written one:

“Hi, I’m Chrystal Medeiros famous porn star, the goddess of third sex! I have a very feminine form. I am very affectionate, friendly, passionate and always cheerful .. but above all warm…I offer the most complete services, provided in a very pleasant and relaxing way.”

“A relationship in which there is an abundance of affection and pleasure, but also a great moment with a cultured and intelligent TS. I love conversation … Our time together is not just the great and unforgettable sex but the whole experience, which is not found with anyone else. I like having sex in all positions. I like that we take our time, I don’t like cold and rushed service. I will be happy to give and receive pleasure.”

“If you are thinking of meeting a TS girl for the first time, reality is always better than fantasy. My service is always thoughtful and it will be an experience you will never forget !! Your time with me will always be in a very discreet and private way. I use different clothes, lingerie, shoes, toys … many surprises for our fun useful to contribute and satisfy your imagination. Comfortable and hygienic environment.”

“Privacy and discretion always guaranteed. I reach the hotel, if you prefer, always with the utmost discretion. I provide an all-day service or night service for your maximum pleasure. I am also willing to travel throughout Europe, if desired. If you need company if it’s for business or pleasure, a dinner date, travel, etc., I’m the lady for you.”

I didn’t know that much about this incredible escort/adult industry star before seeing her stroking her huge cock on Famed director Andrea Nobili She wears latex as she sits in an ornate chair masturbating. Something is unsettling Chrystal however. She rises from her chair and goes on a search with her big, hard dick swinging before her thighs. She’s in a porn emporium with peep booths, it turns out, and there’s a horny masked man kneeling behind a peephole. He’s waiting patiently for a mouthful of Chrystal’s monster cock!

The naked man is seen from both sides of the room stroking his erection as he gives Chrystal head. This still isn’t enough for the turned on beauty, however. She enters the room and joins the man, Chrystal wants to rub his bare skin and suck his cock. It’s quite a nice one, by the way, although no match for her huge pecker. The switch sucking each other’s boners and Chrystal decides to take the guy’s tight ass! Not only does she fuck a man silly, she puts him through BDSM paces as a remarkably dominant Mistress! This update ends with stunning Chrystal Medeiros shooting a load of creamy white cum into her sub’s mouth.

Caramel’s Review of Natalie Mars & Kristen Scott Transfixed Good Kitty

Description: Kristen Scott is curled up on the couch, looking as though she doesn’t have a care in the world. When she stirs, she slides off the couch and onto all fours, leisurely stretching the stiffness from her muscles. Satisfied, she crawls to the front door and sits on her knees, patiently awaiting her Master to return home.

Natalie Mars, dressed in tight leather and looking fierce, approaches the door. As she struts into the household, she is pleased to see her submissive pet obediently waiting for her. She grins and crooks her finger, beckoning Kristen to follow her, which she does while still on all fours.

Kristen climbs onto a dining table, seductively swaying her hips while locking eyes with her Master. Natalie is pleased as she shares a piece of cake with her pet, letting Kristen suck the icing off her finger… But Kristen wants to taste more than just icing…

They move to the sofa as Kristen perches on the edge of the footstool. When Natalie slides out of her underwear, Kristen lavishes Natalie’s cock with her tongue, eager to please. As soon as Natalie is nice and ready, Kristen happily accepts her cock into her pussy while mewling with pleasure. Kristen has no desire to ever roam into someone else’s yard because her Master never disappoints.

Caramel’s Review: Good Kitty on represents the life I want – as a wealthy trans domme who comes home to a submissive ready to serve. My concubine could identify as male, female, trans, gender fluid, whatever, but enough about me. Kristen Scott is magnificent as Natalie’s subby girl. As for the performance of Natalie Mars, I’d be hard pressed not to like anything she appears in.

The first sexual jolt I get is from Kristen worshiping Natalie’s bare feet – the ultimate act of servitude. Then come the moment when kneeling Kristen exposes her Domme’s stiff cock. I love Kristen’s convulsive orgasms and the way Natalie clasps her neck while fucking her silly.

Aside from Natalie’s S&M corset, there’s full nudity and I greatly appreciate that when presented with such incredible bodies. I also love the passionate kissing while fucking hard. There isn’t much dialogue at all in this exemplary update. Sometimes all that just is simply not necessary.

Natalie Mars fucks her good kitty Kristen Scott so hard!
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Caramel’s Review of Jaqueline A, Scene #01 on EvilAngel

Beautiful Jaqueline A before she strips and strokes her huge cock.
Flash Scene Trailer

Jaqueline A is touching herself when this Jay Sin video begins on and she’s obviously very horny. You can just tell by the look in her eyes and the stiffness of her nipples. You’ll get a hint of the bulge between her legs, but she’ll have you focus on that later.

She first moves through a variety of tantalizing poses, both seated and standing. She exposes her lush boobs next. Jaqueline then begins rubbing her latex-covered center for quite awhile. By the time she withdraws her cock it’s swollen to tremendous proportions.

Jaqueline’s penis is a monster cock, not only long, but very thick. Size doesn’t matter to me and I couldn’t even handle a schlong this huge in real life. I’d have fun trying orally, but I really don’t need this much dick. I absolutely love seeing enormous schlongs like this however, especially when they belong to beautiful women.

I don’t think this Brazilian beauty utters a word all throughout her scene, in English or in Portuguese. She doesn’t need to speak and when she jerks her tool double-fisted, I feel that she’s just showing off. But who wouldn’t with equipment like that?!

I couldn’t believe how serene she is when she makes her rod shoot its creamy white cum. Still she makes hardly a sound and not even a grimace. I love the way she stands up and Jay captures her full frontal still sporting her hardon. Then he tops it off with an instant replay of her cum shot from a different angle! 124 hi-res images compliment the video of the debut of Jaqueline A on

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Erica and Shiri on Chaturbate!

Erica Cherry and Shiri Allwood suck and fuck LIVE on Chaturbate!

Erica Cherry and Shiri Allwood suck and fuck on Chaturbate trans LIVE

Erica was sucking Shiri Allwood’s cock when I logged into a super sexy double ginger trans lesbian show. Erica was wearing a cute blue top and Shiri, shot from the mid-section, had on black fishnet stockings with garter-like cutouts and a tartan plaid mini skirt. This tgirl schoolgirl blowjob continued until Erica needed a break.

As they sat side by side on the sofa, it was revealed that Erica wore the same type of hosiery as her partner. She also had a big juicy erection! Shiri took hold of it and began stroking and the next electrifying moment came when the girls began to French kiss. They jerked their own cocks off respectively as they made out passionately.

If you follow these hot babes on social media as I do, you may have seen this union coming from a mile away. You’ve seen them beginning to flirt online and eventually get together. But seeing Erica and Shiri actually having sex together is the icing on the proverbial cake! I’m not sure what goes on every time they get together, but Erica was doing most of the sucking when I signed in.

An erotic sword fight followed the second head giving Erica performed. Then, both girls showed off their lovely breasts. Shiri, the redhead with braces, has been in the adult industry longer than Erica has. But they both perform like seasoned porn pros without looking rehearsed. Their 69 sex show took things to another level altogether!

Erica got help from Shiri fucking a clear cock sleeve. Next came the moment that drove fans nuts and had tips rolling in like crazy. As Erica sat before us full frontal, Shiri straddled her and sink her tight ass down upon Erica’s big, hard cock! Erica also fucked Shiri’s tight ass doggy style and in the missionary position! Did I see both girls shoot their cum and taste each other’s nectar? You better believe it! Shiri is still live on cam at but it’s been about three weeks. I saw these beauties together just recently on Erica’s channel at!