TGirls.XXX: Sabina Steele’s Climax! Caramel’s Review

Sabina Steele is so fucking sexy!

Description: Sabina Steele has some more for you! This horny redhead has been on fire ever since she made her debut! Today, she’s back with another hot solo scene and she’s ready to play! Watch her stroking her cock until she reaches orgasm in today’s TGirls.XXX exclusive produced by Omar Wax! What a hottie she is!

Caramel’s Review:TGirls.XXX: Sweet & Sexy Sabina Steele! Caramel’s Review” is my first official write-up of this blazing hot trans star. “Sabina Steele’s Climax!” is where you can download and stream her new set filmed by Omar Wax. This 5’3″ beauty from the Chi returns to play with herself on the living room sofa in sheer black lingerie. The petite ginger spreads her legs in a most unladylike fashion, but we’re not here to see prim and proper behavior. So she proceeds to undo her bra and fully expose her lovely, suckable tits.

She fondles them and makes them jiggle while confessing the need to have you inside her. Then she reveals her uncut cock and plays with her tender rosebud. Sabina begins moaning softly as she strokes her hardening dick and spanks her butt hard! This tremendously sexy fap session eventually has Sabina’s pecker as hard as a rock. Its head has turned as blue as the faint veins in her boobs.

You can detect exactly when her pearly cum would shoot inside your mouth if you placed your lips around her cock head. The way she moans and convulses announces her orgasm. You’re going to wish you could lap up the remainder of her jizz stream before it hits the leather sofa she climaxes upon.

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GroobyGirls: Climax Monday: Janelle Fennec!

Gorgeous Janelle Fennec makes me rock hard and she's still fully dressed.

The sexiest thing I’ve ever seen this trans porn icon in wasn’t in a porn shoot. It was the YouTube Interview with Janelle Fennec by Dave Naz in the photographer’s Identity vlog series. She details what it’s like living as a trans woman so eloquently and hers is one of my all-time favorite solo interview format vlogs.

Yet, she’s also one of my favorite trans porn performers. I love that her new Climax Monday: Janelle Fennec! set involves rope play as I’m a Domme learning Shibari (Japanese rope play) for BDSM training. The way Janelle makes light BDSM roleplay a deliciously erotic experience is simply cumtastic! I love the way she exposes what’s in store for tonight’s adventure beneath the hem of her dress – a lovely, shaven cock and balls and that naughty purple rope framing them.

Janelle clasps a lock of her golden hair and gazes at you intensely with her deep blue eyes. She hasn’t even shed her black frock yet and I almost want to promise your cock will be hard enough to cut diamonds with. She exposes her perfectly heart shaped ass tamely, then explicitly. Then she begins to jerk off full frontal in nothing but her tall sandals and strategically binding rope.

Janelle adds foot lovers content seemingly unknowingly by taking off her strappy heels and presenting her lean bare feet and pedicured toes. All the while, her hard cock is standing upright. “It tickles,” she first coos when penetrating her tight ass with a loudly buzzing vibrator. Her erection tells us it’s doing more than just tickling. And she’s vocally describing the sensations it gives her with her sweet, velvety voice.

The sex toy is embedded inside Janelle to the hilt as she jerks off furiously! She looks absolutely exquisite as she convulses in orgasm. She pumps the black toy in and out of her opening a few last times before we’re hit with a Radius Dark instant replay of Janelle’s Grooby Girls cum shot!

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TGirls.XXX: Aphrodite Plays With Her Dildo!

One of my write-ups on Aphrodite Adams was a focus on her live streams on here on September 22, 2018. In her 16th shoot for TGirls.XXX, we get to see recorded examples of what made her a major porn star.

Formerly known as Kellie Shaw, Aphrodite Adams addresses you with the announcement of her first studio shoot with her new and improved boobs. “Big, bouncy and soft,” she ironically claims since that describes her in full. If you had some reason to only listen to this video, Aphrodite will talk you into shooting a fresh load.

She describes so much about what has so turned on, I almost blushed! Aphrodite explicitly exposes her cock, balls and fun spot with her legs spread wide open. She considers how nice it would be to touch your cock as she brings herself to develop a large, raging hardon. Aphrodite removes her booties socks while showing off her bare ass.

Do you want to suck that huge Aphrodite Adams stiff cock?!

She removes her socks while facing you on the sofa. She finger fucks herself with two digits while stroking her big girl boner. The leg lover and foot fetish content to follow is mind blowing. But “Aphrodite Plays With Her Dildo!” being the title of this Radius Dark-produced presentation reigns. You might wish you could come back in your next life as Aphrodite’s personal sex toy.

The way she begs you to press her against the wall and fuck her just might send you over the edge. Aphrodite Adams is amongst the best of the best if you didn’t already know it. She’s one of the few undisputed queens across the globe who rule both live streams and studio porn – a trans legend.

Cum to TGirls.XXX!!!
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Climax Monday: Lycha Returns! Caramel’s Review

Lycha stretches her sexy legs out on Grooby Girls

A few people have asked me if it’s weird writing sexually about real life trans porn stars I’m friends with. The answer is yes if we’re in constant contact. Otherwise, I can admire them from afar just like anyone else. For example, I’ve met Lycha in person and she helped me kick start my YouTube channel. I’d love to fire up YouTube: TSCaramel Interviews once again, but I digress.

Can you imagine your cock inside of Lycha's tight, sexy ass?

In Lycha’s video update with Jack Flash, she laments being stood up for a date. She shows off her cute outfit by standing up and posing it sexily. Then she shows you how she planned to tantalize her date. Now she’s got all this pent-up lust and she needs to release it. Removing her shorts is a good way to start. The top comes off next and you see the flirty crochet number and panties she has on. Soon, she’s topless, caressing her bare breasts and tweaking her nipples. You see that she’s wearing a butt plug when she pushes down her undies. She begins fucking herself with the toy and next, she removes her sandals.

Three quarters of the way through this Grooby Girls production, “Climax Monday: Lycha Returns!” the central Florida porn star is finger banging her sexy ass and stroking her big, stiff, oiled cock. It’s impossible not to fantasize sucking her pretty pink nipples and raging hardon. Especially when everything is in close-up views. Lycha‘s intense fap session comes with her sexy moans and the slick sounds of masturbation.

With the way Lycha’s impending orgasm builds up, it’s not difficult to predict the moment you could start catching her big load of cum. How would you most like to take it? The way she tastes it reminds me of how delicious it must be. Cum with Lycha on!

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