tsaphroditeadamsxxx.com: Skinny Transsexual Ass Fucks Busty TS

tsaphroditeadamsxxx.com: Skinny Transsexual Ass Fucks Busty TS

Aphrodite Adams , Crystal Thayer
Photos, 18 min of video

Description: Mesmerizing busty trans Aphrodite Adams is having her asshole licked and anal fucked by skinny TS Crystal Thayer!

Caramel’s Review: Congratulations to the incredible Aphrodite Adams! TransErotica has announced the launch of tsaphroditeadamsxxx.com, the official website for the stunning trans performer. A prolific cam performer on Chaturbate.com/Tsaphroditeadams, she is always gaining following and expanding her brand. The performer praised her experience with the studio. “TransErotica.com has been in the game for a long time and their reputation as consummate professionals speaks for itself,” she said. “You’ll get the peace of mind in knowing that my site is in the best of hands; you can do what you love, and I can do what I love — bringing you some of the best TS porn on the Internet.”

“Do you like sex? Do you like bimbos? Do you really like bimbos having sex? Then you’re gonna love my new members site,” she added.

One of the things I love best about the new site is the “Skinny Transsexual Ass Fucks Busty TS” co-starring South Florida’s mega-star Crystal Thayer of onlyfans.com/tscrystalxxx!

The scene rolls out with the two scantily clad beauties making out in bed. The French-kissing and fondling are mesmerizing. Their concentration on each other is momentarily broken when they notice that you’re in the room watching. You’ve been invited to stay, watch, and jerk off if you want to. You can expect to be rock hard before you see either of the girl’s big dick fully exposed. Crystal gets head first and then it’s Aphrodite’s turn.

After some reciprocal ass-eating and more cock sucking, Crystal hops up on her knees as Aphrodite assumes the doggy style position. There are several position changes until the tremendously climactic conclusion arrives!

A 30 day membership to tsaphroditeadamsxxx.com will be billed at $9.95 (USD) until you cancel your subscription. Join now and get access to the entire Trans Erotica Network. Bringing you the hottest downloadable and streamable transsexual adult HD videos on the web! TransErotica.com features daily updates with the hottest T-Girls in the business, you name it, they have it!

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Etertaycb: Erica Cherry Solo and with Calliope on Chaturbate

Erica Cherry of Las Vegas, Nevada

Erica was doing solo shows around ten days ago. But she was doing one-on-ones with Calliope when she was available. Erica’s look was sort of like a Goth Pippi Longstockings with her black lipstick, heavy eyeshadow and dark lipstick. She bared her breasts and puffy nipple in a midriff-baring halter top. Her cock and balls were exposed above textured black stockings. I somehow missed Erica’s cum shows, but I was there when Calliope was there to suck her big dick and to trade places with her.

Erica can suck some mean dick too, so Calliope fed her some extra-long hot dog before taking another feeding of massive cock meat. The biggest surprise for me came after Calliope developed a raging hardon while sucking Erica off. With her outrageous hardon, Erica began to position herself on her back like she was ready to be mounted. Naked Calliope jerked off for a few Chaturbate minutes.

Then she hovered above Erica and eventually eased her long cock inside of Erica’s tight ass! I thought Erica would cum while getting fucked, but it wasn’t until Calli pulled out of her and jacked her off that she shot her load. In another Chaturbate stream, I watched Calliope jerk herself off and shoot her cum into Erica’s pretty mouth.

Calli jerked Erica Cherry off next almost to completion. But Erica took over for a few minutes to send the cum blasting out of her own hardon before the sexy, naked pair signed off for the evening. Follow your favorite dick girl on OnlyFans.com/EricaCherry and on Chaturbate.com/Erica_cherry!

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Trans500: All About Ms. Crystal Thayer

Gorgeous Crystal Thayer is strolling down a South Florida street in a midriff-baring top, miniskirt and Vans when Ramon approaches her. She explains that she’s waiting for one of her girlfriends to pick her up. She doesn’t usually talk to strangers, but this immediately likeable guy offers to take her to where she needs to go.

They stop at his place to wait while Crystal’s friend texts her. As they sit on the sofa beside one another, Crystal becomes curious about the enormous bulge in Ramon’s shorts. As she watches in astonishment, the charming guy opens his shorts and withdraws his massive cock from his underwear. Crystal hops up on the sofa on her knees and lowers her pretty face right about Ramon’s tool.

The following footage is the sexiest unsuccessful blowjob you may ever see. The thing is, Crystal can barely wrap her hand around the girth of this huge member, let alone suck much of it! We approach the second level of horniness with this pair as Ramon jerks off to Crystal’s striptease.

Her own cock stiffens as she resumes sucking Ramon’s enormous erection. Crystal is now completely naked from head to toe as Ramon stuffs her tight ass with his bare hardon. A tremendously powerful side saddle railing brings Crystal’s dick to a full hardon and she moans like this this is the best fuck of her life.

Next, she rides Ramon facing us in a reverse cowgirl position. Her boner bounces and then she switches to fuck Ramon with her curvy ass facing us. They move into the doggy style position and this evolves into a powerful missionary position railing. This is where Crystal forces streams of cum to pour from the tip of of raging hard cock!

Then Ramon’s cum intermingles with Crystal’s on her stiff dick. All About Ms. Crystal Thayer is complimented by 105 photos on Trans500.com and IKillItTs.com! Follow @xcrystalthayerx on Twitter. I’m at @tscaramel.

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ATM Transactions Scene 4: Jenna Gargles & Mason Lear

ATM Transactions Starring: Lena Kelly, Kellie Shaw (Aphrodite Adams), Natalee Skye, Wolf Hudson, Jenna Gargles, Michael DelRay, Draven Navarro, Mason Lear

Director: Jim Powers @JimPowersXXX

Studio: GenderX

Caramel’s Review: If you don’t know much or anything about the story line of this XXX feature, it won’t affect your ability to follow this scene. If anything, it will have you craving to see the entire GenderX ATM Transactions movie from the beginning. I’ve decided to just review my favorite scene from this film since I have so many other trans studios to review this month.

The plot of this Jenna Gargles (@jennagargles on Twitter and @MrMasonLear) with Mason Lear pretty simple in the best possible way. Jenna is sunbathing by the pool in a bikini and sandals while Mason the pool boy is working nearby. She brazenly withdraws her big hard cock and masturbates in his field of vision. The surprised look on his face spells both surprise and intrigue.

He doesn’t make any moves and while storing his gear away in his SUV, a friend calls. Mason’s buddy isn’t surprised to hear that the trans porn actress jerked off in front of Mason. The last thing Mason needs is to get caught on surveillance cameras getting it on with Miss Gargles. He needs this job and plus, he’s married! The call is interrupted by a summoning Jenna so Mason enters the house to find out what she needs.

Standing in her heels and bikini on the staircase, with a big bulge in the panty, the lady of the manor asks if he was watching her jerking off. When he confesses that he watched since she does this every time, she then tells him she knows he told a friend. Then she asks if he told his wife. Jenna believes that he’d only tell his best friend. Jenna demands an apology and suggests how he can make things right by whipping out her big dick. No one has to know if he comes forward and wraps his lips around her erection.

The sex that follows is absolutely incredible! Jenna receives a standing blowjob and returns the favor. The pair stands and rubs boners together as they kiss. The oral action moves to the sofa and at around this midway point of this scene, Mason eases his bare schlong inside Jenna’s tight ass.

Jenna cums first and remarkably retains her turgid erection throughout another 14 minutes or so of getting railed! There are several scintillating position changes through the rest of this movie until its climactic ending. A+ for ATM Transactions: Jenna Gargles and Mason Lear, Scene 4 on GenderX!

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