Grooby Girls Radius Dark Tegan Last

Grooby Girls: Caramel Comments on Tegan Last Smashed Hard!

Caramel Comments on Tegan Last Smashed Hard! produced by Radius Dark and co-starring Smash Thompson for Grooby Girls.

Radius Dark presents “Tegan Last Smashed Hard!” with Smash Thompson taking the honors as her co-star. Tegan Last, the petite brunette bombshell, who’s relocated from Seattle, Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada is well-known for her love of being dominated.

Tegan Last has such a nice ass! has come up with the right man for the jobs of dominating and filming her in the process. The opening featured Teagan posing seductively on the bed in lingerie and tall sandals. She talks dirty about what’s about to happen and makes it clear how badly she needs it. She removes the heels and presents some foot lovers content.

Tegan Last prepares to take Smash Thompson's BBC!

Then comes a bit of ass spanking for good measure. She flips over to reveal that a large part of her goodies is slipping out of the crotch panel of her body suit. Her cock is already stiffening in anticipation of being joined by Smash. Moments after the muscular stud joins her, his big cock is sliding in and out of her mouth. The handsome guy is shirtless as gorgeous Teagan gives him head.

Her bodystocking comes off and she’s soon jerking off in her fishnet stockings as she lovingly sucks on Mr. Thompson’s BBC. Teagan gets treated to an ass eating. “Are you ready to receive Daddy’s cock,” he asks. But we’re not quite there yet. His intent is to drive her half crazy with lust by giving her a blowjob next. Teagan is completely naked from head to toe as Smash loves her orally. Her cock is exposed from her thighs as the hunk eases his big dick inside Teagan’s tight ass raw.

Then they fuck wildly in a variety of positions. I’ve been a huge fan of Teagan Last for a few years now. She’s more stunning and radiant than ever right now. As for Smash Thompson, another favorite, his sexual technique is unparalleled in trans porn. He’s particularly dominant in this scene. Yet he never goes overboard. He’s very well-liked in the adult industry – a true gentleman.

I’ve been reviewing mostly live porn for most of 2020. “Tegan Last Smashed Hard!” masterfully produced by Radius Dark reminds me of what I missed so much about studio porn from the world’s top trans porn website Grooby Girls.

Chaturbate Trans Cams TsManika

Chaturbate Trans Cams: TsManika

Stunning Chaturbate streamer TsManika

I’ve never seen a more beautiful TS than TsManika on Chaturbate Trans Cams. This incredible streamer is from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Ans she’s 37 years old. Her tags are: #asian #bdsm #bigcock #bigdick #bitch #creamyload #dirtytalks #dominant #filthy #hush #hush #lovense #mistress #mistress #nasty. Corpuz Manika is her real name and she has an OnlyFans in case for some crazy reason you can’t catch her masturbating LIVE.

TsManika has everything – a winning personality, stunning face and body, big tits, a large cock, etc. She also has so much fun with her fans and tippers. You can clearly see that she’s enjoying what she’s doing. Streaming is more than just a job for her. I was just watching her this morning until she went private with a special fan. TsManika speaks excellent English and her moans of arousal could make your dick raging hard just listening to her. She talks dirty, requesting things like having your cum shot inside her mouth.

And she keeps her erection liberally lubricated with clear oil. TsManika wears a tip-activated vibrator in her tight ass when she’s jerking off. TsManika complies eagerly with special requests like foot fetish content. She can edge like nobody’s business. But eventually, she can’t stand pumping her stiff cock for hours on end. She’s only human. “I’m so close, actually,” is something TsManika might say before orgasm.

The last time I saw her nut, she spilled a stream of cum on the floor, then allowed the rest of the white cream to coat one of her thighs. Then the Asian beauty went on streaming for almost another hour! With the channel, you get full entertainment. It’s more than just sex. Please tip generously when you follow and watch her.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Tiffany_rios

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Tiffany_rios

The exquisite Tiffany_rios

“I don’t have a type.” This is the sort of thing I say to myself countless times. Then I’ll see someone I’ve never seen before on Chaturbate Trans Cams. Honestly, my ‘type’ is would be much older than this 19 year old Colombian beauty Tiffany_rios. But age aside, this TS is absolutely exquisite, standing at 5’5″ tall.

She speaks excellent English and often cams naked from head to toe. Back to her speaking voice, her high-pitched accent sounds almost completely American at times. I don’t find that an especially good thing. It’s just an observation. At any rate, she’s not the type for large breast fans. But for folks like me, who aren’t bothered by girls who aren’t stacked, she has a lot of other attributes to appreciate.

Tiffany_rios keeps sensual R&B playing softly in the background of her streams. With her amazing hair and incredible skin tone, I sometimes wonder how someone could be so gorgeous. There’s always an intense look on her face as she jerks off furiously. I’ve seen one

Tiffany_rios stream in which she lay face down on her mattress fucking her tight ass with her heel pressed against a huge dildo. This was one of the most erotic no hands moments I’ve witnessed in a long time.

If she’s not spanking or banging her super sexy little bubble butt, there will most likely be a red tip-activated vibrator in it. Please make use of the opportunity to stimulate her with tips and check out her wild reactions! Check out her schedule to see how it matches up with yours. Follow!

Alishablazexxx Chaturbate Trans Cams

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Alishablazexxx

Alishablazexxx is a submissive trans girl ready to make you cum!

22 year old Alishablazexxx of Massachusetts was lifting a breast and nipple to her lips on Chaturbate Trans Cams the first time I saw her. Aside from fans and tippers watching her, she was completely alone. Alisha was completely naked with her flaccid cock jutting from her creamy thighs. She was also lactating. It made me wonder about the percentage of trans attracted men who have not yet discovered that TS women can produce breast milk. Alishablazexxx has plenty of other tricks up her sleeve. She can twerk her curvy ass like nobody’s business. She also plays violin – on her stream. I love that she didn’t just put this talent in writing on her Chaturbate biography.

As a matter of fact, it’s not even in her bio. is her channel. She describes herself as a submissive Christian girl who’s never had a boyfriend. She also says she uses camming as her sexual outlet. It’s a place to fantasize doing things she’d never do in real life. A lot of her fans are doing the same thing. But I can’t imagine any of them turning Alishablazexxx if she gave them an invitation to take her in real life. Especially if she’s spanking her ass beet red. Alisha also plays with dildos and tip-activated vibrators.

She jerks off also, but I’ve never seen penile masturbation as the focus of her streams. That doesn’t mean that this beautiful submissive doesn’t stroke her cock until she cums. On that note, why not register for free and follow Alishablazexxx to see for yourself? Please tip generously. “I want to be one of the best girls on CB,” is her commitment to you. When she’s making you cum, please help her with tokens.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Sheepishly_me

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Sheepishly_me

Abbie loves the scent of a dominant man's cock and balls.

I’m not sure how old Abbie is, the gorgeous Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer who runs the Sheepishly_me channel. She began HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) in May 2018 and decided to show off the results. Lucky for us! Tips are greatly appreciated and they go towards her transition and related bills. I haven’t seen either of them on Sheepishly_me, but Abbie has a Master and a Mistress. They set the goals as mods in Abbie’s chats and they must be reached before Abbie is allowed to cum.

Sheepishly_me when she has clothes on.

Slender Abbie stands at 6′ 0″, weighs 120 lbs., and her cock size when it’s stiff is 6 inches. The vibe I get from her is super-intelligent. That’s not just because she often wears eyeglasses. It appears a bit longer when she’s laying back jerking off. Abbie says that one of the things she likes is being pinned down. With your balls in her face or face fucking her. She loves the idea of being used like that.

Her ass is perfect or your stiff, throbbing erection!

You can also pin her down with your dick. She even loves the scent of a dominant dick. I can never tell exactly what she’s watching on her iPhone Pro Max, but it definitely keeps her pretty cock stiff! It produces clear cum when submissive Abbie’s eyes roll back in her head from climax. She thanks fans graciously after she cums.

And she’s sure to remind you of her Snapchat and Twitter. The Sheepishly_me stream schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 9 pm Central Standard Time. Follow Abbie on!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Jean_gray3

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Jean_gray3

Let’s talk about Jean_gray3. This 24 year old Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer is from Russia. She likes to draw but she’s currently experiencing a creative crisis. I think it’s similar to writer’s block as an artist who’s been through it myself. Jean_gray3 was formerly engaged in many sports including ballroom dancing, hockey and martial arts. She’s been doing Kenjutsu, a form of fencing katana since the age of 17.

This young trans woman has been on hormone therapy for a little over a year. This is not a It’s not a fetish/perversion, for Jean_gray3. I’ve seen her mostly as a blonde and as a brunette. These days, she’s sporting short pink wigs and each eye color is different. Jean_gray3 looks like an incredibly sexy cyborg. She plays industrial background music to match this theme. Jean_gray3 is fine with satisfying certain fans with bare foot fetish content. There’s a lot of arch flexing and toe curling.

Jean_gray3 speaks to everyone in both Russian and in English. Jean_gray3 has a very thick cock when she gets it hard. Her ass is out of this world. She likes spanking her butt pretty hard, too. Her masturbation technique is slow and easy and she’s left-handed, Check out this Russian beauty whenever you can. She’s on!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Cherry_Mavrik

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Cherry_Mavrik

Las Vegas, Nevada is the home of major studio porn star and Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer Cherry_Mavrik. I know her work mostly from Cherry Mavrik on Grooby Girls and Cherry Mavrik on the trans lesbian website TGirls.Porn. She’s actively looking to collaborate with other professional models, photographers, and performers. If you think you’ve got what this dominatrix wants, shoot your shot. She’s 6′ tall and bottoms once in awhile. But she doesn’t submit to men.

I only submit to certain women. I’m very independent and tease you if I like you. I love the thrill of the hunt, and being hunted. You will have to show me dedication, to serve me. But I enjoy having a unique chemistry with everyone and I love trying new things.” My idea of a fun night with Cherry_Mavrik on Chaturbate usually runs across the same lines lately. She’s been using a metal cock and ball device to make her big dick harder than usual.

I’ve seen her several times without it and know for certain that she definitely doesn’t need a cock ring. But I wear one myself and fully understand how it heightens sexual pleasure. What I have not managed to do was make myself cum with a cock sleeve and a CBT device yet. That’s what I saw Cherry doing on her stream the other night. She was fantasizing out loud about fucking a tight bubble butt.

I’m gonna have a big one coming at the end of this,” she said about her impending cum shot. There were streams of pre-cum oozing from her swollen cock head as she pumped that shaft hard and fast. Cherry_Mavrik switched to a digital cock pump along the length of her 8.5″ hard shaft. You should have heard her moans! She’d also grab one of her big tits to lick a nipple. Cherry_Mavrik kept us updated on how close she was coming to her powerful climax.

You ready for this big fucking cum load? Ahh, ahh here it comes!” Then thick, steady spurts of white cream shot out to land across her lingerie-clad bosom and flat tummy! Cherry_Mavrik encouraged fans to follow her OnlyFans before signing out. Her links are on! Follow her after you register for FREE! Registration is free!
Chaturbate Trans Cams Trashgirlthalia

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Trashgirlthalia

Trashgirlthalia is ready to cum.

Trashgirlthalia is a conversational Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer. She welcomes guests to her chat room warmly. And she moans with tips that activate the vibrator in her cute ass. She’s bisexual and gets off by guys and girls cumming for her. Trashgirlthalia is well aware that she’s one of the more hung girls on Chaturbate. It’s kind of hard not to notice that she has a gargantuan dick.

But she’s all around super pretty as well with small features in contrast to what’s between her legs. Trashgirlthalia has a matter of fact manner of a TS talking with friends who just happens to be naked and stroking her huge, stiff cock. She’ll occasionally flip onto her hands and knees and undulate her hips in simulation of fucking. Trashgirlthalia likes watching horror movies in her spare time. She’s verse when it comes to sex. The range of camera angles she uses to jack off in are incredibly vast.

One fan went on a tip-frenzy when Trashgirlthalia masturbated wearing only a BDSM collar around her neck. The tip-activated vibrating butt plug in her tight ass coupled with her frenzied cock-stroking had her big dick as red as her lips. Trashgirlthalia pinched one of her nipples and threw her legs above her torso. Trashgirlthalia wore eyeglasses. That prevented the cum she shot from her almost headstand position not to land in her eyes.

Words can’t describe the eroticism of Canadian Trashgirlthalia shooting cum across her face. She said she was imagining getting fucked in the ass by a really big dick. Before signing out, she reminded us that she streams mostly on Tues, Thursdays and Sundays. Just follow her on! Registration is FREE!
Chaturbate Trans Cams Daminkoga

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Damikoga Trans Lesbian Stream

Damikoga is about to join Madigan O.

I posted “Damikoga Strokes Her Cock!” here on TS Dreamland back on November 12, 2020. When I began watching Southern belle Dami Koga on Chaturbate Trans Cams, I had no idea I’d soon be seeing her in trans lesbian streams with another gorgeous TS. I wrote, “She only dates women romantically, at the moment, but I’m not sure if that means trans women or cisgender women. She loves cock and she loves a strap on. Maybe it’s both. Feel free to ask because she’s very friendly and open.

I never got around to asking, but I just got one of my questions answered. I recently saw Damikoga streaming with Scylla or Madigan O. Damikoga wore nothing and her friend only wore knee socks. Scylla wore a black collar around her neck and her nipples are pierced. They spent a lot of time talking and tips encouraged them to do more. Both beauties had their dicks protruding from their thighs, but Damikoga’s was the first cock to get sucked.

Damikoga then kissed her way across her partner’s lithe form. Then Scylla was on the bottom for a stiff rod frottage session with a lot of deep moaning. Scylla lay back while Damikoga squeezed both of their boners together. A liberal application of clear lube and kissing had Damikoga experiencing too much pleasure, if there’s such a thing. I don’t think Scylla wanted to stop, but they took a break.

A 69 position mutual blowjob came later. The girls took turns sucking each other’s hardons off and on between bouts of more 69 sex. There was also a lot of jerking off and what I enjoyed most was the cuddling and the intimacy. See how you like it on!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Patrappa

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Patrappa

Cum with Patrappa!

Danielle Trappa is a riveting 23 year old Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer. You can follow her to other locations on social media and porn domains through her Chaturbate channel. These include Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, APClips, ManyVids, iWantClips, PornHub, etc.

It’s difficult to put this beautiful performer into a box, niche or genre. She offers too many kinks so don’t even try to. There’s Patrappa foot porn, bukkake, Fleshlight fucking, POV dildo fucking, fucking machine penetration and so much more! I’m so glad I caught her new Chaturbate livestream just at the right time. Patrappa was wearing fishnet on top, but nothing on her bottom half.

Both of her hands were pumping a cock sleeve up and down the hard shaft of her cock. Plus, there was some toe-wiggling foot fetish content. Her lovely breasts and nipples were clearly visible through her fishnet top as she masturbated. Patrappa also brought her erection in closeup footage. Thankfully, Patrappa presented us with her monumental ass and she even fucked it for us!

She used a glass dildo with round bulbs to make penetration wit hit not so easy. She made the pumping look easy with lightening speed strokes. Then she fucked her ass and pumped her dick with the sleeve at the same time! Danielle’s sultry voice with it’s British accent added to the eroticism of her masturbation session. For anyone who didn’t cum at the same time as this gorgeous streamer, she didn’t leave them in a lurch. She announced a cum shot ETA but some people can’t time their orgasms that well.

After Patrappa fucked her cock sleeve until streams of mostly clear jizz jetted out of her erection, she didn’t end her show right away. The streaming TS went on sexually for almost another half hour! Patrappa played with her cum then finger banged her tight ass! Ten she vaped and chatted so everyone could decompress. This is one all-around great performer! Follow her after you register for free on