Missredline on Chaturbate Trans

Missredline aka Red on Chaturbate Trans


I didn’t see Red’s submissive side until I watched her giving a blowjob for the first time. The lucky guy had one of those dicks that stands up at a 45° angle when it’s raging hard. Red is so good at putting thousands of cock owners in that vulnerable state on any given day or night she’s on Chaturbate trans. If she has a gag reflex, it’s extremely hard to activate.

She took a few breaks to announce her tip goals and once they were reached, we’d get to see her man actually fucking her. This stud was so excited, he danced around the room while Red got ready on the bed to get railed. Red rode this man’s pecker of steel in the reverse cowgirl position first. She did this while grinding her hips like a belly dancer. Well, that’s until he started jacking his hips like a human jackhammer. Red went int a sexual frenzy, squealing and shaking until her man had to slow down a bit.

Then she flipped around to face him. The relentless drilling evolved into the doggy style position and then standing. Red began screaming during that pounding and the guy had to hold her up for most of it. I get it. Sometimes the sex is too good to stay on your feet. Missionary position fucking came next and I was amazed at how well shot the sex was. There was no third person filming, but it couldn’t have been better if there were! A side saddle ramming came next and I don’t know what the position is called that Red came in. Hot man, as she aptly called the guy named Nick, asked how many people were watching the Chaturbate.com/Missredline channel.

They were at 5,000 at that point. The next time I saw Red, her ass looked like a road map of Chile! Nick really tanned that pretty thing and I know she loved it. I’ve noticed that Red does her signature belly dancer hip grinding when she’s riding a big dildo in her solo shows. Red’s engagement with fans is incredible. She even gives lovemaking advice while masturbating! Red is into girls too but I haven’t had the good fortune of seeing her with one yet.

When asked, she replied that she likes guys and girls both at the same time. Overall, Red has a wonderful personality. That quality combined with her great personality makes her the total package. Register to Chaturbate for free. Then make a point of following Chaturbate.com/Missredline.

TS Dreamland Cams

Carla_Tracy on Chaturbate Trans


20 year old Colombian beauty Carla Tracy way laying in bed on her side in a black dress with sexy cutouts and platform heel sandals. It’s a good thing she wasn’t walking or dancing to the uptempo music in the background. The heels looked to be about 8 inches tall. There was an upward tilt to the lovely ass she gyrated between typing hot messages to Chaturbate trans viewers. After fulfilling requests to raise one of her feet with her hand, Carla’s little dress revealed that she had a narrow pink vibrator embedded in her tight ass.


It vibrates when tips roll in and that was quite often. Carla’s reactions of arousal were scintillating and she was out of her micro mini dress in a flash. She showcased her naked ass from behind and the hairless balls an uncut cock between her thighs. By the time she rolled over onto her back, her cock had stiffened. Her chocolate brown nipples stiffened as well, but she payed more attention to the erection between her tanned thighs.


Carla then began emitting high pitched wails when more tips activated her sex toy. She continued pumping her oiled boner and screaming sharply. The combination of Carla’s orgasmic sound and masturbation make watching her an absolutely exquisite experience.


The tiny vibe was eventually joined by a fat dildo. This girl is hard to stop watching whether she’s naked or not. Find out for yourself by registering to the platform for free. Then follow Chaturbate.com/Carla_tracy!


Ebonyxliz aka Liz Samantha on Chaturbate


I think it’s safe to assume that Liz Samantha broadcasts out of Colombia. But don’t quote me on that. Am I stereotyping Latinx trans women with my coloring by suggesting they’re from that part of the world? I hope not. In 2009, when I began adult industry blogging, trans girls who look like Liz were likely to be from Brazil.


I don’t know the reason for the regional change over the years, but most of the Chaturbate girls of a darker hue are Colombian these days. Liz cams by herself and sometimes she brings girlfriends with her. I’ve never seen her engage in any lesbian action with them. That’s why I prefer seeing Liz when she’s on her own. There’s something frustrating to me about two hot trans girls camping an not touching, kissing, sucking or fucking each other. Liz is something of a cock tease to me even when she’s by herself!


She doesn’t just whip out her cock and jerk off until she cuts. If she does, I’ve never seen that. Her shows are more erotic striptease sessions. There’s tit fondling and erection rubbing through the clothes, but I’ve never seen Liz doing many blatantly sexual things. I think she gets away with not going all out lewd because she’s ridiculously beautiful. These pictures of her don’t even do her justice. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself by visiting chaturbate.com/ebonyxliz


TS Playground 4th of July Sale!

Hi, from Caramel. I hope that everyone who celebrates Independence Day had a great one! I wanted to reach out to see if you want to opt-in to the TS Playground July 4th promo. They’re offering the membership for 30 days at $5 (USD) streaming only!  $14.95 (USD) for 30 days of unlimited streaming and downloads. It’s basically the same promotion that they’re offering for Evil Angel that I posted about yesterday.

TS Playground is one of my all-time favorite trans websites. I don’t think there’s anything I can add to that. Take a tour of the incredible bulk of content it’s built since it was launched in 2011. Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. Please continue to be safe and enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.


Caramel Black @tscaramel on Twitter.

Happy July 4th from Evil Angel!

There are two options for joining evilangel.com on the July 4th Sale with the 30 day offer: $50 for 30 days of unlimited streaming only and $14.95 for 30 days of unlimited streaming and downloads. I personally prefer to save my smut, but the choice is yours, but consider this special offer seriously. I’ve tried streaming only and it just doesn’t cut it for me.

You could also opt in for an annual deal as well and that’s $95.40 for 365 days of unlimited streaming and downloads. Take a look at the evilangel.com previews and decide for yourself if you get more bang for the buck. And if you celebrate Independence Day, continue to have a great July 4th celebration!  

Sky Blue: Skyeblueraichu on Chaturbate

Skyeblueraichu of Seattle, Washington

While watching Sky Blue vaping in bed on Chaturbate in a blue tank and black panties with her boner protruding from the waist band, I asked myself a question. I studied the similarly dressed brunette behind her scrolling through her phone and asked if I’d be doing that?

Then I quickly realized that if you’re already in bed with Sky Blue, you probably have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Especially if you’re on cam with her! They were both rocking their wide hips to some sort of Euro Rap I wasn’t familiar with while reading readers’ comments. This was the first time I’d ever seen the Skyblueraichu channel and I knew that Sky Blue was trans already from her profile.

As for her busty partner, I couldn’t tell if she’s trans. She had her tits exposed and even when Sky Blue striped completely nude, the other girl kept her skull cap and panties on. It was also hard to tell since most of her lower body was out of view as she sucked on Sky Blue’s erection. Once the brunette took a break, Sky Blue grabbed a large pink vibrator to buzz along her cock shaft. The music shifted to retro grunge but Sky Blue’s boner remained in the same state of arousal, whether she was stroking, buzzing or not.


Then she gave her returning partner the vibrator and guess what! The brunette was also trans I discovered with a hardon of her own! The music turned to Punk and was turned off, along with the masturbation, when Sky Blue decided to play her guitar. She can play Blues riff as well as she can blow big clouds and they’re pretty damn big. She can shred hard too. I kept the Skyeblueraichu channel on for quite some time.

I didn’t catch any torrid hardcore sex with them that night, but who has that kind of sex every night? A few cam girls do, but it’s not the norm. In closing, Sky Blue and her partner were a pleasure to watch. Register to the world’s finest adult chat platform, if you’re not a Chaturbate subscriber already, and give Skybluraichu a follow!

Gembabyy93 on Chaturbate


Gembabyy93 aka Hera Hoora of Chicago, Illinois

Happy Birthday today to beautiful Hera Hoora of Chicago, Illinois! I’d like to thank this Chaturbate broadcaster for some of the gifts she’s given us lately.


For example, I recently logged into her Gembabby93 channel to see Hera lying across her bed completely naked. She was stroking her raging hardon with a purple beaded dildo shoved up her tight ass. She’d lay way back and manually fuck the toy in and out of her butt while moaning loudly. I absolutely love loud masturbation! Nothing bores me more than someone jerking off quietly.

When Here’s boner would get to dry, she’d grab a handy bottle of lube, apply it, and jerk off frantically again. She’d occasionally tell tippers how much they’d have to chip in to get her to the next level of her show. In this case, that meant Hera taking an enormous dildo. Before I go any further, please remember to tip Chaturbate performers generously.


They work so hard to make a living and it’s only fair to show your gratitude- especially if they’re making you cum! At any rate, there are times that Hera makes me think she resembles what would be a Latinx version of Daisy Taylor. In other words, she’s as good looking as good looking gets. Hera plays music softly in the background that’s not at all annoying.


Hera went private awhile after whipping out that massive artificial phallus I was just talking about. I could tell you about what can happen, like when she cums explosively, shooting streams of creamy white cum across her lovely bronze skin. But I’ll let you see for yourself when you get to Gembabyy93. If she goes live today, remember to wish her a Happy birthday!

Simplymocha on Chaturbate


Simplymocha on Chaturbate

I’ve been a fan of Mocha for about five years, not for her scintillating performances on Chaturbate, but for her creative work. Since I’m not sure if she wants to keep her live porn personae separate from her day-to-day work, I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag. Mocha is bisexual in my fantasy life. But I’ve only seen her camming with a cute blonde white guy. I have no idea what her sexual orientation is because she talks on camera, but not about that!

Mocha has a certain masturbation technique I immediately recognized as familiar the first time I saw her jerking off on her Simplymocha channel. She likes laying flat on her back while pumping her big cock and she’s left-handed just like me. Her super pretty face is in the frame most of the time. She’ll usually expose her flat midsection and curvy upper thighs while beating off to some off-camera porn or something.

Her big dick is multi-colored. The shaft is darker than the rest of her and the bulbous head turns a deep shade of red when she’s close to cumming. Mocha often makes her organ eject strong jets of creamy white cum and her orgasms are magical to listen too. She also sometimes communicated with fans as her climax subsides.

Back to when Mocha is with her male partner, she can suck a mean dick. Her blowjobs are not too handsy and not too sloppy. And she likes to kiss and have her big schlong sucked too! I’m not sure that guy is her man, but if I had to guess, I’d have to say yes. Why does that bother me? She lives nowhere near me! I love it when Mocha rises from her bed and raises the hem of her dress along her trim waist to show off her butt.

It’s so well-rounded. I wonder if she likes having it spanked? I wonder if she’s submissive. I’ve seen Mocha make her guy nut only once. He was nice enough to stroke her erection as she brought him to a finish. Speaking of finish, I love watching Mocha alone mostly, and when she throws a dance in before making herself cum, it’s all over for me.

Casey Kisses & Kylie Le Beau


The last time I saw Casey Kisses and Kylie Le Beau on Chaturbate Trans together was about a week ago. They were both wearing yellow matching bras and panties, but Kylie was also wearing wide fishnet stockings. Cisgender female Kylie was spanking and eating her girlfriend’s butt and jerking her off while Casey was on her hands and knees. Next, Casey sat back facing us and jerked off while sucking on Kylie’s toes. To totally fulfill a foot-loving fan, Casey got one of her soles into the frame.

The girls were rewarded with generous tips. Casey kept her big boner solid by going down on Kylie while pumping her hard dick. Kylie gave Casey a blowjob and then they switched into a 69. Casey was stripped completely nude when she began fucking Kylie’s pussy. Kylie kept her stockings on even when she donned a strap-on and railed Casey.

That phallus was enormous! Casey made an announcement, while getting her stiff cock sucked, that we’d reached the stage where fans could see a private show if they gave a certain amount of tips. They’d already had the number one spot on the platform when I checked in.

Casey also kills it when she’s all on her lonesome on Chaturbate Trans. The other night she was sporting a gorgeous new strawberry blonde hairdo while jerking her big schlong in a white t-shirt and pink skirt with suspenders. The outfit was worn lewdly with the top puled over her big tits and she had on no panties obviously.

She fucked herself with what looked like the same immense dildo Kylie had fucked her with that night last week. During this glorious fap session, Casey said she felt like she could cum in her own mouth if she kept this up. Watching porn on her cell phone wasn’t helping her come down from her horny perch.

Eventually, the time came where Casey made one of her announcements. Send in tips for her cum show. She was in the top spot again and I wondered what Casey cleared on big nights like this on Chaturbate.com/Caseykissesxox.

Well, she tells us how much on YouTube in Making 10K a Week on Cam | How Chaturbate Has Impacted My Life. I adore this couple and I hope you’ll help make their Chaturbate and YouTube channels even bigger successes than they already are!