RubberSummer on Chaturbate

RubberSummer of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Chaturbate Trans Cams

This is the second time I’ve written about RubberSummer from Chaturbate. I’ve just found out that RubberSummer’s pronouns are They/Them and I’m so sorry for not catching that during my January 20, 2021 write-up right here. This webcammer is especially wonderful for those into BDSM.

Summer is a submissive who loves being treated roughly and like a slut. On cam, laying on their back naked, stroking their hard cock, you kinda get that vibe. It’s when they begin talking dirty that you realize just how kinky they are . They’ll show you all you want to see from head to toe. You can gauge when that RubberSummer orgasm is approaching.

While confessing that they’re nothing but a sex toy, Summer will work themselves up to a big, cum-shooting orgasm! I’m talking huge dollops of creamy white cum across their porcelain thigh. RubberSummer takes a long period of time to come down post-climax.

So it you haven’t yet cum, she’ll give you time to nut and talk about it, too. Summer’s thick cock stays hard for a minute before she winds things down and signs off. Follow them on and on Twitter at @RubberSummer.

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Black-TGirls Climax Thursday: Kayla Biggs Returns!

Black-TGirls Climax Thursday: Kayla Biggs Returns!

The “Climax Thursday” update from Kayla Biggs I’m referring to was the one on March 18, not her May 27th cumtastic production. I love them both, but I like KilaKali’s photos of her more from the first week. The photographer presents Kayla’s pedicured toes and lean feet clad in tall, clear sandals first. She looks amazing sitting on the sofa in a sexy pink number. Kayla removes her robe, then her nightie.

She bares her orbulent boobs next. Stripped down to her panties and heels, Kayla twerks on the couch and lays back. With her tremendous ass facing us, she makes the original move of showing us her fun spot, cock and balls from behind. Then she sits back up facing us and toys with her enormous member through it’s straining panty pouch.

The panties come off next and you can see her developing a full erection as she kneels upon the sofa. Her face, body, and huge tool are captured magnificently in a variety of angles. Kayla walks around the room a bit and jerks off her fully erect organ.

The exquisite trans woman then sits back and fully concentrates on bringing herself off. Then she rubs out a big bead of creamy white cum from the head of her magnificent dick. This is Kayla’s 30th Black-TGirls shoot since March 2011. The Notorious Kayla Biggs is young, but legendary with her expansive solo and hardcore performances on

You should also check out her Follow her at @notoriouskbiggs on Twitter and follow me at @tscaramel.

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Princess_of_Wands on Chaturbate

Cum with Amaya aka Princess_Of_Wands on Chaturbate!

Amaya is a lovely, ultra-feminine Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer. She’s from the South of Russia on the Black Sea. She’s fluent in English and she has a gift for making pleasant conversation. I’ve been seeing her a lot lately in a lovely French maid’s uniform. The only high heels she owns are boots. She usually cams in fishnet booties, cute socks, or barefoot. Amaya looks amazing simulating oral sex with big sex toys.

I’ve seen her strip naked so fast it made my head spin. Amaya gets so turned on fucking her ass with her tip-activated vibrator. Of course there’s cock-stroking, but I’ve not yet seen it as the main focus of her streams.

The main focus in my opinion of the is beauty and sensuality thrown in with a heavy dosage of mystery.

The Princess of Wands Tarot card (most often referred to as the Page of Wands) is the fiery energy of the Suit of Wands, seeking manifestation. It is the first impulse of creativity on earthly planes that is still inexperienced and fresh, new, different from all other ways of expression, and passionate about living in the moment. There are many interpretations to this card, going into extremes of untamed anger as the inner fire becomes visible to everyone, all the way to peaceful contemplation and gathering information about each next step that should be taken.

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etertaycb: Erica Cherry Returns to Chaturbate!

She’s back! After recovering from FFS (Face Feminization Surgery), the already stunning Erica Cherry is back on Chaturbate Trans Cams. I don’t like to play favorites here, but I can’t lie, she’s one of my all-time favorite trans performers. When I heard she was going under the knife, I was pretty shocked, but she knew what she was doing. The results couldn’t have been better! The outfit Erica Cherry is wearing in these photos also included cute little socks.

I arrived late to that stream, but there were no panties when I got there. She was bent over her black computer chair spanking her perfectly rounded ass beet red. Her big cock and balls were sticking out from her tightly squeezing thighs. When she sat back down in her chair and asked if she looked better than before, the reactions were mixed between yes, and you already looked amazing before. Soon, she had her feet propped up on the desk and was stroking her huge, hard cock just like in the old days.

Erica says she’s still not completely recovered, but we can’t see that her healing process isn’t complete. The ironic thing about that is that we say Erica streaming without any makeup on at all. That’s a first for me and she looks incredible without a stitch of makeup on as well. Wearing a red t-shirt pulled over her perky boobs,

Erica stroked her large erection in and out of a gold cock sleeve. Ten she later pumped it with her hands. She moaned a lot and smiled a lot as tips and compliments rolled in. Erica Cherry also lubed up a purple vibrator and inserted it into her tight ass. She interacted with fans sweetly and threw in some barefoot content. After shooting a thick, creamy load of cum, Erica continued jerking off.

She then fucked her ass with the toy and removed her shirt, rendering herself completely nude. About ten minutes later, Erica’s big dick released yet another big cum shot!

Her messages were: edge + cum! tip if you like please! relaxed show #cum #edging #bigcock #shemale. If you haven’t seen one of her shows yet, follow her for notifications by email of her next streams. For my previous write-ups about her, go to and

Follow her on!

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