Kendall Penny aka TGirlOneGuy on Chaturbate

There aren’t that many Dommes on Chaturbate Trans. In fact, the most popular ones seem to be cisgender females with submissive trans partners. One of the exceptions is Kendall Penny, an extraordinarily experienced and stunning Mistress. Kendall’s taste in men is way different from mine. She likes masculine men and I like topping and dominating femboys.

But she derives the same pleasure that I do – from Domination/submission and the indescribable feeling of a tight ass squeezing your rock hard cock. Her Saturday cam show was magnificent! I watched Kendall drinking coffee while her bearded, patriotic, submissive wearing an American flag mask sucked her stiff cock. He was kneeling as she stood before him, answering fans’ questions in a multi-colored string body suit.

The camera view was purposely cutting off the view of Kendall’s stiff cock penetrating her subbie boy’s cute bottom. Once the Southern Belle reaches her goal, the show becomes more visually satisfying. At one point, Kendall allowed the handsome young man to fuck her while standing behind her. We saw her stiff dick flopping around all over the place when the guy wasn’t jerking her off and pounding her sweet ass.

One of the most interesting sequences was watching Kendall fuck her boy while chatting with another one over the phone. We could hear the whole conversation! Another highlight was seeing the pleasure of pre-orgasmic contractions spreading across Kendall’s pretty face as her boy jerked her off. Tips rolled in like crazy and “Momma” then gave her sub a sloppy blowjob upon a fan’s request. Then she fucked him again until he sounded like he needed an ambulance.

Congratulations to Kendall Penny on her Transgender Erotica Award 2020 presented last night (May 11) for MV Trans Model of the Year (sponsored by ManyVids)! You’ll see her profile for Kendall’s studio performances when you get to her live webcam link:!

The Amazing Bubbles! Black-TGirls

I cannot believe the state of the adult industry today. I almost never bring up race, but there’s an elephant in the room. Although trans porn in the adult industry is thriving, Black-TGirls is one of the only places on the Internet that still presents black trans women in porn. Why is that? Are we that divided now?

Bubbles strokes her big cock again on Black-TGirls!

On a lighter note, “The Amazing Bubbles!” sounds more like a bath tub and tile cleaner than a porn update. But there’s nothing at all funny about this gorgeous performer’s photo and video sets. Bubbles is in eight of them on the site – six solos and two hardcore shoots! “The Amazing Bubbles!” begins with the 21 year old beauty removing her bra to reveal that she’s wearing a breast-baring fishnet body stocking. She’s also wearing panties, but she lowers then quickly, from behind. An what an incredible behind it is!

She’s completely naked in under a minute and a half. Bubbles then does a twerking routine that displays how each butt cheek has a mind of its own. For a moment, it looks like she’s about to do a headstand on the sofa. But she’s actually preparing to twerk upside down. But then comes time for Bubbles to pleasure herself by gently rubbing her fun spot.

Then the petite young lady begins stroking her big, hard cock. From this point on it’s crystal clear to me that Bubbles is one of my all-time favorite Black-TGirls discoveries. Actually, she debuted here on Femout.XXX! About my first statements: This has to change because it’s hurting all of us.

Erica Chery and Calliope

Erica Chery had on a blue sleeveless top pulled above her luscious tits and puffy nipples. Her big, hard cock stood out from underneath a pair of black and white shorts and from the side panel of her skimpy panties. Calliope was completely naked and was sinking low to suck Erica’s turgid erection. Erica complimented Callie’s sucking, but invited you to imagine being in Calliope’s place, giving her head. “That’s a good boy,” she whispered to the Chaturbate Trans onlookers. “Hold still so I can face fuck you.”

Calli managed to take in about half the length of Erica’s boner without any gag reflex. Then she took a break to kneel at Erica’s side. When asked about that move from a viewer, Erica informed him about Calliope’s identity saying, “She’s a sissy… A sissy boy.” Then Erica proceeded to switch between jerking off and allowing Calli to do it for her. Miss Chery threw in some barefoot posing as she often does. The both stroked Erica’s large member and Calli released it right before Erica shot a huge load of creamy white cum!

Calliope tried to suck on one of Erica’s nips, but it was too sensitive as she was still moving through her orgasm. Erica requested a towel and naked Calli skipped off to retrieve one. I’ve never seen such a strong Mistress/sissy dynamic play out with this pair before. Erica then decided Calliope deserved an award for her good service. She remained seated while Calli stood and offered her semi-erect cock. Erica sucked in the bulbous head and first few inches. Then she began deep-throating the expanding prick.

As Erica’s spent member lay between her closed thighs, it was clearly visible that it wasn’t ready to deflate yet. It also still looked huge. Calliope’s dick ain’t so small either. But she wasn’t to cum like Erica did previously and Erica signed off politely for both of them. When I saw them on Erica’s channel again Calliope was dutifully on her knees again.

She was jerking Erica off again who sat with her bare legs spread eagle. Erica was wearing a black and white plaid skirt this time with a long-sleeve white top. The shirt was sexily pulled above the shelf of her boobs again. Calli would suck it when Erica wasn’t taking over with her own hand. I love how Calliope smiles widely, knowing she’s good at her job of getting Erica to climax.

Sure enough, about Eight minutes after I signed in, thick ropes of spunk shot out from the swollen head of Erica’s big dick! The best show of the week to me however was more hardcore. Erica was sprawled out face down in a blue dress that required wearing a top underneath. But she skipped the top and her lovely orbs were fully on display. Calliope was hovering above Erica fully nude and jerking off furiously!

She paused for a moment to lube her erection and Erica gazed at us silently. Calli’s masturbation got her big dick hard enough to ease inside Erica’s tight ass. I should probably say she forced it in and immediately proceeded to fuck Erica with rapid fire thrusts! Normally, I crave seeing the girl getting fucked to be up on her knees with her cock swinging about. But this action was so hot to view, I didn’t even think about that until it was over. Naked Calliope collapsed on top of Erica as she came deep inside her. I didn’t miss seeing the cum shot either!

This is real, live sex – not studio edited porn. Calli eventually sat up with the shivers, sat beside Erica and shook her hair out. But then Calliope sank to the floor submissively while Erica somehow ejected good taste in displaying the creampie she just received. They announced that they were going to sign out and wash up. I wonder how many of their fans and tippers had to do exactly the same thing.

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Sadie Hawkins Retrospect

I’m in the process of updating all of my adult entertainer interviews since 2009. Broken links pile up after awhile and adding plug-ins to find and correct them can disable websites temporarily. One recent update is my April 16, 2012 Interview With Sadie Hawkins. On April 24, 2012, the re-mastered “Sadie Hawkins 2” went live on Transational Fantasies.

I hadn’t seen this video yet as the original copy wasn’t even released yet! But I knew that Sadie was well on her way to carving out her niche in trans porn and the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) worlds. Sadie has also become a popular YouTube influencer and kinky lifestyle blogger.

The thing about “Sadie Hawkins 2” that shows her range is that this is what I’d call traditional trans porn. Sadie as at work at her desk filling a phone order for a customer. She props her legs up on the desk and jots down all the details of the order. Then she takes a call from a special friend who’s really not supposed to be calling her at work. With her slingback pumps still resting on the table and her bare legs crossed, she withdraws her penis from beneath her dress.

Sadie proceeds to engage in phone sex. Her cock quickly become raging hard as it juts from its pink panty pouch. About four minute later, Sadie discards her dress and starts stroking her pecker furiously! I think that “Sadie Hawkins 2” is not only one of Sadie’s best performances, it’s one of the best on Transational Fantasies ever! Period.

If you think these 5 out of 100 photos are hot, wait until you see Sadie in action! We could compare notes if you join the long-running site. It’s the best of the best and I haven’t missed much since it launched in 2002 under a different name. I hope you’ll feel that my Interview with Sadie Hawkins lives up to the quality of her performances!

TS Paris aka Crippledbones

I don’t know if this beauty refers Paris or Milan Dior but, this webcam broadcaster is absolutely incredible on Chaturbate Trans! I’m not just saying that because she was sucking n her own cock when I first saw her online. I’m going to go with Milan since that’s the first name she has listed on

During her full frontal auto-fellatio show, Milan was speaking with viewers in a very engaging manner. The blue top she wore was open and her pretty boobs were partially visible. It looked to me that her cock was slightly larger than average in length. But the thickness of it! Everything about the way she was seated screamed, “Fuck me while I’m sucking myelf,” although she never said anything like that outloud. Chalk this up to my own naughty thoughts hard at work.

Milan was halfway to her tip goal, thanking tippers politely, as she sucked away. She said she usually stays on for about an hour and forty minutes. By the was, she sounds sexy AF when moaning her self-pleasure.

She switches hands often while jerking off, doing whatever it takes to shoot her load. A fan asked if she would cum in her own mouth when she reached her goal. Now this I had to see. I wasn’t long before she filled her mouth with creamy white cum! Before she signed out, she mentioned her OnlyFans account that you should join for recorded shows.

Act fast to see her because she’s threatening on her social media to quit camming and t switch to recorded shows only on her own account. But for now, when she’s on live, she’s wide open to going private with you also on!

Emmily Lopez aka Emmilysweett on Chaturbate

When I jumped into Chaturbate Trans the other day, the first chat room that caught my attention featured two gorgeous Colombian girls. There was Emmily, the blonde wearing a green blouse and black panties and a brunette with a white brassiere on. Her lower body was out of the frame. And then there were three.

Another blonde appeared in a black bra and thong set. The new girl was the only one with her junk out and it was a long uncut schlong with a semi hardon. Both blondes had narrow pink Lovesense Lush toys in their butts, vibrating with incoming tips. The tips are what encouraged Emmily to drop to her knees and take the other blonde’s cock inside her mouth.

The brunette jerked off for us, and when the blowjob break happened, all three girls stood up and masturbated. Emmily’s dick swelled to enormous proportions and she was clearly the most hung of the three. When the other blonde got on her back and spread her legs open for Emmily, I expected some hot frottage. But Emmily was ready to fuck! She helped place a pillow under her friend’s ass and shoved her huge member inside, right next to the sex toy inside the girl’s bottom!

The brunette continued fapping as Emmily delivered pile driver pounding. That’s under Emmily allowed her to switch places! Emmily had the girl she fucked swing into position for a spit roast fucking. I was curious to see if all three girls were equally versatile. I eventually got my answer when the blonde who’d bottomed for Emmily and the brunette fucked Emmily! All of this XXX LIVE ACTION played out on!

Dominik_Shim on Chaturbate

“My place of residence is mystery covered in darkness,” says this stunning Chaturbate Trans broadcaster. I have my suspicions about where Dominik Shim is from, but I’ll keep that to myself out of respect for her privacy. I’ve seen her channel live online about six or seven times and she’s been successfully rising in viewers lately.

I decided to take a good long look at her, please pardon the pun, and here’s what I saw! Just recently, she was wearing a black beret and big round eyeglasses. With a black and white print poet’s blouse on and black tights , she had a schoolgirl appeal. The tights added to that look. But that’s where it stopped because she had no pants or undies on. She was stroking a really big cock – both long and thick.

This barely legal type auburn-haired cammer had some light music playing in the background. It wasn’t loud enough to be annoying. When tips rolled in for her, she graciously thanked fans in the sweetest little voice ever. She moaned a lot and loudly, something I can rarely do without to get aroused. Then she sat up, turned around and presented a tremendously well-rounded ass. Her narrow pink Lovescence Lush toy was firmly embedded in her tight butt which she spanked beet red!

Dominik flipped back over to jerk off full frontal again. A request came in to lift her blouse up and she did so. She doesn’t have a lot going on in the boob department, something I could care less about. She has large, lovely pink nipples. Her face looked super pretty with black mascara, pink eyeliner and fire engine red lipstick. She smiles frequently. About 20 minutes in, Dominik removed her tights and presented a lengthy barefoot fetish-oriented show.

She eventually opened her blouse to bare one pretty nipple as she continued jerking off. She keep her bare legs and feet in the frame basically until she convulsively came. Dominik Shim has some seriously powerful orgasms! You should experience some with her and follow her for some great fap shows. She’s on!

Etertaycb aka Erica Chery

I was wondering if one of my favorite Chaturbate Trans broadcasters was still regularly performing. I’ve only been watching the girls performing live this week. I’m happy to report that Erica Chery aka Eric/Erica, Ericerica, Etertaycb has been prolific and cumtastic this week online! This 5’10″(178 cm), blue-eyed ginger who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada is making the best of staying at home.

“Do you wanna be my little cock slut,” isn’t the kind of question that would turn me on as a top. But when I checked into Erica’s channel and saw her stroking her big cock, I was like, “Well damn, I guess so!” She was wearing a blue and white paisley-print top raised above the shelf of her bosom. Her puffy nipples were proudly on display and the sex organ she was jerking was raging hard.

The super hot 26 year old beauty fulfilled bare foot fan’s fantasies and fulfilled a big tipper’s request. She raised a leg way up and licked the head of her own cock. When asked if she likes doing that, she replied that she loves the tasted of her cock, but not the lube on it. Then she began pumping faster and harder with her left hand.

Erica told one fan it was okay to call her mommy and went into taboo territory that had my she-cock raging hard as well! She then added that she could cum up to about ten times a day! As a matter of fact, she’d just returned after a break from releasing her cum. Then she asked if she should take off her shirt and get totally nude. Erica sitting their full frontal without a stitch on during this tremendous fap session informed me that tips would be flowing in yet more frequently.

I usually notice small changes in this particular model right away. But I didn’t really notice how much larger her breasts have become since she first started camming until yesterday. She was cupping one of her boobs firmly right before getting her nut. “I’m coming,” she shouted and another one of her trademark ropy white cum shots blasted from the head of her red-flushed schlong! Then she chilled out and chatted for another three minutes before checking out for the day. If you haven’t seen any of Erica’s studio performances, the links below will take you to her her Grooby profile pages:

Femout.XXX (2 Solo Sets)

FemoutSex.XXX (1 Hardcore Set)

Grooby Girls (3 Solo Sets)

TGirls.Porn (3 Hardcore Sets)

To follow Erica Chery and get notification to see her performing LIVE go to!

Zendabich on Chaturbate Trans

22 year old Zendabich aka Briannys Sophia is from Medillin, Colombia. She speaks Spanish, English, French and German. This Chaturbate Trans broadcaster was camming completely naked when I saw her the other night. With a body like that, big round tits, tight abs on a waspish waist flaring out to a wide set of hips… And her face is remarkably pretty.

Briannys looks like an ultra-feminine pro fitness trainer with a huge cock. I was running her channel for about 20 minutes before I realized she hadn’t uttered a single word. She interacted with viewers with her keyboard, however. If her immense erection began to deflate, she’d gaze at something on her cell phone that made it swell again and defy gravity.

Her show that night was mainly full frontal. Her camera was positioned from a lower angle. But she would occasionally show of her perfectly rounded ass, too. The only complaint I have about her shows is the music is too loud for me. It’s not that I don’t like the music. The tempo is too fast and distracting.

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