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Erica and Shiri on Chaturbate!

Erica Cherry and Shiri Allwood suck and fuck LIVE on Chaturbate!

Erica Cherry and Shiri Allwood suck and fuck on Chaturbate trans LIVE

Erica was sucking Shiri Allwood’s cock when I logged into a super sexy double ginger trans lesbian show. Erica was wearing a cute blue top and Shiri, shot from the mid-section, had on black fishnet stockings with garter-like cutouts and a tartan plaid mini skirt. This tgirl schoolgirl blowjob continued until Erica needed a break.

As they sat side by side on the sofa, it was revealed that Erica wore the same type of hosiery as her partner. She also had a big juicy erection! Shiri took hold of it and began stroking and the next electrifying moment came when the girls began to French kiss. They jerked their own cocks off respectively as they made out passionately.

If you follow these hot babes on social media as I do, you may have seen this union coming from a mile away. You’ve seen them beginning to flirt online and eventually get together. But seeing Erica and Shiri actually having sex together is the icing on the proverbial cake! I’m not sure what goes on every time they get together, but Erica was doing most of the sucking when I signed in.

An erotic sword fight followed the second head giving Erica performed. Then, both girls showed off their lovely breasts. Shiri, the redhead with braces, has been in the adult industry longer than Erica has. But they both perform like seasoned porn pros without looking rehearsed. Their 69 sex show took things to another level altogether!

Erica got help from Shiri fucking a clear cock sleeve. Next came the moment that drove fans nuts and had tips rolling in like crazy. As Erica sat before us full frontal, Shiri straddled her and sink her tight ass down upon Erica’s big, hard cock! Erica also fucked Shiri’s tight ass doggy style and in the missionary position! Did I see both girls shoot their cum and taste each other’s nectar? You better believe it! Shiri is still live on cam at but it’s been about three weeks. I saw these beauties together just recently on Erica’s channel at!

Ms Julia Epiphany

Caramel’s YouTube Interview With Ms. Julia Epiphany

My jaw dropped when I found out that this stunning trans adult industry star was also a IT entrepreneur and a nanotechnology advocate. On top of that, I wasn’t aware of that when Ms. Julia Epiphany agreed to do a YouTube interview with me. Talk about having challenging conversations! Once we got down to the editing part, Julia took over 100% and I’ve not only gained a great new interview, but a tech guru who’s also a leading Canadian porn star! I hope you’ll enjoy my text and video Interview with Ms. Julia Epiphany!

Jean Jezebel YouTube

YouTube Interview with Jean Jezebel

Femout MP4 Scene Trailer

2019 Transgender Erotica Awards Ms.Unique Nominee, Jean Jezebel, is a Seattle, Washington-based Adult Studio (Femout.XXX Profile) and Webcam Model (Chaturbate broadcaster), Producer and Invertebrate Biologist (who studies all living species that have no backbone in water and on land).

YouTube Interviewer Caramel Black says, “Jean Jezebel’s text and photo interview with me on Caramel’s TGirls in 2007 was one of the most viewed and well-received.”

“Now that I’m presenting trans interviews for YouTube, “Caramel adds, “Requesting that Jean present a visual interview for TS Dreamland only seemed natural. I find Jean’s way of replying to questions titillating, refreshing and uniquely informative.”

Click here to watch Caramel’s Interview with Jean Jezebel on YouTube.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Kellie Shaw

Kellie Shaw on Chaturbate

Kellie’s Video Invitation

Blonde fox Kellie Shaw of Arizona was LIVE on solo last night and she was absolutely amazing! But the night before was double trouble when she had another gorgeous trans performer named Velma join her for a trans lesbian tryst. When I logged in and went to the show was already in progress. The girls were completely naked and engaged in a 69 with Kellie on top. French kissing was requested so they arranged their gorgeous bodies across from one another to make out. There was lots of tongue – these chicks were totally sucking face like true girlfriends! I love TS/Male shows but TS/TS hotness is quicker to make my she-cock hard as a brick! The kissing did the same for the girls who began slapping their big erections together.

The fan participation was off the chain and Kellie announced how many tips needed to roll in to make them cum. Velma gave Kellie a tittie-fuck which was heavily lubricated. She then sucked Kellie’s big boobs and something unexpected happened next. At least I didn’t see it coming. There was mention that Kellie would not be fucking Velma tonight. But I did not know that meant Kellie would be getting fucked. Velma tore Kellie’s fine ass up in the doggy style position!

Velma really gave it to her hard with hair pulling and deep thrusts that had Kellie’s big tits, cock and balls swinging around all over the place! Later, they engaged in frottage, one of my favorite activities. Kellie was on top for this heated dick-rubbing session She jerked off furiously when Kellie decided to jerk off with a huge dildo! We got to see Velma suck Kellie off to a violently shuddering orgasm. Then Kellie returned the favor and Kellie shows us all the cum she trapped inside her mouth! Like I said, Kellie on her own is seriously amazing. When she has a hot and horny guest like Velma with her, it’s extra hot!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Zoe Cumshow

Zoe Cumshow on Chaturbate

Zoe is the principal component of this Chaturbate Trans webcam room. She’s the girl getting her cock sucked in the first linked photo. I’ve seen Zoe on webcam three times this week performing live with two beautiful cis girls. Shai/Sue is her girlfriend and I din’t know who the other blonde fox is. But the mystery girl was rubbing a Hitachi magic wand vibe across her clit and Zoe had one also. She was rubbing it along her cock shaft while her girlfriend flicked her tongue across the head. Both of Zoe’s mates sucked her cock furiously as if they were racing to see which one of them could make Zoe cum! The gorgeous trans girl would jerk off for us whenever they’d edge her to the brink of orgasm. Did I see vaginal penetration? Yes, I certainly did, but I’m not going to tell you which girl Zoe fucked or if she screwed both of them with her big lovely cock! You’ve got to register for free on Chaturbate and hopefully you’ll catch them live one of these nights. Be sure to follow

Lycha XO YouTube

Caramel’s YouTube Interview With Lycha

TS Dreamland on YouTube

Have you subscribed to the official YouTube channel for TS Dreamland yet? If not, just click on for updates and interviews! Please SUBSCRIBE to help the channel keep growing. This is Caramel and my blog partner PornOCD aka Scott from the UK first did a video interview the stunning Jessica Fappit we presented it here and on YouTube and our readers loved it. That got me to thinking about the way people like having access to videos to go along with written interviews. The actual models talking about themselves brings the text part of it to life.

I’m from North Central Florida and when I went to Orlando recently, I met a model/producer/dancer named Lycha and some mutual trans friends that we’d only connected with online yet had never met in person. The interactions went extremely well and Lycha and I were discussing how we’d develop the text part of our interview.

She suggested that we do some video to go along with it which made me nervous because I was so unprepared. But my friend Kimberly who is a great photographer was there and we both had our cameras and enough combined pro lighting to make this work.

Lycha posed for photos first and she’s a natural as you can see. These are a few samples of what we shot that evening and there are more to come with the text interview that’s coming to this site soon. If you’re thinking Lycha needed any help tying herself up for the Shibari shots, she did not. She did the ropework by herself!

We go into a discussion about Lycha’s work and touched on BDSM that gets as explicit as YouTube will allow. The direct links for the interviews with Lycha on YouTube are: Part 1 and Part 2 and I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Chaturbate Trans Cams

Addi Eve on Chaturbate

Chaturbate: addibabeee

When I saw 22 year old Addi Eve on Chaturbate the other night, I immediately remembered where I’d last seen her. Omar Wax presented her debut and followup sets on Femout.XXX in January and February of 2016. “I’m Addi, MTF transgender recently coming out to the world, I told my parents and friends. I love feel feminine it is relaxing. im currently 22 in the south and struggling with trying to make to commitment to be a full-time girl,” reads her profile. On Tumblr, Addi recently stated, “I don’t even know when the transition began but I started hrt in march and I haven’t lost a single friend yet , I just told more friends n these days I have a small tight knit circle full of awesome ppl from 6-60 years old (6 y.o. is my nephew my niece is 11) , but what I realized tonight is to just take my time… I have nothing to prove to anyone and what ever happens happens. Also I wanna take time with my transition and just keep being me… like no denying I’m transgender but I’m still awesome so that’s all that matters. 🙂 even tho I didn’t get to start when I was 17 I still feel like I’m back in high school and I am so thankful for everyone, like I can’t stress enough how thankful I am fot every one showing love and support, I don’t take it for granted. And she’s killing it on She looks hotter than ever with longer hair and more confidence than I remember from her major studio debut. To be more specific, I didn’t know she had such a sweet, high-pitched voice until I heard it on Chaturbate in Thursday and Friday night. She looks gorgeous in a lime green bra and knee socks and in Calvins with little else on. Addi masturbates with a pleasant pretty smile on her face, moving all over her bed that I think you’ll crave joining her in. Last night, although Addi’s cock was hard enough to cut diamonds with, she was having just a bit of trouble cumming. So she played some porn on her Android and showed us what she was fapping to, a world famous mixed-race porn and mainstream trans star with a huge dick getting railed by a hot Italian stud. Addi was wearing just a chocker and a bracelet with a big dildo embedded in her phenomenal ass. She got all worked and blasted big jets of creamy white cum shortly after. That’s addibabeee on Chaturbate and don’t forget about her stupendous Femout.XXX performances.

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Chaturbate Trans Cams Mrs Kelly Pierce

2016 AW-Award Chaturbate Nominees

On May, 2016, Chaturbate announced that the website and broadcasters have received 24 nominations for the 2016 AW-Awards. The award show which focus solely on Live Cams will take place in Mamaia, Romania June 8, 2016. Congratulations to all the nominees!


To stay on topic for TS Dreamland subscribers, special congratulations to nominees Exxxotique of Miami, Florida and Mrs Kelly Pierce of Chicago, Illinois. If you’ve never seen them performing LIVE on Chaturbate, you’ve been missing out on some incredible performances. Get to know them and if you already do, say congratulations!



Aubrey Bix Chaturbate Trans Cams ridetheline

Aubrey Bix on Chaturbate

There’s a whole lot of hotness about Aubrey Bix than seeing her sucking her own cock on Chaturbate. One of the sexiest things about her is what’s between her ears. Chaturbate happens to be my favorite amongst other exemplary webcam sites. When I logging in the other day, I saw Aubrey driving her fans nuts, posing on her bed on her hands and knees. She had on a pair of red panties and that was about it. My initial veiw was from the back and as incredible as that sight was, she turned to face the camera. Aubrey engages with her viewers magnificently. She has a sultry voice and sprinkles her erotic posing with lots of good humor. Aubrey eventually lost her panties and laid back to get her dick hard. Then the flexible babe flipped her exquisite form into a contortion that enabled her to lick her cockhead. Auto-fellatio is pretty rare anywhere these days in trans porn and watching Aubrey not only lick, but also suck her own cock, is as fascinating as it is erotic. But as sexy as that is, even if that didn’t happen, she’s a pleasure to watch and listen to in general. Just watching her play with her hair while completely naked on Chaturbate is a treat. She was so intereting that I followed the link to her website site to find out more about her. A whole other level of sexiness was there, including more photos and her “Top Secret Trans Dating Hints” which I found to be concise and right on point. There’s a lot of wisdom in her do’s and don’ts. Next time you’re on Chaturbate in the transsexuals area, you might get lucky seeing her live broadcasts in

Chaturbate Trans Cams

Cumiko on Chaturbate

When I first saw 23 year old 5′ 2″ Cumiko on Twitter, I thought to myself, “Wow, she’s cute!” But when I followed her tumblr blog, I realized that she’s not just cute – she’s absolutely beautiful! Cumiko could have an amazing studio model career, but like so many other models are doing, she’s been spending lots of time doing webcam shows under room=cumiko on Chaturbate. I used a surprisingly low amount of tokens to catch some previous performances and Cumiko isn’t just head-to-toe stunning, she’s hung and her big cock fires off some mind-blowing cumshots. If you love super pretty petite girls with cocks and balls that seem kind of out of proportion to their petite frames, you’re gonna love Cumiko on my all-time favorite webcam site Chaturbate!