LaylahLittle on Chaturbate Trans Cams

Laylalittle strokes her trans cock and cums for you on Chaturbate!

#edging #sissy #femboy #trans #cum #mistress were the hashtags on the LaylahLittle Chaturbate Trans Cams channel this morning. The 5’9″ strawberry blonde trans girl was just about to cum when I logged into the platform. She wore eyeglasses but was totally naked from head to toe and absolutely stunning. A fan asked if she was bisexual. She replied that she might have sex with another trans girl, but she doesn’t like vagina.

Also, if she did dip her toe into the bi pool, it would have to be with another sissy. She’s not into top trans girls at all. The other girl would have to be small-breasted too, like Layla. At one point she said that small tits are high fashion. She said that she was upset about OnlyFans announcing that they’d no longer support adult content on October 1, 2021.

But whomever follows her on will be grandfathered into whatever new platform she moves to. Layla fucked her perfectly-rounded ass with a big pink dildo. There was a humorous moment when a fan said he loved Layla’s big cock. Layla laughed and disagreed that it’s big. It’s indeed a rather small, yet lovely dick whether it’s flaccid or rock hard. I think it’s absolutely perfect.

You might see her fucking a cock sleeve someday. She doesn’t have a set schedule yet, but she’ll be back on Friday at Be sure to give her a follow!

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