Mondo Versailles!” Mondo Fetiche with Tasha Black and Superslutz

I love the way Superzlut of New York City describes herself on (Gender note: I’m AMAB, genderqueer and femme, so I can’t really call myself a “male model” or “female model”. I’m primarily interested in working on projects that capture/celebrate/confront that complexity and queerness).

I’m here to be part in interesting art and radical expressions of queerness. I’m especially interested in work that explores intersections of sex and gender and experiments with dynamics of power, role, attraction and expectation around them.

Her profile lists her likes:

I like: The electricity of power exchange — the first probing, subtle but unambiguous assertion of dominance and the smile on their face when I bat my eyes receptively. The thrill of enthusiastic consent — hearing myself beg them to have me and feeling myself purr the whole time they do.
I like it when they call me their bitch (because it makes me feel so owned).
I like roughness and physicality and force, being overpowered and reminded I have no choice.
I like being bullied, and giving in. I like feeling them win, being taken as their prize, knowing they know they can do whatever they want and not knowing what it’ll be this time.
I like touch. Skin touching skin. Kissing. Holding hands. I like feeling their chest rise and fall against my back and bringing my breath into rhythm with theirs.
I like casual, lighthearted scenes with giggly, flirty undertones — cuddling and closeness and intimacy and warmth mixed with energetic assertions of absolute dominance and enthusiastic submission.
I like straining my eyes to make contact with theirs while they step on my face as they fuck me. I like being fucked.
I… (work in progress)

The first time I saw Superzlut in action was on in the Mondo Fetiche channel’s release of “Mondo Versailles!” with the incomparable cisgender female porn star Tasha Black. In this 8:56 minute short Sadean vignette, Her Grace Tasha Black grants footman Superzlut an audience filled with debauchery and decadence! Director Carlos Deth of mondofetiche delivers a silent movie in color. Classical strings from the Victorian age is the soundtrack.

Her Grace enforces heel sucking, toe sucking and an erotic lesson in feminization. This is sissy porn without the studio putting a specific name on it. There’s a severe spanking in which the sub is ball-gagged. The footman’s huge cock is squeezed mercilessly. As the Lady makes herself cum with her hands, the sissy rides a big dildo. He climaxes at the same time and large spurts of creamy white cum fly from the tip of his big dick! This is a short masterpiece from

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