Isabella aka SarayDollTS on Chaturbate Trans

SarayDollTS aka Isabella of Cali, Colombia

I’ve always know Chaturbate Trans broadcaster SarayDollTS as Isabella, so I’m going to stick with that throughout this review. But her official channel is She’s jerking off and cumming daily on the platform and I’m here to tell you the other things I love about her shows in graphic detail. First off, her performance are long! Isabella can go on for hours at a stretch, shooting a fresh load of cum, and staying hard to do it all over again. That’s an above and beyond standard for anyone with a dick. Isabella’s cock is humongous by the way.

I love the music she plays in the background and I know that’s subjective. It’s sensual Latin pop and smooth R&B that doesn’t drown out the action. This 19 year old cutie-pie with braces sings along when she’s not masturbating. The best part of that is that she’s not off-pitch. She’ll flirt with fans and heavy tippers to get her dick hard again with her clothes on.

Then it’s back to stripping and stroking, often placing her massive sex organ within inches of the camera. Isabella will often shoot her pearly cum across a brown wood tabletop. Sometimes she’s squeeze two tight fists around her long shaft and there’s still a lot of meat showing below the bulbous head.

Best of all, she talks and makes sounds like a human! And a girly girl one at that. There are few things in XXX shows that irk me more than quiet masturbators and sex partners! If you’re that worried about someone hearing your cries of ecstasy, perhaps you’re in the wrong business.

Anyway, I think Isabella was wearing her signature short-shorts the first time I saw her camming. Her stiff cock is so big that its length spreads all the way across the front and the head goes beyond her hips! I’m no size queen when it comes to real life partners. But huge boners in porn and on Chaturbate Trans turn me on to no end.

Also, Isabella wears Lovesense vibrators in her tight ass while broadcasting. When tips roll in, her orgasmic cries are out of this world! Be sure to check her out after you register for free! Again, Isabella is on! Have fun with her cummy closeups and I hope you’ll produce some of your own. If you happen to read this now, you can catch this prolific webcammer live!

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