Caramel’s Interview with Ms Julia Epiphany

April 23, 2019

The beautiful Canadian trans adult entertainment performer, Julia Epiphany, is an Athlete, Blogger, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Erotic Model, Nude Model, Performer, Pornstar, Video Blogger, Webcam Model, and she’s 420 Friendly. She’s also a lesbian as her Fancentro page states. I first saw Julia in her debut and encore shoots by Vee Soho on Canada-TGirl (Julia’s Model Page) and to say that I was impressed would be a major understatement.

Our first chat was on Twitter and the sheer fact that Julia has an active Twitter page @MsJuliaEpiphany for her adult industry work and @juliagreaven to promote nanotechnology and her business confirmed my belief that she takes her work extremely seriously. One charming thing about that is that Julia doesn’t take herself too seriously. Here’s a bit of text from our YouTube interview:

Caramel- Hi, Julia. It’s such a pleasure to chat with you again. Thank you for doing this interview with me. During our first chat, I told you what made your performances so special to me was the way your personality comes through. We’d never met or spoken before, yet I felt that if I did, you’d be so easy to talk to. I see that as a gift. Have you always had an approachable quality about yourself?

Julia: I’ve always been very sociable. I’m a really big flirt and that’s sort of like the person I am. I really like interacting with people. I love different cultures and I was fortunate when I was young that my parents would take us traveling to the Caribbean and Europe. My mother is Spanish, from Spain and my father is Argentine, but I was born in Montreal. We traveled around quite a bit. I know I was fortunate and not everybody has had that opportunity. We also traveled in the States and all of that gave me a taste of what is out there in the world. And I love to be able to interact with people; being friendly, approachable and fun is one of qualities of my personality that I love best about me. Making people happy and being fun I think is a really admirable quality that I like to share with people. That’s my perspective. Obviously everybody in the porn industry might not agree with me and that’s okay, too. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but that’s how I see it.

Caramel: When I first started covering the trans adult industry, I noticed that there was only one route to success to becoming a well-know star. It came by working with a major studio. Nowadays, self-production, and webcam platforms can make a star out of a model with no assistance from the big studios. So, what’s different about the content that you appear in for studios and your own productions?

For Julia’s answer, proceed to our TS Dreamland YouTube Interview.