GroobyGirls: Welcome Taylor J! Review by Caramel

Description: Today we have an immense pleasure to introduce to you one super cute Grooby Newbie! Everybody, please welcome our “Model of the Month” for April 2021 – Taylor J! Discovered by Radius Dark, this sexy Colorado hottie can’t wait to introduce herself to you! Taylor J is a very tiny, cute girl with a great personality and a whole lot of sexual energy. This was her first time doing this type of modeling and she took direction very well. Sexually, she’s into any gender, but she always wants to be the bottom! Watch her getting naughty for you in her first scene ever!

Caramel’s Review: Producer Radius Dark is so good at getting background information from his models. About Taylor he says, “She stands about 5’5”. She was very, very athletic before and has lost (by my guess) about 70 lbs. of muscle since she started transitioning.

She recently started playing the guitar, but she seems to be very passionate about it. Sexually, she’s into any gender, but she always wants to be the bottom.”

She’s a Virgo and she relays some common traits I’ve heard before since it’s my Zodiac sign, too. Then she elaborates on what Mr. Dark added to her GroobyGirls profile. Taylor goes into explicit detail about her turn ons. The striptease comes after she confesses how horny she is. There’s some foot lovers content that comes with Taylor rubbing herself downstairs.

Taylor then moves around the room, continuing to strip and masturbate. Her cock is rock hard when she lets it spring out of her panties. It’s a gravity-defying hardon when she manages a few times to release it. What makes her fap session extra-special is the erotic sounds Taylor makes.

Some of us will no doubt be able to cum just listening to her. Ironically, Taylor seems dominant when Mr. Dark films her from an aerial view, stroking her stiff, oiled dick above us. Just remind yourself that if you were lucky enough to be with Taylor, she’d be the one getting fucked. When Taylor strips completely nude, the rest of this debut is simply exquisite.

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