GroobyGirls: Erica Cherry’s HC Comeback!

Before I even get into this review, Erica is back on Chaturbate with a fury! Follow her on

Erica Cherry’s HC Comeback!” on rolls out with gorgeous Erica Cherry beginning to play with herself. She’s wearing a white blouse, black and white plaid skirt, and bejeweled, strappy sandals. She parts her thighs and as she rubs the bulge in her dark panties, she moans how horny she is. Erica is craving having a big dick fucking her.

Erica withdraws her big, stiffening cock and her anal opening, writhing on a black leather sofa. She stands up and jerks off to a full erection. Then she sits back down to unfasten the clear straps of her tall sandals. The next sequence is devoted to fans of Erica’s perfectly-rounded ass, bare feet, and rear view of her cock and balls. Just as she’s fantasizing having her ass split open, hung AJ Fresh appears on the sofa beside Erica.

His huge dick is straining upward to defy gravity. Erica leans forward to take hold of the shaft and engulf the head inside her mouth. The bearded stud can’t resist spanking Erica’s hot ass as she gives him head. Moments later, Eric straddles AJ and rubs both of their big boners together. She notes the way her pre-cum is leaking across his hardon. Erica removes her bra to expose her perky breasts and wonderfully puffy nipples.

After a session of tantalizing frottage, Eric goes down on AJ again. when she straddles him again, she spritzes lube across his mammoth prick while totally naked. Her own big dick is hard as a rock as she settles her ass down on AJ’s member.

Soon, he’s jacking his hips up and down, fucking her silly and making her moan like crazy. All this action happens in less than the first half of this GroobyGirls video! There are more position changes and the climactic ending is focused on Erica Cherry’s tremendous, cum-laden orgasm.

You can follow the California-based stud through his account. Follow the lovely Erica on Twitter at @EricaChery and go to for more links.

She’s also back LIVE on where you can register for FREE!

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