GroobyGirls: Climax Monday: Janelle Fennec!

Gorgeous Janelle Fennec makes me rock hard and she's still fully dressed.

The sexiest thing I’ve ever seen this trans porn icon in wasn’t in a porn shoot. It was the YouTube Interview with Janelle Fennec by Dave Naz in the photographer’s Identity vlog series. She details what it’s like living as a trans woman so eloquently and hers is one of my all-time favorite solo interview format vlogs.

Yet, she’s also one of my favorite trans porn performers. I love that her new Climax Monday: Janelle Fennec! set involves rope play as I’m a Domme learning Shibari (Japanese rope play) for BDSM training. The way Janelle makes light BDSM roleplay a deliciously erotic experience is simply cumtastic! I love the way she exposes what’s in store for tonight’s adventure beneath the hem of her dress – a lovely, shaven cock and balls and that naughty purple rope framing them.

Janelle clasps a lock of her golden hair and gazes at you intensely with her deep blue eyes. She hasn’t even shed her black frock yet and I almost want to promise your cock will be hard enough to cut diamonds with. She exposes her perfectly heart shaped ass tamely, then explicitly. Then she begins to jerk off full frontal in nothing but her tall sandals and strategically binding rope.

Janelle adds foot lovers content seemingly unknowingly by taking off her strappy heels and presenting her lean bare feet and pedicured toes. All the while, her hard cock is standing upright. “It tickles,” she first coos when penetrating her tight ass with a loudly buzzing vibrator. Her erection tells us it’s doing more than just tickling. And she’s vocally describing the sensations it gives her with her sweet, velvety voice.

The sex toy is embedded inside Janelle to the hilt as she jerks off furiously! She looks absolutely exquisite as she convulses in orgasm. She pumps the black toy in and out of her opening a few last times before we’re hit with a Radius Dark instant replay of Janelle’s Grooby Girls cum shot!

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