etertaycb: Erica Cherry Returns to Chaturbate!

She’s back! After recovering from FFS (Face Feminization Surgery), the already stunning Erica Cherry is back on Chaturbate Trans Cams. I don’t like to play favorites here, but I can’t lie, she’s one of my all-time favorite trans performers. When I heard she was going under the knife, I was pretty shocked, but she knew what she was doing. The results couldn’t have been better! The outfit Erica Cherry is wearing in these photos also included cute little socks.

I arrived late to that stream, but there were no panties when I got there. She was bent over her black computer chair spanking her perfectly rounded ass beet red. Her big cock and balls were sticking out from her tightly squeezing thighs. When she sat back down in her chair and asked if she looked better than before, the reactions were mixed between yes, and you already looked amazing before. Soon, she had her feet propped up on the desk and was stroking her huge, hard cock just like in the old days.

Erica says she’s still not completely recovered, but we can’t see that her healing process isn’t complete. The ironic thing about that is that we say Erica streaming without any makeup on at all. That’s a first for me and she looks incredible without a stitch of makeup on as well. Wearing a red t-shirt pulled over her perky boobs,

Erica stroked her large erection in and out of a gold cock sleeve. Ten she later pumped it with her hands. She moaned a lot and smiled a lot as tips and compliments rolled in. Erica Cherry also lubed up a purple vibrator and inserted it into her tight ass. She interacted with fans sweetly and threw in some barefoot content. After shooting a thick, creamy load of cum, Erica continued jerking off.

She then fucked her ass with the toy and removed her shirt, rendering herself completely nude. About ten minutes later, Erica’s big dick released yet another big cum shot!

Her messages were: edge + cum! tip if you like please! relaxed show #cum #edging #bigcock #shemale. If you haven’t seen one of her shows yet, follow her for notifications by email of her next streams. For my previous write-ups about her, go to and

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