erica_cherry: Erica Cherry Returns to Chaturbate

Erica Cherry has recently returned to Chaturbate Trans Cams! Erica has answered questions about cosmetic changes she’s made her current hair. Although she was wearing wigs when she started out in porn, her ginger tresses are all hers now. When asked if she likes topping guys, the answer is yes. But she likes getting fucked, too. Sometimes she likes being dominated. It’s okay to lightly slap her face and to maybe go harder on her titties.

Whether she’s wearing lingerie or naked, the sight of Erica jerking off in a full frontal view is astounding. Actually, when she allows her big erection to bob and sway above her thighs – that’s another amazing part of her streams. When she applies a lot of lube to her hardon, she really gets close to shooting her load. When she cups one of her boobs while jacking off, you know she’s about to nut! I’m not sure what brand of lube she uses, but she pours it onto her boners from a large bottle. Whatever it is, I’d like to try it. But I digress.

I don’t know which fan it was meant for, but at one point, Erica told someone, “I know that deep down you want to love my cock. You want to worship my cock.” It seemed like this fan was in denial about his affection for dick. I like to imagine he got over it before Erica released her huge cum shot. The last time I heard someone ask how big her cock was, she replied, “It’s longer than my feet.”

A fun hobby to take on would be timing your powerful orgasms with Erica’s. Her live cam link is For all of her links go to!

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