Chaturbate Trans Cams: Scarleebdsm, Mistress Hera and a Sissy


Scarleebdsm is a powerful Mistress from Pittsburgh, PA and an incredible Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer. Scarlet Lee says, “Kink is a true lifestyle for me. I live it every day in my personal life as a Mistress to many subs. I am powerful in every sense of the word. I am stronger than you and my dick is probably bigger too. This Mistress does not demand submission, she inspires it. I am way too freaky to function and a total fetishist. Believe me, I have done more kinky shit that you can imagine, so whatever your little heart desires, I promise you I most likely am in to it. If I had a clone of myself I don’t think we would ever manage to leave the bedroom. I’m pansexual, but I adore little subby bois. I also have a soft and nurturing Mommy Domme side that doesn’t gets enough attention. It takes someone truly special to be able to dominate me, but for the right person I do like to switch.

Scarlet Lee dominates a sissy!

With stats of: Height – 6 foot, Weight – 190 lb (86Kg) of pure muscle, Lady Cock – 9 inches (23cm) and fat as hell breasts – D cups, Scarleebdsm could probably whip my ass, but I’d still jump at the chance at topping her. I’ve had a glance at her sweet side on cam and there’s a teddy bear in there somewhere. I just know it. But I must admit she’s a supreme Domme. I witnessed Scarlet first sharing her dominance with Mistress Hera, a cisgender Domme also from Pittsburgh. They were both deliciously naked with Lovesense Lush and Hush tip-activated sex toys for their openings.

They masturbated each other with legs entwined and Mistress Hera also gave Scarlebdsm a foot job. The foreplay was an immense turn on, but the best part of the stream came after that. Scarlet fastened a black cock ring and a condom around her uncut pecker. Then Mistress Hera straddled her and rode her sturdy shaft.

The Mistress then licked Scarlet’s toes, driving her half crazy with lust! A tremendous doggy style railing came next! One night I saw these two hot ladies dominating a hot horny sissy! That was the first time I saw two people sucking Scartlet’s raging hard dick. The other night I saw that pro-Domme Scarleebdsm can make fans cum just as quickly all by herself!

Well, at least two of us had massive cum-laden orgasms. I’m not sure who was shaking and convulsing harder. Me or the amazing trans woman behind!

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