Chaturbate Trans Cams: ReginaRose

It seems like every day (and it just might be) that I see blazing hot hardcore trans lesbian action on Chaturbate Trans Cams. Surprisingly, it comes from the channel run by Regina Rose! Forgive me for not getting Regina’s partner’s name and just referring to her as “the brunette”. As for the action, I jumped into the ReginaRose channel while they were laying back jerking off their huge dicks.

Both organs were raging hard and the trans beauties stood up to stuff them into their fishnet stockings for fun. Regina bent down to lick her friend’s boner through the stockings. After a series of big tips rolled in, Regina was encouraged to straddle her mate with her incredible body facing us. While stroking her erection, she settled her ass on the long, thick rod and began hoisting herself up and down!

After taking a break, Regina got her cock sucked, then the TS lovelies engaged in some frottage. More tips encouraged the brunette to plunge her big cock inside of Regina’s tight ass again, causing her to moon loudly! Regina’s balls and boner were clearly visible as they were mashed between her fishnet stocking-clad thighs. As the tips continued rolling in, Regina got fucked harder and faster! Then after a sidesaddle bareback railing, Regina hopped above her partner to settle back down on her huge, stiff rod.

Then they compared erections for us. It appears that the top’s cock is a bit thicker, but once you’re dealing with these sizes, there might not be much of a difference! But I suppose it depends on who’s getting fucked by which hung Latina. I’m not sure what happened at the end of the show, but I’m pretty sure that Regina’s cum was swallowed. The background music was 100% Country on

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