Chaturbate Trans Cams Cutiecry

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Cutiecry Masturbates Live

TS Emma aka Cutiecry masturbates live on Chaturbate!

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Cutiecry of California

“I love sitting here just being casually horny,” said the beautiful Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer Cutiecry when I last saw her broadcasting live. Actually, her name is Emma, but she loves it when people call her ‘Cutie’. I think that’s an understatement for this California-based OnlyFans and Chaturbate model that you can also follow on Twitter. You’ll find all of her links on

Emma shot this photo half naked while streaming.

While sitting on a comfy chair with a hot beverage, Emma says she’s been with women, yet she prefers guys. She was wearing in grey top, with nothing covering her bottom half. So when she raised one leg seductively, fans got to see EVERYTHING down there. She was in the process of deciding how to handle private show requests while streaming. I don’t know how long the Cutiecry channel had been streaming for, but I soon saw her sitting up to get dressed again.

Then the bulbous head of her trans girl cock that was jutting up from her thighs and a few inches of the shaft were hidden by panties and gym shorts. It was sad to see her erection and smoothly shaven balls to go into hiding. Yet, this was not enough reason for most of us to stop watching. As a matter of fact, the way she did a three-way split screen and showed us her full body and entire bedroom brought more viewers to her TS webcam channel. Except for her cute little socks, Emma was soon completely naked!

She sat on the bed again in closeup, then decided to quickly put on some heels. She took her socks off, displaying a fire engine red pedicure, then donned a strappy pair of tall sandals. Then she played with her hardon while chatting with everyone. She says that her ease in developing erections is great for camming and I couldn’t agree more. A few times Emma hid her stiff lady dick between her thighs so fans could focus on her hot little butt.

Then she exposed it again, squeezing her boner tightly between her legs. Then a huge pink magic wand vibrator joined the stream. Emma buzzed the toy against her fun spot and her big tits jiggled nicely when she began jerking off. Emma fulfilled several erotic pose requests and then produced a big black dildo. Not once did she stop answering questions from her fans and tippers. Emma had gone barefoot for awhile, then put her sandals back on.

Her most obvious pleasure was derived from buzzing the Hitachi vibrator against her swollen cock head. I could go on and on but in short, one of the best Chaturbate shows I’ve seen this year was by gorgeous Emma of California. When you register for free, please tip these lovely models generously. And be sure to follow the channel. She has a Twitch game stream, too!

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