Chaturbate Trans/Cis Couple Akela and Xena

This trans/cisgender female couple met on Bumble (a social and dating app) and they’ve been together. They’ve been together since July 4, 2018 and they’re getting married on October 19, 2019. That’s in less than two weeks from today!

They both do Yoga and they’re vegans and dog moms two two furries. Xeya, the trans girl, and Akela, are both switches and they’re full time webcam broadcasters from Utah. The first time I saw them on was on October 1, 2019. Both girls were only wearing dark t-shirts and if Xeya didn’t have her legs spread wide open while sucking on one of her fiance’s tits, I wouldn’t have known which one was trans. Akela is the more busty of the two, but both girls have gorgeous boobs.

Xena’s circumcised cock wasn’t fully erect when I found the high traffic channel, but Akela stroked Xena to full erection. Akela had a pink Lovesense tip buzzed inside of her smoothly shaven pussy. Her reactions to coins flooding in were fabulous and so has watching her girlfriend make her boner bounce up and down.

There was a lot of intimate kissing and the girls kicked it up a notch by bringing a strap-on dildo to the show. Akela got into the harness and that pink faux phallus was enormous! Akela fucked Xena’s pretty face with it. They took their time teasing us with just oral and no one could have been more anxious than myself to see Xena getting railed with that big old sex toy.

Xena’s sexy ass had been primed with a comparatively small silver butt plug. She was soon getting impaled by Akela’s lengthy rod in the doggy style position! These beauties were completely naked by the time they switched into missionary fucking. Xena also rode her baby from above while she jerked her stiff cock off furiously! Xena did a bit of solo ass play with a purple vibrator and Akela joined her with a black magic wand vibe of her own. What I want to see next time I’m on is Xena fucking Akela with her real cock! Someone remind me to adjust my volume because when Akela has an orgasm, her screams are so loud!

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