YouTube Interview with Jean Jezebel

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2019 Transgender Erotica Awards Ms.Unique Nominee, Jean Jezebel, is a Seattle, Washington-based Adult Studio (Femout.XXX Profile) and Webcam Model (Chaturbate Channel), Producer and Invertebrate Biologist (who studies all living species that have no backbone in water and on land).

YouTube Interviewer Caramel Black says, “Jean Jezebel’s text and photo interview with me on Caramel’s TGirls in 2007 (published here) was one of the most viewed and well-received.”

“Now that I’m presenting trans interviews for YouTube, “Caramel adds, “Requesting that Jean present a visual interview for TS Dreamland only seemed natural. I find Jean’s way of replying to questions titillating, refreshing and uniquely informative.”

Click here to watch Caramel’s Interview with Jean Jezebel on YouTube.

Femout.XXX: Horny Redhead Lycha Cums!

A funny thing happens with Femout.XXX producer Jack Flash and Lycha that I’ve experienced myself. In my TS Dreamland Interview with Lycha and my YouTube Interview with the central Florida ginger babe, I had the opportunity to take my own photos of her.

Somewhere along the line, Lycha Rose produced some rope to turn our innocent photo session into a fetish set.

Shibari (Japanese rope play) is indeed one of Lycha’s talents. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to present more of what she knows about it and BDSM in general. These sorts of conversations never get old to me.

In her latest Femout.XXX video, Lycha does a lot of simulated fucking early in the scene. She’s still wearing a form-fitting and panties, but her cock is raging hard as we see when she flips over to face us again. I think that showing off that sexy ass of hers made her think of getting fucked, or fucking someone else.

She pulls the dress over her head, revealing her bosom which has grown considerably since her debut on Femout.XXX. Then she shows off her flexibility and kinkiness by humping one of her own bare feet with her erection. And then comes the rope and some tawdry talk.

Lycha then begins tying herself up. If you’re interested in learning Shibari, see how easy Lycha makes it look. But believe me it’s far from easy. Lycha proceeds to talk dirty about how she’d like to be taken control of and fucked while tied up.

This impending orgasm in progress is such a turn on for the viewer. The expression on Lycha’s face while she jerks off rapidly and her tits jiggling wildly are superb! This is one intense climax that ends with Lycha tasting some of her own cum.

Lycha Rose – TS Dreamland on YouTube

Caramel’s YouTube Interview With Lycha

TS Dreamland on YouTube

Have you subscribed to the official YouTube channel for TS Dreamland yet? If not, just click on for updates and interviews! Please SUBSCRIBE to help the channel keep growing. This is Caramel and my blog partner PornOCD aka Scott from the UK first did a video interview the stunning Jessica Fappit we presented it here and on YouTube and our readers loved it. That got me to thinking about the way people like having access to videos to go along with written interviews. The actual models talking about themselves brings the text part of it to life.

I’m from North Central Florida and when I went to Orlando recently, I met a model/producer/dancer named Lycha and some mutual trans friends that we’d only connected with online yet had never met in person. The interactions went extremely well and Lycha and I were discussing how we’d develop the text part of our interview.

She suggested that we do some video to go along with it which made me nervous because I was so unprepared. But my friend Kimberly who is a great photographer was there and we both had our cameras and enough combined pro lighting to make this work.

Lycha posed for photos first and she’s a natural as you can see. These are a few samples of what we shot that evening and there are more to come with the text interview that’s coming to this site soon. If you’re thinking Lycha needed any help tying herself up for the Shibari shots, she did not. She did the ropework by herself!

We go into a discussion about Lycha’s work and touched on BDSM that gets as explicit as YouTube will allow. The direct links for the interviews with Lycha on YouTube are: Part 1 and Part 2 and I hope you’ll enjoy them!