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Wondervalentina of Cali, Colombia

24 year old Valentina aka Wondervalentina held the top spot on Chaturbate Trans the other morning when I checked in. This stunning cammer from Cali, Colombia had some low music playing in the background. Thankfully I didn’t overwhelm the sight of her jerking off full-frontal in a desk chair. I couldn’t tell what the black and white print garment was around her trim waist. I’m guessing it was a dress with the bodice lowered and the hem raised.

Valentina in jeans.

Valentina had on eyewear that gave her this wonderful studious appearance. The only other clothing I could make out was black stay-up stockings. There was a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator that activated with the several tips that rolled in driving Valentina nuts with pleasure. Her full breasts would jiggle more and her reactions appeared almost orgasmic. Valentina stroked her rather large erection with her left hand. It stood out straight in front of her when she’d lean forward to type answers to admirers’ questions.

Her moans are incredibly sexy, high-pitched and although she didn’t speak at all while I was there, I didn’t find it necessary. I can’t stand silent live shows so luckily for me, I could hear her arousal as well as see it. I haven’t reviewed a live performer this perfectly voluptuous since Thaira Miaus back in July of this year.

This beauty at the channel is an edging queen. I don’t know how she can stroke her hardon so firmly for so long without cumming! But that’s clearly another reason why she rises straight to the top. It’s not just because of her extraordinary good looks. Valentina keeps coming dangerously close to coming for long enough for hoards of fans to build up. Once they’re in, they’re simply transfixed by watching her masturbate! This morning my timing was great and I got to see Valentina cumming. Her rock hard cock shot out thick streams of creamy white cum that poured down across her bronze hands and French nail fingers.

The head of her dick was fully exposed and she didn’t just log off and split immediately following her explosive climax. She stood up, turned around to show off and spank her phenomenal ass. Then she poured baby oil on it’s round surface. I could go on, but I’m thoroughly spent. I often forget to mention that registration to the world’s finest website platform is free! Be generous with the tips please. These girls are out her giving a lot of themselves and they’re absolutely incredible!