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Wendy Summers sits on the sofa with her panties down and her curvaceous ass facing you, suggesting that you, “…get it nice and ready for your dick.” When standing up facing you, she says, “My cock is just dripping through my panties,” This is an open invitation to lick and taste her pre-cum. Once her cock is fully erect, she makes it bob up and down in before you, knowing how badly you want to suck it. She massages her full breasts and knows how much you like watching her tits jiggle as she beats off. Wendy says she can feel her her cum working it’s way up from her balls. “You want that load, don’t you,” she breathes. In this Easter special edition set, Wendy writes, “Hey playboy, it’s your bunny here. With spring in the air, I thought my latest costume would get your pulse hopping! And, even though rabbits are known for being quick, I am more into slow and steady seduction! What do you think of my tail? Not my cottontail, mind you, but my curvy ass, which is lurking beneath my cozy costume. As I get hotter, I feel the need to peel away my suit and show you my red lace bra and panties. My big ears can hear your moans of pleasure! As I navigate my body, I caress my breasts and make my way down to my rigid cock, which is craving your touch. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole with me?” Watch the trailers on wendysummers.com. Wendy is also on Fetish.net where you can search for your favorite kink or click any link to go down the rabbit hole. Check out the HD Videos tab for the latest fetish videos or browse any of the other 75+ channels. While you’re at it, peep the photos tab for latex-clad FemDoms, BDSM pics, and even more eye candy. Try out fetish phone sex or browse one or twelve fetish sites run by the users themselves.

Wendy Summers

Wendy Summers hopes that her see-through mesh dress is enough of a hint that she wants her sexy ass pounded into submission. Meanwhile, she’s using a glass dildo to take care of her needs. She loves having her thick cock sucked, too. There’s also a hot hardcore video update on her site. Wendy has hot transbian sex with TS Robbi Racks until Christian XXX of Pure-TS shows up to fuck them both bareback! Check out all the new updates on Wendy’s transtastic website.

Wendy Summers Update!

The quirky, sexy webcam hostess of Wendy TG Next Door and proprietress of WendySummers.com needs a sugar daddy, guys.

About the Wendy Summers Gets It Done set she says, “I’ll be able to let go of all of today’s friction with my handy bottle of baby oil. Tonight’s reading: Moby’s Dick. Huh… looks like I could be in for a long night before I get to this climax. But don’t worry…I won’t stop until the end has cum!”

Wendy TG Next Door and WendySummers.com

Chelsea Poe on WendySummers.com

Wendy Summers has no plans to stop modeling, but she’s been putting some serious time in behind the camera lately as well as in front of it. The “Not Your Fuck Toy” video and photo set features Chelsea Poe, the first ever guest model shot and directed by the hostess of Wendy TG Next Door.

Watch the first of an occasional series of guest performers shot by Wendy Summers through the lens of her brand of personality porn!