VRBTrans Review: Stressed Out Starring Aubrey Kate

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Description: If you are with VRBTrans.com for a while now, you probably already know that having sex is one of the best methods of getting your stress relieved – and yes, this includes banging inside of our immersive virtual reality with some of the sexiest trans girls from the huge list of our professional VR porn stars. In our latest bareback TS VR porn movie called the Stressed Out, one of them – incredibly hot and all-natural blonde transsexual VR porn goddess, Aubrey Kate – could truly use your hand with letting some of her steam go, as she has just had a really stressful day and would love to relax right next to you.

She just came back to home, noticed that you are there waiting for her and… all that she wants is to ride on your hard cock while moaning and groaning out loud with pleasure, so you should definitely let her do that to make her day better and allow her regain some energy and relax before the next, maybe equally stressful day that it is about to come tomorrow. Don’t worry: this amazing anal VR porn scene will allow you to rest, too, and even though you will be here for Aubrey and to help her out, you too could get a lot out of this TS VR porn fantasy and your own joy will be a really pleasurable side effect of this trans VR porn therapy – and since you could help Ms. Kate while giving some pleasure to yourself as well, why wouldn’t you do that? Exactly!

Wear your VR headset and hop right inside of this TS VR porn scene as soon as possible – Aubrey is waiting for you and with every next minute of making her wait she is only getting more and more stressed and you will only have to fuck… we mean try harder to help her out!

Review: What’s hotter than your average superstar Aubrey Kate video? A Virtual Reality 4K Aubrey Kate video presented by VRBTrans.com. After about 3:30 minutes of watching Aubrey Kate sucking YOUR cock in VR, you see her own cock and balls exposed below the hem of her dress. The garment eventually lowers to expose her large breasts while she’s rubbing against you. The frottage leads to her sucking you off again, this time topless, and she jerks your erections off together.

My favorite thing about this update is that there’s plenty of forplay footage before the fucking begins. It’s good to the last cum shot and once again, Aubrey Kate shows us why she’s at the top of the game. Stressed Out? Let Aubrey Kate help you with that in VR!

VRBTrans – Domino Presley Paid In Full

VRBTrans.com Description: What would you answer if your sexy female friend have asked you to give her your hand with the moving out? Virtual Reality Bangers Trans strongly advice to always say “yes” in similar situations, as, just like it turned out in the Paid In Full anal TS VR porn movie, this simply favor in no time could turn into something extremely pleasurable and worth your while! … and that she has always wanted to fuck you – and now, when she has gotten herself an entirely new apartment in which she lives alone, she can finally do that without spoiling the little secret between her legs to other of your friends. You only have to keep her sexual orientation in secrecy, and as long as you agree to that, the T-girl will take care of the rest – she is incredibly horny and was waiting for this moment for ages now, so spread your legs widely and just allow her to play with your dick as much as she wants for a good beginning of this evening fuck fest. Have we already mentioned that the T-girl is no other but a super-hot Domino Presley? Yeah, we know that you have always known that she looks similar to your favorite TS VR porn star, but this was too good to be true, right? Wrong! Inside of the world of immersive teen TS VR porn videos like this one nothing is impossible – wear your VR goggles as soon as possible and check that fact on your very own eyes, dick and balls (and now in full 4K ultra high definition and 3D 360 degrees).

It almost seems inappropriate to describe such a young porn star as legendary, but Domino Presley puts me into that situation when I think back on her adult industry career. She’s been in it for a minute, but only gets better and better. This exquisite VRBTrans.com update opens with you as Domino’s friend who helped her move. You give her a naughty reply when she asks how she can repay you for helping. As the beauty sinks to her knees between yours, it’s pretty clear that you’re going to get what you asked for. She compliments your cock upon helping you get your trainers lowered. It’s raging hard before she even touches it. Domino begins sucking the head and first few inches quickly. She’s still wearing cut-off shorts, but she’s a vision bare breasted. She does a striptease for you a few minutes after blowing you however. She teases you from all angles possible in just her white thong and pink sneakers. Then she lowers her panties to expose her jiggling goodies.

“Wanna push your cock in my box?” she asks while lubing herself up. Next thing you know, she’s backing her amazing heart-shaped ass back to ride your erection. What I love about this particular update is the anonymity of the model. The complexion is vague and the actual gender is, too. This makes it pretty easy for anyone to imagine the video’s intent – to have the feeling that you’re actually fucking Domino. Couple that POV technique with Virtual Reality and you just can’t lose!

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The footage of stunning Domino Presley jousting up and down on your meat while her hard joint swings around and her large breasts heave is porn platinum. She even jerks off intently while you thrust in and out of her! She keeps jacking off, in fact, until she rubs one out in this extraordinary VRBTrans.com update! And that’s the story of “Paid In Full”.

VRBtrans – Kimber Fully Exposed

Kimber Lee is so hot, am I right? She’s actually one of the hottest TS VR Porn stars in the business and, let’s be fair, we’ve all dreamt to fuck her one day. Her full lips are LEGENDARY both with and without the cock between them, her boobs are pretty epic, doesn’t matter if she’s or she’s not wearing some sexy bra and I wish I knew how to make your ass so soft and firm like hers. She’s one of these girls who’s joined the VR Porn business from the love for fucking, and not just to make shitload of money. She’s horny 24/7 and if you’re lucky enough to have her around when she’s in the mood, you can surely count on some blowjob, handjob or maybe even anal, if can behave and will please this sexy mistress. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the modern technology and Transsexual Virtual Reality Porn, you don’t need any luck to check her out anymore, since she’s finally became fully exposed in front of the VR Bangers Trans’ camera!

Solo masturbation scenes are the most popular ones among our fans, since even though all the TS VR Porn is very intimate and immersive, these ones make you feel like you’ve really been there even more! It’s just you, sexy actress and a camera lens between you, but it’s very easy to forget about it when you’re wearing some VR Goggles like Oculus Rift, GearVR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Daydream or a smartphone with Google Cardboard headset. Furthermore, thanks to the realistic head tracking technology, you can now check her out from every angle, and our immersive binaural sound will make you hear her moans and groans better than ever before – no matter if you’re online or offline, since you can always download our true 360°/180° stereoscopic virtual reality 3D videos in 4K resolution for later!

In the newest VRBtrans.com scene with Kimber Lee, we’ve crossed some boundaries of intimacy, allowing the girl to blossom like a flower and to show herself from the best possible side. When talking about such a pro like Kimber Lee, you know you can expect a lot from her, and that today both you and her will cum with the hot load, maybe even more than once. In the movie, even though she’s not wearing any clothes for too long, she’s prepared some sexy black lingerie to spice things up – damn, this girl surely knows how much you want her and will not hesitate to use this knowledge to get the control over your dick. She’s aware that you’re thinking of her right now, with your rod in your hand, and she’s only wondering how much more does she have to show you, to make you cum with your jizz.

So how’s it gonna be? Both we and Kimber know that you’re here to have some fun with her. Don’t make her wait any longer and watch the newest VRBtrans.com’s Virtual Reality Porn scene and visit the official site of this Bavarian superstar on TS-Kimberlee.com!

VRBtrans: Bianka Nascimento in TS Escort

There is nothing worse than going to a sumptuous party – such as prom, ball or the wedding – without the accompanying person. Everyone is looking at you strangely, you have nobody to talk to, and all the fun seems to be much less pleasant when you see happy and smiling couples around you and you are sitting alone. Thankfully to the wonders of modern technology and your VR headset, you don’t have to go solo ever again! It’s hard to say what’s worse, going unaccompanied or inviting some random person – if you think of it, the second option seem to be an even worse solution. First of all, if your partner isn’t too attractive, then all of the guests will be looking at you strangely, while judging that “you can’t afford anyone better” – unfortunately not all women are as beautiful and sexy as the TS VR Porn stars working with VR Bangers. Secondly, your date may not have too many topics to talk about with you – especially when it’s a blind date – and consequently, her presence may not change practically anything in terms of levels of your party enjoyment.

What can be done in such a situation, then? Well, there is one option we have not mentioned yet. If you have enough money, you can rent an escort for an evening that will keep you company and all make all your friends jealous. Such a girl knows how to behave as shouldn’t make you feel ashamed in any way, even in the most sublime surroundings. Also, if you choose someone as sexy as transsexual VR Porn Star, Bianka Nascimento, you can be sure that every man in the room will look after her, and you… might actually get lucky later.

After the evening spent together with Bianka Nascimento, you return to the hotel room to settle the deal and finish this very nice ceremony – as expected, the girl not only was a great companion to talk, but she’s also dazzled all guests with her beauty and sexy body – many natural women could envy her feminine shapes, full breasts and firm butt. Yet, it doesn’t look like Bianka wants to go home. Wait… can this be true? Yes, she liked you so much that she’s decided to stay with you and reward you for being a gentleman whole evening!

The girl throws you on the bed and starts undressing – you’ve had a feeling that she was horny at the party, but even in the wildest anticipations, you didn’t suspect that you would get so lucky tonight. Bianka unzips your pants and grabs your growing cock, putting it in her mouth down to her throat. You can observe how her penis slowly starts to grow under her dress, when giving you head makes her even hornier and she starts to get hard.
How will things go that evening? What else can you expect from this sexy Transsexual VR Porn star and how will she repay you for this nice and romantic evening? Wear your VR Goggles and watch the latest TS VR Porn movie from VRB Trans and see for yourself! Check out the official BiankaNascimento.com website. You can find more such VRB trans sex movies in their category and the main page, here!

VRB Trans: Mia Maffia in More Than Friends

I don’t really know what I was waiting for with watching videos shot in 180 3D 4K Virtual Reality until this weekend. I’ve never even seen anything in 3D in my adult life so I didn’t really think it would be all that special. Boy, was I wrong! My official first ever VR scene is Mia Maffia in More Than Friends on vrbtrans.com. I’m a huge fan of MiaMafia.XXX so it’s only natural that she’d be the first VR model I’d ever see.

Her VRB Trans profile reads in part: “Oh wow,” is all you’ll be able to say the first time you see Mia Maffia coming straight at you from your VR headset. She is a totally hot blonde woman who has a cock, making her a trans pornstar. She is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and she is originally from the UK giving her a charming accent that will make you fall in love with her even more. Mia’s goal had been to enter the porn industry since she was 20 years old, but it wasn’t until she was 24 years old that the opportunity finally came into her lap, however, Mia had been in the business of sexy things for a while.

Scene description: How could you read a book when a chick like Mia Maffia is around? Mia is a hot TS babe who is always going to the gym to keep up with her good looks. Today she comes bounding in wearing cute pink tennis shoes, barely there booty shorts and a strappy tank top that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. You were trying to read your book but you can’t concentrate with those big knockers in your face. So you give up on your scholarly pursuits and decide instead to focus all of your attentions on this hot piece of ass. If you’ve never seen VR content, vrbtrans.com is going to blow your mind!