TransAngels Review: Showertime Diplomacy

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Tensions between Asian beauty Venus Lux and her hunky roommate Mason Lear have reached a boiling point. Venus is sick of Mason always banging down the door while she’s trying to enjoy her shower, and Mason is sick of Venus using up all of the hot water before he has to go to work! Mason Lear decides he’s had enough of Venus’s reign of terror and forces his way in while she’s taking a shower, but he gets more than he bargained for when she discovers the voyeur.

Venus Lux forces him to get in the shower and strip in front of her, then punishes his mouth with her hard cock. Mason Lear discovers he’s got a taste for Venus’ rough verbal domination, and soon enough he’s begging for her to fuck him right there on the floor.

Venus pounds Mason’s hole all over the bathroom until he can barely catch his breath, then, ever generous, swaps positions with the horny dude and lets him fuck her tight hole until both of them shoot their loads all over Venus. They celebrate the diplomatic victory with some steamy cum swapping that will ensure their conflict is put to rest.

Review: The superstar behind and Mason Lear deliver an incredible performance in Showertime Diplomacy on! Although the storyline has been utilized countless times in trans porn before (OMG, the beautiful woman in the shower masturbating has a cock!), Venus and Mason breathe new life into the theme.

Venus takes control of the situation by guiding Mason’s mouth to her upright and rock hard cock much like a dominatrix would. She then proceeds to fuck him silly in the shower.

Venus takes the time to please Mason’s boner orally between bouts of fucking. Otherwise, she’s always the top. That’s until Mason gets to fuck Venus back!

Watching Mason drill Venus powerfully as she stroked her hardon is immensely erotic. Her cum shot is a creamy white blast the proceeds Mason’s and this update ends with a humorous twist.

Lena Kelly Pounded by Venus Lux

MP4 Scene Trailer

The official description reads: These are two of the hottest trans girls you will ever see right here! I can’t even begin to explain how perfect this one is. First, Lena starts this hot scene off by slurping on Venus’ nice hard cock, then Venus puts Lena in nearly every position possible, fucking the living daylight out of her hot little ass until she blows a huge gooey load all over Lena’s pretty little face. You’re going to love this one!

I like to think of as the home of unofficial Hall of Famers in the trans porn niche. That said, is the perfect type of star to join them. is brought to you by who present the star-studded line-up of websites including,,,,,, and

Lena has navigated her way to the top of the industry by strategically making feature appearances on several major websites while making her mark as a webcam model. She’s still a frequent live performer on and she was last online two hours before I published this post.

What better way to set off a relatively new website than to do a hardcore update with an icon like Venus of the mega-site? Venus really showed up for Lena in a big way for this event so it was a brilliant decision.

This hardcore trans lesbian scene hits the ground running with Lena and Venus in lingerie and heels stroking each other’s cocks. What’s even hotter next is the passion with which they kiss – like real girlfriends. Lena goes down on her guest with unbelievable depth and soft moans. Once Venus has her fill of sucking and has Lena bent over on the sofa, she whispers, “Stay right there,” and guides her raging hard cock inside Lena’s tight bottom. This is not only one of the finest Trans-on-Trans videos of 2018, but the best of the last few years. Check out and for more blazing hot updates!

TransAngels: Venus Lux and Cameron Canela

Cameron Canela got up early to take her houseguest Venus Lux to brunch with the girls. But now it’s time to go and Venus is nowhere to be found. Cameron finds Venus lounging in bed and stroking her hard tgirl dick – not even trying to get ready! After getting a peek of Venus and her beautiful trans girl cock, Cameron now has two desires: meat in her mouth and cock in her pussy. When Cameron realizes that Venus can help meet both her needs, these two sexy babes decide to stay home and start the day with a sensual session of lesbian love. “Pussy For Breakfast” reminds me from the opening moments of the unrivaled production values of The impatient Cameron’s venting and Venus masturbating before getting hot is just incredible eye candy.

Both girls can act well but I don’t even care this time around about their thespian talents. I just can’t wait to see them getting it on! Cameron sucking cock is mesmerizing to witness and I noticed something I thought was unusual with the initial penetration sequence. Venus has so much lube on her big dick at the point where she eases it inside Cameron’s pussy bareback. It wears off by the time Cameron sucks Venus again after getting fucked. I don’t even really know why I’m mentioning that part – it’s just a horny observation. I love the way Venus orally devours Cameron’s pretty pussy and I totally forgive for making m wait until after the midway point to see this. There are lots of position changes to follow and sex acts I don’t want to spoil by describing. See how the rest of “Pussy For Breakfast” plays out.

I can assure you that it’s good to the last drop. Twistys Treat of the Month – August 2017 and PornHub Amateur of the Year 2016 Cameron Canela is stunning with the multi-award winning owner and operator of!

TS Seduction: Venus Lux & Rick Fantana

MP4 Scene Trailer

TS Dreamland is proud to offer 30% off on Kink Unlimited – – All 30 Channels. “Venus Lux Takes Down The Building Manager” stars trans icon Venus Lux with the fantastic adult industry sensation Rick Fantana! The official synopsis reads: Venus Lux is fed up with Rick Fantana’s poor management of her apartment complex. She confronts him while he’s on his “break” then breaks him down! With the threat of getting him fired, she makes him worship her from the feet up, feeds him her delicious hard cock, and rips him out of his clothes to do with as she pleases. She spanks him then fucks him hard and deep, until the manager who first resisted now begs for more!

This is Rick’s first time on TS Seduction and Venus has been here several times before as well as on TS Pussy Hunters.The muscular specimen of male pulchritude loves getting fucked in the ass and he gets it fast and hard from this sex goddess.

Venus loves getting begged for more cock when she’s getting sucked – no tiny little moans and groans. Rick isn’t crazy about spitting or face slapping. Otherwise, there aren’t many hard limits for either actor.

The scene begins with Rick enjoying a smoke while flipping through a porn mag. After getting turned on by the nude photos, he puts the magazine on the desk and stands up to undo his jeans. It’s jerk off time for the apartment building manager. As he sits stroking his big cock to the porn mag pictures, Venus enters the office, shocked and disgusted by his lack of concern about being caught in the act. She’s already pissed off about the power going off before she was about to shower. Although he could care less, Rick complies with the order to pull his pants up.

Venus informs Rick that she’s been a good renter for nine years and that she could simply call the building owner and get his ass fired. Only then does he begin to take her seriously. When he’s about to make a call to get the power turned back on for Venus, she learns that he could have just easily taken care of the problem in the first place. Grabbing Rick forcefully by the hair, Venus informs Rick that she basically makes submissive bitches out of guys like Rick on a regular basis. The type of customer service demands she makes begins with having him remove her shoes to service her feet.

Once Venus is satisfied with her manual and oral foot worship, she orders Rick to remove his shirt and her leather domination corset. She has Rick sink to his knees and shoves his face against the bulge in her skirt. It’s a big one that swells hard and she informs Rick that he’s going to have to please it with his mouth. She then raises the hem of her skirt to expose the large erection straining against her panties. Next thing you know, Rick is giving Venus a deep blowjob. After priming Rick’s bubble butt with some slapping and finger banging, she begins fucking him bareback in the doggy style position! The scene ends with one of the biggest cumshots I’ve ever seen Venus Lux produce. I’ve seen a lot of them, mind you. I’m a huge fan of

Transsensual – Venus Lux & Sarah Vandella

Hot, Asian TS superstar Venus Lux shows voluptuous blond Sarah Vandella who’s boss as she rams her hard cock in Sarah’s perky, hungry mouth, making her give her a dick sucking of a lifetime. Sarah rides Venus’ cock and Venus slaps her round ass. Sarah takes Venus’s sloppy load on her eager face. This is the official synopsis of “Do As You’re Told” on Transsensual. By the time Sarah climbs the hill leading up to a palatial estate, she’s furious about the tough trek and the fact that the woman has been cheating with her husband. Venus is actually on the phone with the man making evening plans when she goes to see who’s at the door. This is the official synopsis of “Do As You’re Told” on Transsensual

After a harsh reading from Sarah about this five year affair and asking what’s so special about Venus, she gets read right back, pushed onto the sofa and threatened with a call to the police for trespassing. The hem of Sarah’s short dress rises to her waist and not only does she show some interest in Venus, but there’s a wet spot in her panties. Mine too! She’s just been aggressively handled by the domineering woman who’s been cheating with her spouse and now the cheater is undressing herself. Stripped down to her panties, Venus is intent on showing the wife some of the things rich, lucky bastard Tom loves about her so much. Sarah is clearly anxious and ready to find out.

There’s not much resistance when Venus takes Sarah by the throat and gives her a kiss, pushing her back on the couch. Sarah is fascinated by the sight of the stiffening cock that Venus withdraws from her panties. Whether she really wants to suck it however isn’t really up to her. Venus forces the blonde’s mouth on her dick. Demonstrating the best oral skills that she can, as ordered, Sarah performs a wet and messy blowjob, stripped down to her bra and panties. Her pretty pussy is exposed and she gives Venus head. Sarah wrestles her panties during this hair-pulling, balls-deep blowjob and when she stands up while sucking, she gets a reach around ass slapping. She loves it and this is audibly evident by the muffled moans escaping her cock-stuffed mouth.

At this point, Sarah is totally into being ravaged and dominating, hung trans woman. With her bare ass raised while she’s on her hands and knees on the sofa, Venus gives her stiff prick a few hard strokes, rubs the kitten, spanks the ass, then plunges her erection into the blonde bareback. At first, Sarah gets drilled on her knees, but then Venus penetrated her hard, stretching her body flat on the sofa. Venus removes the bra that’s fallen around Sarah’s waist and now they’re both completely naked. Venus turns Sarah’s face up for another kiss while slowing down a bit. Then she proceeds to give her the fucking of a lifetime.

A missionary position railing follows and Venus forces Sarah to suck on her own nipples. Sarah’s mouth is wide open to catch a big,creamy white cumshot! It misses her face and sprays across her tits at first, but she manages to catch much of it inside her mouth. As the throbbing, re-tipped cock bounces up and down before her, she licks up the tasty remains and apologizes for barging into the house. These beautiful megastars have their own killers Transsensual profiles and websites. There’s Venus Lux and Sarah Vandella and their official sites are and

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Review by @tscaramel

Mandy Venus Switch

Watch The Trailer on

I first saw the version and now Mandy Venus Switch is on I raved about it somewhere else, but since I didn’t go into great detail, I’m making a second go at it here. Before I begin, you can watch the trailer on The preview gives you a fantastic summary of the action. The full-length video comes with a behind-the-scenes introduction and interview with Mandy. This is useful in two ways. #1 it provides background information about these mega stars if you’re new to trans porn and don’t know much about these gorgeous girls already. #2 because it’s a super sexy prelude to the torrid action that follows. After a tremendous session of oral action, Mandy sinks her stiff cock inside Venus bareback in the doggy style position and, then gives it to her in the missionary position. Venus reaches up to pinch Mandy’s nipples as her own cock bounces off her flat tummy as she gets railed. There’s a lot of deep, passionate kissing and then it’s time for Venus to lube her hardon up. Mandy gets a deep missionary drilling and some nipple sucking. Then things really kick into gear for my kinky sensibilities when Venus places a hand around Mandy’s neck while fucking her. Okay, I’m done but they’re not quite yet and they switch again! But wait a minute, there’s a naked closing interview to wrap things up. If this scene had a rating system, I’d have to give it an A+.

Venus Lux and Nadia Vixen: You Missed a Spot

If you click on the Video box on, you can see explicit trailers including a segment from “You Miss a Spot” with the hostess of If you love transbian porn, I think you’ll love this scene. If you like it coupled with BDSM, you’re in double trouble like me. Ravishing Venus introduces her stunning guest Nadia Vixen who describes when and how she entered the adult industry. I’m so glad she has her own site too and that Venus has expanded hers into a mega-site with several amazing guest stars. She’s also a webcam host on If you’re a big breast or leg lover or foot fetishist, you might end up cumming during the 7 minute interview before these beautiful ladies get all of their clothes off. But if you can hold out, you’ll see how the story unravels with Venus sipping champagne out by the pool in an elegant evening gown. Meanwhile, submissive Nadia is performing household duties inside. Nadia gets distracted by her cell phone and decides to lay back on the sofa to take a break. Venus isn’t at all amused when she catches her housekeeper goofing off. Nadia really needs this job and she allows Venus to secure her topless to a chair with her talented rope work. With the torment Nadia endures next, the swollen cock head peeking out of her panties betrays her lust. The red bulb gets swatted with her employer’s riding crop and her big, tied-up tits get slapped hard. Nadia’s stiff cock is oozing pre-cum across her flat tummy even before Venus curls her fingers around it. This scene is co-directed by Stefani Special who adds to the authenticity of the Domination/submission realism. Nadia’s naughty bits are tortured with clothes pins before she’s skull fucked and jerked off. If this scene seems tailor-made for you, watch Venus fucking Nadia and taking her big cumshot on her face and into her lovely mouth. Don’t forget to take the tour.

Venus Lux and Tiffany Starr

The video preview of Tiffany Starr and Venus Lux is so long on the landing page of and so explicit! What you don’t see in the preview, unless you’ve digested the full-length video, is the full introduction. Tiffany states that this scene will also be featured soon on which is also another one of my favorite destinations. After four years of planning, this is actually their first time together. I’m glad I didn’t know it was in the works and it’s a welcome surprise, to say the least. If I’d heard that these two prolific mega-stars were planning to fuck, I couldn’t have guessed who would be railing who as they’re both so versatile. The opening scene delivers a lot of background information just in case you’re new to trans porn. Obviously, Tiffany takes the lead in this scene, even though ravishing Venus plays the agency executive CEO in the interview and Tiffany plays the hopeful model. Venus unexpectedly asks Tiffany if she’d be interested in adult hardcore and fetish modeling. With a little encouragement, including direct compliments, Tiffany seems open to the idea. Venus moves from behind her desk and sits on the sofa beside her. The compliments become more brazen and Venus touches Tiffany’s shoulder and begins to caress her thighs. She orders Tiffany to begin taking off her clothes and the gorgeous redhead stands up to obey. Tiffany is posing completely naked soon, except for her heels and Venus begins rubbing the bulge in her panties as she watches. Venus releases and strokes her cock to an erection while Tiffany does the same and sits on the sofa next to her potential employer. The scene is humorous until it’s not. The funny business ends when Tiffany gets a mouthful of raging hard Venus Lux cock. Well actually it resumes after the powerful transbian bareback fucking ends. The sex scene is followed by an insightful take on the action from both Venus Lux and the hostess of Watch the trailer on

Alexa Scout on Venus Lux Entertainment

Venus Lux has been featured with some of the largest adult entertainment producers and won numerous industry awards including Transsexual Performer of the Year 2015 and 2016, Best Transsexual Sex Scene 2015 and many more including numerous nominations. She works hard to bring us the highest quality, exclusive video and photo content on her site while working with the best performers. Alexa Scout is a bright light with magnificent talent and beauty that Venus presents on her ever-evolving megasite. In her new Venus Lux Entertainment video complimented by 80+ hi-res images, Alexa Scout could be described as pretty if your goal is to master the art of understatement. Venus does a brief interview with Alexa and it’s both professional and sexual. In fact, it’s a major turn on to learn about Alexa’s kinks and fetishes before her naughty show actually begins. We find out what kind of guys she’s attracted to and how charming Alexa is as she gives detailed responses. Alexa also gives her Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat addresses. Her scene begins outdoors and moves inside where she tells you what she wants you to do for her. You might be the one fucking her, but she’s in control of the situation. Then she exposes the puffy nipples of her succulent looking breasts, does some finger banging. Alexa faps the hard spike of her uncut cock until she cums and that’s a wrap. Venus Lux wins awards on her all own. But Venus Lux Entertainment is more about the empire she’s built with the inclusion of her wonderful friends and fans.

PornOCD Interview with Venus Lux

AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year 2016 Venus Lux took the adult industry by storm with a hardcore debut in the type of scene she never really expected to be featured in. Once she made her mark in videos she felt more comfortable in, she became a multi-award winning star. Her official website was highly anticipated and an instant success. That didn’t stop Venus from making appearances on major studios with many of the most recognized performers in adult entertainment. We hope you’ll enjoy the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Venus Lux.