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Katy aka Urharddesirex of Estonia

23 year old Katy aka Urharddesirex is a fantastic Chaturbate Trans broadcaster from Estonia, which was part of the Russian Empire since the end of the 18th century. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 they became independent states. But it doesn’t really matter what language she speaks in this situation because Katy doesn’t talk much when she’s online.

The last time I tuned into her channel, she was shooting a huge load, literally catching it in her right hand. Katy was only seen from the waist down at the moment, wearing black tight with lacy black panties drawn to the side. She sat down, as most standing people do when the cum. And then her gorgeous face came into the frame. Katy did the typically lewd thing of licking some of her own jizz, somehow making it look cute.

She took a short break and returned wearing a black and floral print dress with sheer black stockings and eight inch platform sandals. I thought she was going to sign off. But something about the way she was looking at her phone told me to stick around for more fun. Katy gave an enticing butt show with her undies still on.

Then she sat back in full frontal, vaped for a bit, then exposed her big, uncut schlong again. She kicked off her platforms and satisfied a Chaturbate Trans foot fan’s request by flexing her soles and wiggling her toes. Then she stuck a narrow Lovesense vibrator up her cute ass.

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